Diomede's Notepad, Sketchpad, and Chilling Pad

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Title says it all.  I plan to use this thread to collect and organize helpful material (Notepad), practice doodles and renders (sketchpad), and generally discuss or express related thoughts and experiences (chilling pad).  All are invited to join in.  I appreciate constructive criticism, tips,  pointers, and other people who want to hang out in my chilling pad.  I have started this second thread because the first was a disorganized mess. The old Studio sketchpad was here.



I am reserving the first couple of posts for organizing stuff.   One post is reserved for bookmarks within this thread.  I will be posting screenshot tutorials from time to time.  These are for my own reference, but I hope others find them useful.  In addition, I hope people will make helpful suggestions if the methods described in my screenshot can be improved.


Another post is reserved for helpful links external to this thread.  These will include any topics related to 3D or other topics brought up in my pad.  I will try to keep them up to date.   I will try to keep them organized by topic, software, or other useful categories.  Let me know if some of the links become dead or if the information becomes outdated. 


​A third post is reserved for other helpful notes.  This will include information that does not fit the other reserved posts.

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