Skin Builder 8 Merchant Resource for Genesis 8 Female (Commercial)



  • MelanieL said:

    Knittingmommy said:

    That's so weird that others can see this and I can't. At least others can see it in the store, so it must not be an issue.

    ETA: I do use that and I have it set so I can see all products.

    I see you have the "Mature" filter set to off - maybe Skin Gen 8 is marked as "adult"? 

    Ah! That was the issue. I usually have that set to show mature content. Not sure why I didn't today. Not sure why Skin Builder 8 is set to mature content and Skin Builder 3 is not. I wouldn't think either one should be set to mature content. However, if I set to show mature content then Skin Builder 8 does show up. I might have to see if I can turn that off because, honestly, I don't like having that particular filter. I'd rather see everything in the store. I can't even think of a single thing in the Daz store that needs to be set as mature given the rules in place for promos.

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  • Ok so I've tried everything I can think of at this point and cannot for the life of me find a solution. I recently tried using skin builder 8 again and for whatever reason it is not building skins properly. it gets stuck on "skin builder is busy with a task" and never actually completes the skin build I left it going for literally two hours once with no change, It leaves textures unfilled, such as the translucency color and I'm sure there are other issues as well that I'm not seeing right off the bat. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling skin builder, even a fresh install of daz itself and nothing has fixed this issue. The weird part is that on my laptop's install of daz skin builder works completely fine so I cannot figure out what the issue is. Is it some kind of weird hardware issue?? 

  • I would like to use SB8 to make an asian skin mat what combinations of sliders within skin builder would I need to use to get it?

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