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                                                           What is Not So Fast? 

The Not So Fast! (NSF) contest is a forum-based game with good-natured interaction between participants resulting in a list of products each person must render. 

For the game, there are Not So Fast moves done with, to, and /or between the participants. Have fun watching the artists manipulate, plot, and scheme to manuver products onto the final render list of each person. The six items a person starts with (two sets, three props, and a character) definitely will NOT be what they have to render at the end of the game!

The goal is simple. CREATE MISCHIEF. The gameplayers are NOT here to be cooperative!  Or...are they?
They're playing for laughs and to see who can create the best "Not So Fast!" moves which leave other artists rendering funky combinations. The motto of the game is, " If you can mess with someone, do it."   Strategy reigns supreme here, timing is everything. Other people DO have moves to get another player out of a bind- but will they use them? They might if the culprit has pulled a NSF move on them and they want to give some payback by helping out another recipient. You never know! 


Basic Rules: To qualify for the prize gift cards, participants follow these guidelines. Posts will have the current tally of where they stand and are updated by the participants, it's very easy to immediately see what they've done AS THE GAME MOVES ALONG! 

1. Each artist MUST make 10 "NSF" (Not So Fast!) moves in the game. A NSF action is added to your total when you initiate an action, not when you are the recipient. You can't just exist in the game, you have to PLAY!  You are allowed up to 20 moves during the 4 day period. (Your post will show which moves you've already made. There's a standard format.) 

2. You may not reverse a NSF action by using the same NSF action or repeating the action. (Someone forces you to swap with them, you can't force them to swap that product back to you. See 5) 

3. Each game player must make moves involving a minimum of 6 different players. (Moves which involve two other people, and that would count for two people.) 

4.  Each player must use at least 4 of the 7 NSF moves. This prevents a player from using the same gameplay over and over. (Your post will also show this.) 

5. Once an item has been taken OR swapped from a player, they can not get it back from the player who took or swapped it in that same reverse move. (Think strategy here!) 


Communication During Gameplay:

6. Conspiracy and giving suggestions of what can / should be done TO OTHER participants is encouraged- it's time to "start throwing people under the bus."  However- participants are limited to suggesting ONE NSF move. They can NOT map out two or more advance strategies or even hint at them. 

7. The person on the receiving end (of a conspiracy being discussed against them) is allowed try to influence the outcome by pointing out BETTER MOVES AGAINST OTHER PLAYERS.  They can not discuss themself AT ALL. 

8. Players can not ask for help regarding their current situation, with the exception of the NSF #5 of a mutual swap.

9. All collaboration is done on this official thread. No PMing, emailing, smoke-signaling, Morse get the idea.  The chitchat is out in the open for everyone to enjoy. Well, everyone except the player on the receiving end. It will be fun to watch alliances form and shift. The person you think has your back, just stuck you with a slimy worm, a worn toilet seat, or a lollipop. 

10. A sponsor is regarded the same as a player- when they announce a NSF move, it is official. They will be using NSFs #4, #5 and #7  The same communication rules which can be applied, apply. (Discussing only one move, no behind the scenes collaboration.) 


The NSF (Not So Fast!) Moves 

Here are the NSF moves the players will make:  (Remember-players must use 4 out of 7 and get a total of 20 moves)  They are designed so even if a player is not online, the game continues without them. Their list of products in their possession will change even if they are not participating at the time. Players can not make moves with other players (such as swaps) unless they possess both items. 

1. "I'll Swap With List" One time use during the entire game: Swap out one item with one from the list. The TYPE of item must be the same (a prop for a prop etc.) 

2. "We're Swapping Says Me"  Make another contestant swap products with you.  Both people must own the same things and they must be the same TYPE. (a prop for a prop etc) This is a harder one, both items must be in their possession at the time.

3. "We Agree To Swap" One time use by a player during the entire game:  Two contestants AGREE to swap products. DIscussion is allowed but NOT strategizing future moves. (See Communication rules.) In other words, you can discuss swapping one item, but not strategizing why you're doing it or what you plan to do after the swap.

4. "You and You Swap."   Force two other players to swap items. YOU decide what they swap. Again they must be the same TYPE. (prop for a prop)  Players must own both items and have them in their possession. 

5. "Say Bye And Hi"  Tell someone which product to give up to the list,  and which one to take from it.  The TYPE of item must be the same (a prop for a prop.)

6. "I'll Take That, Thanks."  Steal an item from another contestant and decide what they take from the list. The TYPE of item must be the same. (getting the hang of it?) 
You must then send one of your other items (SAME TYPE) to the list as now you have too many.

7. "You're A Thief"
 Tell another contestant (you chose)  they MUST steal a specific item (they own) from another contestant. (you chose.)  YOU'RE DONE. 
The person that takes the item: (gets to chose)
a. Must give up the same type item (a prop if they had to steal a prop)  to the list because they can only have 3 props, 2 sets, and 1 character. They may NOT give up the item they had to take.

b. The MINUTE they post the item they are giving up, it is available, whether Novica has had time to get it to the list or not. First come first served, but note it does count as a NSF (#3 above)  whether it is on the list or not.

c. Tells the person they stole from which item from the list will replace it. And of course, it must be the same TYPE of item. 

8. "Fetch It For Me, Thanks!"     Combining two moves, #5 Say Bye And Hi- and #2 We're Swapping Says Me. The person goes and gets an item you also own, and they give it to you when they get back. 
First, make sure the product you have in your possession that you are swapping later with them, THEY OWN.  (A)  (This is the We're Swapping Says Me part.) 
Tell someone what product they are giving up. CAN NOT BE A CHARACTER. 
Tell them what item is replacing it. (B)  (Be sure you OWN IT. They are bringing it back over to you.) 
Take it  (B) (must be the one they fetched) and give them an item (A the one you checked to see if they own it.)  Must be a prop or a set. Must be the same type item

9. "Fetch Now You Two Swap   Combining two moves, #5 Say Bye and Hi with #4 You And You Swap
This NSF move is when one out of two other players (NOT YOU)  HAS IN THEIR POSSESSION an item both players own. (Item A)
The one who does NOT have an item in their possession owned by both players,  you tell what product they are giving up.
Then you take an item from the main list that BOTH players own for that person. (B)
Then you tell them to swap the item the first person has (A, which they both own) and the new item  (B) just brought in from the main list. 


Oh, one more thing... (this does NOT count as a NSF action) 
"The Old Hagrad"   Hagrad makes the Old Maid look absolutely adorable. Send this woman on her way because when the game ends, if she's in your possession you automatically have to add another product (VOTED ON BY THE PARTICIPANTS)  to your render. 

Thinking about holding on to Old Hagred until the last minute and sticking it to someone? Nah, that's too predictable.
a. Once you receive Old Hagred, you must pass her along before you can do a NSF.

b. If it has been longer than 6 hours since you received the old gal, she will be moved along for you. (You put the time in the post when you give her to someone)  SHE IS PUT ON HOLD AFTER 6 HOURS (by any participant who is online)  AND YOU LOSE THE RIGHT TO PASS HER ALONG.  The first participant to call the time on it, gets to look at the list of people (which is in EVERY post with Hagred) who have yet to receive her that round, and pick someone to send her to. Don't miss your opportunity to choose- send her within 6 hours! 

c. Once a player receives Old Hagred, they can NOT get her again untill ALL players have had her at least once.  After everyone has had Hagred, it starts over again, everyone gets her a second time before she can make the rounds a third time. Or more. Hagred should get her broom motorized, she's going to be visiting a lot of players!

Novica will launch the first one and show you how to do the post.


Observers are asked to refrain from entering the melee as the thread could easily get cumbersome and make it harder for the participants to scroll through and find the latest relevant status of other players. So please watch but do not post. This is a very, very different interactive approach to a contest, it's really a game in action. We need to help the participants keep track of things and also eliminate the possibility of posts which may violate the rules. (You may see a great strategy and want to address several moves, but that's not allowed. We also want to let the participants figure it out for themselves.) 

Please do not point out infractions. Let the players handle it. Appreciate it! 

650 x 600 - 713K
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    Link to the final renders goes here.

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    Deciding How To Get Credit for a NSF and for Interacting with Other Players: 

    How to decide if you get credit for a NSF and interacting with people is important. You must have interactions with at least 6 different people and use at least 4 different NSFs. 

    The rule is simple. If you didn't START the NSF gameplay, you don't claim it. You don't claim the NSF move, you don't claim the interaction with a person or people in the move.

    Example: Novica tells nonesuch00 "Hey, you look bored. Not So Fast! #7, You're a thief... you must steal that Kangaroo from jakiblue. Then tell her what to get from Now Available to replace it.  And you have to give up a character (the same type item nonesuch00 just had to steal)  since now you have too many." 

    In that example, Novica gets credit for NSF#7 and credit for interactions with nonesuch00 and jakiblue. They get ziltch, nada, zero.

    If barbult and IceDragonArt chitchat and agree to do a swap,  they can both claim the interaction or decide who takes it. The interaction counts as two people (both claim themselves and each other.


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    The game is now live. Scroll down and see who currently owns what, and watch the timeline for a summary of the action. The posts will be more entertaining, however!

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    The Old Hagrad

    (An image of Old Hagrad)
    Players insert Old Hagrad's picture, then  copy / paste (again, do NOT quote) the statements. They then add to the statement sequence and note the person they are sending her to in the YES section of ownership.

    Then they add the date and time- DAZ TIME. The date and time sent is important! When the forum switches to another day, the time is erased over by our avatars and only the date shows. 

    Once everyone has had her once,  all the yes comments will be removed and we start over again. Novica will do the first post of Hagrad, and you'll see how to do it.  

    Participants are asked to keep an eye out and make sure the YES gets noted.

    Example, the sequence statements:  (THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE) 

    1.  August 13th 4:30 pm Novica sent Old Hagrad to xmasrose. 

    2.  August 13th 10:30pm  Barbult here! 6 hours and xmasrose has not responded. You snooze you lose. I'm claiming Old Hagrad and sending to RGCincy. (barbult gets credit for owning her, see below.)  Hey RGcincy, I think she's your type. 

    3. August 13th 10:32pm   RGcincy here. Appreciate that but I don't think so. I'm sending her to my good buddy IceDragonArt.(who gets            credit for having her.) 

    4. August 14th  4:32am    jakiblue here  telling everyone to back off,  she's mine. IceDragonArt was probably doing promos. I'm sending her to.....    (jakiblue gets credit for having her.

    Anyone who gets her, takes her, and / or passes her on is considered an owner. 

    People who have had Hagrad so far:   (this goes back to none after everyone has had her, and we start over again) 
    3dcheapskate              barbult  YES               dreamfarmer             IceDragonArt  YES            jakiblue YES              kismet
    nonesuch00                Novica YES          RGcincy YES                 Saphirewild               Wonderland          xmasrose  YES

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    Who Started With What    This is what the characters had when gameplay started. They didn't get to choose, there were guidelines as to specific pages/ choose from the top of a given page.  Go to the NEXT POST to see what has changed! 

