Not So Fast! A Contest For Mischief Makers

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There's never been a contest like this!  So you like deciding what to render? Get out of your comfort zone and have some fun doing it. 

Here's the game in action thread- you can see the moves and the products that were shuffled around! 

This is designed to create mischief and poke your forum friends with some good-natured moves. These moves are called Not So Fast! (NSF)  Unlike other contests, this involves YOU initiating the action and determining for others what THEY do. 

Prizes: (Winners determined by PAs)  Based on the humor, creativity, and quality of the renders.
$50 Gift Certificate First Place   
$30 Gift Certificate Second Place
$20  Gift Certificate Third Place
$5  Gift Certificates Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Place  Edit: Now $10 each! Thank you Worlds_Edge
NEW  $5 Gift Cards for 7th (Thank you Worlds_Edge), and 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th places (Thanks to @knittingmommy


EDIT: Worlds_Edge is sponsoring FOUR $5 gift cards (and gets to make 4 NSF moves during the gameplay) so this is going to get interesting! Now 4th, 5th, and 6th place will get $10 gift cards. Thanks so much @worldsedge  

Renders will not start until August 15th and run through the 31st.  If you can't do renders in a two week period or know you will not have time, please don't participate.

Adding to the pot: You can also sponsor the contest if you want to purchase a NSF move, $5 per NSF and up to 5 ($25) allowed. Yes, even if you aren't rendering, you can control the gameplay, and participants can also increase their activity with more NSFs. I will add the NSF purchases to the lower tiers and spread it out. Would really appreciate participation as nothing like this has ever been done before. Contestants must abide by the NSFs, whether it is from a competing artist or by the sponsors. 

Here's the mischief makers-12 brave souls! 
Novica, 3dcheapskate, nonesuch00, barbult,  IceDragonArt, xmasrose, dreamfarmer, Saphirewild, Stormlyght,  RGcincy, Kismet2012, LaPetiteVerita. 

From next Saturday through Tuesday, things will move right along and you may be on the receiving end of some fun changes so you need to be a daily surfer. (Once a day is fine. We'll be doing summary updates for you.)  After rendering starts, then you're good to relax and get back to Life.  

To participate, you must own at least two sets, a character, and three props. You'll be doing one render. Sounds simple, right? 

But you won't be selecting your items and start working on your render. Because your fellow contestants WILL make your life more... interesting.  During this next process, no one will be rendering. You'll see why  in a minute.

CHANGE:  The deadline has been moved up a day to Daz midnight on Thursday, August 9th. Participants must have time to check and see if they own something by anyone else who joins. You're more than welcome to do so, we'd still love to have you- but tonight is the deadline.

 NO CHANGING ITEMS ONCE YOU POST.  I will describe later how to select your items from your Product Library. 

To start:

a. People post the items they selected from their Product Libraries. There are guidelines. Those go in the Yes I Own It! List.

c. The other contestants acknowledge whether they have those  exact same products.   Only people who have submitted their Yes I Own Its will be able to participate. The deadline above is strictly enforced. 

d.  For the Now Available List: Next, contestants submit a second set of three props, two sets, and one character from their Product Library (you own these items)  but this time it can be from any page, any vendor.  

e. Then for the Now Available List,  you may supply a list of up to 10 other items (WITH LINKS) whether you own them or not, so we can get a fun list going. I would recommend only doing items you own.

To give you an idea (shortened version) of what NSF (Not So Fast) moves are, after people have their products chosen, and have added to the Now Available list (which will see a lot of action) this will give you an idea of the fun involved. Actions are not reversible, when something happens to you, you must find a new way of dealing with it!

#1  We're Swapping Says Me  (forced swap of products) 
#2  Say Bye And Hi   (you tell them what item to give up, and what to take on the Now Available OR Yes I Own It .)
#3   Available Swap  (you swap an item with Now Available item you own)  ONE TIME USE
#4   You're A Thief  (you tell someone else they must steal from another person)
#5   Let's Swap  (this is the only nice move involving someone else.)
#6  I'll Take That, Thanks. (You're a thief. You take someone's product and they go to the Now Available and select something else. Their choice.)  
#7  NEW!   You And You Swap   (you force two people to swap specific items.)  



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     We will have the Yes I Own It! List (the first set of 2 sets, 3 props, 1 character)  and the Now Available List, (the second set of 2 sets, 3 props, 1 character, and the 10 additional items of your choice)  both maintained by me.  Now comes the fun part! 

    From August 11th (next Saturday) hopefully Daz midnight, TBD if there are last minute participants- through August 14th (Tuesday) you get NSF'd and get to NSF other contestants.  What is a NSF? (NOT SO FAST!)  If you are not online, I will be updating the moves made during the time you are offline, but ONCE A DAY CHECK IN IS REQUIRED DUE TO NUMBER 4 OF THE NSF. That needs to be done as soon as possible after posted. So yes, if you work, you can still play! 

    Each contestant is allowed TWENTY "NSF" (Not So Fast!) actions in the contest. Each contestant MUST make one gutsy NSF move, excluding #3 and #5. 


    * A NSF counts if you are the initiator, NOT on the receiving end. (I will keep track for you, there will be a summary.) 
    * You may not use an NSF to reverse the action against you.  It's called protecting the culprits. But you can NSF them back in other ways!
    * With the exceptions of #3 and #5  below (limit one time use each) you may choose the other options repeatedly  or mix and match them. How much mischief can you stir up?

    First, to summarize what NSF moves you can make:
    When we start the game- I will be combining the Yes I Own It list (your first set of sets, props, character) with the Now Available list so you will have one Now Available list.

    1. "We're Swapping Says Me"  You can NSF and make another contestant swap products with you from the Now Available List.  This NSF is Product A for Product B. You both own A and B. 

    2. "Say Bye And Hi" You NSF and tell someone which product to give up and which one to take from the list.  You must have them switch the same TYPE of item (a prop for a prop.)

    3. "Available Swap" One time use during the entire game: You swap out one item with one from the  Now Available list.

    4. "You're A Thief" You tell another contestant they MUST steal a specific item (they own) from another contestant.  (LOVE THIS ONE!)  The person you make a thief MUST own the item they are stealing. 
    The person that takes the item:
    a. They must  then give up an item to the Now Available List because they can only have 3 props, 2 sets, and 1 character. They may NOT give up the item they had to take.

    b. The MINUTE they post the item they are giving up, it is available, whether I have had time to get it to the list or not. First come first served, but note it does count as a NSF (#3 above)  whether it is on the list or not.

    c. selects an item for the person who had to give up the item from the Now Available List.

    5. "Let's Swap?" You and another contestant can agree to swap products. Risky, because someone can NSF you!  Each person in the swap gets a NSF. 

    6."I'll Take That, Thanks."  You can steal an item from another contestant and force them to choose one from the Now Available List. (Their choice.) 

    7. "You and You Swap."   You force two other players to swap items. 


    From August 15th (Daz Midnight) through August 31st you render, and post on the dedicated thread which I will start later. 

    How To Pick Your Products:  This is the YES I OWN IT LIST. The products you will START with. 

    You are looking for the FIRST SET on the page described below. Not props (say, a console, a wheelbarrow, etc) 
    Edit- PLEASE NOTE- NO BUNDLES FOR THE CHARACTER, PROPS, AND SETS. No texture sets, it needs to be the item those are applied TO. 

