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    Heck, since I'm here...

    Mimicing Barely-There Hair in LAMH

    I recently picked up this product.  It looks great rendered in Daz but since it's not FiberHair, it doesn't export to a mesh usable outside of DS.

    Is there a technique with LAMH where just a few scragly hairs can be generated?

    Tried some quick tests with just folicles & really low count settings but still too thick. I suspect weight map painting will be needed.

    Has anyone experimented with this sort of style?

    CU Arm Bands + BT Hair.jpg
    960 x 540 - 168K
  • @Doc Acme - I just wanted to say thank you for your experiments and explanations! I don't get over here enough, and I'm still trying to figure out dForce, so LAMH is my next Kryptinite. I will definitely come back and really study your suggestions when I'm ready! All that to say, Thank you! And keep it up!

  • Doc AcmeDoc Acme Posts: 735

    Well, thank ya.

    I made some progress with the hair, but not with LAMH unfortunately.  I think my laptop is just a bit lacking to work with it for that.  Having some issues trying to paint density maps & need to find out more info on brush requirements such as file types, dims, bit depth, etc.

    But, I did make some tests exporting the dForce hair out using obj.  The dForce hair imports as closed polys so not usable in that form. But I was able to manipulate & create usable hair from them.  I was able to do a point selection, create a curve, convert that to a NURBS curve which I could subsequently use to create profile geom of any 2D shape; I went with a diamond. The ends of each curve has separate handles so the hair can be tapered. Glad I only did a hand full (20 or so) as largely manual, just repetitious.

    Once brought in & "attached" to the figure, the hair gets wt. mapped & it follows nicely.  I'd still like to use LAMH so maybe when I get back to my main system.

    I hope to add Syflex to my arsenal then as well.


    Scraggly Hair Test.jpg
    1075 x 1080 - 1M
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