Customizing Morphs using Morph Loader Pro

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This has been asked a couple of times with regard to splitting Head and Body morphs. The question was further expanded by @mlominy here. In trying to answer the question it seemed as if a general tutorial would be a better idea. So that's what I did. The link on the front page here goes to my DeviantArt entry, but the PDF is also included below.


Customizing Morphs.pdf
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    good tutorials are always welcome. 
    Even if you know, there is always something new to learn

    Nice Days and Nice Renders


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    Thank You

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    Great tutorial, Esemwy.  I just finished reading, and you made the work look easy to accomplish within DS.

    I usually do this work inside of Blender, but I am going to follow your tut on my next morphing job.  Love the part on the weight mapping transitions.

    Thank you.

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    Thank you, Esemwy!

  • EsemwyEsemwy Posts: 575

    Glad y’all like it!

  • Finaly someone made it - nice work with this there should be no more questions left. Instant bookmarked.

    I tryed to answer this by myself a several times.

  • Thank you so much, Esemwy, it's a brilliant method!

  • Thank you very usefull

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