    To find your sets which you must combine: Make sure your Product Library has the most recent products purchased first.
    First set: Take the number of pages you have in the Product Library, and multiply it by 20%. (.20)  On that page, use the first set you find.
    Example: You have 100 pages in your Product Library x .20 is page 20. Pick the first set on that page. If you can't find a set on that page, go BACK a page using the first one you find from the top of the page.

    For the second set- Use the number above. Subtract 15 pages if you can. (Example: if I was on page 20, 20-15= page 5.

    If you can't subtract 15 (say you were on page 13), subtract 10. If you can't, subtract 5. (You'd be moving forward in your Product Library, to more current. Use the first set you can find, starting at the top of the page. . You must own two sets to participate. 

    To find your person:
    Pick a page number in the first 15% to 20% (.15 and .20) which gives you a range of pages. Pick a page in that range without looking, and choose the first character found on that page. You already have 20% (you did that for the set) so just take the number of pages in your Product Library x .15 and you will have your range.  Using 100 pages, that would be pages 15-20. I pick a page inbetween (say 18) and grab the first character on that page. Again, if there isn't one, I go back a page..

    Monsters, aliens, etc count as characters, as do animals. Robots count if they are living, breathing entities. 

    If you have 10 pages or less total, I'm trying to avoid renders with the most current releases, so please go to some of the furthest pages you have and work your way back. It's an honor system. 

    To find your props:    (Use THIS VENDOR PAGE
    If your avatar name starts with letters A-L you must use props from vendors A-L.
    If your avatar name starts with M-Z, #'s like "3" you must use props from vendors M-Z and the # vendors . 
    Pick THREE props. You must use three different products from which to get the props.
    Two of the props can be from the same vendor. (But they must be two different products)
    You will be identifying the set, the specific prop, and the vendor.

    So you will have 2 sets, 1 person, and 3 props. 


    Posts & Renders: Your final post which has your entry:
    Size: minimum 600 x 600 and that is the maximum IN the posts, so people can easily scroll and see them in electronic devices.

    You will be judged on the creativity and ability of combining two sets, and you should try to use half of each one. At a minimum, large chunks of them should be easily visible in each scene. (Skydomes don't count as half) The judges will be looking for a "good fit", humor, and how well the products are rendered. In addition, how well did you do with the NSF's thrown at you?  It is a combination of various factors.

    Your three props and person should be easily visible in the scene. (Well lit.) 

    There will be gameplay rules which will be posted later, they include using 4 out of 7 of the NSF moves (so someone doesn't just keep using the same one over and over again) and the number of contestants each player must interact with. And there's a surprise twist that is sure to get people laughing!

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    The Now Available List

    50's Fabulous Morphing Chair (Prop)                                 barbult  dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt   kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita                                                                                                                  nonesuch00  Novica  xmasrose
    A Curious Hallway     (Set)                                                       3dcheapskate  barbult  dreamfarmer IceDragonArt  kismet2012                                                                                                                   LaPetiteVerita Novica    RGcincy  Saphirewild  Stormlyght  xmasrose

    Abandoned Gas Station   (Set)                                                barbult   IceDragonArt   kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita  nonesuch00                                                                                                                 Novica  RGcincy    Saphirewild   xmasrose
    Abel for Genesis 3 Male   (Character)                                     barbult  kismet2012  Novica RGcincy   xmasrose
    Ace of Spades Jack   (Prop- Backpack)                           3dcheapskate  barbult  IceDragonArt  kismet2012 nonesuch00                                                                                                                      Novica   RGcincy  Saphirewild   xmasrose
    Aldo HD and Mustache (Gen8M)                                           Novica   Wonderland
    aMAZEing Journey Around The World   (Set)                      dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt
    Anime Girl Accessories (G2F)  (Prop-Coin Purse)              dreamfarmer   Novica  Stormlyght   xmasrose
    Arches of the Past      (Set)                                                    IceDragonArt
    Architect Office (Prop- Buddha)                                           LaPetiteVerita     Novica
    Asian River              (Set)                                                          IceDragonArt   Novica  RGcincy
    Baby Packy   (Character)                                                         IceDragonArt  jakiblue  nonesuch00  Novica  RGcincy   xmasrose
    Backwoods Shooting Range (Gen3/8)    (Prop: Hay Bale)              barbult    Novica
    Bar Interior 2018   (Set)                                                          dreamfarmer      LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00   Novica   xmasrose
    Basketry   (Prop: Birdcage)                        barbult  dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt   kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00   Novica                                                                                                       RGcincy   Saphirewild  Stormlyght  Wonderland   xmasrose
    Beer Drinking Props  (Prop: Green Gingham Tablecloth)      Novica   RGcincy  Stormlyght
    Belladonna for V4   (Character)                          3dheapskate  IceDragonArt kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00                                                                                                                                 Saphirewild  xmasrose
    Benji the Puppy HD (Daz Dog 8)   (Character)                               Wonderland
    Bend of the River    (Set)                                                                 Kismet2012    Novica   Stormlyght
    Blade Weapons (Prop- Rip Saw)                                             barbult       Kismet2012   RGcincy  Stormlyght
    Blade Weapons 3 (Genesis 3 and 8)   (Prop-Axe)                 barbult  dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt  LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00                                                                                                                 RGcincy  xmasrose
    Boned Wings for G3/8  Midnight Skeleton (Prop-Wings)               IceDragonArt   kismet2012 
    Botan HD (Gen8F)      Character                                                      Novica   Stormlyght   Wonderland
    Bradbury Suspended Rail System  (Set)                                      dreamfarmer   Novica
    Breakfast in Bed    (Prop- VB Bowl of Cereal)                                   Barbult    Novica  RGcincy   xmasrose
    Brianas Temple    (Set)                                                                       3dcheapskate  IceDragonArt       Novica   Saphirewild  xmasrose
    Building Site   (Prop- Shovel)                                                         LaPetiteVerita    Novica   RGcincy
    By the Seaside Promenade And Props     (Prop- Deck Chair)         barbult   dreamfarmer  Novica   RGcincy  Stormlyght

    Cafe Luca   (Set)                                                                  barbult  dreamfarmer   Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita    Novica   RGcincy                                                                                                                     Stormlyght       xmasrose
    CC Angelic Accoutrements  (Prop-Rune Halo)                        dreamfarmer    Kismet2012   Stormlyght

