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    And yes, thanks SO much for doing the renders. I know you had to make time to do that, wasn't on your list of gotta-do for this weekend :)

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    Phoebe's Fancy - Shaders for DAZ Studio and Poser (Fisty)

    I haven't posted in here in ages and thought it was about time for me to show something. After seeing renders of Fisty's new shaders I decided I would show off one of her older sets that had already been mentioned in here on several occasions - the Phoebe's Fency shaders. I find this product very useful - especially the velvet and satin presets which are my favourites from this set. These shaders are really easy to work with. In my renders I have applied the existing presets to the clothes and only changed their colour and opacity settings to get different results. As you can see you can easily get any colour you wish this way. On the jewellery I've used the golden and silver metal presets as well as some satin ones. The character texture is Fog by surreality. I've used it on G2F and copied over to her Calais settings, only modifying them slightly when I used one of the makeup options. I quite like how the skin turned out, it is very pale and indeed very otherworldly, elvish looking.

    Other items used:

    Lights: Advanced DAZ Studio Light Bundle (Age of Armour)

    Character texture: Otherworldly Wonders - Fog (surreality)
    Character surface settings: Calais (AprilYSH)
    Clothing: Elven Grove Outfit for Genesis 2 Female(s) (DAZ Originals, Bobbie25, Sarsa)
    Faertara for Genesis 2 Female(s) (DAZ Originals, LadyRhi, Sarsa)
    Fayre for Genesis Female(s) (DAZ Originals, Ravenhair)
    Evening Gown for Genesis 2 Female(s) (DAZ Originals, Ravenhair)
    Drop Jewelry (December 2014 PA Freebie)
    Hair: Ballet Bun (DAZ Originals)

    Background: Added in postwork, created in Photoshop using various PS brushes.
    Rons Vintage Collection (deviney)
    Ron's Bokeh (deviney)

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    The character texture is Fog by surreality. I've used it on G2F and copied over to her Calais settings, only modifying them slightly when I used one of the makeup options. I quite like how the skin turned out, it is very pale and indeed very otherworldly, elvish looking.

    I do like that skin, it rather reminds me of when the ladies used to white powder their faces for a pale look (was that the Victorian age?) and it gives a very regal appearance. Nice going! The earrings and necklace are a perfect touch, not overbearing but noticeable. Thanks for showing Ballet Bun, I hadn't seen that one before to the best of my memory.

    Love the Bokeh! :)
    Thanks for sharing- gorgeous as usual.
    BTW, if I don't post, having internet problems. So much so, that the cable provider wasn't able to connect with us remotely either, and had to do a service call for tomorrow. But we're back online- for now.

    And wanted to share a "Oh, I didn't know that!" with you. A fun one-
    If you use Google Chrome and can't connect to the internet, the next time you get the dreaded dinosaur with "Webpage Not Available" you can PLAY A GAME WITH HIM. My son told me to click on the dinosaur and tap the Spacebar- then you get to play a fun jumping game with your dino leaping over cactus after cactus as they scroll toward him!! (And groups of cactus close together- as you can tell, I didn't get very far. Not shown is a group of 3 cactus right before the ones shown- you have to hop quick between the groups! Warning- game is addictive. LOL- I can see everyone disconnecting from the internet so they can test the game.)

    You knew there was a reason you subscribed to my thread, right?! :)

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    I haven't posted in here in ages and thought it was about time for me to show something.

    Thank you. I'm buried in work and deadlines, getting ready to go to my in-laws house for who knows how long to take care of my husband's mom while she gets breast cancer treatment, busting my butt to get 5 different things finished before we have to pack up the computers (doubt it's gonna happen but at least only 2 have hard deadlines) and I'll have way less time to work. So thank you very much for reminding me why I bothered to get out of bed today.

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your mother in law- hope she stays as comfortable as possible. I'm sure your presence will help her very much with both mental and physical support. Take care of yourself too :)

    Question for anyone- where did the Polygon Group Editor go in this latest version of studio? I bought the battlesuit and am going to put in a material zone in the chest so it's not quite as sexy.. The promos for the textures have it filled in, but the original, I'm not seeing a way to do it. I went to Scene and the chest, no morphs, none under Actor, etc. I am getting the textures later today, but not at the moment.