    Set 1:   The Alcove       Set 2:  Summer Gazebo
    Props:  Steam BIke Pro (Pile of Luggage)                            Technophilia Arcane: Star Scope  (Scope)
                  Mortuorum Sacris  (Coffin Lid)
    Character:  Warrior Maiden Tanwen (V4) 

    Set 1: DM's Anardhaus        Set 2: Shoot First  Corner
    Props:  Laundry Day Mega Set (Empty Dryer Closeline)          Wine Me  (Corkscrew)
                 Vintage Boxing Accessories (Speed Bag)
    Character:  Yasuo for Lee 6

    Set 1: Fantasy Tavern            Set 2:  DM's Cave of Secrets
    Props:  Sweet Tempation  (Cake 1 W/ Sauce)                        Dreams of the Past (Centerpieces)
                  Monster Skulls HD  (Cyclops Skull) 
    Character: FWSA  Tiami (Callie 6)

    Set 1: Dungeon  Hall              Set 2:  Aeridian Interstellar Throne Room
    Props:   Black Market Blade Silent Death (Gen8)  (Twisted Blades)          Gothic Bedroom  (Bed)
                   Kick Scooter (Scooter)
    Character: CC Lily

    Set 1:  Forgotten Tunnel Entrance                                              Old West Bath House
    Props:  Haunted Toys (ScareyBear)                                            Lemonade Stand (The Stand)
                 Aslan Statues  (Gargoyle)
    Character:   Aibell (Gen3F) 

    Set 1:  Collective3d Portrait Vignettes Old West 2                 Collective3d Portrait Vignettes  Old West 3
    Props: School Lunch Props (Closed Lunch Bag)                  Make A Wish Props  (Scepter) 
                 Christmas Cookies  (Mistletoe Cookie)
    Character: Zoey for Victoria 5

    Set 1:  Industrial Storage Unit Interior                        Medieval Castle Tower Interior
    Props:  Public Indoor Pool (Lifesaver)                       Iray Ghost Light Kit 2 (Flashlight)
                  Crystal Vases (Twisty Vase) 
    Character:  FWSA Pepper HD (Genevieve 7)

    Set 1:  Patio Dining              Set 2: Versatile Terrain
    Props:  Fantasy Scythes (Classic Farmer Scythe)                  Geisha Prop Collection (4 Asian Inspired Fans)
                  Janitor Gear (Push Broom)
    Character:  Sakura 8 

    Set 1:  The Ministry                      Set 2:   i13 Foxy Lounge
    Props:  Aguja Undersea Environment  (Kelp)       Horse Drawn Carriage for Daz Horse 2  (Carriage)
                 Pentonville Cell  (Toilet)
    Character:   BD Aspen (V8)

    Set 1: Parkside Head Interior       Set 2:  Sci-fi Cockpit Interior
    Props:  Golf Course Props (Cart)                            New Colony Props (Module 3e)
                  Porta Potty (Potty)
    Character:  FW Laverne HD (Monique 8)

    Set 1:   A Curious Hallway           Set 2: Abandoned Gas Station
    Props:  RW Letters and More (Letter Q)                   Steam Bike Pro  (3dcheapskate already had)
                Ace of Spades Jack  (Backpack)
    Character:  RDNA  Sluggians

    Set 1: GIS Nova                      Set 2: Winterblack Tower
    Props:  SY Rigged Waterfalls Iray   (Waterfall)              Symphonic Sounds Poses/Props  (Amp) 
                  Z Deadly Weapons (Silver Gun) 
    Character: Keiko 6

    Set 1: Collective3d Portrait Vignettes Old West 3                  Set 2: DM's Dark Shrine
    Props: Jeweled Excellence Earrings 2 (Gen2/3/8F)  (Earring)               Cyber Wings (Wings)
    BBQ Grill Collection  (Grill)
    Character:  Monique 7

    Set 1:  Tangien Portico                 Set 2   Tree and Swing
    Props:  Everyday Stationary (Diary Closed/Open)                The Werks Mega Prop Pack  (Lollipop)
                 Vintage Luggage  (Briefcase)
    Character:  Star 2.0


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    CURRENT STANDINGS:    Check TIMELINE.  There will be a few minutes lag.

    Changes to what players had in their possession are marked in red. 
    The next post down starts the Timeline- it will track for you the latest moves by the gameplayers! 

    Set 1:   A Curious Hallway       Set 2:  Echoes of Andromeda
    Props:  Regenerator (Prop)          Thursdays Child- Deaddy Bear (Bear)             
                 Playtime (Hobby Horse)
    Character: RDNA Sluggians

    Set 1: The Cage       Set 2: Old Country Farmhouse
    Props:  Kick Scooter            Signs of Protest (Sign Left Hand)          Lemonade Stand (The Stand)
    Character:  Muck

    Set 1: aMAZEing Journey Around The World                               Set 2:   Sun Hall
    Props:  Props: Fun In The Sun  (Lounge Chair)                   Everyday Groceries (Toilet Paper) 
     Laundry Day Mega Set (Prop: Empty Dryer) 
    Character:  Charlotte 8

    IceDragonArt   HAS OLD HAGRED  Can be moved NOW every 10 minutes Moved at 9:40 so can be moved 9:50 Central
    Set 1  Cryptus Sepultus        Set 2:  Fantasy Tavern     
    Props:  Hood Huntress Collection         Boned Wings for G3/8 Midnight Skeleton
                  New Colony Props (Module 3e)
    Character: Iray Alligator By AM 

    Set 1:   Bend of the River                                    Cafe Luca      
    Props: Laser Toss Arcade Game (Prop)                 Porta Potty (Potty)  
                Iray Snow, Light and Ash
    Character: Abel for Genesis 3 Male

    Set 1: Enchanted Ballroom                         Patio Dining Set   
    Props:   Jacuzzi Deck (Deck Chair 1 Red Cushion)               RW Rafting Fun (Raft)  
                  Blade Weapons (Rip Saw)  
    Character:  Toon Generations Two Essentials

    Set 1:  Versatile Terrain           Set 2: Northern Terrace Street 
    Props:  The Gardener's Potting Shed Tools (Wheelbarrow)     Urban Warrior (Large Sword)              
                 Geisha Prop Collection (4 Asian Inspired Fans)            
    Character:  Baby Packy

    Set 1:   DA Palm Island           Set 2:   Fancy A Game Of Chess
    Props:   Multi Letter System (Prop X  Standard Font)            Scrappy The Robot     
                Grapevines (Grapes) 

    Character:  Sakura 8


    Set 1: Abandoned Gas Station          Set 2:  Summer Gazebo     
    Props:  Dream Home Great Room Access. (Bench)              Steampunk Vent (Gears)              
                   BBQ Grill Collection (Grill)   
    Character:  Floyd 8

    Saphirewild  HAD OLD HAGRED.  
    Set 1:   Generic Sci Fi Corridor                Set 2: Velodome Track   
    Props:   Daybed Romance                 Ace of Spades Jack  (Backpack)     
                 The Firearm Pack (#2 Rifle) 
    Character:  Belladonna for V4

    Set 1: Mystical Cave                    Set 2: The Void
    Props:  Poseable Peonies (Bush Double 2)            Iray Ghost Light Kit 2 (flashlight)   
    Cyber D Model 1 (Prop, not living)
    Character: DA Unicorn for Daz Horse 2  

    xmasrose  Has had  Old Hagred  
    Set 1:  Bar Interior 2018                  Set 2   Disconsolation
    Props:   Morphable Meershaum (Pipe)
                  Inflatable Boat (Outboard Motor)               Daz Water Pump/Grain Silo (Water Pump)  
    Character:  Toon Alien



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    Yep, this is the fun post to watch. Want to know the mischief players are causing? This tells you who teamed up wtih whom, and who was on the receiving end. Then you can watch the payback. Who is the initiator of gutsy moves? What are the products getting shuffled around?   Can you see a player's strategy? Are the other mischief makers clueless? 
    Where is Old Hagrad? 

    I wouldn't "just" use this list to watch the game. The BEST part is the trash-talking between players, and the "encouragement" of players to do-it-to-it to other players.

    August 11: 10:45    Game is about to kick off!
    August 11: 10:45p   Novica sent RGcincy Old Hagred so he could get a kiss. He has 6 hours to pass her along or we do it.
    August 11: 10:47p   Novica NSF #5  Kismet2012.   Kismet had to give up Make A Wish Props (Scepter) and take Piercings Collection (Nose Piercing.)
    August 11: 11:25p  Cancelled,  it's a tricky move and we'll do it again later.

    August 11 11:30p    3dcheapskate  NSF #1 which is swapping an item for another one that they own. ONE TIME USE.  Got rid of Warrior Maiden Tanwen and took Yasuo for Lee 6

    August 11  11:57p  RGcincy decided Old Hagred just wasn't his type. Feeling sorry for barbult who must've eaten some Rat's Tail Dessert, he is sending Old Hagrad to help figure it out. Barbult has until 5:57am to pass her along or we do it for her. 

    August 12  12:16a   RGcincy NSF #5 to jakiblue  Say Bye And Hi   He told her Aibell (Character) is tired of playing the game but Baby Packy is more than ready. (So now she has a big elephant to take care of.) 

    August 12  12:25a  3dcheapskate NSF #5 Say Bye And Hi.  Feels that IceDragonArt needs to have a character with some BITE to it. Say bye to Aibell and hello to Sharks by AM: Great White Shark

    August 12  12:28a  3dcheapskate #5  is on a roll targeting IceDragonArt, now NSF #5 again, Say Bye And Hi. She must replace Black Market Blade Silent Death (Twisted Blade) with prop Interstellar Killsat (from Stellar Fury.)

    August 12  1:37a    Novica NSF #2  We're Swapping Says Me to jakiblue. Novica forced a swap of The Ministry onto jakiblue, and took her Forgotten Tunnel Entrance.  (Both items must be in each other's possession, it's a bit harder to do.)

    August 12  2:19a    Novica NSF #4  You and You swap to barbult and 3dcheapskate, because he's been having too much fun doing things to others and not getting anything done to him. She forced a swap between 3dcheapskate and barbult. 3dcheapskate gave up The Alcove to barbult and she gave up DM's Anardhaus to 3dcheapskate. (You must have the players swap the same TYPE of item. Both are sets.) 

    August 12  3:04am   Novica just gave away some research so someone else can do a NSF #4. The first game player to claim it doing what she told them to do, gets it. Valid until 6:04am then she will use it. RGcincy and dreamfarmer can use the information and do a #2 We're Swapping Says Me if either wants to claim it.

    August 12  3:22am   3dcheapskate makes a return move on Novica with NSF #5 (Sending one to the list and telling her what to get in return. Must be the same type item.)  So BD Aspen is replaced with "even cuter Nybras." 3dcheapskate's words, not mine.

    August 12  3:46am  xmasrose claimed the free research. 
    August 12  4:09am  xmasrose NSF #4  You and You Swap.  RGcincy must give Sci-Fi Cockpit Interior to Dreamfarmer, who  must give RGcincy Fantasy Cavern.  She said RGcincy needed some fantasy in his life, and Dreamfarmer can welcome the future.

    August 12   4:11am   Novica NSF #2 We're Swapping Says Me Being stuck with Nybras, plans a double move. Watch and learn. Remember 3dcheapskate made poor IceDragonArt take that Great White Shark?    Novica takes the shark from IceDragonArt who then gets stuck with Nybras.  

    August 12  4:11am   Novica's second move- NSF#2 again, We're Swapping Says Me. She dumps the AM Sharks: Great White onto unsuspecting Stormlyght and takes Stormlyght's adorable Keiko 6. So Nybras is IceDragonArt's problem, the shark is Stormlyght's pet, and Novica ended up with adorable Keiko 6. Thanks 3dcheapskate.

    August 12  4:30a    xmasrose NSF #5 Say Bye And Hi (force someone to give something up and chose what they take from the list)
    to nonesuch00.  She heard nonesuch00 had a fight with Sakura so she sent her packing, and the gentle dolphin is taking her place. 

    August 12 5:18am   Barbult refused to let someone stick her with Old Hagred. She stated, "I'll get you later RGcincy!" and sent the witch onto unsuspecting Wonderland. Wake up Alicia! You have until 11:18am Central Time to send that gal on her way.

    August 12  5:42am   Kismet2012   NSF #5  Say Bye And Hi (tells her what to give up, and what to take from the list.)  Thoughtful Kismet2012 allowed Novica's toilet to depart and Novica took the walker from Senior Walker Prop.  Novica is actually grateful and will see what she can do for Kismet2012.  EDIT: five minutes later, Novica realizes what a slick move that was. She and Kismet2012 are the only two who own that, so Novica is stuck with it. For now.

    August 12  5:51am   3dcheapskate NSF#4  You And You Swap  nonesuch00 took Medieval Castle Interior from LaPetiteVerita. LaPetiteVerita took Patio Dining from nonesuch00. 

    August 12  5:58a   kismet2012  NSF #6  I'll Take That, Thanks. Took the flashlight prop from Iray Ghost Light Kit 2 from LaPetiteVerita, had her replace it with Fluttery Wings(G3) (Dragonfly). Kismet2012 had to give up the Mistletoe Cookie from Christmas Cookies.

    August 12  6:48am   kismet2012  NSF #7  You're A Thief  to Saphirewild. She must steal that sweet lil Dolphin from nonesuch00 
    @saphirewild  You must now give up an item of the same type (Character) and pick a character from the MAIN LIST for nonesuch00
    Because you only have one character to give up RDNA Sluggians went to the main list and is now available for others to use.

    August 12  7:14am  Kismet2012 NSF #4  You And You Swap. xmasrose will swap the Diary (Open/Close) from Everyday Stationary with Barbult, who will swap out the Corkscrew from Wine Me. 

    August 12 8:00a    Kismet2012 NSF #5 Say Bye And Hi to Wonderland.  Bye went Monique 7 and she must say hello to the "adorable Benji Puppy HD" for Daz Dog 8.  "He's just so cute."  Keep an eye on Kismet2012- Wonderland is the ONLY one who owns that.  You know what that means- and so does Kismet2012. 

