Skin Builder 8 Merchant Resource for Genesis 8 Female (Commercial)



  • Zev0 said:

    Well, it worked, but only after I reverted back to the original .jpg image for both the Glossy Layered Weight and Top Coat Weight. The images that SB generates and replaces for those two surface layers(originally uses SummerHeadS_1001) causes a mismatch with the torso textures.

    Edit: The point is moot anyway. Now I remember why I never used the Summer for Victoria7 skin. They screwed something up with it, probably the SSS Reflectance Tint or other parameters. The torso, arms, and anatomical elements have seams between them or are different colors. Irritates the hell out of me that I wasted all this time, and Zev0's time to respond, only to find the skin textures are useless to me... angry

    Sorry to hear. To make sure all colors and values are the same on skin just click on the skin option under surfaces and it will change all related skin channels at once. EG if you change a colour or value with that highlighted it will apply to all, so that conformity is easier. Also dont forget to select lips.

    Yeah, but unfortunately that only works if the base skin matches and they all have the same channels. One part of the Summer for V7 skin has a different SSS channel that uses a slider(I think it goes from -1 to 1) instead of SSS color like the rest of the skin. I actually tried adding the channel and matching the settings, but no luck. It's a shame because I think Summer's skin has more of a realistic texture/depth to it(compare the abs & mid-lower thighs on the two renders) as opposed to the one I switched to, but there were too many inconsistencies with the color(upper thighs), seams, etc. I ended up using Brienne skin(V8 female iirc) and with some adjustments, was able to get the skin tone color I was looking for. Looks like I forgot to unhide the bodyhair on the forearms & upper arms in the second render. angry I always forget something! 

    When it comes to the lips, I almost always use different values for specular lobe settings and/or glossiness depending on how they look.


    2834 x 2983 - 5M
    2834 x 2983 - 5M
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    You could try saving a shader preset. EG select the torso channel, save as shader preset, then select all skin, apply that shader preset to all, and ignore replace images. That will make all skin channels the same and bypass assigned maps.

  • question, I load the dev g8f no maps on it, create my skin via utility,and save, can it be sold via marketplace? 

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    Personally, I wouldn't just load and save if you plan to sell. I would encourage you to make it really unique by adding to the maps. Skin Builder makes great bases and then it's what you bring to it that makes it yours. Read the PDF Merchant Resource Agreement to make sure you're following the rules.

  • it is unique, I have altered it in Gimp as well, what I am asking, is the output that Skin builder does can it be redistributed. 


  • I have read it, the resource agreement states don't use others textures cause it loads the extras onto the maps. but what I did was put the base dev version of G8f in, with no maps, ran skin builder and it set it's own maps, when adding skin. I then ran the program like usual took it into Gimp to give a better texture output on finer details, ect. It states you can use with merchant resources from vendors, with the overlays, but what I need to know is the skin it built from the utility is it usable? 

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    Yes you can use Skin Builder to compile and save your skins which can be sold, as long as your skin being used is a merchant resource. The skins provided inside Skin Builer are merchant resources as well. 

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  • OK, thank you Zev0 for clarifying it for me.

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    Hi Guys. Product has been updated with some skin leg maps which had some minor seam issues on the feet on certain maps visible under certain light conditions. Also cleaned up some minor details on the leg bump and spec, mainly on the feet area.

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  • Kingxzl asked the question "Lashes arent loading for me, anybody have a solution?" but I don't see an answer. Error message is "No eylashes loaded". Does anyone have an answer because I have the same problem. If they have to be a part of the base figure (genesis 8) then the sliders should work to create them, but they don't work for me at the place where I want to refine my face.

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    Your Genesis 8 figure should load with the eyelashes already loaded,if it doesn't then you can load them from People/Genesis8 Female/Anatomy ....

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