Skin Builder 8 Merchant Resource for Genesis 8 Female (Commercial)



  • credfordcredford Posts: 19

    I bought this to change the skin color on an existing HID3D model that is formatted as Genesis 8.1. How would I go about doing this?

  • Zev0Zev0 Posts: 6,653
    Hi. Script only works on genesis 8, not 8.1
  • PeanutbuttonPeanutbutton Posts: 20

    I am having some real problems with mine its not finding the skin not even adding layers freckles etc. infact it just keeps dialing round then I have to restart my pc! I have even reinstalled  Daz studio & content everything :C reinstalled from scratch still nothing I got a feeling its my genesis 8  because when I even load make up she turns white I must have uninstalled her about 20 times still the same how do I get in touch with daz about this? My son who btw is tech in computers can not figure it out when he browse to folder its all in there but it is just not working it keeps saying missing torso then face & just goes on like that with no change?  Any advice I would be grateful :C

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    Is their a instuction manual for this product you can post me a link to. I have been looking for hours and can't find it if it exists. When I go to apply the makeup it won't save on my characters. I think this may be I need to do complex file saving operations on the utilities save skin tab. I have no idea what exactly I need to do with that and I'm not about to monkey with my daz folders blind like that. quite frankly I'm extremly irriated this product didn't come with a user or instution manual that I can find seeing how I had no problems using all the other skin builders I bought every one for every version of genisis female. But then just 8 is all complicated for no reason without any kind of easy to find instuction manual. [Sigh]

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  • LeanaLeana Posts: 9,753

    User manual is installed with the product, path is <install_directory>/People/Genesis 8 Female/Materials/Skin Builder 8/Resources/Skin Builder 8 UserGuide.pdf

  • TimotheusTimotheus Posts: 160

    What is the minimum version of Daz Studio required for full support (including the custom torso UV for genitalia)? I ask because I am seeing different results between 4.10 and 4.20, and that's with the completed character. The genitalia material preset I made works fine in 4.20 but appears white in 4.10 (even though the UV is there and all the image maps are there, too). The only difference is the Daz Studio version. Any thoughts?


  • TimotheusTimotheus Posts: 160

    So it apparently is not related to DS version, as a tester has reproduced the issue in DS 4.20.

    When the genitalia material is applied, the anatomy is just white. This is using the SB8 torso UV, and I have verified that it's there. All the other maps are there, too. Anyone know why the material wouldn't be working?


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