    Chainsaw   (Prop-Chainsaw)                                                             3dcheapskate  barbult   Novica  xmasrose
    Charlotte 8   (Character)                                                                    barbult  dreamfarmer  Novica Stormlyght   Wonderland
    Chateau Chic Furniture  (Prop- Clock)                                             dreamfarmer  Novica   Wonderland   xmasrose
    Chinese Courtyard   (Set)                                                                    IceDragonArt
       Novica Wonderland
    Containment Zone     (Set)                                                                barbult dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt kismet2012                                                                                                                                              Novica Stormlyght       xmasrose
    Coral for Callie 6    (Character)                                                            nonesuch00   Novica
    Couch Potato Props (Prop:Crisps Floor)                                barbult   dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt  kismet2012 LaPetiteVerita                                                                                                                   nonesuch00  Novica  RGcincy   Stormlyght   xmasrose
    Crypta Sepultus    (Set)                                                     3dcheapskate  barbult   dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt  kismet2012                                                                                                              LaPetiteVerita  nonesuch00        Novica     Saphirewild   Stormlyght
    Cryo Chambers      (Prop- The Chamber)                                          IceDragonArt   Novica
    Crystal Dragon Lair   (Set)                                                                 Stormlyght
    Crystals Volume 1   (Prop-Large Blue Quartz)                         dreamfarmer    Kismet2012     Stormlyght
    Cyber D Model 1    (Prop- Not Living)                                             Novica    Stormlyght
    DA Palm Island    (Set)                                                                       IceDragonArt   Novica  RGcincy   xmasrose
    DA Unicorn for DAZ Horse 2       (Character)                                  IceDragonArt    kismet2012   Novica   Stormlyght
    Dark Basement    (Set)                                                                     dreamfarmer   Novica
    Daybed Romance    (Prop-Full Bed)                                barbult   dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt  kismet2012    Novica                                                                                                                                           RGcincy  Saphirewild  Stormlyght    xmasrose
    DAZ Barn   (Set)                                            barbult    kismet2012   nonesuch00   Novica   RGcincy   Stormlyght    xmasrose
    DAZ Water Pump/Grain Silo     (Prop- Water Pump)          barbult   kismet2012  nonesuch00    Novica   RGcincy  xmasrose
    dForce Dragon Wraith Skeleton/ Accessories (Prop-Dragon)        IceDragonArt  kismet2012   Stormlyght
    Disconsolation        (Set)                                   3dcheapskate  barbult  dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt     kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita                                                                                      nonesuch00   Novica     RGcincy  Saphirewild  Stormlyght  xmasrose
    Dolphin  (Character)                                           IceDragonArt  nonesuch00       Novica   Saphirewild   Stormlyght   xmasrose
    Drafting Tools    (Prop- T Square)                   barbult  IceDragonArt  kismet2012  nonesuch00   Novica RGcincy xmasrose
    Dream Home: Great Room Accessories (Prop: Bench)    3dcheapskate  dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt  kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita                                                                                     Novica   RGcincy  xmasrose
    Dream Home Yard and Pool   (Set)               3dcheapskate   barbult dreamfarmer IceDragonArt  kismet2012                                                                                                                    LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00    Novica   RGcincy  Saphirewild  xmasrose
    Dystopian Console Station  (Prop-the Station)            3dcheapskate  barbult   dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt  kismet2012                                                                                                                      nonesuch00     Novica   RGcincy  Saphirewild   xmasrose

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    EArkham's ZWorld Highway Culverts    (Set)                            IceDragonArt   Novica      RGcincy
    Eaven V4   (Character)                                         IceDragonArt  dreamfarmer   kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00     Novica                                                                                                                                        Saphirewild  xmasrose
    Echoes of Andromeda    (Set)                                                    3dcheapskate  IceDragonArt    Novica    xmasrose
    Enchanted Ballroom  (Set)                                                        barbult   Novica   RGcincy  Stormlyght
    Elliandra (Gen3/8) (Character)                                                   LaPetiteVerita     Novica   RGcincy
    Epic Wings  (Prop- Wings)                                           barbult  dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt  kismet2012  nonesuch00                                                                                                                       Novica  Stormlyght   xmasrose
    Everyday Groceries  (Prop- Toilet Paper)                               barbult  dreamfarmer   kismet2012   Novica   RGcincy  Wonderland 

     Fairy Wishing Well   (Prop-Wishing Well)                      barbult  dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt        LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00                                                                                                         Novica  RGcincy
    Fancy A Game Of Chess  (Set)                                                    Novica
    Fantastical Sprite Wings (Gen8M/F)   (Prop)           dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt  kismet2012   Novica   Stormlyght  Wonderland
    Fantasy War Room   (Set)                                                           IceDragonArt    Kismet2012     Novica   Stormlyght   xmasrose
    Fantasy Warship    (Prop- The Warship)                                     IceDragonArt   Novica
    Feathered Dragon   (Character)                                              IceDragonArt    Stormlyght
    Feathered Wings For All  (Prop-Wings)                              dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt  kismet2012  Novica  Stormlyght   xmasrose
    Fitness Pole Dance Poses/Prop Gen2F (Prop-Pole)               LaPetiteVerita    Novica
    Floyd 8     (Character)                                                                   barbult  kismet2012       Novica   RGcincy   xmasrose
    Fluttery Wings (Gen2F)  (Prop-Dragonfly)        IceDragonArt        Kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00   Novica  Stormlyght  
    Formula 1 Race Car  (Prop- Car)                           dreamfarmer      IceDragonArt   Kismet2012   nonesuch00       Novica    Saphirewild

    Gail for Genesis 8    (Character)                   Novica   Stormlyght
    Garden Escape Bridge     (Set)                  3dcheapskate  barbult dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt  Kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita                                                                                           nonesuch00   Novica  RGcincy    Saphirewild  Stormlyght   xmasrose
    Generic Sci Fi Corridor   (Set)                    3dcheapskate    barbult   dreamfarmer     IceDragonArt      Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita                                                                               nonesuch00   Novica    RGcincy   Saphirewild   xmasrose
    Genesis Cupid        (Character)                                                     nonesuch00    Novica     
    Gladiator Weapons (Gen8F)   (Prop-#1 Shield)                  IceDragonArt  kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00   Novica                                                                                                        Saphirewild  xmasrose
    Grapevines    (Prop- Grapes 2)                                           Novica    xmasrose
    Halloween Jack O Lanterns  (Prop-J.O.Lantern #1)                 dreamfarmer   Novica   

    Hell Princess HD (Gen8F)    (Character)                                       IceDragonArt
    Hood Huntress Collection (Gen3F) (Prop-Bow & Arrow)        barbult  dreamfarmer IceDragonArt  Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita   Novica   RGcincy  Stormlyght    xmasrose
    Housefly by AM   (Character)                                                         Novica
    HP Yuka (Aiko 8)   (Character)                                              dreamfarmer    Stormlyght
    Hybrid Trees Collection  (Prop-Tree 7m 139K polys trunk)      dreamfarmer    Novica   xmasrose
    Industrial Storage  (Prop: Gas Cylinder)                       dreamfarmer   Novica   RGcincy   xmasrose
    Inflatable Boat  (Prop: Outboard Motor)                              barbult   Novica     xmasrose
    Iray Alligator by AM   (Character)                                                    IceDragonArt  Novica
    Iray Snow, Ice and Ash    (Prop-Snow Rock)                       barbult     dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt   Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita                                                                                                              nonesuch00   Novica   RGcincy  Stormlyght  xmasrose

    Jackson's Field  (Prop: FIngerpost Sign)             dreamfarmer     IceDragonArt       LaPetiteVerita     Novica  RGcincy                                                                                                                              Stormlyght    xmasrose

    Jacuzzi Room   (Set)                                                    barbult   dreamfarmer     IceDragonArt    jakiblue    Kismet2012                                                                                                                                  nonesuch00   Novica      RGcincy Saphirewild   xmasrose
    Jump Your Way   (Prop-Full Gate #4)                           3dcheapskate  barbult  dreamfarmer  Kismet2012 LaPetiteVerita                                                                                                                         Novica  RGcincy Stormlyght   xmasrose
    Killer Bug From Outer Space   (Character)                                       IceDragonArt
    Kincaid (Gen8M)   (Character)                                                     dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt  LaPetiteVerita   Novica                                                                                                                                       RGcincy  Stormlyght