    August 12 8:10a   xmasrose NSF #5 to RGcincy  because a close friend told her FW Laverne HD is not happy with him anymore and Morpheus "is in need of a good friend, poor thing is so lonely.." So Bye Laverne and Hi Morpheus. 

    August 12  8:26   3dcheapskate  NSF #5  Say Bye And Hi to Novica.  Because Nybras departed Novica's company, he thwarted her plan of ending up with Keiko 6 and made her give Keiko up. She is now the proud owner of a Housefly.  

    GAME PAUSED so Novica could add all the currently owned in the main list as red items.

    August 12  10:19a   Stormlyght NSF #5  Say Bye and Hi to nonesuch00  who must give up Versatile Terrain and take Jacuzzi  Room. Oh, and she says she doesn't need a Moon Broom (you know, the move that got cancelled? She went after you anyway.)  

    August 12 10:32a   Kismet2012  NSF #4  You And You Swap.  Stormlyght will swap Winterblack Tower for dreamfarmer's DM's Cave of Secrets. 

    August 12  10:33a   RGcincy NSF #7 Novica. You're a Thief. Okay folks this IS how you do it. RGcincy tells Novica who to steal from, and what to steal. THAT IS IT for RGcincy.  She is stealing Mortuorum Sanctis (Coffin Lid) from 3dcheapskate.  This is NOT GOOD NEWS FOR 3dcheapskate. (Thanks RGcincy!) 

    Because NOW Novica takes the pesky coffin lid (a prop) but gets to give up a prop to the list because she has too many props. It's her choice, so she dumps the Senior Citizen Prop (Walker) and gets to decide what prop 3dcheapskate has to take from the list. RGcincy just put himself on 3dcheapskate's radar. Novica decides that  3dcheapskate is the proud owner of Jump Your Way (Full Gate 4) because he's so good at horsing around in this game.

    So note- the initiator of the NSF (RGcincy, decides who steals, (Novica)  who they steal from, (3dcheapskate)and what they steal. (the coffin lid.)  The person doing the stealing (Novica) decides what they have to give up to the list (same type item) (walker) AND what the person they stole from  (3dcheapskate)  has to take from the list (jumping gate) to replace the lost item. THIS IS A GREAT WAY TO GET NEW ITEMS INTO THE YES I OWN IT LIST. 


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    August 12  10:45a  dreamfarmer has arrived. NSF #6  I'll Take That. She takes from xmasrose, a character, Star 2.0 so now dreamfarmer must get rid of hers. (We only have 1 character, so there's no choice.  Had it been a prop or set, she would chose 1.) 
    So she took Star 2.0, dumped her character Tiami back out in the main list. Now poor xmasrose is without a character, and dreamfarmer gets to choose what to give her. Dreamfarmer is a very nice person as she chose Noodles the Toon Cat. 

    August 12: 10:59a  dreamfarmer NSF #5  Say Hi And Bye to Novica who gives up the Kelp (Aguja Undersea Environment) so she can get some Epic Wings for the Housefly.  So thoughtful. 

    August 12  11:05a  LaPetiteVerita  NSF #5, has now joined the fun.  Say Bye And Hi on Kismet2012  who gives up Collective3d Portrait Vignettes Old West and gets Velodome Track from the main list. 

    August 12  11:08a   Kismet2012 NSF #7 You're A Thief to IceDragonArt  who must steal Old West Bath House (a set)  from jakiblue. 
    Okay,  IceDragonArt (the person doing the stealing) decides what item they give up to the main list AND what the person they stole from  (jakiblue)  has to take from the list (a set)  to replace the lost item.

    IceDragonArt is not online, we think- so at 1:08 (two hours from now) I will assign someone to pick a set for jakiblue from the main list, and which set IceDragonArt must give up.

    August 12 11:15a   LaPetiteVerita NSF #7  You're A Thief to Novica who must steal an earring (Jeweled Excellence Earrings 2) from Wonderland.  (Novica thinks her fly will look just dandy with those btw.)  Novica now has too many props and (yes, keeps the coffin lid) and gets rid of the Horse Drawn Carriage (Daz Horse 2)   She gets to decide the prop for Wonderland and chooses Basketry.

    August 12  11:20a   xmasrose knew Wonderland hadn't come online to pass along Old Hagred, so she did it for her. 3dcheapskate is the new recipient and has exactly 6 hours which is 5:20p to give up the witch. 

    August 12  11:28a    RGcincy NSF #6  I'll Take That  (steal an item and decide what they take from the list, then because you have too many you must give the same type item up.)  He is of the opinion he can use Tangien Portico better than xmasrose but tries to soften the blow (after insulting her) by sending her Bar Interior 2018 to get drinks. Because RGcincy has too many sets, he has to give one up and away goes Parkside Head Interior.  "Too gloomy for my tastes." 

    August 12  11:38a   Stormlyght  NSF #7  You're A Thief   She tells Barbult to steal Morpheus from RGcincy. She's done.
    Now barbult has to get rid of her character, as she can only have one, so Yasuo for Lee 6 is moved to the main list.  She has until 3:30p to choose a character for RGcincy. 

    August 12  11:56  Stormlyght NSF #4  You And You Swap.  All RGcincy had to do was wait and that Porta Potty would be on its way. Yep, Stormlyght made Kismet2012 give up that Piercing Collection (Nose Piercing) and take the Porta Potty, and RGcincy can now figure out how to do a nose piercing.  

    August 12  12:08p  Stormlyght was asked to pick a character for nonesuch00 from 6:48am this morning. (We won't wait that long in the future, but since that was an early morning hour, we waited to wait a bit.)  She chose Warrior Maiden Tanwen.

    August 12  1:42p    Stormlyght #5 Say Hi And Bye to Wonderland, stating Benji the Puppy HD (Daz Dog 8) didn't want to play so off it goes to the main list and in return, Wonderland gets Botan HD (Gen8F) 

    August 12  1:46p   RGcincy was asked to pick a set for jakiblue and it was already taken. He wanted her to have a nice relaxing day in the water.  What a nice guy. He's trying again and I will come back and post it. He must also decide which ones of IceDragonArt's sets has to be given up.

    August 12  2:20p    Stormlyght did NSF #2 We're Swapping Says Me with LaPetiteVerita  Stormlyght gave her GIS Nova and LaPetiteVerita gave up Patio Dining to Stormlyght.  Talk about a switch! 

    August 12  2:23p    barbult picked the character for RGcincy and it's Vampire Bat by AM.  Great choice!  (Make sure you're on his RADAR RGcincy.) 

    August 12  2:53p     Stormlyght  NSF #6  I'll Take That, Thanks and swooped in on RW Letters and More (Letter Q) owned by Saphirewild.  She chose Daybed Romance for Saphirewild. Because she now has too many props, Stormlyght gave Z Deadly Weapon Gun (Silver Gun) back to the main list. 

    August 12  3:09p    barbult makes her presence known with a NSF #5 Say Bye and Hi to Stormlyght stating the letter Q doesn't suit her. RW Letters And More (Q) heads to the list and Multiletter System (X Standard Font) gets a new home with Stormlyght.

    Timeline paused, game play can continue but I will be offline about 8 hours. (11pm tonight, central time.) 

    Times were taken off due to forum going to "next day." Will do brief summaries. It's taking too long to link the posts and times, so will just be doing summaries without those. 

    Barbult NSF #7 You're A Thief to RCcincy who steals Janitor Gear (Prop Push Broom) from nonesuch00 

    Barbult NSF #4  You And You Swap for Novica and xmasrose. Novica gave up Mortuorum Sacris (Coffin Lid) and got The Werks Mega Prop Collection (Lollipop) from xmasrose.  Sweet deal! 

    Stormlyght NSF #6 I'll Take That, Thanks to Wonderland. She takes Cyber Wings and sends Symphonic Sounds/Poses (AMP) to the main list. Wonderland gets Fantastical Sprite Wings. 

    Kismet2012  NSF #4  You and You Swap   RGcincy swaps Tangien Portico and xmasrose swaps out Tree and Swing.

    Dreamfarmer NSF #6   I'll Take That, Thanks.  Done to Saphirewild.   She takes A Curious Hallway, sends Sci-Fi Cockpit to the main list as she'd have too many sets otherwise, and replaces the hallway she took with Disconsolation for Saphirewild.


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    Kismet2012 passed Old Hagred along on behalf of 3dcheapskate who is on a different schedule. The recipient is dreamfarmer. 

    IceDragonArt NSF #6  I'll Take That, Thanks to RCcincy. She took New Colony Props (Module 3e) and he gets Beer Props (Green Tablecloth)  She gave up the Kick Scooter

    Kismet 2012  NSF #2 We're Swapping Says Me  Sent LaPetiteVerita  Zoey for Victoria 5 and took FWSA Pepper. 

    IceDragonArt NSF #5  Say Bye And Hi  to 3dcheapskate  who gave up Technophilia Arcane Star Scope (Scope) and got Chainsaw.

    3dcheapskate NSF#2  We're Swapping Says Me  to Saphirewild and swaps Ace of Spades Jack (backpack) with Steam Bike Pro Pile of Luggage, a duplicate. Novica implements a new rule about duplicates so others won't have them. 3dcheapskate bailed out Saphirewild.

    RGcincy gets jakiblue a different set (from a previous post) and it's Northern Terrace Street.
    Since he had to steal, he gives up Piercing Collection (Nose Ring) and also designates nonesuch00 gets the Formula 1 Race Car.

    August 12  RGcincy NSF #5  Say Bye And Hi to Wonderland. She loses DM's Dark Shrine and gets Chinese Courtyard. Both are sets.

    August 12  Dreamfarmer says "Ack!" and sends Old Hagred to jakiblue. 

    August 13  NSF #8 Fetch It, Thanks!  is announced. It combines the Say Bye And Hi and We're Swapping Says Me. A player tells another one which item goes to the list, and which one replaces it. (NSF #5, Say Bye And Hi.)  THEN #2  We're Swapping Says Me kicks in where the player takes the item just fetched from the list. 

    August 13  Novica  NSF #5  Say Bye And Hi to barbult, who gives up the boring Vintage Boxing Accessories (Speed Bag) and takes Signs of Protest (Sign Left Hand)

    August 13  Novica NSF #5  Say Bye And Hi to dreamfarmer, who gives up that boring Star 2.0 and gets Troll Beast.

    August 13  Novica NSF #5  Say Bye And Hi to nonesuch00 who gives up Warrior Maiden Tanwen and gets Genesis Cupid. Awww!

    August 13 xmasrose NSF #2  to RGcincy We're Swapping Says Me   She dumps that coffin lid (man, it gets around) from Mortuorum Sacris onto RGcincy and takes his Janitor Gear (Push Broom.) 

    August 13  Novica demonstrates the NSF #8 new move. Fetch It, Thanks!  She makes sure someone owns Jeweled Excellence, that would be LaPetiteVerita among others. Always check the person owns what you are going to swap with them later. So Novica sends LaPetite Verita to pick up a prop that Novica also owns. LaPetiteVerita picks up Architect Office (Buddha) Upon returning, Novica says hand it over, and gets the Buddha,  giving LaPetiteVerita the Jeweled Excellence. It is simply a combination of Say Hi and Bye, then We're Swapping Says Me. You get to ensure what you want to swap is something YOU picked out!  (and it only counts as one NSF! 

    The new NSF#9 is also in play. You pick up an item for a person which they and another person both have, and send one to the main list. Then you have two players do a swap. This combines Bye And Hi with the You And You Swap. You make all the decisions.

    5:08am  xmasrose NSF #5 Say Bye And Hi  to Kismet2012   Collective3d Portraits Vignettes Old West 2 goes Bye and Bend of the River says Hi. Now Kismet2012 will spend more time outside. 

    5:21a   kismet2012 is off and running with the new NSF #8 Fetch It, Thanks!  xmasrose gave up Tangien Portico, then went to fetch Daz Barn and kismet2012 took it and gave her Velodome Track. 

    6:20a  3dcheapskate NSF #7 You're A Thief for barbult to steal School Lunch Props (Prop: Closed Lunch Bag)  from Kismet2012.  Now barbult must give up the same type item and tell Kismet2012 what item will replace the one given up. Barbult gave up the Laundry Day Mega Set and Kismet gets the Laser Toss Arcade

    7:19a  xmasrose NSF #7  You're A Thief to dreamfarmer who must steal Jump Your Way from 3dcheapskate (because she needs a gate to escape from the Troll.)  (Hmm, Novica was responsible for giving both those items...)  Now dreamfarmer must give up the same type item and tell 3dcheapskate what item will replace the one given up. She will give up Monster Skulls and 3dcheapskate gets Dystopian Console.

