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    Diomede said:

    @Dartanbeck - wow, you have me all excited in anticipation for...  ...whatever tech announcement you are sitting on.  Yay.

    @HeadWax - the new Blender interface has definitely been a game changer for me.  My 3D pain point has been UVMapping, not because I can't get a working uvmap for my own use in Carrara, but because I haven't been able to find a dedicated UVMapper for projects not-for-my-personal-use.  Like the old Blender, the interfaces tended to get in the way.  My biggest current problem with Blender is that there are so many free online tutorials for the old interface it can be annoying to sift through and find tutorials for the newer interface. 

    Looking at the comment dates, seems odd that I did not get notified a couple days ago.  Sorry for not responding to your posts sooner. 

    no probls! I seldom get notified !

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    Moving is not fun.  I've moved four times in two years.  Settled for good now though and looking forward to getting caught up with everyone's thread.

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    IceDragonArt said:

    Moving is not fun.  I've moved four times in two years.  Settled for good now though and looking forward to getting caught up with everyone's thread.

    I am finally moved in my new place.  But during the holiday season I spend a lot of time out of town.  Go figure!  Can't wait to see your new batch of renders.

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    My most recent Blender foray is more successful than the previous.  The 2.8+ interface makes a big difference for me.

    I completed the Level 1 Blender Guru tutorial.  It is seven parts and you make a donut with icing.  Here is the level 1, part 7 video but you should be able to get to the first one from it.

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    And here is my Blender part 1 donut.

    Dio Level 1 Blender Donut.png
    1920 x 1080 - 3M
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    Some recent projects

    I picked up OSO3D's sheep2 with hair.  

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    This was for the Daz+ monthly themed Oxymoron.  Science Fiction is an Oxymoron.

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    Have been working on a workflow to create some simple terrains.  This is an alien landscape generated in Carrara and textured in Substance Painter.  Just proof of concept.  Worth exploring further, I think.

    SP Terrain Test 01.jpg
    600 x 600 - 169K
    SP Terrain Test 02.jpg
    600 x 600 - 232K
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    Had some fun with the June 2022 Daz+ Anniversary.  Here are some of my efforts with cntent I got from the sale.  More than a dozen are attached, but I will highlight only a few in the next posts.

    LightHouse Tentacle Run for It.jpg
    2000 x 2600 - 444K
    Alien Plant Samples.jpg
    1500 x 2000 - 262K
    Dominator Gun.jpg
    2400 x 1800 - 225K
    Ent Dwarf 2022 jpg.jpg
    1855 x 2400 - 581K
    V3M3 Romancing the Falls.jpg
    1000 x 1400 - 139K
    Hunting Pumpkins Rev.jpg
    2000 x 1500 - 543K
    Moon Explorer E.jpg
    1625 x 2000 - 326K
    Noir Fatale.jpg
    2000 x 1504 - 297K
    Space Base Launch.jpg
    2000 x 1200 - 176K
    Eluding the Security Bot.jpg
    2400 x 1662 - 423K
    Tarot Justice Threatens.jpg
    1500 x 2000 - 270K
    Night Guard and the Vampire.jpg
    1500 x 2000 - 199K
    War of the Worlds Ruined Cottage.jpg
    2000 x 1500 - 483K
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    This one was made with the Old Lighthouse

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    This one uses SickleYield's clones to go from V3/M3 to Genesis 8 figures.  The woman's clothing is Jim Burton's Day in the Office outfit for Victoria 3, and the man's shirt is the Safari shirt for Michael 3.  Both have the textures sucstituted for Iray.

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    I went for a Noir feel in this one.  I chose the Abandon District because a spotlight behind the railings cast a noir-type shadow on the sidewalk.  At least I think so.  The qualifying item was Alex Capital 8.1.

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    Here is some War of the Worlds fun with the Ruined Cottage.  I tried using Depth of Field to focus on the nearest alien, but I am still not comfortable with the way DOF works.  The overall result feels distorted to me. Will just have to try to do better in futue projects..  Practice makes perfect I guess.

