Skin Builder 8 Merchant Resource for Genesis 8 Female (Commercial)



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    Hello, When I click to generate base skin, I always get the message "Failed to save image file...." and when I look in the temporary directory it is empty. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and I have also tried changing the temp directory to a new one. I am using a base genisis 8 female and I have the Iray box selected at the top. Any suggestions?

  • Lothar WeberLothar Weber Posts: 1,426

    Any plans on doing a separate G8.1F version?

  • Zev0Zev0 Posts: 6,468

    No, none planned. We might have another approach we exploring.

  • Lothar WeberLothar Weber Posts: 1,426

    Zev0 said:

    No, none planned. We might have another approach we exploring.

    Great to hear ;-) 

  • Zev0 said:

    did the same and no seams. Version 1.3 is the most stable version. I wouldn't use version 1.1 or 1.2.

    back again. turning off spectral rendering fixed gthe seams issue . odd  it only happens with pale/while. someone wil have too explaoin that to me 

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    I'm fairly new to DAZ, and truth be told, I didn't read all the posts above, so you may have addressed this issue already ...


    My Newbie inexperience has made me totally useless in applying SKIN systems to the classic Genesis 8 figures.

    Your SB8 package is delightfully straight-forward (although the reverse-color TANLINE operation is counter-intuitive), and I have GREAT SUCCESS with using it..



    The process only works with FEMALES (duh).

    Are you going to create an equivilent asset utility for Genesis 8 MALES in the foreseeable future?

    It would be heaven if you would.

    Or maybe you know of a Utility or trick that can allow SB8 to work on G8 MALES? Given my limited knowledge on UVs, I assume that cannot be easily done.


    Kit Werecat








  • carrie58carrie58 Posts: 3,133

    If you have the UV swap then save out your SB8 skin as a material preset you could put that on the male figure  I think


  • Is there a way to create scales with sb8
  • brucek5brucek5 Posts: 8

    Skin Buider always starts with a new skin, but what if I want to only modify and existing charater skin and not start from scratch?

  • Zev0Zev0 Posts: 6,468
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    The overlay options can be applied to other character base skins. You do not always have to use the new base skins provided in SB8. Just skip the skin tab and start from overlays onwards.

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