    7:23a  LaPetiteVerita  NSF #5 Novica  Say Bye And Hi   Novica FINALLY gets to tell the fly to buzz off, as "insects are never fun to deal with."  She gets Sakura 8. 

    7:35a  xmasrose NSF #5 to Barbult who gives up Everyday Stationary (Open/Closed Diary) and says Hi to Daz Water Pump /Grain Silo (Water Pump)  "Don't lose time writing when you should water the crops!" 

    7:37a LaPetiteVerita  NSF #2  We're Swapping Says Me on Wonderland     LaPetiteVerita wanted toget Basketry and give Wonderland the Public Indoor Pool (Lifesaver)  Move can't be made- Wonderland doesn't own the pool

    7:47a  LaPetiteVerita  NSF#9  She shows you how its done! This is going to require at least ONE of the two players to own the item in the other person's possession.  So here goes- Stormlyght HAS the Great White Shark in her possession. (IceDragonArt owns it too, but doesn't HAVE it obviously.)  Step 2 IceDragonArt's character is Nybras, this goes to the list because it isn't owned by both.  IceDragonArt brings back Feathered Dragon, because they both own it. IceDragonArt gives Stormlyght the Feathered Dragon, and Stormlyght gives IceDragonArt the Great White Shark. (which is WHY YOU MUST START OFF WITH ONE PRODUCT IN POSSESSION THAT BOTH PEOPLE OWN.) 

    Old Hagred has made her appearance, leaving dreamfarmer and visting Saphirewild.


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    10:55a IceDragonArt NSF #4   can't be done as both parties don't own the articles.

    11:10a dreamfarmer demonstrates NSF #9 Fetch Now You Two Swap. Novica gave up The Werks Mega Prop Pack (Lollipop) and brought back Thursdays Child Deaddy Bear, which was swapped with xmasrose's Wine Me (Corkscrew.) So xmasrose got the Thursdays Child Deaddy Bear and Novica  got the Wine Me (Corkscrew.) This was all possible because Novica had Wine Me. You MUST have an item ALREADY IN POSSESSION that both players own.

    11:14a   3dcheapskate NSF #2 We're Swapping Says Me with dreamfarmer who takes Summer Gazebo and gives A Curious Halway to 3dcheapskate.

    11:16a IceDragonArt NSF #8  Fetch It For Me, Thanks!  IceDragonArt sends Barbult to the list to grab Hood Huntress Collection for her, and barbult gives up School Lunch Props so she can do it. When the Hood Huntress Collection gets back, IceDragonArt takes it and gives barbult the Stellar Fury in her possession (because they both own it.) See how this works? (And it's just one person dictating it, my verbs are just to make it easy for you to visualize. Barbult never "does" anything.

    11:23a  Dreamfarmer NSF #1  I'll Swap With List  ONE TIME USE.  She swaps Troll Beast for HP Yuka (Aiko 8)

    11:23a  Dreamfarmer  NSF #5 Say Bye And Hi with IceDragonArt who says Bye to Aeridian Interstellar Throne Room and Hi to aMAZEing Journey Around The World.

    11:48a  RGcincy NSF #2 We're Swapping Says Me with Kismet2012 who gets the Tree and Swing (Set) while giving RGcincy the Daz Barn.

    12:05p  RGcincy NSF #8  Fetch It For Me, Thanks!  LaPetiteVerita gives up Crystal Vases (Twisty Vase) and goes and gets Medieval Hall and Garden (Prop-Barrel On Stand) which RGcincy takes and gives her Beer Drinking Props (Green Gingham Tablecloth) 

     12:08p barbult NSF #A2 We're Swapping Says Me  to RGcincy who gets The Alcove and she gets Daz Barn. 

    12:1p barbult NSF #2  We're Swapping Says Me  Kismet2012 is getting Shoot First Corner and barbult gets Tree and Scene

    12:44p  Old Hagred was passed along to someone who already had it. 

    1:14p Saphirewild  Need a bit of clarification. 
    Aug 13th afternoon:  IceDragonArt NSF#7 You're A Thief to nonesuch00 who takes  BBQ Grill Collection from Wonderland. Nonesuch now must give up an item and replace an item for Wonderland.  Wonderland is no longer in the competition (never got to start.) Nonesuch gave up Formula1 Race Car.

    barbult NSF #6 I'll Take That, Thanks to jakiblue.  Barbult takes the Lemonade Stand and gives up Stellar Fury, and jakiblue gets the Kick Scooter.

    nonesuch00   Can't do that move as the people don't have item in possession. (Wonderlands Old West 3, DM Dark Shrine move.) Barbult pointed it out.

    IceDragonArt NSF #4  You And You Swap  jakiblue swaps her Baby Packy for Novica's Sakura 8

    Kismet2012  NSF #9   Fetch Now You Two Swap   Both players 3dcheapskate and Novica own DM's Anardhaus. Novica gives up i13 Foxy Lounge and takes an item both players own, Crypta Sepultus.  3dcheapskate then is given Crypta Sepultus, Novica gets DM's Anardhaus from 3dcheapskate.

    Stormlyght sent Old Hagred on her way to IceDragonArt

    Stormlyght NSF #6  I'll Take That, Thanks   to jakiblue, taking Sakura 8, returning Feathered Dragon to the list, and giving jakiblue Aibell (G3)

    Stormlyght NSF #8  Fetch That, Thanks  and has Novica ditch her Wine Me Corkscrew so she can go fetch the SY Super Splash Pack Iray for her. She gives Novica the SY Rigged Waterfalls Iray that she had in her possession. 

    LaPetiteVerita  NSF #4 You And You Swap  xmasrose gets Tree and Swing, barbult gets Velodome Track.

    LaPetiteVerita NSF #8  Fetch That, Thanks and has RGcincy ditch the Mortuorum Sacris (Coffin Lid) (that thing really gets around) to go fetch the  Jacuzzi Deck (Deck Chair red cushion) for her.  RGcincy then gets LaPetiteVerita's Public Indoor Pool

    Barbult NSF #2   I'll Take That, Thanks   barbult takes the Abandoned Gas Station and gives Saphirewild the Velodome Track. (that also gets around alot)

    Stormlyght NSF #9 Fetch Now You Two Swap  Aw, poor Noodles The Toon Cat got sent back to the list by xmasrose who picks up She Freak V4 from the main list. xmasrose gives 3dcheapskate the She Freak V4 and 3dcheapskate gives Yasuo for Lee 6 to xmasrose.

    From the earlier moved (marked in red, previous post) nonesuch gives up the Formula 1 Race Car and has Wonderland take the Sakura Ultimate Tree

    nonesuch NSF #7 xmasrose  You're A Thief. She takes Daz Water Pump/Grain Silo (Water Pump prop) from barbult. Now xmasrose decides which prop she has to give up, and what prop barbult gets to replace the one taken.

    nonesuch NSF #6 I'll Take That, Thanks with jakiblue, taking her Northern Terrace Street, and sending his Medieval Castle Tower Interior to the list (otherwise he'd have too many sets.) Then he picks from the main list to replace the set he took, and gives jakiblue Picnic Area Exterior.


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    AUGUST 14

    nonesuch #5 Say Bye And Hi  He has Saphirewild say Bye to Disconsolation and Hi to Generic Sci Fi Corridor.

    nonesuch #1  I'll Swap With List   Moves his Northern Terrace Street to the list and takes Versatile Terrain.

    For nonesuch's #7 You're A Thief, (earlier post) xmasrose gave away Janitor Gear and to replace the prop she stole from barbult, barbult got Kick Scooter.

    nonesuch is given credit for NSF #5 sending Wonderland to the list (getting rid of Basketry) and taking Everyday Groceries. He did that before it was announced she wasn't in the game. (Never started, had mentioned beforehand she may not be able to play. At this point, it's too late to start.)  His earlier #4 at 3:14am is not valid (not posted here.) 

    3dcheapskate has got NSF #9 down pat. Stormlyght ditched SY Super Splash Iray Pack, fetched Jackson's Field (she and RGcincy both own it.) She gives Jackson's Field to RGcincy and RGcincy gives her Medieval Hal and Garden (Prop-Barrel on Stand.)  That item was owned by both and in ONE of their possession at the time.  That's really all you have to look for to start this rolling! 

    3dcheapsake has this down pat. NSF #9  Novica ditches Epic Wings and fetches Cyber D Model 1 (Prop) which she swaps with Stormlyght. She takes Stormlyght's Multiletter System (Prop X standard font) This all worked because both folks owned the letter system. See how easy this is? 

    The game has been extended to 10am Central time, Wednesday morning. It had to be paused for Novica to catch up as gameplay proceeded while she was offline. (Yep, have to sleep sometime!) Busy little beavers so there was a backlog. (Aka, everything from early morning hours, all of the activity above!) 

    Old Hagred has made her move and now she is with nonesuch00. Stormlyght realized IceDragonArt had been warned about her complexion turning green and warty if she dared pass her along, so brave Stormlyght is pitching in and moving her.  We'll have to keep track of Stormlyght's condition. 

    New twists for passing along Old Hagred! 

    nonesuch00 wasted no time in ditching the witch Old Hagred over to Kismet2012.  xmasrose is the only one left for round 1 and we'll give Kismet2012 the chance to do that. After six hours we'll start over again and she can be sent to anyone. Strategy comes into play here. 

    xmasrose NSF#6  I'll Take That, Thanks  xmasrose to Novica: xmasrose wants Baby Packy to play with her Deaddy Bear but graciously gives the horse owner DA Unicorn for Daz Horse 2 to replace her loss of Baby Packy. xmasrose ditches Yasuo for Lee 6 as she'd have too many characters.

    7:22a Well Kismet2012 is on the ball and Old Hagred scooted over to xmasrose. SHE CAN BE MOVED AT 11:22a

    7:57  kismet2012  NSF #9 Fetch Now You Two Swap   Novica and nonesuch00   Novica ditches the Architect Office (bye bye Buddha) and fetches Urban Warrior (Large Sword) and swaps that to nonesuch00. Nonesuch00 gives her the Geisha Prop Collection (4 Asian inspired fans)

    8:45a  kismet2012 and Novica discussed getting dreamfarmer more involved with changes, and Novica is kinda busy so kismet2012 to the rescue. 

    Kismet2012 NSF #4 You And You Swap  RGcincy and dreamfarmer    RGcincy gets a Summer Gazebo (to go with The Alcove) and dreamfarmer takes his Fantasy Tavern. 

    9:09a xmasrose isn't afraid to rat out LaPetiteVerita to Old HagredUh oh. (What'd she ever do to you?)  Old Hagred can be on the move at 1:09 if LaPetiteVerita doesn't move her by then. (Assuming she is ABLE to...) 

    9:42a xmasrose #8 Fetch It For Me, Thanks!  xmasrose gets IceDragonArt to give up Old West Bath House so she can fetch Disconsolation. Then IceDragonArt swaps Disconsolation to xmasrose and takes her Tree And Swing.

    10:02a  LaPetiteVerita seems to have no regrets about stealing the broom, but she hustles Old Hagred to barbult before the witch gets an angrier. Old Hagred can be on the move at 2:02p if barbult doesn't move her out! 

    10:15a  dreamfarmer NSF#5 Say Bye And Hi  3dcheapskate puts Steam Bike Pro (Pile of Luggage) back in the list and takes Regenerator (Prop) 

    10:21a  3dcheapskate NSF #5  RGcincy ditches Public Indoor Pool (Lifesaver) and gets Stellar Fury (Interstellar Killsat) 


    10:49a  RGcincy NSF#5 Say Bye And Hi  3dcheapskate gives up Chainsaw for Morphable Meershaum (Pipe) RGcincy says 3dcheapskate has been too busy doing NSFs and needs to take time for a relaxing smoke. (Translation: he's just trying to get 3dcheapskate preoccupied so he won't mess with him) 

    10:53a RGcincy NSF #5 IceDragonArt ditches Gothic Bedroom and gets Black Market Blades Silent Death (any blade) back again. We'll all have to do something about that (he offered to undo it but she said it was fine.)

