RENDERS ONLY: Not So Fast Contest For Mischief Makers

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This thread is ONLY for renders. Comments or questions should go on this thread.  It also explains how the interactive gameplay worked, how players first selected their products, and the Not So Fast! moves players could make against each other. Products got moved around frequently! 

If you'd like to see the mayhem gamer players imposed on each other (some very crafty moves) you can see the timeline and gameplay here. If using the timeline, click on the Old Hagred links for the witch humor graphics. Folks couldn't wait to ditch the witch!  

Winners will be determined based on the quality of the render, creativity, and on the effective use and integration of the two required sets, three props, and character (which for the most part, other players imposed upon them.) 

1. Entries must be received no later than Daz Midnight August 31st. No exceptions, strictly enforced.
2. Prizes are Daz Gift Certificates, as discussed on the initial thread here. (link) 
3. Entries may have 3-4 lines of story/explanation with the emphasis on the render telling the story. (This isn't a writing/render competition, it's a render competition.) 
4. At the top of your post, please put the title in bold and then your name in (     )   I'd recommend making it a different color such as blue, dark green, red  so it stands out. 
5. Images must be a minimum of 600 x 600 pixels for either side.

6. In this order (so there's consistency) please put on a single line each:
Set 1: (LINK)
Set  2: (LINK)
Prop 1: (LINK)
Prop 2: (LINK)
Prop 3: (LINK)
Character:  (LINK)

THEN any paragraph/explanation goes here.
7. Please embed in the post no larger than 600 x 600 image. It can be clickable for viewers to see a larger size. Please make it open a new window so folks can easily X out of it. (If you don't know how, please PM me.) 

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