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    Trick Reflections

    Cool question, neat answer by Richard Haseltine. If you want someone looking into something (say water) and want a DIFFERENT reflection staring back....

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    Just a reminder to check on this thread over in New Users. It has all the video tutorials I am doing. Scott-Livingston and Szark check them for me and help tweak (as I am a newbie) and I'm working my way through from start to complicated- the latest one is pose presets. I'm working on five things at once for you so be sure and scroll BACK through these threads (I'll remind you) as I'll have to fill in some blanks with the renders. I'm doing the making a water/plane thingie at the moment.

    The using Pose Presets video was just added. Watch it to see what you can do with poses, why you might want to consider them, and watch me flash through a bunch of them and you'll see what you can do. FUN!!!! (And I just plopped Aiko 5 on a Bog Flea and will show you that AFTER I get done with the water tutorial...)

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    Oh, I just can't stand it. This was so much fun, I can't wait to post it. It's SO silly. A ninja on a Bog Flea. (great product by the way, the back is indented and PERFECT for a rider.) Here's my point which I discussed in the Pose Preset video-

    THINK OF POSE PRESETS AS A JUMPSTART. I didn't use them until now, because I thought, "It won't be my render if someone else is doing the posing." (My middle name is "Ego.") Well, how silly is that logic when I am using products made by other people, and tweaking them- just like I would be doing with poses?

    If you are not grabbing poses when they are on sale, please think again. OMGosh, I am having SO much fun- and I'd like for the current batch of newbies NOT to miss out like I did. Here's Aiko 5 on her pet Bog Flea, with the preset pose circled for you to see. I have NOT POSED THE SWORD IN THE HAND so don't tell me she isn't gripping it- I know that. I'll get to that later- she is going to be staring into a light, but that's a whole different thing. Note the arm holding the sword has been changed- it's been raised up. Using the preset allowed me to quickly get her into place and make that change. Also, her hand on the Bog Flea has been pulled out and the hand spread out (you can't really see that.) Again, this jumpstarted the posing!

    I just wanted you to....


    Currently, the holding the umbrella poses are on sale. Let's look at that and see what you can do without the umbrella, or the rain. (Next post.)

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    TIP: When Sliders Won't Work On Clothing...

    BTW, the outfit is Way Of The Shinobi. You'll love it- no poke through on Aiko 5, pictured. On a thread, I wondered why I couldn't get the vest to respond to the sliders- it's because it was made to go over the "shirt." Don't know why there are sliders if they don't work- but if you can't get them to respond, one reason could be the piece is meant to be the top layer and it won't let you mess with it. News to me, so sharing it with you.

    Thanks for the info Scorpio64dragon!

    See photo and discussion:

    Now on to the umbrella poses. What can these be used for? Get creative!
    Photos 1, 2, and 3 are baseball- batter up! #2 can also be drawing back a weapon. #4 is a fighting pose where that person is sadly not winning! Or they are falling backwards off a cliff, ledge, or just plain ol' being shoved!

    Next set- #5 is great for reaching up to turn off a light, reaching up to fix a patio umbrella, trying to get a cat off a lower tree limb.
    Number 6, no inspiration at the moment. What do YOU think? Number 7 can also be used for getting the cat- more like bribing- and don't laugh (well, go ahead) number 7 is also feeding a giraffe! (or elephant.) #8 is talking to someone in a high cab of a truck and holding a package they just delivered.(can do that with #7 too)

    You do the rest! :)
    These are only $1.99 if you are a Platinum Club member. And because they are for Genesis, they can work with your other Genesis figures! (BTW, if you aren't a PC member...what are you THINKING? You can recoup the initial cost so quickly that it isn't funny! We get bundles for $4.20 that are $70 up, special deals, freebies- take a peek at the PC section and drool. Think $1.99.... and there is an $85 and $80 bundle for that right now... NINETY EIGHT PERCENT OFF!!!!.)

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    BTW, the pose shown is from "Aiko 5." That comes with SO many great poses! Reminder: when you shop, be sure and scroll down on the Product Page and click on what's included. I wasn't paying enough attention to poses- they are GOLD in some cases. Thank you to the vendors who toss those in- they really can bring the characters to life quickly and give a great starting point! I'll do a few for you from the Aiko 5 product after I save my flea scene. (Why not, it's only 4:30am and I haven't gotten any sleep yet...)