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    Yeah.. she has sisters, one 5 hours away and one 3/4 of the country away, I'm the only woman in the family that's close. It's only stage 1 so she's not in a huge amount of danger. She's very proud and stubborn, it's been a challenge to convince her that she'll need help keeping the house and feeding her husband while she's going though radiation, and to teach her how to tie a tichel if she has to have chemo... and overall just pamper her and make her feel pretty, or at least less ugly.. breast cancer is a terrible blow to a woman's self esteem.

    But enough on that in this nice art thread.. sorry for the derail. <3</p>

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    Fisty said:

    But enough on that in this nice art thread.. sorry for the derail.

    No derailment- the thread is for support and chat too :)

    I'm playing with my new phone. Got the iPhone 6+ and doing slo-motion videos of the puppy. Fun! Was able to cruise in to the DAZ site on a cell phone that wasn't ancient and of course the phone is amazing. Got the sky/star app that tells me what constellations and planets are in the sky when I point it towards them. Really neat. So playing around for a few minutes then gotta snooze.

    Have a safe trip Fisty :)

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    Realy nice renders tjohn and Tarina Kivi. I don't have Calais, or the others (still new). compared to some collections in the tens of thousands of items, I have like 1200 items total (including everything by Wilmap and some utilities).

    Fisty. If you need me, I'll be here. I'm tempted to say, I'm not so sad to hear of the news of your step mother, in fact, happy to hear she has a fighting chance. Perhaps Stephen Franklin (B5) had put it best. "I am alive, everything else is negotiable.".

    We just had a major storm come threw, and my window had fogged and frosted up to the point I could not look outside. So I had been spending time outside to look around at the snow drifts and to keep the deck clear. And in the midst of the storm, my microwave finally failed in a way that I could not fix it (the number pad that I can't find a replacement for). I have had lots of fun with 'Pandora' and unsuspecting people. The instructions read how many minutes. It was a 1800watt 2.2cu FT Restaurant microwave from 1993, rolling boiling water in 45 seconds. RIP Pandora 1993 - 2015.

    ZDG - Life throws us opportunities, even when we don't consider them to be good at the time.

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    Perhaps Stephen Franklin (B5) had put it best. "I am alive, everything else is negotiable."

    When I was in tech school Adobe Illustrator class we were tasked with making a portrait with limited colors and just the vector line tool, I did Dr Franklin. I don't have the AI file but I do have the print somewhere still. I was very proud of it.

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    Fisty said:
    Perhaps Stephen Franklin (B5) had put it best. "I am alive, everything else is negotiable."

    When I was in tech school Adobe Illustrator class we were tasked with making a portrait with limited colors and just the vector line tool, I did Dr Franklin. I don't have the AI file but I do have the print somewhere still. I was very proud of it.That is cool. My only work was with Galen, my avitar, lol. I used PhotoDeluxe (before windows 7) to superimpose me into the outfit, and changed the background. One with a picture of a thunderstorm rolling over Skyhaven from Skyhaven, the other from an equipment room.

    As for 'Opportunities', I have some work ahead of me this morning, still. Yes that is a 2M antenna tower on the corner of my deck, and a dead oscilloscope under the snow.

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    Adrianna For Victoria 6 (DAZ3D / Gypsyangel)
    Kita Hair For Genesis 2 Female(s) (DAZ3D / Goldtassel)
    Manga Anime Battlesuit For Genesis 2 Female(s) (DAZ3D / Arien / Mada)

    Wanted to show you the wonderful textures with this outfit. The side view shows the fun cuffs on the outfit. This outfit is a lot of fun, I wish it didn't cling to the hiney so much but with the right camera angle that can be hidden.

    Adrianna has glassy eye reflections that I would tone down/postwork, I left as "out of the box." The teeth needed NO fixing- they were not bright white and good at the default setting. Adrianna is the character that reminded me of the Dancing With The Stars pro dancer, remember?

    CLICK TO ENLARGE/CLICK AGAIN. Large render. And btw, I accidentally had this set on FOUR THOUSAND PIXELS and the hair rendered at what I would say a very acceptable rate for being a huge render. It took hours to do the first one, but 4,000 pixels?! Very good rate for the Kita Hair.

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    @tjohn - interesting set of renders with Hedvig - she looks really rather different each time!
    @Tarina Kivi - nice work on the Phoebe's Fancy shaders (nice artistic renders too!)
    @Fisty - soryy to hear about your mother-in-law's problem - hope things go well for her and all of you.
    @zarcondeegrissom - wow, that's quite a bit of snow! (Saw some of your snow pics on abother thread too I think?)
    @Novica - nice renders too - I haven't downloaded Kita hair yet (part of my 40GB backlog :red: ) and I haven't gone with Keiko but that suit looks pretty good on a "normal" female, doesn't it.

