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As of October 3, 2014, the four threads have 202,143 views / participation clicks. We've had 23,255 views/posts in the past two months.
The Invited Guest Contributors (ICGs) have really brought their game when showcasing and discussing the products they own/use! It took me over 10 hours to go through the threads this past week, as I hadn't done so in quite awhile. Because trying to view just the renders is quite time consuming, I have compiled the RENDERS ONLY. (The threads have many tutorials and tips.) So enjoy these Showcase renders, with sincere thanks to the ICG's who help make the threads so vibrant in color and meaningful in content.

The counts right now are:
Thread 1 Aug had 51,822/ Oct 3 had 55,562 / Nov 19 has 58, 575 /Jan 4 has 62,107
Thread 2 Aug had 44,312 / Oct 3 had 47,003 / Nov 19 has 48,824 /Jan 4 has 51,586
Thread 3 Aug had 48,254 / Oct 3 had 51,922 / Nov 19 has 54,351 /Jan 4 has 57,582
Thread 4 Aug had 34,500 / Oct 3 had 38,138 / Nov 19 has 40,248 /Jan 4 has 42,594
Thread 5 Currently 20,227 /Jan 4 has 30,237
Old Total 2 months ago: 178,888 / Oct 3,2014: 202,143 (+23,255)

New Total/Jan 4 is 244,106 (+41,963)

Thread 1 is HERE
Thread 2 is HERE
Thread 3 is HERE
Thread 4 is HERE

Thread 1

My Favorites:
First Render: Kaetl And Dragons
Riley: Lighting contest honorable mention
My Cassini With Dragon Materials
My Cassini With Dragon Materials
My Seychelle
Otherworldly Wonders: Tamesis / Herdbeast / The Venomwhip / Wind Dancer
Ariadne: The Mystery Jacuzzi Tip
Ice Garden: Playing With Bump (Tutorial too)
Easy Shadows / BRC Empathy / Woodland Realm Playset 1
Ariadne Portrait (Several Posts)
Ariadne Portrait (2 more)


Amun Raw The Mummy / Alien Cave (2 posts)
Barn Yard / Defiant For Genesis

Casual 1950 For Genesis Female /Galapagos Tortoise
Charm Hair (Testing on V5)

Darkwoods Heroine/ Udane Hair / (2 posts)
DMR Ellas Quest
Dorpodon/ Cassini / Dragon (I Said No!)

Fashion Hair

Light Tutorial Woman
Light Tutorial Woman
Lycan Hunter

Millennium Subdragon and Textures
Millennium Sub Dragon (And My Cassini)
n21 Party Avenue (Interior, Not In Promos)Women's Business Wear
Nordic Hair (Testing V5/V6)

Opus Magnum Props / Pajamas (Genesis) (Several Posts)

Pharoahs of the Sun (Genesis Female)
Posed For Victoria 5
Pure Hair Crazy (Testing V5/V6)
Pure Hair Bubblegum (Testing V5/V6)
Pure Hair Retro (Testing V5/V6)
Pure Hair Space (Testing V5/6)
Putting Patterns On Vases (2 posts)

Royal Stairs / Morphing Fantasy Dress (2 posts)


Terri Hair

V6 With V5 Ponytail Hair

War Dog (Genesis)
Willow Spring Fountain / Summer Dress (Genesis)
Women's Business Wear Skirt/Kitbash Top

NYC Couture: Saucee /Saucee Outfit (Several posts)
Merlin's Crossing
Xylia Double French Braids 2 / Adventure Lord For Genesis
Closeup Xylia Double French Braid / Adventure Lord (Genesis)
Yunko Hair (Several pages)
Chelsea Hair / Flip Those Floors!
Silvermoon Hair
Luka Hair (2 posts)
Luka Hair / Zac Hair
Wildmane Hairstyle (Courtesy Mori-mann)
Wildmane Hairstyle
Aldora Hair (Courtesy Carola O)
Aldora Hair (See IMPORTANT note)
Pure Hair Darling
Trixy Hair / Summer Dress
The Windmill (Underneath it!)(2 pages)
Gia / Pure Hair: Catwalk
Pure Hair Catwalk / Willow Spring fountain
Pure Hair Catwalk
My Seychelle Catwalk Hair
Grecian Goddess
The Jogger
3D Universe Toon Giraffe and Toon Chicken
3D Universe Toon Snake and Toon Chicken
Noodle The Toon Cat /3D Universe’s Toon Baby
The Study
Willow Spring (Correcting Poser Lights) (Several Posts)
Elven Warrior Genesis / Pure Hair Lovely (Several Posts)
Red Millennium Subdragon
The Cupola As A Balcony
GIS Terminal / Raw Cyclops
Custom Charlize Settings
Otherworldly Wonders: Tamesis (Closeup)
Teenage Poses
Hidden Nooks & Crannies: MGM The Mill (Several Posts)
Millennium Cat
Strigoi: The Ancient Vampire
Ariadne For V6 / Taylor hair
Cool Sports For Genesis
The Mystery Jacuzzi Answer: And How-To-Make Water For It
Sisters For Genesis 2: Growing Up, (Large Section)
Lights World Center: Testing Many Sets
World Center Lights, Continued
Sweet Dreams / Fabricator / Totally Bazaar (Many Posts)(W Help From Scott-L)
Totally Bazaar / Bikini (Many Posts)
Totally Bazaar / Toon Truck
Totally Bazaar / Jasmin's Sandals (Many Posts)
Totally Bazaar / Day Dreamer (2 pages)
Totally Bazaar / Hot Cabana Wear
Totally Bazaar / Saucee Top
La Dolce Vita Restaurant
Ancient Prophecies
Fantasy Hovel (Courtesy Mori_mann)
Girl 6 / Fair Corsair Outfit G2 / Filippa Hair
Imogen / Lantios Light 6
Ocean Monokini / Stalker Girl Hair
Atmospheric Effects Cameras for DAZ Studio (Many Posts-Testing)
Oversea Bungalow / Sea Gull
My Fabrics On Seychelle (My Character)
Fire And Smoke For D.S / Toon Ghost (2 posts)
SG HeadDresses
BRC Empathy Floor Flip 1/ Ariadne
BRC Empathy Floor Flip 2/ Ariadne
Country Cottage
Roses Garden: Pumpkin House
Hacienda Hermosa (Several Posts)
Hacienda Hermosa (Several More)


Flip Those Floors
Gregoria Hair
Jason Lights/ West of The Moon Skies (R) / Motorcycle
Mach Packs
Bot Shop / Infiltrator (Many Posts)
Dead Corn / Sasquatch
Halloween Pumpkin / Infiltrator
Kids and Railroad Car
Luxurystar / Meet Sarge! Lantinos Mood 3
Terrors Of The Deep / Under The Sea
Sarge / Killzones:The Pipes / Cold Blooded / Morphing Python
Set the Mood
Posing SciFi Pistols / Actionmen Poses Freak 5/M5
Vivana Flying Machine
Zepplin Star
Girl Sargeant
Ashe / Way Of The Shinobi / Veranil
Klyd / Corsair M5 /Forest Prince / Pure Hair Classic
Air Bike / Gregoria Hair
Air Car Jumper
Probes Mechanical Mayhem
SciFi Interior
Hilly Surround (Water Tip) Camera Tips

Conservatory / Sculptural Fun
USS Arizona / Tropical Bundle

Alluring Garden / Zepplin Star / Castle Ruins

[url=]Amalie / Pure Hair Catwalk

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