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This list contains links to head morphs for G8.1F, G8.1M and G9. There are head morphs I made for V4 and M4 but I am not including those here as I consider them not good enough.


NONCOMMERCIAL USE ONLY:  ;- this link contains now the new and improved Sweetheart v2!


Links to my head morphs from the CyberNoir collection (original “Blade Runner” characters):





Here you will find the same head morphs as in some of the links below but with problem areas fixed :


I am posting the links below only because they contain images of the head morphs posted in an updated (fixed) version in the link above. The head morphs from the “Hollywood Glamour” series are grouped there together in one zip file.

“Hollywood Glamour” series:


Other head morphs:  (Teeth problems in this one. Please refer to the link with fixed morphs for the updated version.)  (For the fixed version check out the link with updated morph versions above.)



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  • mindsongmindsong Posts: 1,658

    wow, thanks for putting these all together and sharing them!

    that took some time and effort.



  • AOBBAOBB Posts: 625

    Thank you for your understanding and appreciation. It wasn't too tedious to do though - not as bad as it might seem. People were asking me to compile a list of my head morphs for some time and I thought that would indeed be helpful for everyone - me included. Why not then? smiley

  • nonesuch00nonesuch00 Posts: 17,099

    cool, to summarize your summary

  • AOBBAOBB Posts: 625

    Glad you approve, nonesuch00. smiley

  • Catherine3678abCatherine3678ab Posts: 6,885

    ... tippying toeing in, I have re-upped my Rockabilly Hair for those that missed it and want it. Forum Link.

  • AOBBAOBB Posts: 625

    Great idea, Catherine. Thank you! yessmiley

  • DoctorJellybeanDoctorJellybean Posts: 6,517

    Now that all the threads are in one place, I can see some which I have missed.

    Featuring Punkette and Deadly Dame

    1822 x 887 - 2M
  • AOBBAOBB Posts: 625

    Great fun, DoctorJellybean! smiley  Thank you so much for posting your artwork! yes

  • Any chance you might consider doing one for James Dean in the future?

    He was gone long before his time and so many have no idea what a great young man and actor he was.

  • AOBBAOBB Posts: 625

    Sculpting James Dean is definitely a possibility. I was thinking about him but I don't know when I'll decide to tackle him. Anyway, stay tuned, Shadowchaser.

  • Oh I definitely will :)

  • Can you please do Peter Lorre next?

  • AOBBAOBB Posts: 625

    That's a good idea. After all he starred in 5 movies with Bogart together. I'll put him on my "to do" list but I don't know when I'll make him - I don't plan ahead who's morph will be next.

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