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    Linwelly said:

    putting up some testing for fonts here for part two of my comic taiduo. Some of you might have seen this in the comic thread already, but since I have added more to it as follow up I don't wnat to fill that thread with my stuff to the brim

    I need some advice from you on deciding about a font that I want to use for the next part in my comic

    There are several aspects that need to be considered

    1. it should be different from everbody elses font as to represent a diferent language or way to speak

    2. It should be readable well enough to still enjoy it after several pages of reading it (later more people will be speaking that way

    3. it is supposed to give a slight feel for arabic/persian /"oriental"

    so here are some tests first one only different fonts, second includes the ides of diferent colour for the text balloons please give me your vote  ( or tell me that they are all rubbish or bad to read :D)

    I think changing the colour of the balloons doesn't do much unless you make it more extreme.

    And if you really go there, I think differently coloured balloons don't really imply differenet languages. In the comics I've read it's usually Demons, Ghosts, Androids and such that get differently coloured/shaped ballons, implying that their voices sound strange and inhuman.

    I like the idea of using different fonts but I think font 3 in particular is hard to read over time. It's also the font that reads the most "arabic" to me :/

    I think it's worth looking for some more font options! Just my 2 cents :)

  • LinwellyLinwelly Posts: 4,700

    everybody commenting on the font thing, I decided to start making the first panels of part two and then experiment some more once I have the speech ballons and everythign at the ready

    Then I will test with the different options and probably post here again to get some feedback


    I was playing around with the greeble generator and this is officially fun!

    just some quick experimants with a cone:

    and this is the bottom

    this gives you so many options to quickly add a detail to something, it's great!

  • FirstBastionFirstBastion Posts: 4,971
    Linwelly said:

    I made a gift token for my daughter, looks almost lilke an advertisement :D

    I agree very "Ad" worthy!

  • FirstBastionFirstBastion Posts: 4,971
    Linwelly said:

    and then there are the renders for Lola Llanes render a month, this one was for the hard annd soft challenge and I really like the result very much, I'm gion to try and turn this into a book cover

    This could certainly work as a book cover

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