    I WILL APPLY SOME OF THESE TO MY BOG FLEA AIKO so you can see them. Back in awhile.

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    I received a request last weekend to give some easy lighting tips for the way I do it to start off- and so we'll do that as a tutorial with the Bog Flea. (As long as you keep in mind this is my way on how to get STARTED) So we're going to cover the Bog Flea + Aiko 5 pose presets, and lighting. Here's your challenge newbies-

    Use 2 figures. Use ONLY 3 lights- but make them ALL SPOT LIGHTS. See how you do! Don't get overwhelmed with mixing lights- play with one type and get GOOD at it. I'm not half bad at spotlights / point lights / distant lights- but LOVE those spotlights. (It's now 6:45am and I have to get some sleep, but I'll get you started. Check back tonight! But let me show you the FINISHED (quickie) product that only took 25 minutes to figure out as a starting point.)

    And go back to the Aiko 5 poses and find this pose- it's a preset. All I did was move the hand on the hip out VERY slightly as the sash was going through it. Didn't change finger poses, nada.

    BE SURE AND CLICK TO ENLARGE to see the details. It's just precious! I just couldn't stop when I saw the look on that flea's face. Can everyone say, "Awwwwwww...."

    "I'm sorry, but you weren't invited..."

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    Using Cameras To Place Lights

    When you're starting out, you may not know, or forget, that you can select a view other than perspective/top/ whatever- and that you can actually choose the LIGHT's view. In other words, what your light it pointing at, you see your scene like you ARE the light. Now let's get one thing clear though (and this messed brilliant me up BIG time) ....

    TIP: Get a perspective VIEW where you want your first light. Because you can choose to locate it there!
    Seriously, it's the EASIESTway to place lights.

    1. Use Perspective view and get the view you'd have if you were your first spotlight. Pretend you are the light. What do you want to shine on?

    2. Be sure you're in the Lights And Camera mode- and shut OFF that lightbulb which is the default light. It will go black.

    3. Go up to the left corner and click CREATE- and select Spotlight.

    4. In the popup, select "Apply Active Viewport Transforms-Perspective View"

    5 Voila, you now have a spotlight shining on what you're looking at. Painless, wasn't it? But you'll need to fine tune it.

    6. In your Scene tab, ensure Spotlight 1 is selected (it will be at the bottom of your list, click on it.) This means that when we go to Parameters (next step) we are viewing sliders for that spotlight. Also go out and change your view (click the Perspective view and a dropdown will appear) to Spotlight 1. You are now looking at the scene from your spotlight camera- again, like YOU are the light. What you are seeing (the view) is what the spotlight is shining on.

    7. Go to Parameters. Trust me now- Click on LIGHT and make it a bright GLOWING PINK. Turn up the intensity to 150% or higher. Look and see what you are lighting in the scene. Narrow your Spread Angle (under Light) to 50-60%. You can spread it back out later.

    8. Move your light USING THE PARAMETERS TAB sliders. Use the XYZ translation and rotation sliders, play with them. Be sure and check from the top view and side view (again, out in the viewport, where it says Perspective, you can click and the drop down will give you different options on looking at your scene. Remember you are in Spotlight 1 mode, seeing the scene like you are the spotlight.) You might think you have your spotlight lined up but a different angle will surprise you.

    9. In Parameters, go to Shadows and set it to raytracing, I start with a softness of 25% to 35% and work up from there. Also go in the Light and now pick your color (use bluish white for moonlight, colder surfaces- and peach, pale yellow, warm colors for sunsets, outdoors with sun, etc.) I keep spotlight one very light.

    10. Fine tune your Spread Angle (under Light) and the intensity. SPOT RENDER. Take things out of the scene that you aren't lighting (close the eye in Scene Tab of those items) to speed up your RENDER. Test your light.

    In my scene, Spotlight one is coming from Aiko's right, behind her slightly. All light will be forward of the Bog Flea.

    And remember, when spot rendered/ rendered, your scene will NOT look the same. Mine are usually darker.

    Here's a few images to help you along (it's 9am and I HAVE to get some sleep, but I'll show you later what it looked like to add lights 2 and 3. Then I'll fine tune the scene this weekend and take you through it.)