    Laser Toss Arcade Game  (Prop)                                                    IceDragonArt    Kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita  Novica  xmasrose
    Lil Mermaid for Callie 6  (Character)                                                   nonesuch00   Novica
    Little Ones (Asian Male) (G3M)     (Character)                                   barbult   nonesuch00    Novica
    Magma-960 Quad Missle Launcher (Prop-Launcher)           IceDragonArt       Kismet2012     LaPetiteVerita   Novica  RGcincy
    Medieval Hall and Garden  (Prop-Barrel on Stand)           dreamfarmer       IceDragonArt         LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00  Novica                                                                                                                      Stormlyght       RGcincy  xmasrose
    Midnight Skeleton     (Prop)                                                               IceDragonArt     kismet2012
    Morphable Meershaum  (Prop-Pipe)              3dcheapskate  barbult  dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita                                                                                                                                       nonesuch00   Novica    RGcincy  Saphirewild     xmasrose
    Morpheus (Gen3M)    (Character)                                                       barbult  nonesuch00   Novica   RGcincy
    Mort Augur   (Set)                                     barbult    IceDragonArt   Kismet2012 LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00     Novica   Saphirewild                                                                                                                 Stormlyght
    Muck for Genesis     (Character)                                                          barbult
    Muelsfell Elven Monolith Modular Set (Prop: Monolith)                 RGcincy    Wonderland

    Multiletter System (Prop- Letter X Stand.Font)                                   Novica    Stormlyght
    Mystical Cave   (Set)                                                                       RGcincy  Stormlyght

    Nocturnal Fae Wings (GenM/F)                                                     IceDragonArt    Kismet2012
    Noodle The Toon Cat   (Character)                                             Novica    xmasrose
    Northern Terrace Street  (Set)                              dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt      jakiblue nonesuch00  Novica  RGcincy   xmasrose

    Nybras   (Character)                                                                            3dcheapskate    IceDragonArt    Novica

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    Old Country Farmhouse    (Set)                                barbult  dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt  Kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita  nonesuch00                                                                                             Novica    RGcincy   Stormlyght
    Pest Control Props     (Prop- Mouse Trap Brass Old)                       Novica
    Picnic Area Exterior  (Set)                                      barbult  dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt    jakiblue   Kismet2012  nonesuch00     Novica    xmasrose   
    Piercing Collection (Gen8F) 
    (Prop-Nose Piercing)                       Kismet2012    RGcincy
    Pillows                               (Prop-Pillow)                  3dcheapskate  barbult    IceDragonArt   Kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita  nonesuch00                                                                                                                                Novica  RGcincy  Saphirewild   xmasrose

    Planet Glise                     (Set)                                                            IceDragonArt     Novica
    Planet Selena       (Set)                                                                        Wonderland
    Playtime  (Prop-Hobby Horse)                              3dcheapskate  barbult   dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt  Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita                                                                                                           nonesuch00     Novica  RGcincy    xmasrose
    Poseable Peonies  (Prop: Bush Double 2)                                         dreamfarmer     Novica  Stormlyght
    Primordial Barbarian Clothing   (Prop-hand and feet wraps)            nonesuch00    Novica
    Props Pack Morphing Grassy Outcropping   (Prop)      3dcheapskate dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt  Kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita                                                                                                        nonesuch00    Novica  RGcincy  Saphirewild   xmasrose
    Public Toilet   (Prop: Diaper Changing Station)                                 Kismet2012
    Public Indoor Pool   (Prop: Lifesaver)                      dreamfarmer  LaPetiteVerita    Novica   RGcincy
    Raelyn For Stephanie 4   (Character)                      3dcheapskate   IceDragonArt  Kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita  nonesuch00   Novica                                                                                               RGcincy  Saphirewild   xmasrose
    Raptor-The Feathered Dragon  (Character)                               Stormlyght
    RDNA  Sluggians   (Character)                                                       3dcheapskate  IceDragonArt  Kismet2012    nonesuch00                                                                                                                                 RGcincy   Saphirewild           xmasrose
    Reading Corner    (Set)                                                barbult  dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt  Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita  nonesuch00                                                                                                                 RGcincy  Stormlyght     xmasrose
    Regenerator    (Prop- Regenerator)                                               3dcheapskate  barbult  IceDragonArt   Novica
    Rodrigo (Gen8M)     Character                                                         Wonderland
    Romantic Pool   (Set)                                                                    dreamfarmer LaPetiteVerita   Novica   Wonderland   
    RW Butterfly WIngs (Gen3F)                                     dreamfarmer       IceDragonArt         Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita                                                                                                                               Novica  RGcincy
    RW Ivy Swing   (Prop #3 Swing)                                            3dcheapskate  barbult  IceDragonArt Kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita                                                                                                                        nonesuch00    Novica RGcincy Saphirewild   Stormlyght   xmasrose                                        
    RW Letters And More     (Prop- Letter Q)                       barbult dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt  Kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita                                                                                                                    nonesuch00  Novica  RGcincy  Saphirewild  Stormlyght   xmasrose
    RW Rafting Fun  (Prop-Raft)                                              barbult   dreamfarmer     IceDragonArt      Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita                                                                                                                 nonesuch00   Novica  RGcincy  Stormlyght   xmasrose
    Sakura Ultimate Tree   (Prop- Tree)                                                      Wonderland
    School Craft Supplies   (Prop- Paints/New Brush)                             barbult  dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt  Kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita                                                                                                             nonesuch00     Novica  RGcincy  Stormlyght
    Sci-fi Antenna   (Prop-Antenna)                                                               dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt     Novica
    Sci Fi Hand Gadgets 2 (Gen2,3,8F)   (Prop-Regenerator)      dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt   Novica  RGcincy  Stormlyght
    Sci-Fi Spaceship Bedroom  (Set)                                               Novica  Wonderland
    Scrappy The Robot   (Prop)                                                          Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00   Novica

    Senior Citizen Props  (Prop-Walker)                                             Kismet2012   Novica
    Sharks by AM: Great White      (Character)                                  IceDragonArt    Novica   Stormlyght
    Sharks by AM: Hammerhead    (Character)                                Novica
    Shroom Castle   (Set)                                                                    IceDragonArt    Novica
    Signs of Protest    (Prop- Protest Sign Left Hand)                      barbult   Novica   RGcincy
    Slide3D Graces of the RIng Prop/Poses G3/G8 (Prop-Ring)     LaPetiteVerita   
    Spinning Wheel  (Prop-Spinning Wheel)                                     dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt Kismet2012   nonesuch00       Novica                                                                                                              RGcincy    xmasrose
    Spooky Plots     (Set)                                                                    3dcheapskate  barbult    Novica  RGcincy

    Stargazer Props  (Prop-Telescope)                                     barbult  barbult  LaPetiteVerita  dreamfarmer      IceDragonArt                                                                                                                   Kismet2012      nonesuch00   Novica   RGcincy   Stormlyght   xmasrose
    SteamPunk Vents    (Prop- Gears)                                      dreamfarmer    Novica    RGcincy
    Stellar Fury  (Prop- Interstellar Killsat)                                      3dcheapskate    barbult     IceDragonArt   Kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita                                                                                                          nonesuch00   RGcincy  xmasrose
    Summer Tree House Deluxe (Prop-WIndchime)                         LaPetiteVerita   Novica
    Sun Hall   (Set)                                                                         dreamfarmer     Kismet2012     Novica    Stormlyght
    SY Super Splash Pack Iray  (Prop-Ultra Splash)                  dreamfarmer     Kismet2012   La PetiteVerita   Novica Stormlyght  
    Table Tennis     (Prop- Bleachers)                             barbult   Kismet2012  nonesuch00    Novica  RGcincy  Stormlyght   xmasrose
    Taric (Gen2M)     (Character)                                                        IceDragonArt  Kismet2012    Novica   RGcincy
    Tawhak    (Character)                                                                   3dcheapskate  IceDragonArt    Novica   RGcincy  xmasrose
    Tele-phony  (Prop-Rotary Dial Phone)                              kismet2012  Novica   RGcincy  xmasrose
    Teen Kaylee 8  (Character)                                                      IceDragonArt   Kismet2012    Novica