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    Yes, it does look good- shown on a Victoria 6 character. I don't intend to get Keiko anytime soon, if ever- as I don't do cartoony figures and have enough in gene pools to last me a lifetime. Aiko 6 is all I need for that department for what I do. :)

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    I like the manga battle suit and the texture expansion. Those are the only Keiko items I bought. Thanks for showing those

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    Tomoe For Manga Anime Battlesuit (DAZ3D / Arien)
    Filippa Hair (DAZ3D / SWAM)
    Crazy Locks Female Hair For Genesis And V6 (DAZ3D / Goldtassel)

    As's the texture set Tomoe.

    One thing- none of the battlesuit ones had the solid chest (if so, still can't find them) but some of the Tomoe's do. Watch out for the orange legged one- that sucker really turns pale with bright lights. I cropped it because mine looked so bad!! (How's that for honesty.) You can see the top of it if you look closely, I did throw you a bone as to what it looked like. Almost white instead of orange! AARGH. The other colors did better IMO so far as not washing out, with the exact same lights.

    Filippa Hair is the orange hair with the purple suit (last render.) The other two use Crazy Locks Hair.

    EDIT: Character is still Adrianna.

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    Good sale. I picked up Belle 6 Pro Bundle, the Brodie Bundle (still think it was pathetic that the dude didn't have a good Pro Bundle), Succubus Add-Ons, Liquid Pack, i13 Secret Surrenders- wow, SO many poses- be sure and take a peek at that one!

    And Enchanted Glade- wishlisted a long time and missed it last sale- is in Fast Grab. Be sure and check that, a lot of things in there. One of our favorites is The Priory- be sure and check out the thumbnails- ITS A WATERFRONT BUILDING!

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    Ooh, last page Novica! :)

    Tomoe looks like a really good add-on, nice variety and it's good to have the chest covered and uncovered options. I didn't get anything so far from the Keiko releases though. I spent weeks creating my own custom toon girl so don't need another, and I prefer the 3DU toon look to this anime style.

    That said, I think if you (whoever, not you specifically) got her with the Fuseling morphs she'd be more fun as she makes a cute fairy/elf/fantasy girl in those promo images.

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    EEEEK. Page 100. Here we go again. :) I'll be carrying over the reference section and making that the first post (I do still add links, often) but leaving the products links behind for now. I don't have time to go through all the posts and put links to them, we're talking 1500 posts x 5 threads. Gotta work on my book and downloading all my products.

    Do want to thank the Invited Guest Contributors for sharing the renders of the products they own-the next thread will continue that tradition :) Love seeing a diversity of styles and products.

    And congrats to the RRRR winners (several of whom are ICG's here) and with multiple wins. No surprise!

    EDIT: here's the link: Congrats to Luci45, KaribousBoutique, Sasje, and Ken!

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    Was answering a PM for a very, very new newbie (vvnn, lol) whose computer expertise is minimal, and it became a bit difficult to explain my file downloads for storage verbally so I am doing it graphically for her. Let me say again- this isn't establishing the files in Studio, aka customizing it- this is how I download and store my thousands of files so I'll have them. So if you're wanting a way to customize the studio, that's already been done elsewhere in these threads. This is to help those of you without computer skills, or with the daunting task of getting an alphabetical system going FOR STORAGE. There may also be products that do this for you, if so, feel free to post links.

    I like doing it this way because I get to know my products, I have them alphabetically, and I am going to be doing a catalog system with my Word Perfect list that tells me where these are located in Studio. (You know, those weird files that have the initials of the vendor that is NOT part of the product name, instead of the alphabetical product name?) But that comes later.

    So skip this if you already have a file system set up. This is very basic.
    First, if you ever downloaded the files, you know they have the product number first- and alphabet goes out the window. So we are going to make folders to tuck those into. Why not remove the numbers? Well, you may want them to look up ReadMes if you don't use the DIM to get those, or have them for some other reason as reference. Up to you. If you change the file names and eliminate the product numbers, all you'd do is drag them over to the DazAlphaC folder once they are downloaded and you remove the numbers.

    First, I use the Product Library and select to have the products shown alphabetically. I only do one letter at a time. Right now I am in the C's .
    So I paste into Word Perfect (any word processor will do, as long as it can BOLD, etc) I save it as DazAlphaC. (preceded by DazAlphaA, DazAlphaB. Each one is separate.)