    11:11a  dreamfarmer #5  Say Bye And Hi   RGcincy gives up the Vampire Bat and gets Kincaid

    11:21  RGcincy #5 Say Bye And Hi   He didn't realize dreamfarmer keeps getting the same character.   dreamfarmer got to replace Troll Beast with Charlotte 8

    11:27 IceDragonArt  #7 You're A Thief  RGcincy must steal BBQ Grill Collection (Grill) from nonesuch00 and designate a replacement prop for nonesuch. He must also decide which item he has to give up because now he has too many props.


    650 x 600 - 735K
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    11:35a  Saphirewild NSF #5  Say Bye And Hi  RGcincy gives up the Golf Course Props (Cart) and gets the Dream Home Great Room Accessories (Prop: Bench)

    11:53a  nonesuch NSF #8  Fetch It For Me, Thanks!  Barbult gave up Daz Barn to go get Disconsolation, swapped that to nonesuch and received Jacuzzi Room. 

    11:53a nonesuch NSF #8  Fetch It For Me, Thanks   Dreamfarmer takes Jackson's Field (Prop: Fingerpost Sign) from RGcincy.  Dreamfarmer must now decide what prop to give up, and what RGcincy takes. (I am reading through the posts to see if that was done before I put a stopplay on his props.) I'll get to it, not skipping posts.

    11:53a  nonesuch  NSF#4  You And You Swap  Stormlyght gives Patio Dining (Set) to LaPetiteVerita and takes her GIS Nova.

    11:53a  nonesuch  NSF#5  Say Bye And Hi  Novica gave up DM's Anardhaus and took Fancy A Game Of Chess.  

    11:55a  IceDragonArt  NSF#5  Say Bye And Hi  Saphirewild said bye to that swimmingly adorable Dolphin and took Belladonna for V4. 

    12:08  Dreamfarmer (from 11:53a Thief post, above) decides to give up Sweet Temptation and decides RGcincy teakes Steampunk Vent (Gears.) 

    12:10  IceDragonArt NSF #4 You And You Swap  Novica gives away Forgotten Tunnel Entrance to xmasrose who gives her Disconsolation. 

    Looking through all the RGcincy posts (got caught up) none involved the props so the second slot one (predetermined slot, I processed all the rest of the posts and made any changes before the stopplay on his props) was Stellar Fury and I removed it.  He has the Dream Home Great Room Accessories (Bench) Steampunk Vent (Gears) and BBQ Grill Collection (Grill) You can make moves with his props.

    Also, having gotten through the posts, I had to designate a prop for nonesuch00  He gets Scrappy the Robot. (not a living thing, so it's a prop.) Can't believe Scrappy has been ignored this entire game!

    12:19p Saphirewild NSF #4 You And You Swap  xmasrose sadly said goodbye to Thursdays Child Deaddy Bear and 3dcheapskate gave her Morphable Meershaum (Pipe) 

    12:38 Dreamfarmer and IceDragonArt NSF #3  We Agree To Swap  Dreamfarmer gives IceDragonArt Fantasy Tavern, and gets aMAZEing Journey Around the World.

    12:45p  Old Hagred tried to move out a bit too early, but the graphic is adorable.

    1:08  LaPetiteVerita NSF #6  She puts Zoey for Victoria 5 back in the main list, and takes RGcincy's Kincaid. She gives him Raelyn for Stephanie 4 from the list. 

    3:34p  Not showing RGcincy as having Regenerator in his possession at this time. We're looking into if it is my error :)
    4:05  Novica moved Old Hagred along to RCcincy, as did barbult. We REALLY wanted to get her to him! 

    4:27p Novica NSF #9  Fetch Now You Two Swap  LaPetiteVerita puts Industrial Storage Unit Interior back in the main list and retrieves Old Country Farmhouse. She swaps that to barbult and takes barbult's Abandoned Gas Station. LaPetiteVerita had been stuck with that storage unit since the game began, so Novica wanted her to get a variety.

    4:32p barbult NSF #2  We're Swapping Says Me   IceDragonArt takes Jacuzzi Room and barbult takes Tree And Swing.

    Game Paused, ran from 2am until 5:15pm so everyone had a chance to play. The players will take responsibility for moving Old Hagred along according to the new rules, and to double check each other if I am not back online at midnight. The game STARTS AT MIDNIGHT CENTRAL TIME (that's one hour BEFORE DAZ MIDNIGHT when the store turns over, if that helps.)  

    12:12am  August 15TH GAME ON!  NEW PROCEDURE- Players are to wait if the timeline is THREE POSTS behind.
    Old Hagred has gone to Stormlyght, Saphirewild, nonesuch, and 3dcheapskate. 

    12:03a Stormlyght NSF #6  I'll Take That, Thanks. Stormlyght takes Kismet2012's Iray Ghost Light 2, Kismet gets Iray Snow, Light, and Ash from the list. Stormlyght has too many things so Medieval Hall and Garden goes back to the list.

    12:23a  RGcincy NSF #1  ONE TIME USE  I'll Swap With List  RGcincy swaps out Raelyn for Stephanie 4 with Floyd 8

    1:12a  Novica NSF #5   xmasrose returns Vintage Luggage (Briefcase) to the list and takes Playtime (Hobby Horse)  xmasrose has had that luggage since the start of the game! 

    1:12a  LaPetiteVerita  NSF#8  Fetch It For Me, Thanks!  RGcincy ditched The Alcove and got Enchanted Ballroom from the list. He swapped that to LaPetiteVerita and took her Abandoned Gas Station.

    1:17a  dreamfarmer NSF #5 Say Bye And Hi  to Stormlyght  She puts GIS Nova in the main list and gets Mystical Cave for Stormlyght.

    1:28a  Novica NSF #5  Say Bye And Hi  nonesuch00  has had Fantasy Scythes since the beginning so that goes to the main list and he gets The Gardener's Potting Shed  Tools (Wheelbarrow.) Hint- a lot of people own that, which allows for more gameplay.

    1:34a  LaPetiteVerita NSF #5   dreamfarmer has had i13 Dreams of the Past (Centerpieces) since the start of the game so it is being replaced with Everyday Groceries (Toilet Paper) 

    2a     Novica NSF#5  Say Bye And Hi  3dcheapskate has had the She Freak for awhile, and the RDNA Sluggians are just waiting to enter the game. So She Freak gets sent to the list and the Sluggians are now keeping 3dcheapskate company.

    2:01a  LaPetiteVerita  NSF #4 You And You Swap  Stormlyght gets Disconsolation and Novica takes her DM's Cave of Secrets





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    edited August 2018

    2:46  3dcheapskate passed Old Hagred on to IceDragonArt with an offer she just can't...refuse. SHE CAN BE PASSED ON BY ANYONE ELSE AFTER 4:46a CENTRAL TIME

    2:52a  Novica NSF#9  Fetch Now You Two Swap  xmasrose and nonesuch.  nonesuch00 ditches Genesis Cupid back to the list and brings back Toon Alien. He then swaps Toon Alien with xmasrose so her Baby Packy goes to nonesuch00.  It's a good thing too, because Baby Packy really doesn't like to share the spotlight with anyone and nonesuch00 will pamper him.

    3:22a  Novica NSF #9  Fetch Now You Two Swap  dreamfarmer and Stormlyght   Stormlyght ditches Disconsolation back to the main list and picks up Sun Hall (which hasn't been in play yet.)  She then swaps Sun Hall with dreamfarmer who gives Stormlyght Winterblack Tower.

    3:54a  Novica NSF #9  Fetch Now You Two Swap  Stormlyght and dreamfarmer  Stormlyght ditches Cyber Wings back to the main list (she has two Cyber items and needs some variety.) She gets Poseable Peonies. Then Stormlyght swaps Poseable Peonies with dreamfarmer, who gives Stormlyght Jackson's  Field (Prop Fingerpost Sign) 

    4:30a  Novica  NSF #5  Say Bye And Hi  Say bye to Morpheus and hi to Muck. 

    4:53a Novica sent Old Hagred to Kismet2012 for 3dcheapskate (who was on the ball and posting same time.)

    5:12a   Kismet2012 wasn't have it. Er, HER. Old Hagred got sent to Novica. She can be on the move again at 7:12a Central.

    5:17a   Novica sent Old Hagred to dreamfarmer so she has her. Starting on round 3, everyone is now fair game. 

    5:15a  3dcheapsake NSF#8  Fetch It For Me, Thanks   IceDragonArt gets rid of Jacuzzi Room, and fetches Echoes of Andromeda. She swaps that over to 3dcheapskate, who gives her Cryptus Sepultus.

    5:18a  Kismet2012    NSF#1  I'll Swap With List    Kismet2012 swaps out Shoot First Corner with Cafe Luca.

    5:38a  Kismet2012  NSF#5  Say Bye And Hi Saphirewild gets rid of Steam Bike Pro (Pile of Luggage) and gets the The Firearm Pack (#2 Rifle)

    5:52a  Stormlyght NSF #6 I'll Take That, Thanks  Stormlyght sends Jackson's Field (Fingerpost Sign)  back to the main list. She takes dreamfarmers Poseable Peonies.  She then has Dreamfarmer pick up Props Pack: Fun In The Sun (Lounge Chair)  as dreamfarmer is short an item.

    6:03a  Stormlyght NSF#1  I'll Swap With List   She says goodbye to Winterblack Tower and takes The Void. The NSF#1 is a one time use.

    6:11a  3dcheapskate NSF#6  I'll Take That, Thanks  3dcheapskate gives up Dystopian Console and takes Playtime (HobbyHorse) from xmasrose. Then picks Inflatable Boat (Outboard Motor) so she can putter along.

    6:57a  Kismet2012  NSF#5 Say Bye And Hi  Novica says Bye to DM's Cave of Secrets and Hi to DA Palm Island.

    7:06  Stormlyght NSF #2  We're Swapping Says Me   with Novica. Novica gets cute Sakura 8 and the DA Unicorn for Daz Horse 2 canters over to Stormlyght's place to check out the stuff she currently has, like Mystical Cave and all the other goodies.

    7:06 xmasrose NSF #6 I'll Take That, Thanks  nonesuch gives Disconsolation to xmasrose and gets Northern Terrace Street from the list. xmasrose gives us Forgotten Tunnel Entrance (so she can have Disconsolation.) 

    7:33 Kismet2012 (by proxy, Novica) NSF #5 Say Bye And Hi to LaPetiteVerita who has boring Jeweled Excellence Earrings 2. I mean they're pretty, but in this contest pretty won't win. So RW Rafting Fun (Raft) is more likely to get noticed. Enjoy!

    7:46am Old Hagred was sent to xmasrose by Novica  She can be on the move starting in about 15 minutes EVERY HOUR. 

    8:07 Kismet2012 (by proxy, Novica)  NSF #5  Say Bye And Hi   Bye to Tree And Swing, because it goes too neatly with the country farmhouse. Hi to The Cage. 

    8:36a  xmasrose sent Old Hagred on her way to Saphirewild (that Supersonic Broom is awesome!)  At 9:36 anyone can send the witch on the way if Saphirewild hasn't.

    9:26a  Novica NSF#2   We're Swapping Says Me  with nonesuch00    Scrappy The Robot leaves nonesuch00 and he gets the Geisha Prop Collection (4 Asian Inspired Fans)  Those fans will keep Baby Packy nice and cool. 

    9:27a xmasrose  NSF #5  Kismet2012  Say Bye to FWSA Pepper and Hi to Abel for G3M

    9:39  Novica sent Old Hagred to IceDragonArt and rounding it to 9:40. She can move every 10 minutes.

    9:46a IceDragonArt NSF#2  Gave Kismet2012  Crypt Sepultus and wanted  Bend of the River  Does not work as both parties don't own both sets. 

    9:52a  IceDragonArt  NSF#5 Say Bye And Hi  LaPetiteVerita says Bye to the boring Beer Drinking Props (tablecloth) and take Blade Weapons (Rip Saw) 

    9:54a Novica becomes dreamfarmer's proxy but is straightening out IceDragonArt's dilemma.

    9:55a  Novica uses NSF#1 Swap With List and changes  SY Rigged Waterfalls to Grapesvines (Grapes) . 

    9:59a Novica  NSF#5  Novica knows IceDragonArt has had that Sharks by AM Great White Shark forever, so she switches it with Iray Alligator by AM 

    IceDragonArt having to wait on me to look something up, so I am honoring her last move because we had to chat back and forth. She would have easily posted two or three minutes earlier. The play ONLY involves her.

    10a  IceDragonArt NSF#1 Swap With List  Boned Wings for G3/8 Midnight Skeleton replaces the Black Market Blades Silent Death.

