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What fun, we're now in the double digits for threads. Welcome to the TENTH installment of the product showcase thread and helpful tips/tutorials! 

The previous threads / views as of June 9th 2017 are shown below, let's see how we're doing. (This is a community effort.) When you show others the products, those renders get seen and you help a lot of people.  The threads FOUR YEARS AGO are still being actively surfed. These are the increase in views from June 2017 to November 18th.

Thread 1   81,805  Now 82,388     (+583 new!)
Thread 2   66,316   Now 66,979    (+726)
Thread 3   77,281   Now 77,832    (+702)
Thread 4   57,095   Now 57,703    (+608) 
Thread 5   51 603   Now 52,017    (+414)
Thread 6   70,937   Now 73,230    (+2,293)
Thread 7   48,944   Now  51,745   (+2,801)
Thread 8   42,300   Now 45,690    (+3390)
Thread 9   47,117   (midnight on Nov 18th)  (+47,117)

Total views: 554,470    New views since June on threads 1-8 only- 11,517 views, no new posts! 

A few good links from previous threads:
*If you want to back up your content, SereneNight gives you a step by step. It's in the second half of the post.
*RGcincy is the creator of Shape Magic, a very neat program and if you want to try modeling, take a look!

*For examples of older content, visit these threads.
Examples of Generations 2 and 3 are here.      Older sets are here.    V4 and M4 Clothing Conversion to Iray is here

*To post your images in a thread and avoid attaching them below your post, here's where you can post them!

*Some threads I started which will help you:
ZBrush     Silo Modeling       Infinito       How To Use GenX2       Applying Material Presets (Skin) for GenX2        Material Zones ~ Geometry Tool Tutorial

Free Portrait Backgrounds    Wanna Render? Iray Tutorial  (one of my favorites, very detailed and goes step by step on setting up an Iray rendered scene.) 

Some fun and useful threads:
Photoshop Playtime!    Where we showed you some really neat plug-ins to get cartoon, oil, watercolor effects.

Scripts:   A one click solution to put things on your ground plane, under things, etc

Thumbnail Mastery   Apparently the PDF got removed from the ReadMe, it was found online and here it is. (It may have gotten put back, don't know.)  Here's a handy thread with questions. It's for DUF files.

The References links have to be expanded to several pages, believe it or not there is a limit to a post size, and we passed it. I had to trim down descriptions of existing links to add new ones, so I am scattering the References to several pages because they are alphabetical and I can't just stick new ones at the end. Whenever I add a new Reference, I always mention it in the thread. 

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    **********References / Of Interest**********

    Books, Digital:     RScotJohns (Author) helped us with ebook (did a chat one evening) 

    Characters:   I showcased Odelle, an older character from Rendo (that Daz rejected!) 

    Expressions:  Here's some with sliders that are really fluid and usable. And Poses (scroll for both of these, numerous posts)  

    Hair:  One of the funniest things showcased-  vendor's names in hair! 

    HDRIs:   Fishtales  showing you some HRDI's

    Free  Infinity Cove 3 sets

    Mountain Valley:  Take a tour of this product as we drive around town! 

    See Nath's Elegant Swan- the ACTUAL PHOTOS from the museum, and the render. This car spewed steam and pooped yogurt, and was banned from the streets due to being a nuisance. (Ya think?)  Now at HiveWire.

    Special Honor: Rabbicus fun with RGcincy.  It all started with a cactus on a shelf and I said it looked like a rabbit. 

    ********** Programs **********

    dForce  Start Here Thread

    Special note: Script:  David GB's G3 To G8 Pose Fixer  To correct G3 Poses and get them to work with G8

    Infinito:     Infinito Experiments:  If you have questions about Infinito, ask them here

    iClone:  iClone6   (I'll have to get back to it)   Here's a nice video by Bigh and Bigh's thread on Iclone  and Reallusions Thread The Path To iClone

    Livebrush Pro (FREE)    Livebrush Pro-  link, it's now free

    Mixamo  How To Use  (by Firewarden)  

    Motion Capture in general:  Motion Capture products/ discussion linked from the Octane FaceShift question

    Senosoft:  Convert .rsr file types to pngs (P3DO Explorer)  

    ShapeMagic 2    ShapeMagic 2  By our very own RGcincy

    Silo:    Silo Modeling

    Zbrush For Beginners: Zbrush for Beginners

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    ********** TIPS   A-H **********

    Tip: Bloom Filter- Settings

    Tip: Categories / Products Options Missing From Content Library  If you don't have these showing up at all, here's how to fix it. New May 4 2018

    Tip: Characters- Where To Load From     Loading Characters- does it matter if you load it from icons, the Genesis figure + Character List, or the Figure (Aiko 7, Girl 7, etc) + the Character List? YES IT DOES.