    The Cage  (Set)                                                                             barbult   dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt  Kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita                                                                                                                   nonesuch00  RGcincy   xmasrose
    The Daily Routine Office  (Set)                                                   Novica   RGcincy
    The Gardeners Potting Shed Tools (Prop: Wheelbarrow)     barbult   dreamfarmer     IceDragonArt     Kismet2012                                                                                                                                        nonesuch00   Novica    RGcincy  xmasrose
    The Firearm Pack  (Prop #2 Rifle)                            3dcheapskate barbult   IceDragonArt  Kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita                                                                                                                     nonesuch00     Novica  RGcincy    Saphirewild   Stormlyght   xmasrose

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    The Void     (Set)                                                                   dreamfarmer   Kismet2012  Novica   Stormlyght
    Thursdays Child- Deaddy Bear   (Prop-Bear)                           3dcheapskate   Novica   xmasrose
    Toon Alien    (Character)                                                           jakiblue nonesuch00   Novica   xmasrose
    Toon Generations Two Essentials Gen3    (Character)      barbult    LaPetiteVerita      nonesuch00     Novica   RGcincy                                                                                                                           Stormlyght   xmasrose
    Tree and Swing    (Prop: Plank Swing)                               barbult   IceDragonArt Kismet2012   nonesuch    Novica  RGcincy                                                                                                                Stormlyght  xmasrose
    Trinity Atrium  (Set)                                               3dcheapskate   barbult    dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt     kismet2012                                                                                                                               LaPetiteVerita   Novica  RGcincy  Stormlyght  xmasrose
    Troll Beast (Gen8M)    (Character)                                              dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt

    Urban Warrior   (Prop- Large Sword)                                3dcheapskate   barbult  kismet2012 nonesuch00    Novica  RGcincy                                                                                                           Stormlyght     xmasrose
    Vapor Pens and Hookah   (Prop-Hookah/Pens)                 barbult        IceDragonArt  kismet2012  Novica  RGcincy xmasrose
    Vampire Bat by AM   (Character)                                                IceDragonArt    Novica   RGcincy   Stormlyght
    Velodome Track   (Set)                                             barbult  IceDragonArt   kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita     nonesuch00    Novica                                                                                                                                RGcincy    Saphirewild   xmasrose
    Victorian Parlor   (Set)                                                              dreamfarmer  LaPetiteVerita      Novica  RGcincy   Wonderland
    Victorian Street Front    (Set)                                                        barbult   kismet2012     nonesuch00   Novica RGcincy  xmasrose
    Vintage Boxing Accessories   (Prop- Jump Rope)                 barbult     nonesuch00   Novica   xmasrose
    Vintage Hotdog Cart     (Prop-Hotdog Cart)                  barbult   dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita      nonesuch00    Novica    xmasrose
    Vintage Tech     (Prop- Vintage Voltmeter)                                  barbult
    Wave Breakers (Gen3M)  (Prop-Surfboard)                               Novica   Stormlyght
    Woolly Mammouth by AM     (Character)                                    IceDragonArt    Novica   RGcincy
    Z Skaters Props/Poses (Gen8 M/F)     (Prop- Z SK Skateboard)      barbult    Novica


    Yes I Own It! List   Check the links to see if you own these, if you do, post "For The Own It List" and the name of the product please.

    Aeridian Interstellar Throne Room  (Set)                    IceDragonArt
    Aguja Undersea Environment  (Prop: Kelp)              dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt    Novica     Stormlyght
    Aibell (G3)       (Character)                                           barbult  IceDragonArt    jakiblue    Novica  RGcincy  Stormlyght  xmasrose
    Aslan Statues   (Prop: the Gargoyle)                         IceDragonArt   jakiblue   Novica  Stormlyght
    BBQ Grill Collection  (Prop: Grill)                             barbult  nonesuch00   Novica  RGcincy  Wonderland
    Black Market Blades Silent Death  (Prop: Any Blade)            IceDragonArt
    CC Lily (Gen8F)   (Character)                                                    IceDragonArt      Novica
    Christmas Cookies  (Prop: Mistletoe Cookie)                    barbult  dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt  kismet2012                                                                                                                                             nonesuch00   Novica  xmasrose
    Collective 3d Portraits Vignettes Old West 2  (Set)   dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt    kismet2012      nonesuch00  xmasrose
    Collective 3d Portrait Vignettes Old West 3   (Set)     dreamfarmer     kismet2012   nonesuch00     Novica  RGcincy  Saphirewild                                                                                                 Wonderland
    Collective 3d Portrait Vignettes Old West 5   (Set)     dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt   Kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00  Novica   xmasrose
    Crystal Vases (Prop: Twisty Vase)                   barbult   dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt     Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita  nonesuch00  Novica  RGcincy  xmasrose
    Cyber Wings  (Prop: Wings)                             Novica  Stormlyght   Wonderland
    DM's Anardhaus (Set)                         3dcheapskate    Barbult   dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt  jakiblue kismet2012  nonesuch00                                                                                                             Novica  RGcincy xmasrose
    DM's Cave of Secrets      (Set)                             dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt  kismet2012    Novica  Stormlyght
    DMs Dark Shrine    (Set)                                      3dcheapskate  kismet2012    Novica   RGcincy Wonderland    xmasrose
    DM's Memorial   (Set)                                          3dcheapskate   barbult  dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt  kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita                                                                                      nonesuch00    Novica    RGcincy  Saphirewild  Stormlyght    xmasrose
    DM's Serenity Court   (Set)                                  IceDragonArt    Novica    Stormlyght
    Dream Home Great Room Breakfast Nook  (Prop: Chair W Arms)  3dcheapskate  barbult dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt  kismet2012                                                                               LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00   Novica      RGcincy    Saphirewild      xmasrose
    Dungeon Hall    (Set)                                                     IceDragonArt   Novica
    Everyday Stationary      (Prop: diary open/closed)   barbult    xmasrose   Novica
    Fantasy Scythes                                                 (Prop: Classic Farmer's Scythe)  nonesuch00
    Fantasy Tavern                                         (Set)   dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt  Novica RGcincy
    Forgotten Tunnel Entrance                               (Set)  IceDragonArt  jakiblue    Novica    xmasrose
    FW Laverne (Monique 8)                            (Character)  barbult  IceDragonArt    kismet2012    Novica   RGcincy   Stormlyght
    FWSA Pepper (Genevieve7) (Character)      barbult   IceDragonArt  Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   Novica  RGcincy  Stormlyght                                                                                      xmasrose
    FWSA Tiami for Callie 6                            (Character)         dreamfarmer  nonesuch00  Novica   Stormlyght

