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    Maybe put a little extra light for the character in the scene.

    Thanks, that is something I do often in scenes when its overall dark but the character should be seen. For this one she was supposed to stay in the dark ;)

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    Well I think it turned out amazing!!!

    Thank you very much Saphire!

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    Linwelly said:

    Well I think it turned out amazing!!!

    Thank you very much Saphire!

    your so welcome and it is true!

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    ok a bit of fun with the new freebie stuff,

    LingQi is not excited about ugly x-mas sweater party

    494 x 800 - 296K
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    I made a gift token for my daughter, looks almost lilke an advertisement :D

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    Nice! I hope your daughter will like her present!

    A very happy Christmas-Time to you and your loved ones. heart

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    BeeMKay said:

    Nice! I hope your daughter will like her present!

    A very happy Christmas-Time to you and your loved ones. heart

    Thanks you very much and the same to you and yours!

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    ^ very cool! She looks a bit like a fashion illustration!

    (She does appear to be hovering, though cool)

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    @Hylas thanks a lot and you are right, she`s floating which has me baffled. I used one od the Portrait light ready sets and I had her moved up and down but the shadows kept being at the same distance from the shoes. I have to admit I´m not often using those ready sets so I might have missed tos thing I could change to avoid that, and i needed it done by now so I didn't do postwork or anything, but if you have an idea besides postwork to revent that, I´m all ears.

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    Perhaps ground position is on automatic instead of manual (in Render Settings -> environment)?
    That's the only thing I can think of...

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    Thanks a lot Hylas, It`s an idea I will try once I`m back at my rendering mashine

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    A simple strip of duct tape

    copied here from what I posted in another thread so I can look it up myself some time later

    Linwelly said:

    something like this?

    Its a primitive plane (30 cm reduced to 21% on the x scale)

    added a mesh shader preset (in this case from FSL tactital shaders iray Ireay) added metallicity and gloss plus a top coat (weight 1 in light grey with high refelctivity and top coat thin film)

    I'm sure there are several other options thinking about shaders.

    For flexibility I added a d-former, in oder to do that I made the plane with 100 divisions. If you need it straight there is no need for d-former


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    now let be blow out the dust on this thread a bit *hack, hack* dang I keep forgetting to put some of my works in here

    now here are some from my latest installement of Taiduo which I like very much as stanalone as well:


    which was almost in time for CNY :D


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    and then there are the renders for Lola Llanes render a month, this one was for the hard annd soft challenge and I really like the result very much, I'm gion to try and turn this into a book cover

    and fresh out of the press

    something that is completely out of my line for the Hot and cold challenge

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    Gimp Webinar

    I will be giving another webinar, this time the topic is Gimp, how to get started and use it to make your renders even more stunning with post work. As you might know Gimp is freeware and offers a good alternative to Photoshop and other payed for programs. This two sessions webinar will give you an insight from very basic image manipulations to complex manipulations for bookcovers or graphic novels.

    The first session will be on Sunday 15th of March and the second part will be one week later on Sunday 22nd of March. Starting time for both sessiond 19:00 GMT (London) 12:00 PDT (LA) 15:00 EDT (New York)


    Registration and more information is here:

    1000 x 1299 - 1M
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    Congrats on the class. Shuld be great.

    Gimp is so heavily talked about, this should go over big.

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    The Gimp webinar is now available as a tutorial on the shop:

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    Congratulations on your release!

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    Thanks a lot!

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    here is a little tutorial about how to make a duct tape strip from a simple plane.

    choose a mesh shader preset

    some surface adjustments

    and for the fans some more surface adjustments with the top coat

    see part two

    800 x 538 - 200K
    800 x 481 - 182K
    1696 x 1026 - 927K
    1001 x 729 - 429K
    800 x 803 - 414K
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    part two

    just an alternanive light setting to show how it looks with different angles

    for the people who want to make it move add a d-former

    loves to stick to itself, like usual

    safe as scene subset

    800 x 607 - 369K
    771 x 800 - 300K
    1021 x 787 - 377K
    800 x 639 - 367K
    800 x 551 - 236K
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    Thank you so much for the tutorial @Linwelly!!!

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    Some new concept art for my comic, part two. this guy was waitng for the new facemask

    now he looks so much more what I wanted



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    alright, here is my contribution to May the 4th:

    This is not the droid you are looking for, slightliy adapted  :D

    and I can proudly say that I managed to finish the first part of my graphic novel Taiduo it got 56 episodes in total

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