    She was so busy with that, Old Hagred ended up with IceDragonArt! It sat in her possession since 9:40am. 

    10a  Novica proxy-  Dreamfarmer's Jump Your Way (Full Gate04) is replaced by Laundry Day Mega Set (Empty Dryer) 

    CONTEST CLOSED AT 10am.  IceDragonArt got Old Hagred!!!!

    Characters A-M      Characters N-Z   

    Props A-D      Props E-J     Props K-P     Props R-S     Props T-Z  

    Sets A-E        Sets  F-R     Sets S-Z

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    Red Shows if an item is owned at the moment. Please check the Current Standings page to double check if this is current. There may be a lag. 

    Characters A- M
    Abel for Genesis 3 Male   (Character)                              barbult  kismet2012  Novica RGcincy   xmasrose
    Aibell (G3)       (Character)                                                 barbult  IceDragonArt    jakiblue    Novica  RGcincy  Stormlyght  xmasrose
    Aldo HD and Mustache (Gen8M)     (Character)               Novica   Wonderland

    Baby Packy   (Character)                                                   IceDragonArt  jakiblue  nonesuch00  Novica  RGcincy   xmasrose
    BD Aspen (V8)                                                                    Novica
    Belladonna for V4   (Character)       
    3dheapskate    IceDragonArt   Kismet2012     LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00   Saphirewild   xmasrose

    Benji the Puppy HD (Daz Dog 8)   (Character)                  Wonderland
    Botan HD (Gen8F)      (Character)                                      Novica   Stormlyght   Wonderland
    CC Lily (Gen8F)   (Character)                                              IceDragonArt      Novica
    Charlotte 8   (Character)                                                      barbult  dreamfarmer  Novica Stormlyght   Wonderland
    Coral for Callie 6    (Character)                                           nonesuch00   Novica
    DA Unicorn for DAZ Horse 2       (Character)                     IceDragonArt    kismet2012   Novica   Stormlyght
    Dolphin  (Character)                                           IceDragonArt  nonesuch00       Novica   Saphirewild   Stormlyght   xmasrose

    Eaven V4   (Character)
    IceDragonArt    dreamfarmer    Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00     Novica    Saphirewild    xmasrose

    Elliandra (Gen3/8) (Character)                           LaPetiteVerita     Novica   RGcincy
    Feathered Dragon   (Character)                         IceDragonArt    Stormlyght
    Floyd 8     (Character)                                         barbult     kismet2012     Novica   RGcincy   xmasrose

    FW Laverne (Monique 8)   (Character)              barbult   IceDragonArt    kismet2012    Novica    RGcincy    Stormlyght

    FWSA Pepper (Genevieve7) (Character) 
    barbult   IceDragonArt    Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   Novica   RGcincy  Stormlyght    xmasrose

    FWSA Tiami for Callie 6   (Character)                  dreamfarmer  nonesuch00  Novica   Stormlyght
    Gail for Genesis 8    (Character)                           Novica   Stormlyght

    Genesis Cupid        (Character)                             nonesuch00    Novica 
    Hell Princess HD (Gen8F)    (Character)               IceDragonArt
    Housefly by AM   (Character)                                Novica
    HP Yuka (Aiko 8)   (Character)                               dreamfarmer    Stormlyght
    Keiko 6   (Character)                                              dreamfarmer    Novica    Stormlyght   xmasrose
    Killer Bug From Outer Space   (Character)           IceDragonArt

    Kincaid (Gen8M)   (Character) 
    dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    LaPetiteVerita     Novica   RGcincy  Stormlyght

    Lil Mermaid for Callie 6  (Character)                      nonesuch00   Novica
    Little Ones (Asian Male) (G3M)     (Character)       barbult   nonesuch00    Novica
    Monique 7   (Character)                                           barbult  dreamfarmer  Novica RGcincy  Stormlyght   Wonderland   xmasrose
    Morpheus (Gen3M)    (Character)                           barbult  nonesuch00   Novica   RGcincy
    Muck for Genesis     (Character)                             barbult


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    Red Shows if an item is owned at the moment. Please check the Current Standings page to double check if this is current. There may be a lag. 

    Characters N- Z

    Noodle The Toon Cat   (Character)                                             Novica    xmasrose
    Nybras   (Character)                                                                   3dcheapskate    IceDragonArt    Novica

    Raelyn For Stephanie 4   (Character) 
    3dcheapskate    IceDragonArt   Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita    nonesuch00    Novica   RGcincy   Saphirewild   xmasrose

    Raptor-The Feathered Dragon  (Character)                                Stormlyght

    RDNA  Sluggians   (Character)       3dcheapskate  IceDragonArt  Kismet2012    nonesuch00   RGcincy   Saphirewild    xmasrose
    Rodrigo (Gen8M)     Character                                                         Wonderland
    Sakura 8    (Character)                                                             dreamfarmer  jakiblue nonesuch   Novica   Stormlyght
    Sharks by AM: Great White      (Character)                            IceDragonArt    Novica   Stormlyght
    Sharks by AM: Hammerhead    (Character)                                       Novica

    She Freak V4    (Character) 
    3dcheapskate   dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt    kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00    RGcincy   Saphirewild       xmasrose

    Star 2.0 (Genesis 3F)   (Character)                                                  dreamfarmer  jakiblue Novica      Stormlyght   xmasrose   
    Taric (Gen2M)    (Character)                                                            IceDragonArt    Kismet2012     Novica    RGcincy
    Tawhak    (Character)                                                                        3dcheapskate  IceDragonArt    Novica   RGcincy  xmasrose
    Teen Kaylee 8  (Character)                                                                IceDragonArt   Kismet2012    Novica
    Toon Alien    (Character)                                                                  jakiblue nonesuch00   Novica   xmasrose

    Toon Generations Two Essentials Gen3    (Character) 
    barbult     LaPetiteVerita      nonesuch00      Novica    RGcincy    Stormlyght     xmasrose

    Troll Beast (Gen8M)    (Character)                                                   dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt
    Vampire Bat by AM   (Character)                                                IceDragonArt    Novica   RGcincy   Stormlyght
    Warrior Maiden Tanwen   (Character)   3dcheapskate    barbult    kismet2012     LaPetiteVerita     nonesuch00      Novica     xmasrose
    Woolly Mammouth by AM     (Character)                                    IceDragonArt    Novica   RGcincy

    Yasuo for Lee 6     
    3dcheapskate     Barbult    dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt      jakiblue      kismet2012       LaPetiteVerita       nonesuch00 
    Novica   RGcincy    Saphirewild     Stormlyght     xmasrose

    Zoey for Victoria 5  (Character) 
    3dcheapskate    barbult    IceDragonArt     Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita    nonesuch00     Novica     xmasrose


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    Red Shows if an item is owned at the moment. Please check the Current Standings page to double check if this is current. There may be a lag. 

    50's Fabulous Morphing Chair (Prop) 
    barbult  dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt  Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita  nonesuch00  Novica  xmasrose

    Ace of Spades Jack   (Prop- Backpack)
    3dcheapskate   barbult    IceDragonArt   Kismet2012    nonesuch00    Novica   RGcincy  Saphirewild   xmasrose

    Aguja Undersea Environment  (Prop: Kelp)                        dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt    Novica     Stormlyght
    Anime Girl Accessories (G2F)  (Prop-Coin Purse)              dreamfarmer   Novica  Stormlyght   xmasrose
    Architect Office (Prop- Buddha)                                            LaPetiteVerita     Novica
    Aslan Statues   (Prop: the Gargoyle)                                     IceDragonArt   jakiblue   Novica  Stormlyght
    Backwoods Shooting Range (Gen3/8)    (Prop: Hay Bale)              barbult    Novica
    Basketry   (Prop: Birdcage)  barbult   dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    kismet2012     LaPetiteVerita    nonesuch00     Novica                     RGcincy   Saphirewild   Stormlyght    Wonderland    xmasrose

    BBQ Grill Collection  (Prop: Grill)                                             barbult  nonesuch00   Novica  RGcincy  Wonderland
    Beer Drinking Props  (Prop: Green Gingham Tablecloth)      LaPetiteVerita  Novica   RGcincy  Stormlyght
    Black Market Blades Silent Death  (Prop: Any Blade)            IceDragonArt
    Blade Weapons (Prop- Rip Saw)                                               barbult   Kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita   RGcincy  Stormlyght
    Blade Weapons 3 (Genesis 3 and 8)   (Prop-Axe) 
    barbult    dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00  RGcincy  xmasrose

    Boned Wings for G3/8  Midnight Skeleton (Prop-Wings)        IceDragonArt   kismet2012 
    Breakfast in Bed    (Prop- VB Bowl of Cereal)                          Barbult    Novica  RGcincy   xmasrose
    Building Site   (Prop- Shovel)                                                     LaPetiteVerita    Novica   RGcincy
    By the Seaside Promenade And Props (Prop- Deck Chair)     barbult   dreamfarmer  Novica   RGcincy  Stormlyght
    CC Angelic Accoutrements  (Prop-Rune Halo)                        dreamfarmer    Kismet2012   Stormlyght

    Chainsaw   (Prop-Chainsaw)                                                       3dcheapskate  barbult   Novica  xmasrose
    Chateau Chic Furniture  (Prop- Clock)                                        dreamfarmer  Novica   Wonderland   xmasrose
    Christmas Cookies  (Prop: Mistletoe Cookie)   
    barbult    dreamfarmer     IceDragonArt     Kismet2012    nonesuch00   Novica  xmasrose

    Couch Potato Props (Prop:Crisps Floor) 
    barbult   dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt  Kismet2012     LaPetiteVerita    nonesuch00  Novica  RGcincy   Stormlyght   xmasrose

    Cryo Chambers      (Prop- The Chamber)                                      IceDragonArt   Novica

    Crystal Vases (Prop: Twisty Vase) 
    barbult    dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt   Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita    nonesuch00    Novica    RGcincy    xmasrose

    Crystals Volume 1   (Prop-Large Blue Quartz)                                 dreamfarmer    Kismet2012     Stormlyght
    Cyber D Model 1    (Prop- Not Living)                                                Novica    Stormlyght
    Cyber Wings  (Prop: Wings)                                                              Novica  Stormlyght   Wonderland

    Daybed Romance    (Prop-Full Bed)  
    barbult   dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt      Kismet2012    Novica     RGcincy  Saphirewild   Stormlyght    xmasrose

    DAZ Water Pump/Grain Silo     (Prop- Water Pump)             barbult   Kismet2012  nonesuch00    Novica   RGcincy  xmasrose
    dForce Dragon Wraith Skeleton/ Accessories (Prop-Dragon)        IceDragonArt  Kismet2012   Stormlyght
    Drafting Tools    (Prop- T Square)                             barbult  IceDragonArt  Kismet2012  nonesuch00   Novica RGcincy xmasrose

    Dream Home: Great Room Accessories (Prop: Bench)  
    3dcheapskate    dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt  Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita    Novica    RGcincy    xmasrose

    Dream Home Great Room Breakfast Nook  (Prop: Chair W Arms)  
    3dcheapskate    barbult   dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita    nonesuch00   Novica      RGcincy    Saphirewild      xmasrose

    Dystopian Console Station  (Prop-the Station) 
    3dcheapskate   barbult    dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt    kismet2012   nonesuch00     Novica   RGcincy  Saphirewild   xmasrose

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    Red Shows if an item is owned at the moment. Please check the Current Standings page to double check if this is current. There may be a lag. 