    Tip: Charlotte Hair Tweaks- Turn fluffy into sleek and modern!  

    Tip: Crashing / Clear Cache  (Note: It will also show you where your temporary files are, slightly above that. Go to that folder and remove those also.)   NEW April 4, 2018

    Tip: Custom Categories for Sets  Here's some suggestions and additions    

    Tip: Delete Items in Scene: Grouped items giving you fits? How to delete those polygons! 

    Tip:  DIM download problems? Try this.

    Tip:  DIM downloading product to use with products from other sites

    Tip: Dreamland Models in DS  Learn how to work with Dreamland Models (Poser) in DS

    Tip: Doors and windows that open, flat roof to add, pane of glass, good kit bashing items

    Tip: Dome Orientation Results  My experiments/settings for rotating the dome by changing the XYZ Dome Orientation. All settings given/ shown.

    Tip: FaceGen  Tweaks   

    Tip: Fern Lake Instances and Water    Instances in Fern Lake and Through The Woods And clearer water tip for it. My example.

    Tip: Finding products in these threads, using Google   

    Tip: Finding Morphs/Products in a Scene  Script    NEW JAN 1st, 2018

    Tip:  Focal Length

    Tip: Furries:  How To Find Files and Pose (Llynara)  And Capsces posted this for a few tips.

    Tip: Gemology Shaders for Iray: Settings for best results, by vendor  

    Tip: Generation Tools: List of products which help you cross generations

    Tip: Greek Houses: Fixing the water, landscape, and stone edge materials. All settings provided! 

    Tip: Growing Up: Making Chest look good    

    Tip: Hair: Different Settings To Increase Shine  Also here

    Tip: Hair Transparency:  How to thicken hair when it's too transparent:  Go to number 2         New April 15 2018

    Tip: Hair: Using Genesis 3 Hair On Genesis 8    Easy!  (By L'Adair)   New April 21  2018

    Tip: Harpsburg Night Lights   Best way to apply them  

    Tip: Hierarchial Poses   L'Adair tests what hiding things in Scene Tab does and other options. Click here.  New Jan 14th 2018

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    *******TIPS   I-W  *********

    Tip: Iray Organized References  This thread links to the threads, but also categorized some of the topics within the thread so you can look things up quicker.

    Tip: Iray Section Plane       TabascoJack shows you how to use the Iray Section Plane

    Tip: Madelyn Ears- How to remove those elf ears.

    Tip: Manual Downloads in Product Library  How to find them ultra-quick

    Tip:/Info:  Materials and Shaders:  Difference in Materials and Shaders (from Commons)   

    Tip:  Mermaid Top    Family friendly suggestion.

    Tip: Metallicity and Metallic Flakes  Add More Sheen to your characters   Added Jan 17th 

    Tip: Millenium Cat- Free Persian Head 

    Tip:  Mocap Animations  FREE  Here  (Mixamo)

    Tip:  Nobiax Free Iray Daz Textures

    Tip:  OOT Hair  Steps  

    Tip: Photoshop Postwork    Postwork Photoshop Tips (Laticis) and my example

    Tip: Photoshop Plugins From Thread 6:  Examples

    Tip:  Portrait Lighting    Novica's XYZ Dome Orientation Quick Guide (Portrait Tweaks) 

    Tip: Pose Converter (Genesis 2 to Genesis 3)  Where to find files (Scroll for discussion)

    Tip: Combining Poses by locking body parts   

    Tip:  Postwork   The Postwork thread has a lot of good information!

