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    Will be watching your thread for reviews of the new animation tools in the latest beta.

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    Hi Diomede,

    yes the new tools are very promising.. Daz Still has to make few improvements to the timeline. but I am really concentrating on the new IK chain system and how to use it as a hard surface tool .. there is a few issues so far  with how you have to manually parent each chain to a hard surface prop, and I have not even begin to try the ik chain tools with deforce items  I'm taking one thing at a time the timeline is pretty easy its the same as Animate2 timeline combined graph editor with the keyframe editor all in as one I just wish there were some view timeline tool options .

    It will properly be a slow process because I learn these things as I am actually creating animations learn by doing.  and I am currently working on a exotic pole dancer animation for a Adult fantasy animation contest at renderotica so 1 thing at a 

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    Please ignore this post.

    These are just screen shots for helpng someone with FXB a maya model into daz .

    Sorry to make you look for nothing

    1917 x 1029 - 208K
    1868 x 1000 - 212K
    1912 x 1052 - 226K
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    last one i promise


    1917 x 1036 - 219K
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    My first Daz Studio12   Animated demo completely keyframed in daz & rendered in Iray. 

    content used is on the description on the films page

    click pic to play

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    Ivy said:

    Can you tell me if the 3 main characters (2 female and 1 male) are available in the Daz 3D store?


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    Lill Miss Muffet
    who was sitting on her tuffet thinking of what she could do that day.

    Along came a spider and sat down beside her and.

    AHHHHHGH !!!
    Scared Lill Miss Muffet away.

    Little Miss Muffet.jpg
    2300 x 2500 - 832K
    little miss muffet 2.jpg
    2300 x 2500 - 833K
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