Novica & Invited Guest Contributors Tips & Product Reviews Pt 4

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Welcome to thread 4! Thread 3 just ended on March 5th, 2014, with over 35,000 active posts and views- we hope you are enjoying the products and discussions as much as we are! Thread 3 started on December 18th and didn't take us long to zip right along with all the wonderful talent helping to showcase and discuss the products used in their renders. About 2 1/2 months- wow.

I'm so glad to have the assistance of the Invited Guest Contributors because they do beautiful work! Appreciate you all very much. They post as time permits because they are very busy individuals.

I will be carrying the product list forward so it's easy to find, and continue to add the links from the previous threads. It's a lot of work and will never be current (rendering comes first) so be sure and peruse the threads to see all the products used.

To skip the links to the products we've covered, and go right to the current posts, start here: (you know the links to the products already covered are on this first page and can find them easily when there's a sale and you want to see a product/discussion about it.)

To date, the three threads have the following activity/views as of May 26th, 2014: In case you can't find the threads (as they get buried due to the activity in Art Studio) here's the links: (and if you're curious to see how they're doing)

Thread 1 is HERE (43,989 views)
Thread 2 is HERE (38,128 views)
Thread 3 is HERE (41,552 views)
Thread 4: 21,498
Total views/activity: As of June 16, 2014, total is 145,167. Thanks for your support and we hope you are enjoying the thread and tips!

Curious as to the views throughout the threads? A week later, June 23rd, 2014
Thread 1 46,006
Thread 2 40,393
Thread 3 43,892
Thread 4 23,600
Total: 153, 891. There were +8,724 views. Thanks for surfing in!

Useful Reference Links: Best Tips And How-To's!

Lighting Reviews From World Center

NEW! From start to finish, my thread in The Commons on how to install your studio and setup the DIM to a different drive, other than the default. This is handy if your C drive is full. Thanks to Jaderail, Fixmypcmike, and mjc1016!

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