    EDIT: It is very, very important for you new folks to know that what you see in the viewport will NOT be what you get when rendered. Scroll back and forth between just these two photos. Look at her boots and the other lit surfaces that you would assume are NOT lit just based on your viewport.

    IMAGE ONE: Spotlight 1 from behind Aiko. Focus is the face and NOT to get Aiko in it. I want this to be a soft impression, not the main light source. Used a very faint bluish white.

    IMAGE TWO: RENDERED. Only spotlight 1.

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    Let's continue with Spotlight 2.

    TIP:Bringing in Spotlight 2 where Spotlight 1 is located t is particularly helpful if you want to locate it directly across from Spotlight 1 on the other side. All you do is slide it over.

    Instead of using the Perspective View, I normally stack Spotlight 2 where Spotlight 1 is, then move from there. I often use this method instead of a distant light (and add it later as a dim filler light.)

    1. Select Spotlight 1 in Scene tab. (This ensures you can pick it as the option for step 2.)

    2. Create Spotlight 2 (Create > New Spotlight) and instead of choosing the Perspective transforms, chose Spotlight 1. Now your Spotlight 2 is also where Spotlight 1 is located. (PHOTO 1)

    3. Change your view (out in the viewport) to Spotlight 2. (PHOTO 2.)

    4. I slid it over to the left. PHOTO 3 is the view of Spotlight 2, looking through the camera. Neat, eh? You can place your spotlights similar to these and then play with the intensity. More on that later. Remember, this is just to place them and play- fine tune later.

    Look at the difference between just having one spotlight, and adding the second one. We ARE going to soften the second one when we add the third, but I'll bring the intensity up to somewhere between that later on. See the next post for one spotlight and then both spotlights. Spotlight 3 coming this evening. Good night at 10am, lol!

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    Here they both are. These are rendered, not spot rendered. First photo Spotlight 1. Second photo Spotlight 1 and 2. I softened the second light in the next render, but you may decide you like the sharpness/ bright and keep a higher intensity.

    EDIT: When doing your lighting, you have to already have a good idea:
    1. what mood you want
    2. what needs to be lit to get that mood-what is the center of attention.

    Note Aikos face is not lit. She is not important. Sorry, Aiko. The flea's expression is the focus. Bringing in the third light will be for Aiko, but it will be soft. (Go back up and look at the very first one I posted ( Aiko is a supporting figure.


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    To continue- When I added Spotlight 3, I softened Spotlight 1 from 120 percent down to 70, and it's shadow softtness was only 20% so I upped it to 50%. I'll be bringing some of these intensities back up as I rather like the bolder light, but you're seeing this as I was experimenting (which is what you'll do over and over again, tweak, tweak, tweak...)

    Adding Spotlight 3:

    1. Be sure Spotlight 2 is selected in Scene tab. (So you have the option to place #3 where it is. When you have the previous one selected, the popup has it as a choice. We did this when we added Spotlight 2, you had Spotlight 1 selected in Scene.)

    2. Create>New Spotlight then choose COPY SELECTED ITEM Spotlight 2. Now your Spotlight 3 is exactly where #2 is. I slid it over to the left.

    3. Go into your view (out int the viewport, by the cube) and select Spotlight 3. Now you are looking at the flea from the light's point of view. This is what will be lit. (PHOTO 1)

    4. In Parameters, again pick a hot pink color and turn up the intensity to see where your light is, then make your adjustments. Don't forget to go in Shadow and set the raytraced and softness (start with 20, 30 ish. If you want harsher, crisper shadows, keep the number even lower.)

    PHOTO 2: This would be what you'd see if you were in Perspective view. I like to switch back and forth so I can see where the light is pointing. And I check Top View too.

    We'll continue in the next post, but want to keep these two photos separate. We're going to tweak these lights and add Spotlight 4 (I already have) with another color!

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    TIP: Turn OFF Your Lights!

    Once you get your lights where you THINK you want them (or in the general vicinity) then turn off your lights. ALL OF THEM. See how they impact each other, and most importantly, where they OVERLAP. Here's how I tested mine:
    S=spotlight, so S1 is spotlight one, etc

    S1 on, all others off.
    S2 on, all others off.
    S3 on, all others off.
    S1 and S2 on, 3 is off
    S1 and S3 on, 2 is off.
    S2 and S3 on, 1 is off.