    I plug in my external hard drive (mine is F, will be using that as our example) and I create 2 folders. We're going to be using the letter C as our list that we want to work on. The first folder is DontHaveC, the second matches my Word Perfect list- DazAlphaC.

    Image 1
    Go to your DIM (Daz Install Manager) and click on the cog (looks like a wheel) in the upper right corner. Select the Downloads tab.
    After the Download To text box, you will see three dots ... and when you click on that, you can select where you want the files downloaded to. Select your external hard drive folder "DontHaveC"

    Image 2
    If you are like me, you may already have some stored, some installed. That's where your list comes in. Use it to go line by line and ensure you download all your files. Once your file(s) is downloaded, STAY IN DontHaveC and go up and "New Folder" and create one with that product's name. Then click and drag the downloaded file (with the product number) INTO that file. This is all still happening in DontHaveC.

    Once you have the file (say Cinnia Hair) with the numbered file tucked inside it, you will be dragging it to the left and into DazAlphaC so be sure that is showing in the left pane. So in the right pane, you'll have the DontHaveC and you will click on the finished folder, hold Shift, and drag them to the left and INTO the DazAlphaC area.

    Image 3
    Only after you have dragged the completed folder into the DazAlphaC folder (and checked it) should you go to your Word Perfect (or whatever you used) list and BOLD it. The reason for this system? Sometimes I do a bunch of downloads if it is late at night and very speedy, then do the file creation later. I'll simply put a note "Downloads to Here" on my Word Perfect list (on the very last one that I've done) so I know where I'm at and where to start next time. I don't want to bold those because they are not DONE. Likewise with creating folders. If they aren't done, I don't want them marked with anything except "folders made to here."

    I am also marking which folders are weird in DIM- aka titles that don't match what they are called in DIM, and later I'll be putting where any hard to find ones are located in the studio. Then I'll literally have an alphabetical catalog of where to go. That comes much later! (Using the "i" information button in Dim that is located on the far right on each product's line, in the Installed tab, will take you to the ReadMes.

    So hope this helps and if anyone wants to share their system, feel free. This works for me and it's not hard, I watch TV while I'm doing it and while something is rendering!

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    Here's the product name in the Product Library, vs what you have to type in DIM to find it (in red.) Or if it might cause you to do a double take/ or its hard to find and doesn't come up when you type in the product name in DIM.

    Capsces Poses Olympia 6 Barbarian CDI Poses Olympia Barbarian
    Capsces Poses Olympia Fantasy CDI Poses Olympia Fantasy
    Caput Caseum is Legacy
    Caput Caseum Textures Legacy
    Center of Gravity Pose Set Center of Gravity Poses
    Chambre dAmore Only calls up the ready to render
    Charlie for V6 Charlie

    I'm down to Colors for Classic Rolled Hair so I haven't finished the C's. Didn't do this with the A's and B's as that was months ago with only a few done the past couple weeks. This will save you the time and effort of checking to see if you have a V4 file, a Legacy that you thought was Genesis, more than one Charlie, etc. Anything I had to go look up.

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    I am working on Kalini renders but will be posting them at the beginning of the new thread. Wanted to give you a heads up she is 60% off and very different from the promos, from what I've seen rendering in. Her eyes, to me, are beautiful- such nice work on the iris colors. I'll do a screenshot of those as they have already rendered. Anyone else have Kalini?

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    Okay, here are the eyes. Artemis gives you a very nice variety of options with the two+ toned iris colors.

    BTW, mods- I am setting up the next thread as I prefer to do the opening post, but I will not post it until we get one or two away from closing this out, so the link can be the last post as the mods close the thread. Everyone else- please pay attention to the post count, we're getting close. Thanks!

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    Okay, so brilliant question. If I am doing Clair which requires Belle (which I have, and installed) and I go to Content Library>Genesis 2 Females>Characters and it has Clair listed there as Actor, and I click and she loads into the scene, that means Belle has already been applied, or is she on Genesis 2 Female?

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    Well, she (Clair) is rendering and looking very nice. I am also doing the Early Spring Outfit, the lace on the leggings is coming in and looks good. Also, Aubree Hair is a nice carefree style.

    The Valentine Day focus is on lingerie, underwear, sexy. Where's the chocolates?!!!!

    A couple people have mentioned the codes for February are up but not working yet. That was about half an hour ago.

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    Thread 6 is now active- please do not post anymore in this thread as the moderators will be locking it. I'll be posting several images in about half an hour, so hop on over and bookmark the new thread!

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