    Geisha Prop Collection                                    (Prop: 4 Asian Inspired Fans)   jakiblue   nonesuch00      Novica    xmasrose
    GIS Nova  (Set)                                                 3dcheapskate    barbult     dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt   Kismet2012    nonesuch                                                                                     Novica   RGcincy   Stormlyght
    Golf Course Props                                           (Prop: Golf Cart)  Novica   RGcincy
    Gothic Bedroom                                               (Prop: The Bed)   IceDragonArt    Novica
    Haunted Toys                                                    (Prop: Scareybear)    jakiblue  kismet2012   Novica
    Horse Drawn Carriage for Daz Horse 2          (Prop: Carriage)  Novica

    i13 Foxy Lounge                                               (Set)     Novica
    i13 Dreams of the Past       (Prop: Centerpieces)                      dreamfarmer   Novica   RGcincy
    Industrial Storage Unit Interior (Set)                                          LaPetiteVerita   Novica
    Iray Ghost Light 2  (Prop: Flashlight)                 dreamfarmer     IceDragonArt     Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita  RGcincy Stormlyght  
    Jacuzzi Deck   (Prop: Deck Chair 1 Red Cushion)            barbult   dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt  Kismet2012    nonesuch00    Novica  RGcincy                                                                                                       Stormlyght

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    Janitor Gear      (Prop: Push Broom)                                 barbult     nonesuch00    Novica   RGcincy   xmasrose
    Jeweled Excellence Earrings 2 (G2/3/8F)  (Prop: Earring)       LaPetiteVerita    Novica   Wonderland
    Keiko 6   (Character)                                                       dreamfarmer    Novica    Stormlyght   xmasrose
    Kick Scooter      (Prop: The Scooter)  barbult                dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt   jakiblue  kismet2012                                                                                                                                            LaPetiteVerita     nonesuch00   Novica    RGcincy   xmasrose
    Laundry Day Mega Set                                   (Prop: Empty Dryer)   barbult dreamfarmer  kismet2012  Novica  RGcincy
    Lemonade Stand                                            (Prop: Lemonade Stand)    barbult   jakiblue  kismet2012   Novica  RGcincy  xmasrose
    Make A Wish Props (Prop: Scepter)         barbult   IceDragonArt   kismet2012   nonesuch00   Novica    Stormlyght
    Medieval Castle Tower Interior  (Set)         barbult dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt  Kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita     nonesuch00                                                                                      RGcincy   xmasrose
    Moon Broom                                          (Prop: Broom)   barbult   dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt   kismet2012 LaPetiteVerita                                                                                                               nonesuch00 RGcincy  Saphirewild    xmasrose
    Monique 7   (Character)                       barbult  dreamfarmer  Novica RGcincy  Stormlyght   Wonderland   xmasrose
    Monster Skulls HD                  (Prop: Cyclops Skull)    barbult   dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt jakiblue   kismet2012  nonesuch00   Novica    xmasrose
    Mortuorum Sacris            (Prop: Coffin Lid) 3dcheapskate   barbult  IceDragonArt  jakiblue kismet2012  Novica                                                                                                           RGcincy Stormlyght   xmasrose

    New Colony Props                                           (Prop: Module 3e)  dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt   Novica  RGcincy
    Old West Bath House                                      (Set)    barbult dreamfarmer IceDragonArt  jakiblue  kismet2012 LaPetiteVerita                                                                                            nonesuch00   Novica   Saphirewild  RGcincy

    Parkside Head Interior                                    (Set) barbult  dreamfarmer   Novica    RGcincy   nonesuch00 
    Patio Dining                                                     (Set)    barbult  dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt   jakiblue    kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita                                                                                             nonesuch00  Novica  RGcincy   Stormlyght
    Porta Potty                                                     (Prop)  barbult  kismet2012  Novica  RGcincy
    Props Pack: Fun In The Sun   (Prop: Lounge Chair)  3dcheapskate dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt  kismet2012                                                                                                                    LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00  Novica    RGcincy  Saphirewild      xmasrose
    Public Pool  (Prop: Lifesaver)                         LaPetiteVerita    Novica                     
    Sakura 8                                                              (Character)  dreamfarmer  jakiblue nonesuch   Novica   Stormlyght
    School Lunch Props (Prop: Closed Lunch Bag)    barbult  dreamfarmer  IceDragonArt   kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00                                                                                                                 Novica  xmasrose
    Sci-Fi Cockpit Interior   (Set)                          dreamfarmer    IceDragonArt  Novica   RGcincy
    She Freak V4                                                       (Character)  3dcheapskate  dreamfarmer IceDragonArt  kismet2012  LaPetiteVerita                                                                                       nonesuch00    RGcincy   Saphirewild       xmasrose
    Shoot First Corner                                             (Set)  Barbult  dreamfarmer    jakiblue  kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita    Novica                                                                                             RGcincy  xmasrose
    Star 2.0 (Genesis 3F)                                (Character)    dreamfarmer  jakiblue Novica      Stormlyght   xmasrose   
    Steam Bike Pro              (Prop: Stack of Luggage)  3dcheapskate   barbult  dreamfarmer IceDragonArt jakiblue                                                                                                             kismet2012   nonesuch00  Novica   RGcincy  Saphirewild   xmasrose
    Summer Gazebo                                                (Set)   3dcheapskate   barbult  dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt   jakiblue    kismet2012                                                                                       LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00     Novica   RGcincy  xmasrose
    Sweet Temptation                                     (Prop: Cake 1 W/Sauce)   dreamfarmer   Novica  RGcincy xmasrose
    SY Rigged Waterfalls Iray  (Prop: Waterfall)       barbult   Novica Stormlyght
    Symphonic Sound Poses/Props G3F (Prop: Amp)     Novica  Stormlyght
    Tangien Portico                                         (Set) jakiblue  Novica RGcincy xmasrose   
    Technophila Arcane: Star Scope                     (Prop: Scope)  3dcheapskate   barbult    dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt     kismet2012                                                                                nonesuch00  Novica  xmasrose
    The Alcove                                                         (Set)   3dcheapskate  barbult   IceDragonArt  kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita                                                                                                    nonesuch00    Novica    RGcincy  Saphirewild Stormlyght   xmasrose
    The Backyard                                   (Set)        barbult   IceDragonArt kismet2012  nonesuch00     Novica   RGcincy  Saphirewild                                                                                     xmasrose
    The Ministry                                                      (Set)  jakiblue   Novica
    The Werks Mega Prop Pack                 (Prop: Big Lollipop)   xmasrose   Novica 
    Versatile Terrain                                               (Set)  jakiblue nonesuch00   RGcincy
    Vintage Boxing Accessories                          (Prop: Speed Bag)  Barbult    nonesuch00   Novica   xmasrose
    Vintage Luggage                                    (Prop: Briefcase)   barbult   IceDragonArt  jakiblue kismet2012  Novica   RGcincy                                                                                                 Stormlyght    xmasrose  
    Yasuo for Lee 6                                                (Character)    3dcheapskate    Barbult  dreamfarmer   IceDragonArt                                                                                                             jakiblue  kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00      Novica   RGcincy                                                                                                      Saphirewild   Stormlyght     xmasrose
    Warrior Maiden Tanwen                                    (Character)  3dcheapskate  barbult  kismet2012   LaPetiteVerita   nonesuch00                                                                                            Novica   xmasrose
    Wine Me                                                             (Prop: Corkscrew)     Barbult  kismet2012    Novica RGcincy  xmasrose
    Winterblack Tower   (Set)                                  barbult  dreamfarmer  Novica  RGcincy   Stormlyght
    Z Deadly Weapon Gun/Poses (G8/V8)             (Prop: Silver Gun)     Stormlyght
    Zoey for Victoria 5  (Character)                      3dcheapskate  barbult IceDragonArt   Kismet2012    LaPetiteVerita                                                                                                               nonesuch00   Novica   xmasrose