    Move your lights so you use "overlap" the way you want to. Overlap can be good if you want to mix colors, say a peach with a blue, and have a nice transition. Remember sets in math class? Where one group is inside another one? You might want one small spotlight area nestled inside a bigger, broader spotlight. By turning off your lights, you can use overlap quite effectively.

    Shown below-only Spotlight 3 and with lights off (Pitch black.) I'm really fine tuning Aiko's face, and I don't want much of that light onto the flea's face.
    NOTE: the white ball is NOT on Aiko's shirt. That would create a bright light focus. I put the white ball past Aiko so it's more of a perimeter lighting instead of a direct hit on the shirt. (At least that's how it appeared to work, lol)

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    Here are three together so you can compare.

    Photo 1 is Spotlight 2 bright. (which I decided I like and will increase the intensity back towards this, but not AS bright)

    Photo 2 is Spotlight 2 with less intensity. I am going to go for something in-between.

    Photo 3 is with Spotlight 3 added.

    THESE ARE RENDERS, not spot renders.

    EDIT: I tried putting a light color for diffuse, specular, and ambient, and even with the lights turned WAY up in intensity and using very vibrant colors, it didn't make that much of a difference- the colors barely show. Will have to explore that a bit when I have more time. Need to wrap this up by adding the rest of the lights.

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    TIP: Light Camera MOVES The Light, Isn't Just A View
    Oh, you're going to LOVE this.
    This is why I am glad I am documenting what I do- I just learned something that went against everything I thought. But I hadn't really tried it.

    I'm sure you knew this- but I did NOT, even after doing three or four renders. You see, I use the Perspective view and the spotlight VIEW to see where the light is. I would change the light WHILE IN PERSPECTIVE VIEW. I thought the Parameters tab was where you MOVED the light, and the view was just that- the view. actually MOVE THE LIGHT too- in the VIEW (camera) (Embarrassment...) Since I had not moved the camera around when in the Spotlight 1(etc) camera view, I did not know changing it when using a light, would change the position! This opens up an entirely speedy way to do the lights, you do not HAVE to use Parameters.

    I don't feel too bad, I checked with others who have more experience and they weren't sure right away either. I think when you get the mindset of camera "view" that can throw you. That's what this thread does, it helps me learn and shows you what I don't know, lol! (see my motto below- how true.)

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    So here's the last adjustments, and need to get back to the water tutorial and other videos. The intensities were as follows:
    S1 77.8%
    S2 65.7%
    S3 59%

    the color was a light blue 29/230/255

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    Reminders / Tips From May 8
    Cruised through the forums and consolidated these tidbits for you...

    Downloading and Installing DAZ Studio by Scott-Livingston

    Reminder on loading materials
    If you're doing more clicks than you should to load materials from the Smart Content section, let Jaderail show you the 1-2-3 steps. Thanks Jaderail!

    Facial Expressions For Genesis
    One quick reminder- for expressions, you must have more than the figure selected. It needs to be the HEAD. Check this thread for product recommendations.

    What IS That Black Circle Under The Feet?
    Szark can tell you!

    Mottled Skin With UberEnvironment- Solution
    Jaderail and SimonJM to the rescue...

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    Tip: Look At These Shader Products
    Although I would love to copy/paste, since it is in a restricted forum, I can't. Thanks for pointing this out Anikad :)
    Thanks to zigraphix and Cybersox13, you get a really nice list of shaders. Anyone know any more great sets, be sure and pop over and add to the list. :)

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    Is that link going to the Members forum? You might want to specify it's a link only pc members can view.

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    anikad said:
    Is that link going to the Members forum? You might want to specify it's a link only pc members can view.
    Yes it does and good point.
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    Tip from old baldy (still) If you do not have this one yet.

    How to save Resources for render time and maybe get just that one other item into a scene.

    This is not a maybe but a ALL users should do this: When you have clothed, armored or otherwise covered most of a Figure, any figure Genesis V4 or other, expand the figure and use the EYE to turn OFF as many of the body parts as you can for your Render. And this is why, at render time the Render engine must calculate Lighting, Shadows, textures, Bump and other Maps before the render takes place. Any Item hidden is not seen by the render engine and will be ignored thus leaving more ram free for other uses.