    PROPS E- J

    Epic Wings  (Prop- Wings) 
     barbult    dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    kismet2012     nonesuch00    Novica    Stormlyght     xmasrose

    Everyday Groceries  (Prop- Toilet Paper)                          barbult  dreamfarmer   kismet2012   Novica   RGcincy  Wonderland 
    Everyday Stationary      (Prop: diary open/closed)           barbult    xmasrose   Novica

    Fairy Wishing Well   (Prop-Wishing Well)    
    barbult   dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt        LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00   Novica  RGcincy

    Fantastical Sprite Wings (Gen8M/F)   (Prop)           dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt  kismet2012   Novica   Stormlyght  Wonderland
    Fantasy Scythes   (Prop: Classic Farmer's Scythe)            nonesuch00
    Fantasy Warship    (Prop- The Warship)                               IceDragonArt   Novica
    Feathered Wings For All  (Prop-Wings)                                dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt  kismet2012  Novica  Stormlyght   xmasrose
    Fitness Pole Dance Poses/Prop Gen2F (Prop-Pole)            LaPetiteVerita    Novica
    Fluttery Wings (Gen2F)  (Prop-Dragonfly)                     IceDragonArt   Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00   Novica  Stormlyght 
    Formula 1 Race Car  (Prop- Car)                           dreamfarmer      IceDragonArt   Kismet2012   nonesuch00       Novica    Saphirewild
    Gladiator Weapons (Gen8F)   (Prop-#1 Shield)   
     IceDragonArt     kismet2012     LaPetiteVerita     nonesuch00     Novica    Saphirewild    xmasrose

    Grapevines    (Prop- Grapes 2)                                               Novica    xmasrose
    Geisha Prop Collection  (Prop: 4 Asian Inspired Fans)         jakiblue   nonesuch00      Novica    xmasrose
    Golf Course Props  (Prop: Golf Cart)                                      Novica   RGcincy
    Gothic Bedroom    (Prop: The Bed)                                         IceDragonArt    Novica

    Halloween Jack O Lanterns  (Prop-J.O.Lantern #1)                    dreamfarmer   Novica   

    Hood Huntress Collection (Gen3F) (Prop-Bow & Arrow)        
    barbult    dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita    Novica    RGcincy    Stormlyght     xmasrose

    Horse Drawn Carriage for Daz Horse 2     (Prop: Carriage)          Novica
    Haunted Toys  (Prop: Scareybear)                                                  jakiblue  kismet2012   Novica
    Hybrid Trees Collection  (Prop-Tree 7m 139K polys trunk)          dreamfarmer    Novica   xmasrose
    Iray Alligator by AM   (Character)                                                    IceDragonArt  Novica
    i13 Dreams of the Past       (Prop: Centerpieces)                        dreamfarmer   Novica   RGcincy
    Industrial Storage  (Prop: Gas Cylinder)                                     dreamfarmer   Novica   RGcincy   xmasrose
    Inflatable Boat  (Prop: Outboard Motor)                                     barbult   Novica     xmasrose
    Iray Ghost Light 2  (Prop: Flashlight)                      dreamfarmer     IceDragonArt     Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita  RGcincy Stormlyght

    Iray Snow, Ice and Ash    (Prop-Snow Rock)  
    barbult     dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt     Kismet2012     LaPetiteVerita    nonesuch00    Novica   RGcincy   Stormlyght   xmasrose

    Jackson's Field  (Prop: FIngerpost Sign)           
    dreamfarmer     IceDragonArt      LaPetiteVerita     Novica  RGcincy  Stormlyght    xmasrose

    Jacuzzi Deck   (Prop: Deck Chair 1 Red Cushion)  
    barbult   dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt  Kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00    Novica  RGcincy 

    Janitor Gear      (Prop: Push Broom)                                               barbult     nonesuch00    Novica   RGcincy   xmasrose
    Jeweled Excellence Earrings 2 (G2/3/8F)  (Prop: Earring)             LaPetiteVerita    Novica   Wonderland     Stormlyght

    Jump Your Way   (Prop-Full Gate #4)     
    3dcheapskate   barbult   dreamfarmer  Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   Novica   RGcincy   Stormlyght   xmasrose


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    Red Shows if an item is owned at the moment. Please check the Current Standings page to double check if this is current. There may be a lag. 

    Props K - P

    Kick Scooter      (Prop: The Scooter)
    barbult   dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt   jakiblue  kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita     nonesuch00   Novica    RGcincy   xmasrose

    Lemonade Stand (Prop: Lemonade Stand)                                    barbult   jakiblue  kismet2012   Novica  RGcincy  xmasrose
    Laser Toss Arcade Game  (Prop)                                                    IceDragonArt    Kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita  Novica  xmasrose
    Laundry Day Mega Set  (Prop: Empty Dryer)                                  barbult   dreamfarmer    kismet2012    Novica    RGcincy
    Magma-960 Quad Missle Launcher (Prop-Launcher)           IceDragonArt       Kismet2012     LaPetiteVerita   Novica  RGcincy
    Make A Wish Props (Prop: Scepter)                   barbult   IceDragonArt   kismet2012   nonesuch00   Novica  Saphirewild  Stormlyght

    Medieval Hall and Garden  (Prop-Barrel on Stand)    
    dreamfarmer       IceDragonArt     LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00    Novica    RGcincy  Stormlyght      xmasrose

    Midnight Skeleton     (Prop)                                                         IceDragonArt     kismet2012

    Moon Broom     (Prop: Broom) 
    barbult   dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt   kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00 RGcincy    Saphirewild    xmasrose

    Monster Skulls HD  (Prop: Cyclops Skull)  
    barbult    dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    jakiblue   kismet2012     nonesuch00     Novica    xmasrose

    Morphable Meershaum  (Prop-Pipe) 
    3dcheapskate    barbult      dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita     nonesuch00    Novica     RGcincy 
    Saphirewild     xmasrose

    Mortuorum Sacris   (Prop: Coffin Lid)
    3dcheapskate   barbult   IceDragonArt    jakiblue    kismet2012    Novica     RGcincy   Stormlyght   xmasrose

    Muelsfell Elven Monolith Modular Set (Prop: Monolith)                 RGcincy    Wonderland
    Multiletter System (Prop- Letter X Stand.Font)                                Novica    Stormlyght
    New Colony Props (Prop: Module 3e)                                              dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt   Novica  RGcincy
    Nocturnal Fae Wings (GenM/F)  (Prop:Wings)                                 IceDragonArt  
    Pest Control Props     (Prop- Mouse Trap Brass Old)                       Novica
    Piercing Collection (Gen8F)  (Prop-Nose Piercing)                         Kismet2012    RGcincy          

    Pillows   (Prop-Pillow) 
    3dcheapskate    barbult    IceDragonArt   Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00   Novica  RGcincy  Saphirewild   xmasrose

    Playtime  (Prop-Hobby Horse) 
    3dcheapskate   barbult   dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt  Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00     Novica  RGcincy    xmasrose

    Porta Potty   (Prop)                                                                   barbult  kismet2012  Novica  RGcincy

    Poseable Peonies  (Prop: Bush Double 2)                                         dreamfarmer     Novica  Stormlyght
    Primordial Barbarian Clothing   (Prop-hand and feet wraps)            nonesuch00    Novica

    Props Pack: Fun In The Sun   (Prop: Lounge Chair)
    3dcheapskate    dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt   kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00  Novica    RGcincy  Saphirewild      xmasrose

    Props Pack Morphing Grassy Outcropping   (Prop) 
    3dcheapskate  dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt   Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00    Novica  RGcincy  Saphirewild   xmasrose

    Public Toilet   (Prop: Diaper Changing Station)                                 Kismet2012
    Public Indoor Pool   (Prop: Lifesaver)                                                dreamfarmer  LaPetiteVerita    Novica   RGcincy

    Public Pool  (Prop: Lifesaver)                                                             LaPetiteVerita    Novica 


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    Props R- S 
    There are no "O" props.

    Regenerator    (Prop- Regenerator)                                                  3dcheapskate   barbult   IceDragonArt   Novica
    RW Butterfly WIngs (Gen3F)   (Prop)                               dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt   Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   Novica  RGcincy

    RW Ivy Swing   (Prop #3 Swing)
     3dcheapskate   barbult   IceDragonArt    Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00    Novica    RGcincy    Saphirewild  
    Stormlyght   xmasrose  
    RW Letters And More     (Prop- Letter Q) 
    barbult   dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt  Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita    nonesuch00  Novica  RGcincy  Saphirewild  Stormlyght   xmasrose

    RW Rafting Fun  (Prop-Raft)
    barbult   dreamfarmer     IceDragonArt      Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00    Novica    RGcincy    Stormlyght     xmasrose

    Sakura Ultimate Tree   (Prop- Tree)                                                    Wonderland

    School Craft Supplies   (Prop- Paints/New Brush)   
    barbult    dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt   Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00     Novica   RGcincy    Stormlyght

    School Lunch Props (Prop: Closed Lunch Bag)   
    barbult   dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita     nonesuch00     Novica    xmasrose

    Sci-fi Antenna   (Prop-Antenna)                                                          dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt     Novica
    Sci Fi Hand Gadgets 2 (Gen2,3,8F)   (Prop-Regenerator)      dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    Novica   RGcincy   Stormlyght
    Scrappy The Robot   (Prop)                                                                  Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00   Novica
    Senior Citizen Props  (Prop-Walker)                                                    Kismet2012   Novica
    Signs of Protest    (Prop- Protest Sign Left Hand)                              barbult   Novica   RGcincy
    Slide3D Graces of the RIng Prop/Poses G3/G8 (Prop-Ring)              LaPetiteVerita   

    Spinning Wheel  (Prop-Spinning Wheel)    
    dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    Kismet2012   nonesuch00       Novica    RGcincy    xmasrose

    Stargazer Props  (Prop-Telescope)   
    barbult   barbult  LaPetiteVerita   dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt    Kismet2012    nonesuch00   Novica   RGcincy   Stormlyght   xmasrose

    Steam Bike Pro   (Prop: Stack of Luggage)  
    3dcheapskate   barbult   dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt    jakiblue  kismet2012   nonesuch00  Novica   RGcincy  Saphirewild   xmasrose

    SteamPunk Vents    (Prop- Gears)                                                     dreamfarmer    Novica    RGcincy

    Stellar Fury  (Prop- Interstellar Killsat)  
    3dcheapskate    barbult     IceDragonArt    Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita    nonesuch00   RGcincy  xmasrose

    Summer Tree House Deluxe (Prop-WIndchime)                                LaPetiteVerita   Novica
    Sweet Temptation  (Prop: Cake 1 W/Sauce)                                       dreamfarmer   Novica  RGcincy xmasrose
    Symphonic Sound Poses/Props G3F (Prop: Amp)                             Novica  Stormlyght
    SY Rigged Waterfalls Iray  (Prop: Waterfall)                                        barbult     Novica   Stormlyght

    SY Super Splash Pack Iray  (Prop-Ultra Splash)                                dreamfarmer     Kismet2012   La PetiteVerita   Novica  Stormlyght  



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    Props T- Z

    Table Tennis     (Prop- Bleachers)                                   barbult   Kismet2012  nonesuch00    Novica  RGcincy  Stormlyght   xmasrose

    Technophila Arcane: Star Scope   (Prop: Scope) 
    3dcheapskate   barbult    dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt     kismet2012   nonesuch00    Novica    xmasrose

    Tele-phony  (Prop-Rotary Dial Phone)                                          kismet2012   Novica   RGcincy  xmasrose

    The Gardeners Potting Shed Tools (Prop: Wheelbarrow) 
    barbult   dreamfarmer     IceDragonArt     Kismet2012   nonesuch00   Novica    RGcincy    xmasrose

    The Firearm Pack  (Prop #2 Rifle) 
    3dcheapskate    barbult    IceDragonArt    Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita     nonesuch00     Novica  RGcincy    Saphirewild   
    Stormlyght      xmasrose

    The Werks Mega Prop Pack  (Prop: Big Lollipop)                    xmasrose   Novica 

    Thursdays Child- Deaddy Bear   (Prop-Bear)                           3dcheapskate   Novica   xmasrose

    Urban Warrior   (Prop- Large Sword)  
    3dcheapskate     barbult     kismet2012    nonesuch00    Novica     RGcincy    Stormlyght     xmasrose

    Vapor Pens and Hookah   (Prop-Hookah/Pens)                      barbult   IceDragonArt     kismet2012    Novica   RGcincy    xmasrose

    Vintage Boxing Accessories   (Prop- Jump Rope OR Speed Bag)                 barbult     nonesuch00   Novica   xmasrose

    Vintage Hotdog Cart     (Prop-Hotdog Cart) 
    barbult   dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita      nonesuch00    Novica    xmasrose

    Vintage Luggage  (Prop: Briefcase)               barbult   IceDragonArt  jakiblue  kismet2012  Novica   RGcincy   Stormlyght    xmasrose

    Vintage Tech     (Prop- Vintage Voltmeter)                                        barbult
    Wave Breakers (Gen3M)  (Prop-Surfboard)                                                       Novica   Stormlyght
    Wine Me   (Prop: Corkscrew)                                                                              Barbult  kismet2012    Novica RGcincy  xmasrose

    Z Deadly Weapon Gun/Poses (G8/V8)   (Prop: Silver Gun)                              Stormlyght
    Z Skaters Props/Poses (Gen8 M/F)    (Prop- SK Skateboard)                           barbult    Novica

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    Sets A-E

    A Curious Hallway     (Set)  
    3dcheapskate  barbult  dreamfarmer IceDragonArt  Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita  Novica  RGcincy  Saphirewild  Stormlyght Xmasrose