    Tip: Putting Prop On Top Of Prop  (Align Pane)  New March 4th 2018

    Tip:  RDNA   How to find your purchases

    Tip: Rigging    How to import OBJ and rig in Daz Studio   

    Tip: Rigging  Basic Rigging Preparation  then Adding Bones for Rigging 

    Tip: Section Planes   How To Use  (by TabascoJack)

    Tip: So Wet Bundle   Examples

    Tip: Skies of iRadiance  Which are for high / low altitudes? Answer

    Tip: Spectural Rendering tests for the studio    

    Tip: SubD:   How To Add It  (Darwins Mishap)

    Tip: Texturing With DestinysGarden    (DestinysGarden)   New June 2017

    Tip: The Briefing Room    Lighting with Iray  (V3Digitimes)

    Tip:  Ultragenesis: Faces of G  has a variety of older faces.

    Tip:  Weight Maps:  How To Remove or Change  (Thomas Windar)

    Tip:  White Point  Changing it- Examples

    Tip: Walls- Sets Which Are Easier To Use- or Not.   Sets that don't have separate walls and handy notes on a few sets

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     ********** TUTORIALS**********

    Tutorial:  Bus, Noggins- Converting from Bryce to Daz Studio   (RGcincy)   Here

    Tutorial:  Breast Gone-  In Hexagon  (Smoothing Zev0s Grow Up product even more)  

    Tutorial: Clothing, Making in Blender SickleYield's tutorial on Deviant Art.

    Tutorial: Create Categories     Using Gen2F, I showed how to Create Categories and Export to save your custom categories. (Here's WHY you may want to do that with your characters.) 

    Tutorial: Custom Actions In Toolbar     How to Create Custom Actions In Toolbar

    Tutorial: Customizing Morphs Using Morph Loader Pro  New Feb 19 2018

    Tutorial: D Former     D Former Tutorial           D Former tutorial and links 

    Tutorial: Depth of Field         Flipmode provides a good depth of field tutorial for you.

    Tutorial: Fisty's Shaders & Getting Rid of Gooey Lips     This one shows you Fisty's shaders. Get rid of the overly gooey lips. 

    Tutorial: Fur Brushes Download and Video (Kathryn Loch)

    Tutorial: Garibaldi Hair     Doing a cat with Garibaldi Hair- Tutorial

    Tutorial:  GenX links on "how to use." 

    Tutorial: Generation 4 Materials on Genesis 2     This one put Generation 4 materials on Genesis 2 using Victoria 4 for Genesis 2 Female.

    Tutorial: Geometry Shells     How to do Geometry Shells  (video tutorial the3dwizard) and doing makeup for different characters

    Tutorial: Hair Shaders (Slosh, his product)   explaining how to use them.

    Tutorial: Iclone   Iclone videos

    Tutorial: Images- How To Put Them In Forum Posts     Here's  Putting Images in Posts

    Tutorial:  Instances: Using Ultrascatter 

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    ***** Tutorials  Iray- S  *******

    Iray Canvases- How To Do Lighting   

    Iray Ghost Lights 2:  Portrait Setup in 13 Steps, All Settings Given

    Tutorial: Iray Light Manager Pro  Step by step screenshots

    Tutorial: Iray For Beginners- Do A Scene Step By Step     The Wanna Render? Iray tutorial walks you through Iray lighting for total newbies- including Crush Blacks, Burn Highlights, how the sliders work together and why in Tone Mapping, and Environment Intensity.

    Tutorial: Iray Lighting- A Night Lantern     Doing a night time  lantern with Emissive Lighting.

    Tutorial: Iray- Portrait Light Setup With Point Lights     Portrait Lights: 3 Point Lights and a Spotlight- Settings Provided

    Tutorial: Iray Skydome Super Pak     The Explanation  to use   (magix101)

    Tutorial: Iray Worlds Skydome   Explanation on using it    (rgcincy)

    Tutorial: Maps for Iray and 3DL / Albedo Explanation       Texture Maps:  (Saba Taru)   ALBEDO explanation, and where to put the maps for Iray and 3DL

    Tutorial:  Material Zones  

    Tutorial: Metadata- How To Make It   Video Here (Slosh)  and Here  (3D Almanc)    

    Tutorial:  Rigging and Weight Mapping- Beginners Through Advanced   

    Tutorial: Rigging Static Doors So They Open  (RGcincy)  How To Rig A Prop

    Tutorial: Shaders- Mec4D's PBR Shaders       Mec4D's PBR shaders: How to use

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    *****  Tutorials T  through W ******

    Tutorial: Tears by SereneNight   NEW JUNE 2017

    Tutorial: Teeth, Getting Realistic Shapes      Getting realistic teeth shapes was here and slight tweaks here.