    For Props and Sets, Before you do a finial render do a low render pass with the lowest settings you can. Then follow these rules:
    Turn OFF any items from the set NOT in the camera view that do not cast a needed shadow or cast a reflection needed in the finished render. I suggest many lowres passes and you soon will have trimmed your total scene down to just the NEEDED parts. The advantages to this are two fold, one the same as above, and two your Render TIMES will speed up as those off Camera Shadows are not calculated.

    I hope you and other users find this Info useful.

    EDIT: The Hide Parts is also a good way to stop Poke through in most cases if it does not cause a render problem.

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    Thanks Jaderail :)

    Installing DAZ Studio, Step By Step
    Although I assume if you're on this thread, you're up and running. But if not...
    In the new user forum, people are still having trouble installing the studio. Reminder- Scott-L will walk you through it.

    Reorganizing content
    And I've still to reorganize mine, but here's another thread on that by Szark. (I think I posted a different thread from more recently) I'll get around to it one day...

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    This is a list of SOME of the links from my thread. Feel free to link to this post but please do NOT copy/paste this list into another thread, as permission is not given to use my thread material (with the exception of sharing a couple links as related to a topic. .)

    If you want to contribute other links to helpful forum threads on "how to" or "solving this problem..." (including sites with tutorials- not commercially oriented unless it solves a problem posted on the forum) feel free to post. I'll be editing this post as I add threads. I'll put the date of the latest post (from this thread) that I have gotten to- at the top. Working my way through :)

    New links will have their own post- you don't need to worry about finding the latest here- but they WILL be added here.

    Gotten through: page 14 May 5th
    New In August 2013: To help you explore new links, they are added to the list below but also here at the top.

    Vegetation-TreeSketch for iPad:
    Mirrors- Making Reflections: (Tutorial by Maclean)
    Groups: Creating:
    Posing: Saving Expressions Only
    Lighting: Portraits
    Deep Shadow Map: What Is It?
    Point Cloud Render Script: Explanation of Settings:
    Novica's Lights Test- See What The Sets Do From World Center (0/0/0)
    Content Creation Guide By Hellboy
    UberEnvironment2 Tutorial By Omnifreaker:
    Dust Shader: (By Kesh)
    Movement Morphs: Unfollow Legs From Skirt:
    Surfaces- Create Your Own
    PDF: Creating Water From ShareCG
    Lighting: Sub Surface Scattering: RawArt Tutorial:
    Depth Of Field: Best Render Settings

    Installing DAZ Studio Step By Step

    Ambient Occlusion / Global Illumination

    Images: JPGs, PNGs, GIFs
    Zoom Background And Character- Same Time!
    Getting Lighting To Match It:

    Bump Maps
    What It Is For:
    Bump maps and shaders:

    Bundle lists: (bundle items now listed In Product Library)

    Camera: Resetting

    Character Creation
    Create Genesis Partial Body Morph (RKane_1 Tutorial)
    Create Genesis Full Body Morph (RKane_1 Tutorial)
    Thread With Tutorials:

    Character/Figure Hierarchy
    Explanation Of The Generations:


    Content Database Maintenance
    Resetting (If Numbers Are Missing):

    Creating Products
    Content Creation Guide By Hellboy:

    Custom MATS
    Creating MATS:

    Depth Of Field
    Best Render Settings

    Creating For People: (In German, just watch it- you'll learn how!)
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:
    Carnite's Video Tutorial For Landscapes:
    For Clothing:
    For Clothing:

    Dream Home: Script To Load Each Room To World Base (000)

    What It Is And Does:

    Dynamic Clothing
    Poser Vs DAZ:
    History Of It:

    Eyes-Following A Null:
    Eyes-Following The Camera:

    Face-Only Presets

    Genesis Content Creation Guide By Hellboy:
    Generations Guide:

    How To Create:

    Hair: Methods Of Fitting To Head

    Keyboard Shortcuts
    For Default Camera:

    Adding To Diffuse:

    Large Scenes
    Quickly Navigating To Your Objects:

