It's Raining Men - Forum Team Challenge to the Forum Community (winners announced)



  • ENTRY 3:

    Title:  People call me TINY...

    Made with:

    Genesis 2/Michael 6  ( (With my own Morph)

    Modular Sci-Fi Kit 02  (

    Funky Hair for Genesis 2 Male (

    Sci-Fi Body Suit SF-001 (

    Hazmat Drums (


    Tiny 3.jpg
    1280 x 1041 - 1023K
  • I did so many different angles of Tiny: I tought I should share them.

    1280 x 1041 - 949K
  • Tiny

    Tiny 4.jpg
    1280 x 1041 - 986K
  • Entry 1 - Wasteland Son

    Made with Michael 5, Leon and the Night (with custom tweaks), SAV's Alpha Male (with custom tattoos)

    Some props and weapons repurposed from Complicated Eve, but not sure that counts as it's not really clothing. hehe


    Arwin portrait.jpg
    1200 x 965 - 1M
  • Anyone else glad Mavrosh hasn't entered yet?

    Although, I have to admit, having Mal3Imagery, Sithlordsims, AlexLo et al enter already has me nervous, LOL!


  • scathascatha Posts: 756

    Meh, I entered the contest for the fun ... rather pointless exercise if you have to compete with (semi-) pro's, if you ask me. So who cares which other semi-pro enters the contest, if you have NO chance of winning anyway.

    Just my $0.02 on the matter.

  • rebeccahillaryrebeccahillary Posts: 38
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    Entry #1:

    Mike's First Night Flight

    Mike's First Night Flight

    Repurposed Captain's Uniform for A3 and 3Dream's free Boy Hair for V4.

    Also used David 3 for Genesis, Genesis 3 Male, a touch of M7 for the head, and I can't remember what set the earring was from. The lighting and background are "03-30_Night" from NoEmotion. Rendered in Iray.

    Everything non-G3M was fitted using "home-brew" clones for G3M: using this tutorial, I transferred the legacy clones and the A3 shape from Genesis to G2M and then to G3M for autofit, and then did the same with David 3 for Genesis for the shaping. The cuff of the shirt is a bit wonky and one of the buttons on the blazer is poking through the fabric, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with how an A3 item worked with the new guy!

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  • Entry #2:


    Repurposed Forest Dryad for V4

    Also used Micah Hair, Curator Aquarum and The Folly, and David 3 for Genesis.

    Same method as in my first entry for fitting the Dryad outfit to G3M, and then I added a greenish tinge to base G3M skin to make him a bit more "nymphy". Rendered in 3Delight using the "Park" preset for UberEnvironment.

  • And finally, entry #3:

    A Dash of Sadness

    A Dash of Sadness

    I decided to keep this one more simple; just Dash for Michael 7, Pure Hair: Rock n' Roll, Laticis' free LI G2M Beard 03 and a lightprobe I threw together at the last minute because I couldn't find one that looked right for the image in my head... Rendered in Iray.

    I only bought Dash on a whim because I wanted to use up my PC+ coupon before the end of the month, but it turns out he's a joy to work with! 

  • zombietaggerungzombietaggerung Posts: 3,640
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    Squeezing in a second entry before year's end.

    Entry #2: Power Behind The Throne

    Repurposed female items: V4 Shadowcaster (bodysuit & boots) Prophecy Textures

    Also used: Micha Hair, Subdragon, Laticis Imagery Fractured Wall & Stone Throne, Alchemy Chasm, G2M

    Power behind the Throne.jpg
    2000 x 1125 - 742K
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  • Third Entry - Not sure why I'm trying after seeing all the entries so far - just a little nuts I guess.

    Seymour and the true story of Snow White

    Hiding in a corner Seymour screams out, "You bitch, you tease, you thief. You leave me here with nothing but your headband and old used knickers. For shame. Made me promises you never intended to keep, leaving me here like this just so you can run off with that bubble brained Prince Charming. He's nothing but a pretty face. Please come back! Oh you'll pay for that, STOP laughing."

