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This is a new thread JUST for limited time Carrara store item sales.

-DAZ3D TOS only allows commercial links to their own store, so sales are limited to
-Don’t post comments, please, because if somebody is subscribed to this thread they expect a new freebie when they get a new message alert.
-Items with Carrara specific support only, there are sales for DS or Poser covered in other threads.

The idea of this thread is that most are getting emails for new messages quite fast.

To get subscribed, just click the “Subscribe to This Thread” link at the top of the thread or on the “Notify me via email when someone posts in this thread” below when posting a new sale.
First and most important sale is of course the Carrara 8.5 Pro sale, it is 40% off and is a much better deal than the regular Carrara 8.5 that should be avoided.
If you get the PC membership first (24$ for 3 months), then the price for Carrara 8.5 Pro is 37$.
Regular price is 171$.

Pro features that Standard is missing:
-64-bit support - Critical for 3D rendering which often needs more than 2GB of RAM. Standard would run out of RAM often.
Nature modeling:
-Ocean Primitive -
-Render time displacement on terrains
-Symmetrical Modeling
Vertex Modeling
-Displacement Modeling
-Displacement & Microdisplacement Mapping
-Bridge Tool
-Edge Extrusion
-Editing of non-Zero'd Figures
Advanced Textures, Shaders, & Rendering
-Irradiance Maps
-Vector Motion Blur
-Network Rendering
-Normal Maps
-Multi Pass Rendering
Environment & Special Effects
-Negative Lights
-Photometric (IES) Lighting
-Graph Editor
-Rigid Body Dynamics (using the Bullet physics library)
-Soft Body Dynamics (using the Bullet physics library)
3D Paint
-3D Paint
-UV unfolding
-Real Display of Bumps and Specularity
Imports / Exports
-RPF Export
-After Effects Camera Export
-Match Mover Tracking
-FBX Export
-Victoria 5 and Michael 5 Pro bundles worth $110 more than the Started bundles in the Standard version

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