    Layer Image Editor
    What It Is, How To Use:

    Layout (DAZ Studio)
    Fixing Accidental Pane Closings:

    Add A Light-Create Vs Merge (Presets):
    3D Delight Surface and Lighting Thread:
    Cameras And Lights: (Maclean)

    Dust Shader: (By Kesh)
    Lighting Contest: Good Links:
    Lighting: Portraits:
    UberEnvironment2 Tutorial By Omnifreaker:

    Lights Editor and Lights Presets(Documentation Center):

    Novica's Lights Test- See What The Sets Do From World Center (0/0/0)

    Point Lights: The Basics (Tutorial By Szark):
    Spotlights: How Many Can Be In Viewport?
    Sub Surface Scattering: RawArt Tutorial:
    Tips By Zigraphix:
    Uber Area Lighting- The Basics: (Szark)
    Uber Area Lighting- Making A Surface Glow:
    *See also UberEnvironment 2

    Luxus and LuxRender
    Setup In Studio:

    Organizing Content
    Outside Content Folder:

    Materials, Textures, Surfaces, Shaders
    Adjust Poser Material Settings In DS: (old forum, loads slowly)
    Clarifying terms: UV Maps, Materials, Textures:
    Clarifying terms: UV Maps, Materials, Textures:
    Difference Between Materials and Surfaces:
    Human Surface Shader (Quick Guide):
    Marieah's Shaders:
    Tips On Surfaces / Materials / Shaders:

    Cheetah3D For MAC Users:
    Curvy3D review:
    Curvy3D review:
    Modeling Hair In Hexagon (By Valea)
    Vegetation-TreeSketch for iPad:

    Movement Morphs: Unfollow Legs From Skirt:

    Motion Blur

    Mirrors- Making Reflections:
    Tutorial By Maclean

    Pattern Cooler Tutorial By Barbult
    Tutorial By Barbult:

    Point Cloud Render Script
    Explanation of Settings:

    Working With:

    Pose Presets-Prevent From Going World Center:
    Pose Presets-Prevent From World Center- And Another Tip By Szark:
    Posing: Saving Expressions Onl:y

    Rendering and Spot Rendering:
    Spot Rendering:

    A Set:

    What Is A Shader?/ pwSurface2 product:

    Shadow Softness/Bias Settings:
    Deep Shadow Map: What Is It?

    Skin Colors Using Surfaces Tab: (Examples By Carola)

    Adding A Smoothing Modifier:
    Adding A Smoothing Modifier: Reference 2:
    "Puffing Out" Your Outfit:

    Special Effects

    Supersuit: ReMap To Fix Overlapping Problem:

    UberSurface and SubSurface Scattering Explanations/ Use:
    Create Your Own

    Surface Tab

    Universal Tool Cube (My name for it)

    UberEnvironment 2
    UberEnvironment Basics:
    UberEnvironment2 IBL Map Fix Script:
    (UE2 axis is off by 35%, has been for years, still not fixed as of Aug 2013.)

    UberSurface And Sub Surface Scattering

    Versions: Updated List

    How To Make:
    How To Fine Tune, More Tips:
    List Of Stock Images:
    PDF: Creating Water From ShareCG

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    I rarely post to strongly recommend to new folks what to buy- but this is pretty good if you want to have cheaper products to experiment with lighting and posing. And I just released a preset posing video a few days ago on this very topic. I am working on a lighting video at this very moment and it will use PRESET POSES to test the lights.

    TIP: Buy Preset Poses To Experiment With Posing AND LIGHTING!

    When you buy preset poses (if you don't know what they are, and I didn't even try them until last week) all you do is click and they are applied. THEN YOU CAN CHANGE THEM. Well, how does this relate to lighting?

    1. First of all, you can set up a pose faster and spend more time on lighting.

    2. Second, you can zip in with a preset pose closest to what you want (say standing, sitting, stretching, reaching) and see if any of your preset LIGHTS or lighting in the scene the way you THINK you're going to do it- will work.

    3. That may help you rethink the pose and save you some time. And another preset might help you brainstorm different options that you may not have even considered! I've got a gal stretched out on a cannon that would have been sitting up (boring) otherwise. I completely changed the arms, the hands, the head- but boom! She was laying down and her legs are perfect- SO much fun! And I could check the lighting from different angles so quickly!

