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    Richard Haseltine said:

    terryspear said:

    So lately when I try rendering an LAMH animal, you can see the lines showing the fur around the animal like it should appear on render, but on render, it's just a glossy animal, no fur.

    If I use an animal like the woolly mammoth, I can do dForce and the fur comes out great. But with animals that don't have that option, forget it. So what do I need to do? I've tried restarting Daz and that doesn't make any difference. 

    Iray or 3Delight renders? For Iray, if you don't have Catalyzer or the product doesn't have a Catalyser version you will need to export as OBJ and reload, to bake the hair into a form Iray can see.

    Iray, thanks!  I forgot you have to click on the LAMH group first and then attach to object.  Thanks so much!

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