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    hope you pick it up quicker than I did blush

    and I am just so angry right now I could explode angry I watch Reddit post videos on Youtube often and just saw one about something absolutely horrible I won't even share

    (just a person reading posts about it on Reddit not the videos)

    stuff that is monstrous animal cruelty YouTube doesn't take down

    I immediately thought of you with your Carrara tutorials and their crappy misguided  moderation crying

    Oh no, Wendy - that sounds horrible.  Folks have suggested alternatives like Vimeo, etc.  I have been so focused on non-3D projects over the last few months that I haven't followed up on any more animations.  Last year about this time I did a month of 3D tutorials in coastal Maine (off season).  This year's trip had to be canceled but I still plan to devote some time to more 3D tutorials.

    We'll get more whimsy in the world - they can not stop us!

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    Note to self.

    This is an old model of a toy wagon that I created and animated in Carrara.  I plan to rig it for use in Studio.  Learning exercise.

    dio wagon screenshot for rigging hard surface.jpg
    903 x 800 - 119K
  • Still following your thread! Curious to see how you rig it.

    And awaiting to see what you do with ZBrush!

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    Thanks for your interest.  I will be working on a ZBrush figure in the coming weeks.  We'll see if I can get anything worth sharing.  

    For hard surface stuff, I did rig a room with doors that open.  Forget where i saved it.  blush

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    Thanks for this, Diomede!

    I do use Daz Studio a bit as a utility tool for Carrara, but am always wanting to dig deeper into it and use it a lot more. That tutorial by Esha you posted looks perfect for me. I'd also like to get some that go even deeper after I finish that one.

    So I sit down, intent to get acquainted with Daz Studio more for what it is than how I use it when, without even thinking about it I open Carrara and just get to work - and loving the whole experience! What is it they say about old dogs and new tricks?

    After just reading through this a bit, I had forgotten how deeply I was gettin g into Carrara's 3D Paint before my computer died. I have all of Ringo and GKDants' extra brushes and will be grabbing MAT Creator's soon too, since they look so cool! I was working on a sci-fi construction kit sort of EnvironKits for Carrara and using 3D Paint to begin the texturing process and was having an utter blast with it!

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    Appreciate the discussion, Dart.  You are an inspiration.  I still use Carrrara 3D paint to create opacity masks for Daz Studio geoshells.  Lots of ways the programs are plugins for each other.

    I came across a very useful ZBrush reference video so I am posting here.

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    Very cool! Thanks for sharing that!

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    Thanks, Dart.  I am really strugging to learn the ZBrush interface but I think it will be worth the blood, sweat and tears.  

    My latest effort = ugh.  sad


    bbb01 another try 01.jpg
    606 x 717 - 53K
    bbb02 another try 02.jpg
    773 x 793 - 87K
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    It looks very promissingyes

    Maybe my efforts to sculpt and remesh in ZBrush will be of interest to you:

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    Thank you, Veronika.  As always, very inspiring!  I gave you a like and subscribed.  yes

    I wish I was as comfortable adopting the tools.  My biggest current problem is that when I select a brush or adjust the settings of a brush and then apply to a model, the result is still not what I intend.  After I get better with the interface and tools, then my biggest problem will be that what I am trying to do is not a good idea.  wink

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    Thank you for your interest. Over time, you will have your favorite brushes that will do what you need.

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    This is a pic of a statue that I might use as inspiration.


    Temperance Statue.JPG
    4032 x 3024 - 3M
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    A work in progress for my ZBrush spaceship practice project.  I plan to add 3 cockpits in the 'head,' laser canons in the tips of the 'legs.' jet thrusters in the tail, and a long tubular main cabin along the top of the spine.  After I add those accessories and remesh, I will port to Substance Painter.  If it works out OK, I will offer it as a freebie.

    aa01 spaceship hull.jpg
    1736 x 914 - 243K
    aa02 spaceship rear engine slots.jpg
    840 x 588 - 41K
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    I thought it was a dragon blush

    still considerably better than what I could do in Zbrush for a year yes

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    Very cool, Diomede! Very organic!

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