Live Tutorials: In the Studio with Daz 3D

Welcome to In the Studio with Daz 3D, a live tutorial series featuring essential tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Daz Studio experience. Our next live event explores a subway tunnel environment where you’ll learn how to use the camera and train to create a dramatic chase animation. With a horde of robot passengers and one human on board, what can go wrong?

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You’re invited to our next In the Studio with Daz 3D livestream on Saturday, August 28 at 4 PM EST. This stream will feature the Morning Subway Commute Bundle in a tutorial that will help you take your 3D renders to the next level.

Pick up this month's featured bundle, then follow along using one of the links below. We'll see you there!

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Hosted by Jay Versluis

Jay has been using Daz Studio as a hobbyist for stills and animations since 2006. Daz Studio was his springboard for understanding the complexity of 3D engines, which opened up an understanding of many other 3D creation tools.

Jay is passionate about sharing his knowledge on YouTube and his various websites. In his previous day job as a broadcast professional, he worked on live events for MTV, CNN, BBC, Cartoon Network, and IMG Media, doing anything from distributing Wimbledon Tennis and the English Premier League to working on drama and children’s programs. He lives in Miami Beach with various computers and his wife, Julia.

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