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    A few more entries in the Daz+ PC Club Summer 2022 Anniversary.  Here is a scifi image.  The qualifying item was the vehicle.


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    A few more for the same challenge. I enjoyed this one in which the Hulk cannot get his phone to work because it requires a fingerprint ID, and of course he no longer has Dr Banner's exact fingerprints because of size.  Others attached.

    Hulk 01.png
    1200 x 1600 - 3M
    Ensk Mining Colony 2.jpg
    1600 x 1203 - 139K
    St Pat One Day Year.jpg
    1587 x 2000 - 361K
    Tarot Justice Threatens.jpg
    1500 x 2000 - 270K
    Entry Wizard Xerr JPG.jpg
    1600 x 1200 - 343K
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    Grateful to the Daz+ PC Club judges for awarding this entry an honorable mention for Ensk Mining Colony.  I will make sure to use the $5 associated with it on a Daz+ item.

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    Practice Workflow for Upcoming Genesis 9

    Return to Genesis 1

    Genesis 9 and Genesis 1 each uses the same base for both the female and the male figures.  This is different from Gensis 2-8 which had separate figures for male and female.  In anticipation of release of Genesis 9, I am revisiting the original unimesh genesis 1.  I have an old copy of Marveous Designer before they went subscription so I don't have all the tools, but I can use it to make a quick loose skirt for the Genesis 1 Basic Female shape morph.  Will then use reverse deformation in the transfer utility when rigging the for Daz.

    I am loosely following the very generous Jay Versluis and John Holden (Fugazzi) who held a webinar shortly after the announcement of G9 release.  I will provide a link to their video with an edit.  But for my own memory aid, I will be posting a series of screenshots on a Marvelous Designer to Daz Studio unimesh workflow.  So here we go.

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    Step 1 - Creating the Genesis 1 Avatar for Use in Marvelous Designer

    Start up Daz Studio new empty scene.

    Load the Genesis 1 base mesh, no frills.  Make sure SubD is at 1.

    - export the obj of the base mesh as high resolution (SubD =1).

    Dial the Genesis 1 Basic Female FBM to 1.

    - export the obj of the base mesh as high resolution (SubD = 1).

    I have attached a screenshot of the export settings.  One key is Daz Studio scale because my version (and any later version) of MD has a Daz scale importer.

    The reason I export the genesis figures at SubD = 1 is because the MD program will be draping the clothing against it.  Get better results and fit if use better resolution.  IMPORTANT.  Be consistent.  There will be times when want the avatar morphed or posed so be consistent when adjusting the avatar.


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    2 - Import the Daz Figure OBJ as an Avatar to Marvelous Designer

    - start up Marvelous Designer.  Use the file menu to import the Genesis Basic Female because that is the shape will be designing for.

    In the import menu, make sure to use the Avatar option and to use the Daz Studio scale.  Also check arrangement points..  

    cc00a load genesis 1 in daz studio.jpg
    1888 x 927 - 241K
    cc00b basic female morph.jpg
    1904 x 950 - 250K
    cc00c exporting from daz hi res daz scale and export both basic female and the default load.jpg
    1847 x 925 - 255K
    cc01 old version of MD.jpg
    1508 x 965 - 161K
    cc02 import obj to be the avatar.jpg
    1404 x 703 - 120K
    cc03 import setting have a Daz scale.jpg
    1053 x 985 - 140K
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    3 - Getting Started on a Waistband - Measure the Waist First

    The screen is cut in half.  On the left side is your 3D Avatar.  On the right side is a flat projection of your avatar.  Will be creating 2D panels on the right, which will be converted to 3D sections on the right.

    I want to measure the waist before creating the waistband.  To do that, I go to the top menu for Avatar.  I navigate to Measurement, Circumference.  This gives me a tool to wrap around the waist and get a measurement.

