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As of February 1, 2015, the five threads have 255,004 views / participation clicks. We usually have between 10,400 - 12,000 views / posts every month for the five threads. In my opinion, it's because the Invited Guest Contributors (ICGs) continue to put great thought into the product discussions, and the renders they share are extremely well done. You'll see those artists designated by "Invited Guest Contributor" in their render posts, and they were selected based on their talent and demeanor in the forums- very helpful folks!

I'm going to try a few different things this thread- we'll see how it goes. :) The emphasis will continue to be on quality renders, so there will be a few guidelines, but I want to give others a chance to strut their stuff on some of the themes/vendors that we'll be showcasing. I'll explain that in the next post- see Open Sessions.

Remember the Reference Section, which has new links added frequently. I use it all the time! When reading the other forum sections, if there are helpful tips or FYI that is good to keep handy, I put a link. That section will be the second one down from this one, so you'll be able to find it quickly.

Currently, here are the thread locations and the views/posts:

Thread 1 is HERE
Thread 2 is HERE
Thread 3 is HERE
Thread 4 is HERE
Thread 5 is HERE

The counts for previous threads right now are: Jan 4 / March 24
Thread 1 62,107 / 67,808
Thread 2 51,586 / 55,208
Thread 3 57,582 / 62,345
Thread 4 42,594 / 45,802
Thread 5 30,237 / 38,908
Thread 6 5,672 / 7,713
Total: 260,676 / 285,475

Totals: 2014/2015
Oct 3: 178,888
Nov 4: 202,143
Jan 4: 244,106
Feb 1, 2015: 260,676
March 24: 285,475

So thanks for your support and hope the tips and showcases help you in your artistic endeavors.
:) Novica / Cathie

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