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    Import Skirt OBJ to Daz Studio

    - Open Daz Studio, load the G9 Development Figure, and Dial to Victoria 9 (don't change V9 proportion dial)

    - Import the saved skirt OBJ exported from Marvelous Designer

    - In import settings, make sure scale is Daz Studio (or consistent with whatever you used exporting from MD)

    - Yay, my skirt OBJ loads to fit the G9 shape for Victoria 9 (not proportion changed)

    061 back in studio import skirt.jpg
    1105 x 942 - 154K
    062 import skirt settings make sure daz studio scale.jpg
    1059 x 815 - 113K
    063 see it fits.jpg
    620 x 501 - 55K
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    Wow. Very cool!


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    Use Transfer Utility to Rig Skirt

    - Select G9 development figure before bringing up transfer utility so can use templates (note - my G9 texture changed in picture, ignore)

    - Bring up transfer utility (Edit Object Transfer Utility)

    - G9 as 'source' and skirt OBJ as 'target'

    - For this skirt OBJ, I am going to try a loose dress template

    - Use Reverse Source Shape to Target because the G9 Figure is morphed, not in base shape

    - In this result, the skirt is rigged and parented to G9.  Might be better to uncheck the parent option.




    065 with g9 selected try long loose dress template.jpg
    1167 x 726 - 128K
    066 transfer utility reverse to target and shapes current both g9 and skirt.jpg
    1329 x 908 - 181K
    067 transfer result skirt is now a conformer and parented to g9.jpg
    1270 x 930 - 146K
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    Skipped Refinement Steps

    - At this point, you might want to check for distortion of the skirt, especially in the front middle, and smooth out in a modeling program.

    - Weightmap editing

    - Creating joint control morphs

    - I am skipping such refinements for now.  May provide a screenshot demonstration of refinements later

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    Some Basic Adjustments

    - convert to SubD.  Under edit object, choose convert to subd.

    - Smoothing.  Under edit object, add a smoothing modifier.  Can choose base shape or basic, and choose number of smoothing steps

    071 with skirt selected convert to subd.jpg
    1785 x 848 - 254K
    072 edit geometry add smoothing modifier.jpg
    1785 x 917 - 267K
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    DForce Testing

    - Select the skirt figure

    - In simulation pane, use menu to create a DForce Dynamic Surface

    - Recall that a separate fabric was created for the waistband, in Studio this will be a different zone in the surfaces tab

    - Select the surface for the waistband/belt and reduce dynamic effect.  For this example I set to 0 to focus on the skirt

    - purely optional but I decided to set the skirt dynamic surface to point 9.

    - And here is the result of a DForce drape and can see the skirt drapes inward and straightens out some, and the folds look generally better.





    073 add dforce dynamic surface.jpg
    1386 x 894 - 185K
    074 set belt dynamic to zero.jpg
    1250 x 879 - 198K
    076 result of default stand dforce drape.jpg
    1498 x 829 - 199K
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    Testing with Poses and Morphs

    - Here are some DForce tests with the figure posed and morphed and a pattern applied to the skirt

    - Test with Victoria raise leg

    - Test with a V9 at 0, then dial up mix of male and monster raise leg and new DForce

    - test of quality of UVMap by applying a pattern texture, pretty good, the pattern does not seem distorted by the folds or the pose

    077 result dforce drape bend leg.jpg
    1227 x 879 - 157K
    080 dforce drape on g9 morphed monster.jpg
    843 x 935 - 118K
    082 ao abstract fabric applied.jpg
    1375 x 748 - 187K
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    - please let me know if I have any errors

    - please let me know if there is something that could be done a better way

    - please let me know if there is another topic that a screenshot tutorial would be good for a supplement to various videos

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    Pleasant Surprise -

    Received an Honorable Mention in the 54th Bryce Challenge - theme Majestic Animals

    My entry was a majestic mammoth.

    Much appreciation to the good people in the Bryce forum who keep that gem of a program alive and thriving.


    Dio No AI Render Hub Composite 01.png
    1600 x 1600 - 757K
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    Bohemian3's workflow of G9-> Marvelous Designer -> Daz Rigging (with a couple cycles for morphs)


    Screenshot 2022-12-06 172123.jpg
    1445 x 921 - 123K
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    Jay Versluis on separate morphs for body and head from full body morphs.


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    On Smoothing Weightmaps - this thread has a comment by SickleYield I want to refer to later.


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    Majestic Mammoth is a gorgeous render! Congrats!

    Had to pop in and let you know that I got Mely3D's Abandoned District finally!

    I've wanted it since it was introduced - been in my wish list ever since. 

    Getting back to the forum, I saw your remarks about using it for the shadow effects you wanted and I thought it was a brilliant post. That pushed me to (finally) adding it to my collection! Thanks!


    I've been getting a lot of Mely3D's stuff lately, and really like it. 

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    @Dartanbeck - thanks for the nice comment on my Bryce render of the mammoth.  I wish I was more familiar with Bryce.  Neat program.

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    If you have the time and inclination, please consider voting for up to 4 images in the current Carrara challenge.


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