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    no words needed

    another stupid test with image quote

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    Adding this information here as well: I'll be giving a webinar about Scifi Renders later today

    From the start of the science fiction genre, the writing has been entwined with the artwork that sought to stimulate the imagination.

    Some of our greatest science fiction authors have certainly been influenced by the art that grew up alongside the literary tradition.

    In reference to that idea, the title of this event is from a quotation by Ray Bradbury!

    Science fiction art has developed a visual language of its own, as rich and varied as the genre’s narrative themes.

    • Studying sci-fi images: what makes them sci-fi, why are they special

    • Elements of Sci-fi

    • Understanding Sci-Fi Scene building

    • Means to success: the 3D toolbox – applications

    • Renders in Space – a special mission

    • A DAZ Studio scene with many options

    • Vendor recommendations

    1000 x 1300 - 383K
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