    Tutorial: Texturing      Texturing With DestinysGarden  is a good thread- let a pro show you how!

    Tutorial: UltraScatter Advanced Instancing       UltraScatter Advanced Instancing:   RGcincy's handy notes, how-to.

    Victoria 4 for Genesis 2 Female:  How to use the product.

    Tutorial: Weight Mapping:  How To Smooth All Face Groups At Once  (By SickleYield)

    Tutorial: Windows, Making Them From Planes And Cubes Realistically       Making Windows using planes and cubes, with glass panes and images!


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    The other thread should be closed anytime. Post away!

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    Reserved for "something." 

  • IceDragonArtIceDragonArt Posts: 12,468

    For the record, I have the great white by AM you guys are not crazy.  I no longer have a link to the shop page either. Too bad cause its a gorgeous shark.

  • IceDragonArtIceDragonArt Posts: 12,468

    Does anyone remember where the info is to turn a 3delight skydome into a workable Iray sky?  I can't find it for the life of me.  I though Llynara had something on it or that it might have been in the list of tips and trick but I'm not finding it.

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    Does anyone remember where the info is to turn a 3delight skydome into a workable Iray sky?  I can't find it for the life of me.  I though Llynara had something on it or that it might have been in the list of tips and trick but I'm not finding it.


    I have this particular thread bookmarked but I don't know if this is what you want.

    Edit: I also have this saved in my bookmarks:

    I found the posts from @Spit to be the most helpful on this particular thread. 


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  • IceDragonArtIceDragonArt Posts: 12,468

    Thank you Trish its definitely helpful!

  • L'AdairL'Adair Posts: 9,459
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    Does anyone remember where the info is to turn a 3delight skydome into a workable Iray sky?  I can't find it for the life of me.  I though Llynara had something on it or that it might have been in the list of tips and trick but I'm not finding it.

    This is the one I use for a reference. I see you posted in there, too, so it may be the one you're looking for:

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  • IceDragonArtIceDragonArt Posts: 12,468

    Thanks L'Adair! Even my google search isn't helping much on this tonight for some reason.

  • FishtalesFishtales Posts: 5,267

    I have start settings I use on Skydomes to get them to work which I posted here. I find though they don't always work and the settings have to be tweaked to work with some Skydomes. Obviously the images used would be the ones from the Skydome being used and not those in my settings :)

  • IceDragonArtIceDragonArt Posts: 12,468

    Great, thank you both!

    @Llynara, I  knew there something about it on your thread but could not find it! 

  • LlynaraLlynara Posts: 4,760

    LOL it took me a while to find it too! 

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    I'm looking for suggestions or creative ideas of DAZ store props to add to the thanksgiving platter this year. I've scavanged Potatoes and brussels sprouts from Maclean's Everyday food Set, the lettuce leaves from the diner food burgers, and from the picnic basket set I've acquired apples and pears halves.  But I think I still need more food on there its looking a bit light.. Plus I'm not sure about the lettuce. I have no pride in this, so if anyone can think of something better to add here, I'm all ears.

    800 x 571 - 505K
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  • barbultbarbult Posts: 16,111

    I'd make the potatoes much larger and have more of them.

  • Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 16,362

    Good idea, I think I will also dforce some bacon on the top..... I may try forcing the lettuce but I’m concerned it will totally droop

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    How adorable! You're getting me hungry.

    Want to let you all know what's going on. My 9 year old black cat, Eevie, apparently zipped out the door at some point, she is nowhere in the house. (TRUST ME.)  She's a velcro cat, jumping into my lap, being put down, jumping RIGHT back up, being put down, jumping right back up- this goes on 2-5 times then she rubs around and around my legs, purring up a storm. She has sleek black hair and a longer-haired tail, so named after the Pokemon fox Eevy. (or Eevie, whatever.) 

