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    yeah, I'm sure there was something beyond the (I think it was) 3 packs here at daz, think.   there was the rodent base mesh-bone thing, then the fox add-on, then a winter or pose thing for the fox.  think.

    The LAMH pro (that I don't have) supposedly lets you do some things, however, I don't know if it lets you give the fox them cute Raptor sideburns or adjust the color of hair in specific spots.  https://www.furrythings.com/presets/      I'm really sure at one time I had seen something "in passing" of textures at AM's site, tho I may be confusing AM with another PA's product. I simply never fussed with costume hair things, sorry.

    I don't know if them are LAMH-pro plugin things, or texture maps for the regular critter. I am so behind on so many things because of other distractions with the world being sideways, I do hope all are as well as can be. supposedly win10 'fixed' the random click-move thing that was very bad with that LAMH thing your just not supposed to touch in the scene tab, I also have yet to pull the AM raptor (base dino figure needed) through DIM to look at the fella. It would be so cool if the fella has a side burn morph or something, not holding my breath tho (I like the colors on the promo, the side burns tho, I want, lol).

    P.S. it would be cool if there was a texture map somewhere ye could just draw on in GIMP/PS or something for furr color (I don't know if there is such a thing for the fox).

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    There is a map for the fox, but I'm not as good at fur as AM is. So I was hoping someone else had put together additional fur options for the fox. I use it a lot and don't think my clients would want the fox on their book cover to look like every other fox on book covers done by me.

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    I have a little different problem - I used the AM Fox without the hair to pose in my file, since I have problems with LAMH crashing Daz, so I don't do the hair until I'm ready to render.  I then loaded the LAMH hair fox, and copied the pose from the hairless one to the LAMH version... and Daz crashed.  It crashed the next half dozen times (because I'm an optimist, sometimes).  Then I began trying to recreate the pose directly to the LAMH fox... but the fur did not follow the figure.  Is something broken, and I should just reload the files?

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    I had a similar problem last year, Misselthwaite ... AM had me set my settings differently ... I'll try to find it for you.

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    I managed to create a new texture for the fox. How do I save it and make sure if more than one fox is in the scene that they won't glitch?

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    I would think shader preset or material preset, tho given the odd nature of the LAMH scene tab thing, the best bet may be in theory a scene subset (both the fox and LAMH items).

    missing shrug emoji.

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    lol ... I'll give it a shot

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    I've saved the new diffuse jpg in the same folder where the original 'skin' is located, but I'm getting an error ... Now what?


    lamh oni fox screenshot error 1.jpg
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    I've saved the new diffuse jpg in the same folder where the original 'skin' is located, but I'm getting an error ... Now what?


    You need to save it to your own folders -- you can't save it to the Connect folders.

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    OK ... managed to get my new fox skin applied and he looks cute ... I understand something gets mixed up when there are multiple foxes in a scene with different coats ... has that been resolved with the latest update?

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    Hey folk,

    Just a quick pop in here but discovered something today that I've no idea if it's old news or not.  I export assets out via OBJ, but this issue is back at the export stage in Daz in turns out.  I've never had any reason to question AM's advice so have always left the compression level set at 5.  Back in Lightwave, I'm trying to figure out why the fur is so thin, so I punch in close & see that the root ends of the fur aren't into the base geometry at all.  Thinking it was some minor scaling issue, I spent the better part of the day confirming, no, that wasn't the case. Went back to my original Daz scene & could see that the same thing was happening there too!  Checked in the LAMH editor, & the guides are just fine.

    The only variable I could think of was the compression setting.  Gritted my teeth, set the level to 4 & hit Export.  Didn't take any significant time longer, but it looked great & the fur was into the base figure.  I use the OBJ's generated from LAMH and the Level 4 obj was a whooping 100 kb larger than the lev 5.  Tried Level 3 & it's actually a touch smaller & inperceptible in difference visually.

    So, don't be afraid of Level 3 is all.

    Orig Lev5 Expor.jpg
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    I don't know what just happened ... but I have worked on a scene for two days, have made all of my color adjustments, been saving files a, b, c, d, and e (e being the one I finally like as a 500-pixel render). And right before I go to save file f and render my 5000-pxl scene for print... Daz crashes. Scenes b-e all crash when I try to open them with an error flash for a split second about LAMH. Only one LAMH animal is in the scene. It's gotta be mad about Smilodon, but I don't know why all of a sudden ... it's been fine for four saves. Any ideas? This commission MUST be completed tomorrow.

    If this helps, here's the 'report' screenshot and the gobbledygook log file ...



    saber screenshot 1.jpg
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    Thanks to Alessandro's help, once again, I have another happy author and I had loads fun playing with Felidae by AM - Smilodon Populator - Companion Pack. I even customized the fur a touch. Hope ya'll like it :)

    Picture Picture

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    Nice work

  • WillowRavenWillowRaven Posts: 2,971

    Nice work

    Thank you :)

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    Thought there might be some interest in recent efforts from the Acme Lab.

    Disclaimer of sorts, this is an FBX export from Daz, then seriously re-worked in Lightwave 2019. But I've a workflow now that's hours, not days. I've no idea how I'd do this in DS in fact.

    Also, this is just first look draft rez preview GIF, 3 key-frame pose sampler to see if the fur is following correctly. It 'tis!