    Genesis 1 basic female has roughly a 26 inch waist.  I am going to be making the waist band in four equal parts, so each will be 26/4 = 6.5 inches.

    cc04 on right side pattern the polygon editor will make first pattern.jpg
    1046 x 736 - 57K
    cc05 basic circumference measurement.jpg
    840 x 979 - 119K
    cc06 waist is 26 inches.jpg
    790 x 972 - 91K
    cc07 drew a line for one fourth of waist.jpg
    1093 x 952 - 88K
    cc08 edit pattern tool.jpg
    1066 x 918 - 81K
    cc09 click on line and see length want one fourth of 26 which is 6 point 5.jpg
    257 x 195 - 4K
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    4 - Create 2D Panels for the Waistband on Right Side Using Polygon Tool

    After creating the initial pattern, will need to edit it to fit.  So start by choosing the edit pattern tool in the top menu.

    If you click on a horizontal line, you will see it is the wrong size.  I want 6.5 inches, so need to adjust.

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    5 - Adjust the Size of the Waistban Panel

    Using the editor tool, Right Click the upper line waistband panel and there is an option to change segment length.  Enter 6.5 inches.  Repeat for the lower line.  Now slect and slide the lines so they match up in a rectangle.  


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    6 - Want 3 More WaistBand Panels.  Note - Symmetrical Sewing Option

    The waist is 26 inches and now have one 6.5 inch panel.  Need three more.  MD has a feature that allows a symmetrical copy/paste, and also has symmetrical sewing for those panels.  So will want two front panels with symmetrical sewing and two back panels with symmetrical sewing.

    - Use the 2D selection tool at the top left of the editing menu.

    - Select the whole first panel.  Right click and get an options menu.  

    - Choose Symmetrical Pattern with Sewing.

    - Place the new panel on the other side of the front of the avatar.

    - Select and right click the first panel again.  

    - In the options menu, do a simple copy.  This copy will be on the same side as the first panel but further away from the avatar.

    - Select this third panel, right click, and choose symmetric pattern with sewing to get the final back panel.

    cc10 right click to bring up menu which includes change length.jpg
    547 x 490 - 27K
    cc11 change length to 6 point 5.jpg
    1104 x 869 - 85K
    cc12 see length changed.jpg
    1176 x 1000 - 102K
    cc13 go back to panel tool and select whole panel.jpg
    1115 x 916 - 88K
    cc14 right click to get menu symmetric pattern with sewing.jpg
    793 x 912 - 91K
    cc15 place other side of belt.jpg
    629 x 523 - 30K
    cc16 select first and copy again.jpg
    1062 x 984 - 128K
    cc17 place the copy see it way off the the left in 3d view.jpg
    1690 x 953 - 166K
    cc18 again symmetric with sewing.jpg
    1098 x 941 - 126K
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    7 - Arrange the Panels in Left Side 3D View Around Avatar Waist - and Flip Normals of Back

    If you have a more up to date version of MD than mine, you will have automatic arrangement points.  These are blue dots that surround the avatar.  You can drag and drop a panel from the left side onto an arrangement point and it will help aling the panels for better sewing and draping.  I am supposed to have auto arrangement points but there is a bug in my older version.  I can make custom arrangement points, but have not done so for Genesis 1.  So I am going to do mine more manually.  In selection mode of the editor, simply select a panel on the left side 3D view.  The translation/rotation widgets will appear.  Using the right click button of the mouse to navigate, use the widget arrows to place the 4 panels arround the waist.  One thing you will notice is that the back panels face the wrong way, which gets addressed in the next step.





    cc19 click on panel in 3d view to get movement widgets.jpg
    1411 x 896 - 127K
    cc20 harder to see but the back panels are facing the wrong way reversed normals.jpg
    1305 x 759 - 79K
    cc21 right click and flip normals.jpg
    738 x 589 - 50K
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    8 - Make Sure 3D Panels face the Correct Way (Normals)

    When the front-facing panel was copied and pasted, it faced front.  So the panels for the back also face front.  Couple ways to address that.  I prefer to keep the left side on the left, and the right side on the right, and use a 'flip normal' option.  Select each back panel, right click, and choose flip normal from the menu.