    She has NO outdoor experience, the winds were howling 35mph up last night as I walked the neighborhood from 3:15am to 4:15am. I am SO pissed that I didn't notice her missing, but I was gone all day yesterday shooting photos, and I've been sorting boxes/ not always at my computer except the day I did that tutorial with the red/black room and clothes, and I am feeling bad I didn't realize she hadn't bothered me even once.  I did that tutorial from NOON until 7:30pm but that day, the dogs got out of the yard and I'm thinking when I was carrying one of them inside, she may have zipped out. I HATE not remembering if I did or didn't see her on Thursday, I don't think I did.

    Because she may have been gone up to five days, as I was in and out the door a lot on Wednesday (my neighbor helped me put together a piece exercise equipment.) and I've been walking for exercise every day and going in and out a lot. (I break it up into chunks.)  It's a change of pace / lifestyle so I didn't realize she wasn't there. Arrgh. Last night when I was going to bed I realized Eevie wasn't sitting at the bedroom door. (She loves to come in but that's our cat-free zone.)  I bolted out the door as I realized it had been DAYS since she did that. 

    I just walked two miles of woods (yes, miles) and kept calling, but kept calling on the way back so she wouldn't be lured away. Tonight will be brutally cold for the first time, LOW thirties for the temperature with Real Feel even lower. She does at least know there's food on the front porch (she has watched me feed Shadow every night for four years) but I think she's scared and running. I put a covered cat crate/carrier out there so we'll see. I'm actually hoping Shadow might ring a bell to her and she may follow him back. Didn't happen last night (before I even realized she was missing.) But here's hoping. 

    Going to the shelter first thing in the morning and posting on a Facebook page about the lost pets. The only thing about that, is only people who have lost a pet really look at the page, and I have canvassed everywhere near here last night and today. At the end of the street, that neighbor told my next door neighbor (who was looking this morning while I got a few hours sleep) that they had indeed seen a black cat by their garage door at 10:30pm last night and it ran. But there are quite a few stray black cats (aka Shadow being only one) and several have shown up at my front porch to enjoy Shadow's food. I don't mind. (Shadow is the cat that I put the heating pad and bed under my two huge potted plants, which make a cute covered tent for him. He gets wormed and a Capstar for fleas too. But can't touch/pet him, even after 4 years. But like clockwork, every night at dusk my boy is waiting for his canned food. Yes, he is a stray, HORRIBLE shape when I started feeding him.) 

    So won't be posting today anymore. Not in the mood. Didn't want the thread to go on without mentioning her, the past five years the threads have noted all the passings of animals and changes, I'm not giving up but obviously can't look for a cat for miles and miles every day in the woods. (Trespassing, I might add. Going over barb wire fences- quite fun.) 

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  • Worlds_EdgeWorlds_Edge Posts: 1,923

    I'm sorry Novica.  I hope your cat gets back home safe and sound.

  • barbultbarbult Posts: 16,111

    crying I hope she is safe.

  • RGcincyRGcincy Posts: 2,562

    Serene Night, I had the same idea and tried to dForce the lettuce when I saw your first post. I turned self-collision off, added a weight map removing a little influence on the bottom edge (to cause it to deform rather than just fall) and positioned 3 leaves at different angle before falling. Image attached.

    dForce lettuce.jpg
    723 x 578 - 172K
  • RGcincyRGcincy Posts: 2,562

    Sorry to hear about your cat Novica. Hopefully she shows up soon in good condition and not far from your place.

  • Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 16,362
    edited November 2017

    @Novica  hope your ktty is alright! I am sorry for that, it sounds so stressful!

    @RGincy I'm going to try that. I like the way your leaves look. I wil try that after the bacon.

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  • RGcincyRGcincy Posts: 2,562

    Serene Night, that was a good idea about the bacon. I look forward to seeing how that turns out.

  • Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 16,362
    edited November 2017

    I may have to try some different bacon. These strips seem to be the zero-gee kind. Bummer, they looked so real. But the simulation has them flying up into the air and out of the screen. crying

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  • NovicaNovica Posts: 22,948

    Thanks. We'll see but I'm not too hopeful if it's been five days. And I don't know if the black kitty spotted by that neighbor was even her. 

    @RGcincy  Anyway, love the lettuce with the curled appearance. At least it didn't explode with the Dforce LOL. Good luck with the bacon @SereneNight!

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