    Still have to track town a couple errant points missing a wt. map assignments it seems, but should be straight forward fix.  Famous last words, I know.

    Poses from DS are easily, quickly exported and can be stored in a library with Lightwave, & easily imported at any desired frame.  I'm Importing morphs as well for the base figure, but haven't figured out transfer to the hair yet. The Fox's mouth opening is a morph not bones unfortunately. I might change that later.

    In short, I've finally a workflow to take LAMH characters with fur, out of DS where I can now actually animate them.  Dynamics such as wind, etc. to come shortly I hope.

    In DS with "normal" hair items, morphs can be exported. Not so with LAMH hair unfortunately.  Fur responds to Bone deformations if wt mapped, but not to morphs unless implicitly exported. In fact the objects aren't even exported with weight mapping which has been the major barricade. Found a way around that.  ;)

    In the creation of Fiber Hair, LAMH creates some OBJ files.  As it turns out, those behave differently than the Hair layers made that end up in the DS scene.  The DS ones end up as a single object where as the LAMH obj's are actually separate layers, separated by weight map assigment.  More on all or that later, maybe.

    Well, seems the forum doesn't like animated  GIF's so you'll have to use some imagination with a few stills I guess.


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    Wow.  Just crickets.

    See if this is of interest then ...


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    Wow... That's what I wanna see!! How did you do that?

    Is your workflow adaptable to Iclone? Did you use the full version of LAMH?

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    I do use the full version of LAMH.  You should be able to do this with the free version but you have to export to obj.  Wouldn't know re: Iclone, but I did try CharacterCreator 3 last month.  For what I'm doing, not compatible w/o a lot of extra work & $$$.

    I'm using some tools for weight map transferring that as far as I know are only for Lightwave. Might be a way of doing that in DS, but ??? 


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    Splitting Shave Groups

    I'm trying to find more info on how to do this.

    From the PDF:

    Taking a closer look at the Follicles toolbox, there are other buttons that deserve some attention. The first button will add all the follicles, the second button will erase all the follicles, the third button will trigger the “Follicles by surface setup” dialog as explained above.

    The fourth and fifth button allow respectively splitting and duplicating a follicle selection to a new shave group, a very useful tool in some situations where you want to create, for example, parted hair, or simply cut and paste follicle and guide hair to a new group.

    But I'm not having any luck with getting that working, & not able to find any vids of it's use.


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    Hope some find this of interest...

    Armed with some new techniques, tools & mostly new knowledge, I revisited the AM Moose again last night.  There's a thread up there somewhere a year or so back.

    Briefly, I usually export from what's in the Scene out via FBX then go from there. The fur object in this case is so large that somewhere along the line, what gets written is not complete. So he's been sort of my White Whale.

    I confirmed this was still the case as before. When importing the FBX, a file for the fur gets written, but lower portion of RtFront Leg is missing fur. Can't be having that now.

    I'm sure most making LAMH fur just click the OK & don't really notice the message when fur gets exported.  There's a brief pause & fur shows up on your character which is what your after.  But what's really happening is that LAMH is writing an OBJ file to that location mentioned in that message, then imports that into to Daz.  Except, it's no longer the same file.

    The fur from DS is a "Single" object with only the basic texture & no weight mapping. When & how wt. maps get applied, the file size can balloon 20-30x essentially making the object unusable.  You can write it out, but it's usally unloadable.

    I mentioned Single as I've the option of loading OBJ's as Single or not. Single is safe in that it will open any valid obj file. The other option will load obj's as a layered file. If the obj requires "As One Oject", it will crash however.

    The Daz fur requires the "As One Oject" option.  The original LAMH generated obj's do not.

    They do have to be scaled to 1%, but that's it. The layers are based on weight maps of the base figure, yet they don't actually have any weighting. In short, I can make whole layer selections of fur (Bullwinkle only had 36), so it's easy to collect & regroup.  I've been lasso selecting up to now. Not as heinous as it sounds but does take some time.

    For Bullwinkle here, he's now got just 4 fur sections that I selectively pruned wt. map wise so file size is usually less than 2x.

    Next task will be to figure out the correct way of adding a Jaw bone. Tuxcat is the HiveWire product of course & has a Jaw bone so can attach weighting. Most of the Daz animals use morphs for mouth Open/Close and fur doesn't respond to morphs.


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    I saw your videos (am subscribed)

    just letting know it's not lack of interest just some have different ways of doing stuff using different software 

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    Oh, I'm mainly posting these for posterity.


    I this is probably a long shot and a quick search came up empty.

    I picked up the AM Lion Cub this evening (OK, four of his products), & as I was working with the Lion Cub, some dormant brain cels fired; "This looks familiar".

    I've attached what I was recalling.

    This is Asia at 8 weeks back in the early 90's. Pre-digital anything, with slow 200 ASA, actual "organic" film, plus a very energetic young animal quite intent in chasing dust bunnys on the blue screen stage, so a bit blurry.  One of the work perks I suppose. Literally could see her get bigger over the 3 week long project.

    Anyway, was wondering if there might be any maps for a Bengal Tiger Cub version?

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    Asia Early-90's_3_resize.jpg
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    Pretty sure I have the first.  Will have to see how well it fits.



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