It's Raining Men - Forum Team Challenge to the Forum Community (winners announced)



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    Well, I published something called "It's Raining Men" on DeviantArt month and a half ago - I am pretty proud of it, but it wouldn't make to daz3d gallery: let's say there is no repurposed clothes there, because there are zero clothes between five male characters. Anyway, it is really raining now even here in California, so I decided to submit this sunny nostalgic scene.

  • vadimtvadimt Posts: 33

    I am not even sure whether this would qualify for the challenge - I already posted it on DA a month ago. But there are never too many sunny nostalgic images, so here it goes. 

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    Not an entry


    Was searching for something I had modeled a while ago and came across this genesis-based character I put together for the celebrity thread.  Here is a quick render of a demon on wheels.  Could probably do a much better job on the 5 car now.

    speed 1a.jpg
    800 x 1067 - 132K
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    Free Genesis 3 Eddie Maps
    Free one-light HDR environment image-based lighting
    Free Google Zync Arnold credits for rendering
    No postprocessing whatsoever

    If you are going to do a male study, please don’t make it about how a guy accessorizes

    This is a work in progress

    Want to see more ?

    720 x 1080 - 120K
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    This render challenge was made in response to several threads which were bemoaning the lack of quantity and variety in male clothing in the store, so therefore the emphasis is on the clothing, and encouraging people to kitbash or repurpose clothing for the male characters.

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    Yep, I'm of the bemoaning ones. I don't think many of us will be posting here, hence my "Want to see more ?".

    I guess not.

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    Very nice. By your post count, I gather you're new to the forums. Welcome to the madness. angel

    up4 said:

    If you are going to do a male study, please don’t make it about how a guy accessorizes

    Actually, this thread isn't a "male study."

    There is a "long" history that brought about this contest, started by a thread where one community member lamented the dearth of products, espcially clothing, supporting the male models, ( That thread also spawned the (Male) Content Creation Mutual Support Group Thread, (

    The problem is really one of supply and demand. Clothing products for the female models sell more copies, therefore making the PAs more money for the same effort as they put into male clothing. This contest is one of many ways to prove to those creating content that those of us buying content do indeed want more products for the men.

    So in a way, this contest is more of a study about "how a guy accessorizes!" laugh

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    Well that is not to say that we are excluding non-clothed, or clothed but not kit-bashed, renders though, as long as the renders are within the TOS.

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    up4 said:

    Yep, I'm of the bemoaning ones. I don't think many of us will be posting here, hence my "Want to see more ?".

    I guess not.

    Of course we want to see more! Have you discovered the Show Us Your Iray Renders thread yet? ( While we do concentrate on using the Iray render engine, there is a nice mix of useful information, answers to questions and georgeous renders. I think you'd feel right at home, and I hope to see you there.

    ETA: Whoops. I didn't mean to imply you shouldn't post in this thread, only that I think you'd enjoy the other thread as well.

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    RE: accessories.  The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.  laugh

    Mine was inspired by childhood memories.  I remain unabashed.  As they say in basketball, you can't stop me, you can only hope to contain me.


    @up4.  Add me to what L'Adair said, welcome to the forums.  Love your render.  Hope to see more. 

    speed checkered.jpg
    500 x 385 - 60K
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    In the spirit of Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre, here's FWSA Aiden for M7: Playing Portia.  Not so much a re-purposing but definitely a transfer of Medieval Princess for G3F, Nimue Hair for G2F and Glamorous Riva Accessories (necklace)

    Raining Men - Playing Portia.jpg
    768 x 1024 - 505K
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  • RAMWolffRAMWolff Posts: 10,157

    HAH.. I love that one! heart

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 33,604
    RAMWolff said:

    HAH.. I love that one! heart

    Yes indeed.  True Shakespearian theatre

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 7,223

    Thank you both smiley

  • MistaraMistara Posts: 38,675

    i'm tryin but his skin rendering orange, when i tint with blue he rendering purple >.<

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    Take me to churh 2.jpg
    3000 x 1500 - 2M
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  • MistaraMistara Posts: 38,675
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    g3m Eddie wearing g3f Jenne's Dark Storm
    necessary cuz he haz no other partyware

    "too sexeh for this pahrtay"


    and rosehill moor props  and medieval interior behind them

    867 x 931 - 1M
    1112 x 931 - 2M
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  • Marmalade BoyMarmalade Boy Posts: 103
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    ENTRY 1: re-purposed Non Male clothing

    Title:  Come Forth 

    Made with:

    Genesis 2/Michael 6  (

    Princess Zyanya for Genesis 2 Female (

    Leyton Hair (


    1280 x 997 - 1M
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  • Here's my entry, although there are so many gorgeous renders in here I know it doesn't stand a chance. He's wearing a woman's skin, hair, and shirt.