    Novica's Product Library:
    Set 1:  The Ministry
    Set 2:  i13 Foxy Lounge

    Prop 1: Aguja Undersea Environment  (Marsian)                  Prop:  kelp.
    Prop 2:  Horse Drawn Carriage for Daz Horse 2  (Mely3D)   Prop: the horse drawn carriage
    Prop 3:  Pentonville Cell  (Ness Period Reproductions          Prop: The toilet! 
    Character: BD Aspen for Victoria 8


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    I saw the "mischief" in the thread title...  ;o)

    Set 1: The Alcove
    Set 2: Summer Gazebo
    Character: Warrior Maiden Tanwen ...(for V4)
    Prop 1: Steam BikePro (Val3dArt)     -     Prop: Pack (i.e. not the bike, not the barrels, just the pile of luggage)
    Prop 2: Technophilia Arcane: Star Scope (Traveler)     -     Prop:The Scope
    Prop 3: Mortuorum Sacris (Merlin Studios)     -     Prop: Coffin Lid

    I think I did that right ? I have 22 pages in my Product Library. So the first set is from page 4 (0.2x22=4.4) and the second from page 7 (22-15=7). Character is from page 1. My forum name doesn't begin with A-L or M-Z, I'm a # I think ? So I picked my props from 'M-Z plus the #' vendors ?

  • 3dcheapskate3dcheapskate Posts: 2,689

    Are we supposed to post here or PM you to let you know which items from your "Now Available List" and "Yes I Own It List" we own? I don't have any from either... at least not as they stand at the moment.

  • barbultbarbult Posts: 23,411
    edited August 2018

    Wow, this is complicated!

    Product Library can be sorted by Name or Purchase Date and can be ascending or descending. I'm assuming it needs to be sorted by Purchase Date descending for this contest, right?

    284 x 249 - 17K
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  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,865

    @3dcheapskate   Yes, you did just fine!  

    You post here in the thread, that way I can scroll and keep track of them and add them to the list. 

    The next thing you do is pick 3 props, 2 sets, and 1 character you own (from anywhere in your Product Library) to put in the Now Available List.

    Then you can add 10 more things (a mixture of props, sets, and characters) for the Now Available List that you either own, or don't own! Doing what you own makes sense as you may be using items from that list, but if there's something really whacky you want on that list, you don't have to own it.


    Are we supposed to post here or PM you to let you know which items from your "Now Available List" and "Yes I Own It List" we own? I don't have any from either... at least not as they stand at the moment.


  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,865
    barbult said:

    Wow, this is complicated!

    Product Library can be sorted by Name or Purchase Date and can be ascending or descending. I'm assuming it needs to be sorted by Purchase Date descending for this contest, right?


    Correct. I did mention as you work your way back to the beginning the purchases would be newer, but I should have made that really clear. :) Thanks for pointing that out.

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,865
    edited August 2018

    @3dcheapskate   I absolutely LOVE the props you chose- that coffin lid is probably going to make the rounds. I know I'm going to make someone take that sucker! Fortunately for me, and not for you (LOL) I own everything you do. So let's see what I can do to you. BTW  I added a NSF#6 which was in my notes but I left off the list.

    And btw, I have the role of devil's advocate and I will be encouraging NSF's by pointing things out to all participants. And other participants are encouraged to do that as well. If you see a move someone can make, you should point it out. That's what makes this deliciously fun!  And I increased the NSF moves to five, up from three.

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  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,865
    edited August 2018

    I just named the NSF actions. Back up in the first post.

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  • SaphirewildSaphirewild Posts: 6,655

    I am going to have to reread this thread yet again because it is totally not making sence to me(I guess it must be oldtimers setting in)laugh

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,865
    edited August 2018

    @saphirewild  That is to be expected, it's complicated the first time. I'll be happy to help you through it.

    The first thing to do is select 2 sets, 3 props, and a character.

    1. Have your Product Library so the newest products are first. Take the number of pages in your Library and multiply by .20   (Say 100 x .20=20) So you go to page 20 and start at the top of the page and work your way down. Pick the first full set you see. If there isn't a set on that page, go back a page (say page 19 in this case) Keep going back pages until you find a set, starting at the top of each page.

    2. For the second set, subtract 15 pages from that page. If you can't (you have less than 15 pages), subtract 10. If you can't, subtract 5. (In other words, if people have 15 pages or less in their Product Library, they can't subtract 15. So they would subtract 10. If they only have 8 pages, they couldn't do that either, so they would subtract 5.) If they have 5 or less pages, they would subtract 4, 3, 2. I don't want newbies or infrequent shoppers to get left out due to a lower amount of purchases. :)  )  

    3. To pick your character, (you already have the 20% page number) multiply the number of pages by 15%  (.15)  so you have a page range. Using 100 pages, my range would be page 15-20. Pick a random number between them. Say I pick 17. I start at the top and pick the first character on that page. If one isn't there, I go back a page. (pg 16) Keep going back until you find one.

    4. Props: Since your avatar starts with an "S" you use the vendors whose names start with M-Z and the # vendors. You need three props from sets you own, try to pick unusual props (like 3dcheapskate did with the awkward luggage pile and the coffin lid)  You can use the same vendor twice (but two different products) with one other vendor, or have three different vendors. Example, Stonemason can be used twice but I have to use Product A and Product B. Then add a third vendor.

    5. Make a post like mine. EXAMPLE    The props need to be identified, the products linked (so others can easily check and see if they own the items) 

    6. Then using anywhere in your Product Library, tell me 3 more props (same deal, link the main product for me, and tell me the prop) 2 sets, and a character.  This goes on the Now Available list, so you have backup items to use when we get going. Post it on this thread, simply telling me the product links, whether it's the set, the prop, the character. DO state you own the items so there's no confusion on my end.

    7. Then you can pick TEN MORE ITEMS, a mixture of props, sets, characters of your choice to put on the Now Available list. YOU DON'T HAVE TO OWN THEM- but I would suggest you do a mixture so if you're sent to the Now Available list, you have more choices. The reason I said you don't have to own them is so you can pick funky props that others may HAVE to use (there's a NSF where you tell someone what they have to use.)  Again, you post it to the thread. Simply say Additional Now Available Items and have the ones you DO own marked.

    8. Then please look at the Now Available list (a separate post would be best) to tell me the items posted by others on the Now Available list that you own. 

    9. It can be the same post, but make a different section- tell me which items on the Yes I Own It that you own.

    Questions? Just ask or PM. I will be guiding anyone through it as we go, even telling you what moves you can make on other people! (Love this...) 

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  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,865

    Someone PM'd and asked how people would keep up with who has what, once we get going. There will be a Master List where I will update what is currently in your possession. When I am offline, I will ask who is online to moderate the thread and just copy/ paste the updates. So even if you are sleeping/ not online, changes may be made to your status of products  devil 

  • nonesuch00nonesuch00 Posts: 17,965
    edited August 2018

    fixed in later posts

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  • nonesuch00nonesuch00 Posts: 17,965


    Yes I Own It! List   Check the links to see if you own these, if you do, post "For The Own It List" and the name of the product please.

