Show Us Your Iray Renders. Part VIII



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    Tentacle Dimensions + UltraScenery + texture from my Thicket product


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    Another one I made a few weeks ago.

    Kristen Dragon.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 217K
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    When your little everything appears big and scary, especially the Big Scary Stairs in a strange place.

    Sorry real world work has kept me MIA, here one i did tonight

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    Apparently I haven't completely abused a vendor's product for a few weeks, so here's me putting Sue Yee's new Bikini on a body type it wasn't designed for.

    Gallery Link

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    Good job

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    Perhaps a slightly lesser abuse of a product!

    Super Dog Costume converted into part of a centaur winter outfit (most of the rest of which is Winter Clothing for G8F):

    Gallery Link

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    1860 x 950 - 3M
    1860 x 950 - 3M
    1860 x 950 - 235K
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