    Jack Frost

    Genesis base male

    Muse shirt for Genesis female

    Yunko hair for Genesis female

    texture from Nieves for V4

    Castle Window

    Metalized Glass Shaders

    Let It Snow

    Ron's Frost

    Ron's Winter Collection

    rendered in 3Delight

    jack frost.png
    1000 x 800 - 2M
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    Entry 2: Big Night

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  • 3Ddreamer3Ddreamer Posts: 1,291

    #3 Fantasy Druid

    Repurposed - Chainmail Skirt for Vicky 4 from RDNA

    Fantasy Druid.png
    1210 x 763 - 2M
  • gerterasmusgerterasmus Posts: 287
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  • scathascatha Posts: 756
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    Title: Lucky day?

    Artcollab's Chemistry room, transferred to iray and retextured.
    Rustic interiors, sconces I used for lighting are from the medieval tavern set (by Faveral I think), DZFire's real lights set as a base for the iray lighting.

    Pusey designs' bookcabinet

    G3M on bed and in the mirror, wearing peasant outfit, darrin skin

    G3F's hand dialled morphs, don't recall which skin I used, Left char is wearing the tunic from Xurge's woodranger set, spider queen hair and the top from BabKittehCo's Enigma Redux. Right char is wearing G2F skylys, wave hair both by Aeon Soul.
    No repurposed item, sorry... couldn't get the item I wanted to use to fit properly.
    Total render time: almost 16 hours (radeon R270, AMD FX6350 and 16Gb ram) on CPU...

    Render contest 2.jpg
    1820 x 1092 - 2M
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  • ButchButch Posts: 798

    Here's just a general man pic.  I tend not to give much clothing allowance to my models. 



    Closet sml - sig.jpg
    884 x 1250 - 413K
  • ebonartgalleryebonartgallery Posts: 252
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    Entry #3

    Silver-Age Superhero - The bodysuit is the Ultra Catsuit for G2F, and the Ultra Cowl for the mask.

    766 x 992 - 185K
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    I wanted to throw a little something different in.  I was thinking of a knight in King Arthur's court.


    1280 x 691 - 906K
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  • BeeMKayBeeMKay Posts: 7,004
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    NOT AN ENTRY (as I already posted three images, but have entirely too much fun with the topic smiley)

    Ditched Efforts

    Ab-Used on G3M:

    Note: to use the tail and keep its functionality on G3M, when autofit popped up, I just hit cancel. Otherwise, the bones of the tail get AWOL


    2000 x 2000 - 360K
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  • PandaB5PandaB5 Posts: 251

    Men - in actual clothes!

        RM Sebastian by Rebelmommy
        Gabriel Hair by AprilYSH
        Lockwood Outfit by Mada
        Shirt & Shoes Texture - Arvid for Lockwood by Dolfijntes

    In front:
        Jepes Vasco M4
        Wildmane Hair by Neftis
        Pyro Outfit by Prae
        Shoes from Mafioso by Bobbie25

        Caleb Hair by AprilYSH
        M4 Board Shorts by Evilinnocence
        Vest from BRC Dark Thorn for M4 by Ravenhair with M4 Dirty Boy, rags for Dark Thorn texture by Marieah
        Slip Slops from M4 Casual Wear Surf by Lobo75
        Necklace, Freak F4 Barbarian
        (I regret, I liked his body paint too much to put him in proper clothing.)

    I discovered that I have more than 50 outfits & characters for M4 which is remarkable for someone who prefers cartoons.

    925 x 740 - 241K
  • Removed my third entry.  Replacing that entry with this one.

    #3 Sole Survivor

  • LinwellyLinwelly Posts: 5,844

    mal, you're making this hard on us normals... nice one

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