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  • Playing with dice, lol smiley

    Very cool.

  • A3DLoverA3DLover Posts: 198
    Man been awhile since i was in this thread, but i use car on a daily basis. Models made in hexagon render in c7 st. no postwork
    10 31 16 dusty red.jpg
    1024 x 768 - 350K
  • magaremotomagaremoto Posts: 1,226

    cool and truly artistic works here showing how multipurpose this 3d tool can be laugh

    w.i.p. yet another skin test on Achilles, a G3M morph by Linday

    720 x 960 - 99K
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    Used Carrara a lot in this sketchfab scene of Close Encounters.. Mothership model, textures  and animations done in Carrara. Baked all lightmaps and textures  using the Baker plugin . Did the UV mapping in 3dcoat. Exported the animated FBX file from Carrara.



    1124 x 579 - 102K
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  • Oh wow that VR viewer awesome as is your model

    I have the D|S3 3D web exporter plugin but that looks much better

  • magaremotomagaremoto Posts: 1,226

    a different use of sss channel to be used as occlusion layer thanks to the fresnel filter

    500 x 450 - 39K
    500 x 450 - 39K
  • PhilWPhilW Posts: 5,139

    Looks really realistic!

  • magaremotomagaremoto Posts: 1,226

    thanks Phil, ten24 scan heads and the shader editor within carrara work like a charm


  • those ten24 heads creep me out

    I like your shaders for DAZ figures but they do not look like decapitated heads like the ten24 ones!!!!

  • magaremotomagaremoto Posts: 1,226

    well, they come with a detailed mesh displacement and maps are easily tweakable in almost every cg environment

    this is how it looks like within unity

    on the right a wip G3 Eddie from carrara to unity

    1371 x 736 - 282K
    1180 x 726 - 235K
  • PhilWPhilW Posts: 5,139

    You inspired me to download the free Ten24 head and have a play with skin formulas for Octane - this is a modeification of the formula that I have been using on recent figures, a mix of specular (to give the SSS effect) and glossy (to give the surface effects). Same material in each, just rotated the HDRI lighting to see how it reacts to differing lighting directions.

    960 x 1280 - 193K
    960 x 1280 - 143K
  • why so I can be twice as creeped out by realistic dead heads?

  • magaremotomagaremoto Posts: 1,226

    cool, Phil, maybe a bit waxy  yet imo but eligible for any artist gallery, at daz or elsewhere

    could be interesting to compare with iray in result and render time

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    Here is the free Ten24 file for Modo, loaded the OBJ into Carrara and set up the material the same as my previous one (just swapping textures) and changed the lighting.  The t-shirt looks rather shiny to me, but I think the skin looks good (it's all the same material so difficult to change independently) - but any feedback or suggestions welcomed.

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  • magaremotomagaremoto Posts: 1,226

    maybe too hard bumps or dramatic lighting? anyway it should be funny indeed to tweak the human skin in octane and the sss channel seems very powerful;

    following: the same items rendered in carrara: what catches the eyes first is the less dynamic range compared to octane partially achievable in post

    ten 1.jpg
    3000 x 3066 - 525K
    ten 2.jpg
    720 x 819 - 83K
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    here is a quick one I did of the Dominator ship.

    I had to use theposer file as the terrain textures did not load with the duf. But all other textures did which is kind of odd.

    i used fog to create the brown dust ball from it impacting the planet.


    dominator lands.jpg
    1080 x 1321 - 390K
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  • DartanbeckDartanbeck Posts: 21,213
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    Nice! Love that thing and can't wait to own it myself!

    Here's a fun side-by-side comparison.

    I was using Gamma Correction all the time. But once I started actually shooting my characters in some of these star ship interiors, I've been needing a lot more contrast. I've still been able to achieve some dark night scenes still using GC and can even get some pretty dark shadows. But for bleak space interiors, I'm liking no GC to be easier for me to control.

    First one uses Gamma Correction = 2.2, like Iray and Luxrender and I think all PBR engine defaults.