    Abandoned Gas Station   (Set) 
    barbult   IceDragonArt   Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00   Novica    RGcincy    Saphirewild   xmasrose

    Aeridian Interstellar Throne Room  (Set)                             IceDragonArt
    aMAZEing Journey Around The World   (Set)                      dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt
    Arches of the Past      (Set)                                                      IceDragonArt
    Asian River              (Set)                                                          IceDragonArt   Novica  RGcincy
    Bar Interior 2018     (Set)                                                          dreamfarmer      LaPetiteVerita    nonesuch00    Novica    xmasrose
    Bend of the River    (Set)                                                          Kismet2012    Novica   Stormlyght
    Bradbury Suspended Rail System  (Set)                                dreamfarmer   Novica
    Brianas Temple    (Set)                                                              3dcheapskate  IceDragonArt       Novica   Saphirewild  xmasrose
    Cafe Luca   (Set)                           
     barbult    dreamfarmer    Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita     Novica   RGcincy    Stormlyght       xmasrose

    Chinese Courtyard   (Set)                                                        IceDragonArt
       Novica    Wonderland
    Collective 3d Portraits Vignettes Old West 2  (Set)     dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt    kismet2012   nonesuch00  Saphirewild  xmasrose

    Collective 3d Portrait Vignettes Old West 3   (Set)  
     dreamfarmer    Kismet2012   nonesuch00     Novica  RGcincy  Saphirewild   Wonderland

    Collective 3d Portrait Vignettes Old West 5   (Set) 
    dreamfarmer     IceDragonArt    Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita     nonesuch00    Novica     xmasrose

    Containment Zone     (Set)                                    barbult   dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt    kismet2012    Novica    Stormlyght   xmasrose
    Crypta Sepultus    (Set) 
    3dcheapskate    barbult     dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt    kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita  nonesuch00   Novica   Saphirewild   Stormlyght

    Crystal Dragon Lair   (Set)                                                               Stormlyght
    DA Palm Island    (Set)                                                                       IceDragonArt   Novica  RGcincy   xmasrose

    Dark Basement    (Set)                                                                     dreamfarmer   Novicaa
    DAZ Barn   (Set)                                                            barbult    kismet2012   nonesuch00   Novica   RGcincy   Stormlyght    xmasrose

    Disconsolation        (Set) 
    3dcheapskate    barbult    dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt     kismet2012     LaPetiteVerita     nonesuch00   Novica     RGcincy  Saphirewild  Stormlyght  xmasrose

    DM's Anardhaus (Set)  
    3dcheapskate    Barbult   dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    jakiblue   kismet2012    nonesuch00  Novica  RGcincy xmasrose

    DM's Cave of Secrets      (Set)                             dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt  kismet2012    Novica  Stormlyght
    DMs Dark Shrine    (Set)                                      3dcheapskate  kismet2012    Novica   RGcincy  Wonderland    xmasrose

    DM's Memorial   (Set)     
    3dcheapskate   barbult   dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt   kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita    nonesuch00    Novica    RGcincy 
    aphirewild  Stormlyght    xmasrose

    DM's Serenity Court   (Set)                                  IceDragonArt  LaPetiteVerita   Novica    Stormlyght

    Dream Home Yard and Pool   (Set) 
    3dcheapskate     barbult    dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt    kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00    Novica   RGcincy  Saphirewild  xmasrose

    Dungeon Hall    (Set)                                                       IceDragonArt   Novica
    EArkham's ZWorld Highway Culverts    (Set)               IceDragonArt   Novica      RGcincy
    Echoes of Andromeda    (Set)                                        3dcheapskate  IceDragonArt    Novica    xmasrose
    Enchanted Ballroom  (Set)                                              barbult  LaPetiteVerita   Novica   RGcincy  Stormlyght

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    Red Shows if an item is owned at the moment. Please check the Current Standings page to double check if this is current. There may be a lag. 

    Sets F- R
    Note, there are NO "H" sets. It's not a mistake.

    Fancy A Game Of Chess  (Set)                                        Novica
    Fantasy Tavern   (Set)                                                      dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    Novica   RGcincy
    Fantasy War Room   (Set)                                               IceDragonArt    Kismet2012  LaPetite Verita    Novica   Stormlyght   xmasrose

    Forgotten Tunnel Entrance  (Set)                                   IceDragonArt  jakiblue    Novica    xmasrose

    Garden Escape Bridge     (Set) 
    3dcheapskate  barbult    dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00   Novica    RGcincy    Saphirewild  Stormlyght   xmasrose

    Generic Sci Fi Corridor   (Set)  
    3dcheapskate      barbult     dreamfarmer     IceDragonArt      Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita     nonesuch00   Novica    RGcincy  Saphirewild   xmasrose

    GIS Nova  (Set)  
    3dcheapskate    barbult     dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch    Novica   RGcincy  Saphirewild   Stormlyght

    i13 Foxy Lounge (Set)                                                                Novica

    Industrial Storage Unit Interior (Set)                                          LaPetiteVerita   Novica

    Jacuzzi Room   (Set) 
    barbult   dreamfarmer     IceDragonArt    jakiblue    Kismet2012    nonesuch00   Novica      RGcincy   Saphirewild     xmasrose

    Medieval Castle Tower Interior  (Set)      
    barbult    dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt     Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita     nonesuch00    RGcincy   xmasrose

    Mort Augur   (Set)            barbult    IceDragonArt   Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00     Novica   Saphirewild  Stormlyght
    Mystical Cave   (Set)                                                                    RGcincy  Stormlyght

    Northern Terrace Street  (Set)                         dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    jakiblue   nonesuch00   Novica   RGcincy   xmasrose

    Old Country Farmhouse    (Set) 
    barbult    dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita    nonesuch00   Novica    RGcincy   Stormlyght

    Old West Bath House  (Set)  
    barbult     dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    jakiblue    kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00   Novica    RGcincy Saphirewild   

    Parkside Head Interior   (Set)                                                  barbult    dreamfarmer    nonesuch  Novica    RGcincy   

    Patio Dining (Set) 
     barbult     dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt   jakiblue    kismet2012     LaPetiteVerita    nonesuch00    Novica    RGcincy   Stormlyght

    Picnic Area Exterior  (Set)         barbult  dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt    jakiblue   Kismet2012  nonesuch00     Novica    xmasrose   
    Planet Glise      (Set)                                                           IceDragonArt     Novica
    Planet Selena   (Set)                                                           Wonderland

    Reading Corner    (Set) 
    barbult     dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt   Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita    nonesuch00   RGcincy   Stormlyght     xmasrose

    Romantic Pool   (Set)                                                                    dreamfarmer LaPetiteVerita   Novica   Wonderland 

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    Red Shows if an item is owned at the moment. Please check the Current Standings page to double check if this is current. There may be a lag. 

    Sets S-Z

    Sci-Fi Cockpit Interior   (Set)                                                dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt  Novica   RGcincy  Stormlyght
    Sci-Fi Spaceship Bedroom  (Set)                                                        Novica  Wonderland
    Shoot First Corner  (Set)                    Barbult  dreamfarmer    jakiblue  kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita    Novica   RGcincy  xmasrose

    Shroom Castle   (Set)                                                                        IceDragonArt    Novica  
    Spooky Plots     (Set)                                                                        3dcheapskate  barbult    Novica  RGcincy 

    Summer Gazebo   (Set)  
    3dcheapskate   barbult   dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt   jakiblue    kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00     Novica   RGcincy  xmasrose 

    Sun Hall   (Set)                                                                                     dreamfarmer     Kismet2012     Novica    Stormlyght
    Tangien Portico    (Set)                                                                        jakiblue   Novica   RGcincy   xmasrose   

    The Alcove  (Set) 
    3dcheapskate   barbult   IceDragonArt    kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita    nonesuch00    Novica  RGcincy  Saphirewild  Stormlyght   xmasrose

    The Backyard   (Set) 
    barbult   IceDragonArt    kismet2012     nonesuch00     Novica    RGcincy    Saphirewild      xmasrose

    The Cage  (Set)     
    barbult    dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita     nonesuch00    RGcincy     xmasrose

    The Ministry   (Set)                                                                               jakiblue   Novica
    The Daily Routine Office  (Set)                                                            Novica   RGcincy

    The Void     (Set)                                                                                   dreamfarmer   Kismet2012  Novica   Stormlyght

    Tree and Swing   (Set) 
    barbult    IceDragonArt    Kismet2012   nonesuch    Novica    RGcincy   Stormlyght     xmasrose

    Trinity Atrium  (Set) 
    3dcheapskate   barbult    dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita   Novica   RGcincy   Stormlyght    xmasrose

    Velodome Track   (Set) 
    barbult    IceDragonArt   kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita     nonesuch00    Novica    RGcincy    Saphirewild       xmasrose

    Versatile Terrain  (Set)                                                               jakiblue   nonesuch00    RGcincy

    Victorian Parlor   (Set)                                                               dreamfarmer  LaPetiteVerita      Novica  RGcincy   Wonderland
    Victorian Street Front    (Set)                                                     barbult   kismet2012     nonesuch00   Novica RGcincy  xmasrose
    Winterblack Tower   (Set)                                                           barbult  dreamfarmer  Novica  RGcincy   Stormlyght




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    Reserved  in case timeline needs more room and everything has to be moved down

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    Let the game begin!  (Starts at 10:45, I am demonstrating to everyone how this works.)
    Note in the Timeline, I will post who got Old Hagrad. (I posted her at 500 px high) 

    Oh RGcincy, someone wants to give you some love. You have 6 hours to pass her along, time is 10:45 p Central so 4:45am any game player can pounce and decide where she goes. First post AFTER 4:45am gets to decide.

    Hagred RGcincy.png
    650 x 600 - 723K
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    Person:  Kismet2012

    NSF#5. Say Bye And Hi"  Tell someone which product to give up to the list,  and which one to take from it.  The TYPE of item must be the same (a prop for a prop.)

    Hey there, I just know you want to get rid of Make A Wish Props:  Scepter (PROP) 
    So lucky you, you just got sent to the list and now own a Nose Piercing (PROP) from Piercing Collection.
    Your character will look SO good with that. (You don't have to thank me.)

    *Note the list has been changed. Piercing Collection is now in RED and not available unless taken from Kismet2012.  The link at the top of that page takes you to this post.

    *Note Kismet's possessions have been changed. ALWAYS CHECK THIS  TO ENSURE THE LAST POST IS COVERED.  Click the link at the top of that page- it's easy!

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    Hey nonesuch00 

    I know you've always dreamed of being boss. Now YOU get to tell who to be a thief, and what they're going to steal.   
    NSF#7  You're a Thief.  Tell another person (your choice) they must steal a specific item (you choice)  from another contestant. (your choice.)

    Next- (and copy this in your post)
    The person who had to steal MUST give up the same type item to the Now Available list, because now they have too  many items in their possession. (If you made them steal a Character, they have to give up a Character.) It can't be the item they just stole. THEY get to decide. 

    The person who stole also tells the person they stole FROM, what item they must take from the list to replace it.

    So the bottom line is, who are you going to tick off?

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    A surprise first move from the cheapskate's nemesis !

    Person: 3dcheapskate

    1. "I'll Swap With List" One time use during the entire game: Swap out one item with one from the list. The TYPE of item must be the same (a prop for a prop etc.)

    Hi cheap, you remember that little "Overheating" joke of yours, when you did three renders of Andy (the Poser mannequin) in progressive stages of melting ?
    And you remember that Andy said he'd get his revenge?

    Well, he knows that you were planning on keeping that single use NSF#1 to get rid of the worst item in your possesion at the very last moment... not any more you aren't !

    (Andy also happens to know that you don't really use any of the Genesises (Genisi?). Or DSON for Poser. And that you've almost forgotten how to use DAZ Studio! He thinks it's time to change that!)

    So you have to ditch Warrior Maiden Tanwen (V4 CHARACTER)
    And in her place take Yasuo For Lee 6 (CHARACTER)

    Hope I did that right ? Edit:I assume that you'll update the list and current standing (since you mentioned that we don't need to use the templates now) ? Edit2: Added link to original image post.

    Metadata: This is my first NSF (NSF1 once) and I haven't NSFed any other person yet.

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    Note: For this game, possessions which people start with can also be owned in the list because I didn't have time to highlight in red what people are starting with. If there are duplicates, I will note both people. Barbult also has Yasuo. (at least for now.) 

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