    Well maybe that's what happened to turn Seymour into such a sniveling little rat, or maybe he was that way all along. But in any case, Snow White wasn't as innocent as we all believe, after all she did live with seven dwarfs.

    Repurposed items - standard gen2F basic ware knickers and the Udane hair and head band. He had lots of other repurposed clothes (she liked to dress him up) but she took them all back along with his clothes when she left him so I can't list them here.

    1400 x 1400 - 1M
  • Kismet2012Kismet2012 Posts: 4,252
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    Entry #3:  Contemplation

    Repurposed items:

    UShirt for Genesis 3 Female

    TOA Amblyn for Genesis 3 Female(s) and Genesis 2 Female(s) - used G3F version


    1500 x 1200 - 369K
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  • LinwellyLinwelly Posts: 5,795
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    Linwelly entry#3

    The last minute Jedi

    There is a tremendous lack of jedi in this thread so here is one of the last minute.

    Repurposed items I used the shirt/vest but I made the vest transparent, the shirt underneath is a really nice item to use

    edit to say: He is dialed in from g2m, some changes to the basic skin

    2000 x 1125 - 2M
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  • Sfariah DSfariah D Posts: 25,668

    This is over at 11:59 pm what time zone?

  • LinwellyLinwelly Posts: 5,795

    This is over at 11:59 pm what time zone?

    Utha lokal time as far as I know, don't ask me what time that is in real time but I guess one can google that

  • Good. That gives me time till about 7 am tomorrw morning to get another entry in. :)

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 33,604

    Utah time is GMT -7     so if it is midnight in Utah it is 7am over here in the UK.   If someone else hasn't done it I will close the Challenge when I log in tomorrow.   

    If I can work out which of the two I am closing

  • I'm GMT +2 over here in Sunny, Summery South Africa. Does that mean I have time till 9 am tomorrow?

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 33,604

    I think so   

  • LinwellyLinwelly Posts: 5,795
    Chohole said:

    I think so   

    I hope you're only drowning in beverages over there Cho!

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 33,604
    Linwelly said:
    Chohole said:

    I think so   

    I hope you're only drowning in beverages over there Cho!

    Practising     and yes tis only beverages.  One advantage of living in the Mountain Region is that the water runs downhill.

  • gerterasmusgerterasmus Posts: 287
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    Entry #3 - Inner Demon

    (Unless I manage to finish the one I'm busy with, then this one will be NoE)


    My Inner Demons small.jpg
    2481 x 3508 - 1M
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  • Something quick.

    I used casual wear overall for G2F with a worn leather shader.

    Full size...


  • xmasrose (aka tulipe)xmasrose (aka tulipe) Posts: 1,403
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    I have never seen so many men renders! And top quality!

    As a matter of fact I don't render men very often either.

    So here it is :



    15_raining men D5_xmasrose.png
    900 x 1200 - 1M
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  • evilded777evilded777 Posts: 2,439
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    Entry 3: Fleeing the Horde

    Click for the gallery version... its better.

    600 x 800 - 549K
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  • L'AdairL'Adair Posts: 9,479
    3Ddreamer said:
    I think we should keep this going after the comp has finished.

    My thoughts exactly:

  • scorpioscorpio Posts: 8,309

    Entry 2

  • xmasrose (aka tulipe)xmasrose (aka tulipe) Posts: 1,403
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    15_raining men-aged_xmasrose.png
    600 x 800 - 666K
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  • Sfariah DSfariah D Posts: 25,668

    Fun with men.


    The guy standing is wearing a G3F outfit that is redone to look like a male vamp outfit.

    996 x 921 - 1M
  • Gerardo AlvinoGerardo Alvino Posts: 28
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    The Circus: Gemini (1st entry)


    G3M both + Aiden Skin G3M + Wonder SheetZ V7 + Bandit Outfit G2M + Briefs.

    Render spec.: Iray Engine + HDRi Env (Dome only) + 3 Mesh Lights + Bloom Filter enabled + Gamma correction.



    1000 x 1000 - 858K
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