    And do remember- Read my earlier posts about the umbrella poses- you can use these for purposes other than what they are intended! Hold a sword? Nah, make it a baseball bat...

    Okay, have I convinced you? Here's what's on sale RIGHT NOW. Don't let the titles fool you. Don't think, "I don't have Aiko 5.... I don't have...." READ THE DESCRIPTIONS! All these work with Genesis!

    The price I am seeing is 58% off, only $4.18. (And yes, I have this one and the next!) Fantasy Poses For Aiko 5

    Also 58% off- Forever Fantasy Poses (Aiko 5) $4.60

    Michael 5 poses, also 58% Fantasy Warrior Poses

    I'm buying! Look how many poses you get! 40%, $6.47
    Masters of Fantasy 2 Poses

    EDIT: This was just the female results (they had women in them) and here's a few more:

    2.99 and 73% off- Vignettes For Poolside (And a Daz Original, in case you have a code)

    This is not a pose but a facial- Making Faces For Aiko 5 58% off, only $3.34

    Platinum Club is 1.99 for Vignettes for Cheirocrates

    Another 1.99 Platinum Club- Moonshines Diner Exterior Poses for V4 and M4 (And Interior Poses)

    Another 1.99 Platinum Club- Hot Tub Pergola Poses

    and there are a lot more for Platinum Club. Have you joined? :)

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    Deep space action $5.97 is another interesting pose pack

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,841
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    anikad said:
    Deep space action $5.97 is another interesting pose pack

    I had missed that one, thanks Anikad! Just added it to my cart!

    I shared this on another thread but might as well go ahead and put it here (as I was going to later tonight)
    Here is a sneak preview of the PRESET POSES combined with FOUR SPOTLIGHTS and what you can do in- yes- 20 minutes. Here you go, meet Sophia for V4.2 and Genesis.

    The promo DOES NOT DO HER JUSTICE. She looks like Ellie Mae from the Beverly Hillbillies. Mine sure doesn't!

    Keep in mind these are showing what 4 spotlights look like without any changes, regardless of whether there should be. The point is- this is what you'd have to START from. Yippee! (And some I wouldn't change very much.) I think the lights work better for the sitting ones.

    The video will show you how to set up these lights, what the settings are, etc. Newbies, trust me- if you are brand new, you can do this and get these results in 20 minutes. Promise. Then tweak from there! (And of course, I'll show you how!)

    EDIT: I really, really, really, want you to consider presets. Take a look at the last photo and the other one with her hand in her hair. That is the SAME preset as both her hands on her lap. I moved the hand and made it totally different! Pose presets can be "done, that's that" or a starting point.

    1356 x 1084 - 607K
    1356 x 1084 - 218K
    1356 x 1084 - 418K
    1356 x 1084 - 211K
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    Although this isn't a composition post, see what you think of the various angles. What appeals to you?
    And I need some help from you lurkers (yep, with over 5000 views, you're out there.) Here's my question-
    I saw a thread about getting rid of the nose glow, you know- from inside the nostrils. How?
    For those of you who haven't done extreme closeup of your character, try it and see if you get that glow. Need to know how to make it go bye bye!

    I really like the lighting on the 4th one. Haven't even tweaked any of these, but that one caught my eye.
    Enjoy! I've been awake since 4pm yesterday (It's been 24 hours) so gotta snooze. Sofia does not need nose glow. Help!

    EDIT: Picture 2 shows you how the preset loaded, note the hand holding the knee isn't right. Photos 3, 4, 5 is after it was slightly adjusted.

    1356 x 1084 - 250K
    1356 x 1084 - 241K
    1356 x 1084 - 230K
    1356 x 1084 - 217K
    1356 x 1084 - 186K
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    Good heavens, I'll never get anything done. I start in on a tutorial and then think, "Oh, I'll explore this for them..." and off I go. This was SUPPOSED to be just a simple four spotlights for the video, then I thought about a suggestion (maybe a tip, if people want to use it) I wanted to include...then anothersuggestion for the background.... so I added the FIRST background I came to- and what a nice surprise. This table came fully loaded!