    Second one needed much higher brightness on the lights themselves while still keeping the nice, dark shadows I wanted. Then the addition of a couple of light cones in the center to help illuminate the hallway and add some atmosphere - even though atmosphere is pretty unrealistic, so instead let's just say that somebody left their crayons too close to the lights ;)

    For more mood, it's easy to make this second one even darker. Really easy. Not so easy using Gamma Correction, although GC does work beautifully in almost every other situation for me - I think.

    EDIT: Oh... and no postwork ;)  LOL

    Marcoor Coridors 1a.jpg
    1280 x 720 - 510K
    Marcoor Coridors 1b.jpg
    1280 x 720 - 391K
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  • StezzaStezza Posts: 7,796

    @chickenman & @dartenbeck

    really cool renders... I must do one now seeing these ones.. love the extra ooommpphh the atmosphere gives them yes

  • DartanbeckDartanbeck Posts: 21,213
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    Speaking of atmosphere, I've discovered that we can use the fog of the Realistic Sky whether we can see the sky or not. To increase density, change the 1 mi = 1mi, increasing the second one, like 1 mi = 10 mi for an example. Works really slick and it's fast!

    EDIT: Just remember to uncheck the "Enable Ground" box or anything below 0.00 in Z axis will be whatever solid color is chosen - unless, of course, we want that(?).

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  • a video of Antfarm's thingummyjig in Carrara

  • DartanbeckDartanbeck Posts: 21,213

    Awesome! Thanks for reminding me that I need some of TheAntFarm's killer figures! That one included.

  • StezzaStezza Posts: 7,796

    hey Wendy, I got stix as well, he's pretty cool lump of wood... any idea how to get that glow, like in the iray render?

    no probs getting the eyes and bug things to glow but can't get where I guess his mouth is to glow only the leaves..

    cool way out animation.... yes

  • well the meshes that need to have u unticked are all further down in the heirarchy for a start, like the leaves.

    so prob a n emitter mesh hidden somewhere I did not look, I used glow in Octane, it picks it up as a low emitter.

  • StezzaStezza Posts: 7,796

    played around with anything glows and auras.... a bit smiley

  • DartanbeckDartanbeck Posts: 21,213
    Stezza said:

    @chickenman & @dartenbeck

    really cool renders... I must do one now seeing these ones.. love the extra ooommpphh the atmosphere gives them yes

    Promise delivered! Very nice render, Stezza! Bra-freaking-Vo - Bravo!!!


    Stezza said:

    played around with anything glows and auras.... a bit smiley

    Do you ever dig around in the textures folders? Some of these artists include some nice illumination mask maps.

  • StezzaStezza Posts: 7,796

    thanks @dartanbeck


    I sure do dig around... it's cool what you find sometimes to help along yes

  • nice Stezza, I like the fungal look of the stems around the mouth, like rhizomes 

    (if that was the intention, if you do want the leaves to show you have to find them lower down the hierarchy tree and uncheck U wrap in the vertex room)

    but I think it looks cooler as is yes

  • magaremotomagaremoto Posts: 1,226

    tweaking of the specularity channels (highlight and shininess) only

    1920 x 2183 - 357K
    1920 x 2183 - 350K
    1920 x 2183 - 444K
  • DartanbeckDartanbeck Posts: 21,213

    Isn't it cool what we can achieve via just those two channels?

    We can even vary the amount of shininess using a map as well! Black = Value of 0, White = value of 100 - so a nice dark specular sort of image would be a great place to start. I like to edit these sorts of things by hand since I always have a very specific need if I even use it yes

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    This thing is different. This is Michael 4 just naked - morphed into a Tin Man, then displaced the rest of the way. To see it in action, I turned on "displace in 3d view" until it came time to pose him - that makes him a bit notchy, so I turned it back off after I got the idea of what was going on. Very cool - this!

    He comes with a bunch of texture options, I've chosen this as my 'Base' shader starting point.

    EDIT: Forgot to metnion that he renders pretty darned fast considering the failry elaborate displacement jobs I have going on! Happy = Me!

    Very well done!!! I just started toying with this figure to see what I could do. I thought I was making progress, so I decided to Google what others have been doing with it. Wow!!! I clearly have a lot to learn.

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