    You must use the product in the manner indicated. If it says prop, you must use the prop item.

    Set 1: The Alcove
    Set 2: Summer Gazebo
    Character: Warrior Maiden Tanwen ...(for V4)
    Prop 1: Steam BikePro (Val3dArt)     -     Prop: Pack (i.e. not the bike, not the barrels, just the pile of luggage)
    Prop 2: Technophilia Arcane: Star Scope (Traveler)     -     Prop:The Scope'

    OK, so what do I do now? Is it considered I stole all those products from @3DCheapskate

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,865
    edited August 2018

    @nonesuch00  Clarify for me- the first post, are those items for the Now Available list (the 3 props, 2 sets, 1 character) from anywhere in your Product Library? (which is correct)  or are those the ones you selected using the 20% of your pages, etc for the product selection of what you're starting with?

    And the second post are the ones you own too, for the Yes I Own It  list? (no, you haven't stolen anything, we're just listing what we own that others have already listed.)  The NSF action doesn't start until later, we have to get the lists established.

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  • barbultbarbult Posts: 23,411

    barbult's Product Library:
    Set 1:  DM's Anardhaus
    Set 2:  Shoot First Corner

    Note the prop must have the SET, the specific prop, and the vendor name. You must pick props within the alphabet specified. A-L avatar forum members must use A-L vendors, M-Z forum members use M-Z plus the # vendors. PICK FUNKY PROPS! 

    Prop 1:  Laundry Day Mega Set  (esha)                    Prop: Empty Dryer (clothesline)
    Prop 2:  Wine Me  (Dumor3D)                                   Prop: Corkscrew
    Prop 3:  Vintage Boxing Accessories (ironman13)    Prop: Speed Bag

    Character: Yasuo for Lee 6

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,865

    Thanks @barbult   I'm headed to the barn and will be gone a couple hours, will update when I get back. And yep, I own some of what you own  devil

  • barbultbarbult Posts: 23,411

    More sets, props and a character I own from anywhere in my Product Library

    Set 1: Old Country Farmhouse
    Set 2: Abandoned Gas Station

    Prop 1: Backwoods Shooting Range for Genesis 3 and 8 Male(s) and Female(s) Prop: Backwoods Shooting Range Hay Bale
    Prop 2: By the Seaside Promenade and Props Prop: Deck Chair
    Prop 3 Vintage Tech Prop: VT Voltmeter

    Character: Floyd 8

  • nonesuch00nonesuch00 Posts: 17,965
    edited August 2018

    1st Set  - 20% / 15% - 20% / PAs M - Z

    nonesuch00's Product Library: 

    Set 1: Patio Dining

    Set 2: Versatile Terrain

    Character: Sakura 8

    Prop 1 : Fantasy Scythes (prop - classic farmer's scythe) - Valandar

    Prop 2: Geisha Prop Collection (prop - 4 Asian inspired Fans) - PandyGirl/Sarsa/DAZ Originals

    Prop 3: Janitor Gear (prop - Push Broom) - Valandar/DAZ Originals

    nonesuch00 begins with an 'n' which is in 'm through z' second part of alphabet so PAs I can choose from much be 'm through z' too. 

    Are vendors like 3D Universe considered Three-D Universe?

     OK, so I own these.

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  • nonesuch00nonesuch00 Posts: 17,965
    edited August 2018

    2nd Set!

    nonesuch00's Product Library: 

    Character: Genesis Cupid

    Set 1: Dream Home: Yard and Pool

    Set 2: Victorian Street Front

    Prop 1: Drafting Tools (prop: T Square) Valandar/DAZ Originals

    Prop 2: Vintage Hotdog Cart (prop: Hotdog cart) Moonscape Graphics/DAZ Originals

    Prop 3: RW Letters & More (prop: Q) Renderwelten/DAZ Originals

    I own these!

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  • barbultbarbult Posts: 23,411
    edited August 2018

    Additional Now Available Items:

    Character: Abel for Genesis 3 Male (I own it)
    Character: Little Ones Asian Male for Genesis 3 Male (I own it)
    Character: Muck for Genesis (I own it)
    Props: Z Skaters - Prop and Poses for Genesis 8 Male(s) and Female(s) Prop: Z SK Skateboard (I own it)
    Props: Breakfast in Bed Prop: VB Bowl of Cereal (I own it)
    Props: Signs of Protest Prop: ProtestSigns - LeftHand (I own it)
    Props: Table Tennis Prop: Bleachers (I own it)

    Set: The Daily Routine Office
    Props: Pest Control Props Prop: Mouse Trap Brass Old
    Props: Z Summer Fun - Props and Poses for Genesis 3 and 8  Prop: Drinks Cooler Box

    Edited only to fix bad product link and bad link formatting.

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  • 3dcheapskate3dcheapskate Posts: 2,689
    edited August 2018

    For the Yes I Own It! List:

    From nonesuch's first list I own ONE item... hey, wait, that list has just disappeared, so scrub that !

    From barbult's product library I own TWO items:

    From nonesuch00's product library I own ONE item - Character: Genesis 2 Male Starter Essentials nothing (G2m essentials was removed)

    From nonesuch00's extra 2 sets, 1 characterand 3 props I own ONE item - Set 1: Deck the Halls Bundle 1 nothing (this bundle was removed)

    From barbult's extra 10 items I own... nothing! (just double-checking though)

    ...Now to go and select some 'interesting' stuff for the extra 2 sets, 1 character, 3 props, and 10 more 'things' for the 'Now Available List'

    Note: I have two accounts with DAZ, so I'm guessing that I My other account has another 23 pages of product library (with a small amount of overlap), but 22¾ pages of them are orders from 2011 and earlier, so it's gen(erations) 4 and 3 and older sets and props. I'm working on the basis that I'own' stuff if it's in either ofmy product libraries.

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  • barbultbarbult Posts: 23,411

    I own only this one item from the Now Available List:

    Blade Weapons 3 (Genesis 3 and 8) 

  • barbultbarbult Posts: 23,411

    It took hours to make just my lists, with all that tracking down of product pages, copying and pasting links. How are you ever going to keep up with all this???????

  • jakibluejakiblue Posts: 7,281

    I am really really bad at math. seriously. I am so bad that the percentages are confusing me. So could someone please check for me that I have done this correct?


    First Set:Take the number of pages you have in the Product Library, and multiply it by 20%

    Second Set: Use the number above. Subtract 15 pages if you can

    I have 147 pages in my product library. So Set One is on page 29. Set Two is from page 14 (29 - 15)

    Person: ​Pick a page number in the first 15% to 20% of your pages

    Um...what? What page numbers are in my first 15/20% of 147 pages? Sorry, I really really REALLY suck at maths and percentages. 

    To find your props, pick vendor from A-L (as my avatar name starts with J) - two or three different vendors. 

    Ok, I understand that part. But we are selecting props that we own, from that list, correct?




  • jakibluejakiblue Posts: 7,281

    Also, quick question re the Sets.

    So when you say a FULL SET, do you mean....buildings, ground, plants etc? Not JUST a building? Would that be a prop? For instance, Old West Bath House Is that considered a "set"? It's just the building, nothing else. No ground, or decorating plants etc (if you get what I mean). Whereas say, DM - their sets are buildings, ground floor, lamps/lanterns etc. It's more than just one building. 

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