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    9 - Segment Sewing.

    There are sewing tools on the second row of the top menu in my older version.  Newer versions of MD may have collected them elsewhere.  

    - With segment sewing tool selected, click the upper half of the left front panel and then click the upper half of the back left panel.  A set of colored lines will appear connecting the two panels.  If the lines are straight, al is well.  If the lines cross, then you need to try again and make sure to connect upper to upper or lower to lower.  Because symmetrical sewing is on, the right side should be automatic.

    - repeat for front middle panels, then repeat for back middle panels.

    The waistband should have colored sewing lines connecting completely around.

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    10 - Initial Waistband Sew and Drape Simulation

    When all of the panels have been arranged and the sewing connections are complete...

    ... use Spacebar

    to start the simulation.  In this case, the 4 panels of the waistband are 26 inches and the Genesis 1 waist os about 26 inches so the default works out pretty well.  There are ways to make a number of adjustments to the cloth and to the simulation, but this is good for now.

    cc21 right click and flip normals.jpg
    738 x 589 - 50K
    cc22 segment sewing tool remember symmetry on.jpg
    645 x 390 - 29K
    cc23 sew outsides.jpg
    1260 x 624 - 56K
    cc24 sew middle.jpg
    598 x 331 - 13K
    cc25 sew middle front.jpg
    605 x 435 - 20K
    cc26 press spacebar to initiate the sewing and see the belt go around waist.jpg
    1798 x 959 - 130K
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    11 - Creating a Loose Skirt with Folds

    For this project, I am going to make a simple circular cloth panel with a hole and that will be the skirt.  I want a gathered look so I am going to want the interior circle hole to be moe than the 26 inch waistband.  

    In the top menu, change the default rectangular polygon panel creator to elipse.

    Holding down the shift key to constrian the elipse to a circle, click and drag in the 2d panel view right side to create a large circular base for the skirt.

    Right cliock on the circular panel to bring up the options menu.  Want the option to offset with an interior line.  This will create a circle within the circle.

    Right click on this inner circle to bring up the menu again.  This time choose to convert the circle to a hole.




    cc27 create elipse.jpg
    1313 x 719 - 84K
    cc28 draw circle hold shift to constrain circle.jpg
    612 x 512 - 21K
    cc29 right click offset as internal line.jpg
    638 x 605 - 56K
    cc30 convert to hole.jpg
    708 x 697 - 48K
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    12 - Arranging and Sewing the Skirt to the Waistband - then freeze the waistband

    Look at the left side 3D view.  The circle with the hole in it is facing front instead of up.  Select the circle in the 3D view and use the arrow widgets to rotate so it faces up, and then translate so the hole surrounds the waistband.

    - once in place, note that the inner circle does have four segments.  Therefore, it is possible to use the segment sewing tool to sew the front left of the skirt to the front left of the waist band and so on.  

    - But do not simulate yet by hitting spacebar.  At this stage, I think it is a good idea to freeze the waistband so the weight of the skirt does not pull it down too far.  can always adjust later.

    - Select all four panels of the waist band, and only the waistband, right click, and choose freeze from the menu.

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    13 - Spacebar to Simulate the Skirt Drape.  Decrease particle distance lower than default 20 in properties lower right for more detail.  I lowered to 10.

    Self explanatory.  With waistband frozen and skirt sewn, hit spacebar and the skirt should drape and fold.

    cc31 rotate and move the 3d panel.jpg
    1327 x 710 - 81K
    cc32 segment sewing for the belt to the skirt takes four connections.jpg
    1792 x 965 - 162K
    cc33 select the waist had hit freeze if desired because skirt will be heavy.jpg
    889 x 819 - 81K
    cc34 hit space bar to simulate and get a folded skirt.jpg
    1837 x 987 - 178K
    cc35 cana djust particle distance.jpg
    449 x 522 - 32K
    cc36 see improvement from particle distance.jpg
    1678 x 848 - 119K
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