    Then...yes, the table came fully loaded. You think this looks easy? HUH. The background can't compete with the main subject if you want the main subject to be the focus. The Surface tab is my best friend. Many things had to be diffused and ambient darkened, and.... well, you get the idea.

    Here's one tip from 2D art: (applies here)
    The Masters were known for putting the highlights from the hair into the clothing and background to tie it in. Well, she's got purple and pink hair. So the candle point light (the round ball light that you park on top of candles to "glow") is purple, not yellow. Look at the items on the table below the candles.

    The end of the table glows with the pink/purple, and of course, her outfit. I've done 9 hours of experimenting/rendering/changing and will do the tutorial here in addition to maybe in video form. Here's the last render. (STILL WIP, want to soften some of that light on the hand) Headed to the barn (7am) to give Nova breakfast and go riding before it gets too hot. Summer coming fast in Florida- and I don't ride in 105 degree heat (or more) indexes so enjoying it now. Back in a few hours. :)

    Meanwhile, there are EIGHT spotlights. Pros will probably know where, newbies, try to guess. There are dark grays, blues, peaches, corals, pink, light blues...

    1356 x 1084 - 452K
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    great color scheme - very nice render :)

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,841
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    Thanks Ivy :) I've got to see which lights are overlapping and making that hand so bright- or if it's the light's position. Still fiddlin'. I plopped her in the silver outfit as the focus is on lighting and experimenting with spotlights (for that part of the scene. Not sure what I'll do to experiment with the table contents. Point light already over at the candles.)

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    TIP: Floaters / Resting Arms On Tables
    We've all had those "floaters." You know, the elbows that appear to be on the table- until you rotate your view.... the hand that is nestled against the cheek....until you rotate the view..... the foot that....well, you get the idea.

    1. Rotate your view. Fix. Rotate again to check. I haven't done any pinning yet- I'm getting comfortable and fairly fast at zooming to move body parts, lol- but pinning body parts keeps them from high-tailing it when you move another body part. Anyone seen a good thread on how to do pinning? I'll search for some tips/info and get back to it.

    2. SCALE / ROTATE YOUR TABLES if you can't get that elbow to rest on or against it in the upright position. My character is resting against the table, her elbow isn't ON it. She's using it briefly for support, she's not STAYING in that position. You don't always sit elbows or arms on tables- think about it. You rest against things too. Always keep in mind what your character is doing- this gal is going to be changing position shortly. (Because I say so!)

    3. Prioritize your view that you are going to render. If you just can't get that object/body part perfect from every view, well, give it your best shot then get it fixed for your render view.

    By scaling the table, her arm fit nicely against it. At full size, it was going through it no matter how I turned the table. Speaking of which....

    Your tables don't have to be exactly parallel with your person. People don't sit down that way in the floor, we twist and turn and are fluid.

    503 x 1284 - 65K
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    TIP: Consider Getting Textures Even If You Don't Have Main Product...

    I do have a suggestion based on a pattern I've seen several times. Fortunately I didn't get caught off guard as I have a policy of doing this- thought I'd pass it along. This is for brand new newbies to think about- some of the rest of us do this fairly often-

    If the textures are on sale and you don't have the main item (what they are applied to) consider buying the textures anyway if you want the main product. I've seen DAZ put the item on sale the next day, or within the week. Doesn't happen every time, and it's sporadic, but it does happen. During the holidays last year it was happening often. And particularly the Fast Grabs at 70%- grab 'em!

    Case in point- right now. If you are going to buy one of the new purchases and that puts someone's store on sale for you- if you see a texture pack you really like for a product you don't have, get it if it's at the price you like. Wishlist the main product.

    TIP: Summer Beachwear- Family Friendly
    Speaking of textures- Take a look at and you'll get 40% off when you buy one of the new items. Summer is here and it's great beachwear. (Family friendly, and take a look at this set- you get 3 DIFFERENT styles)

    And the main set was also on sale too btw if you buy a new item. I did, because I've had my eye on this set and I'm not sure it will go higher than 40%. If it does within 30 days I'll file. You also get an cover shirt and sunhat. This is for Genesis too- love that!

    If you don't have the funds for both, you can pick up the textures only and wait. Or, wishlist both if you want to catch them at a better price. Just thought I'd point out this fun-for-summer set!

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