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    Thanks. But is he safe enough to post in the gallery? Really worried, because there's a bit of hip sticking out, and usually that's frowned upon in male renders.

    Still needs a bit of retouching though, but I'm putting that off. I try to avoid doing iny PhotoShop work on my images. Don't have anything against PhotoShopping renders, I just try to avoid it because I work as a retoucher at a photography studio doing school photos, and after cleaning up about 700 kids a day, I really don't feel like retoucing my renders.

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    I honestly don't know.  They seem to have a thing about any hint of pubic hair and I didn't see that in your image.  I don't see anything wrong with it, but I haven't been brave enough to test out my more risque images in the gallery yet.  I have a few that I'm going to possibly put up in my DA gallery, but not so sure they would be appropriate for the this gallery so I haven't tried them here as I'm not sure how I would feel about having one of my images axed.  All I can say is to try it and see what happens, otherwise, putting up on someplace like DA would be fine.  Just make sure you put a link in your signature so us folks who like that sort of thing can still look at what you are doing .  It is a good image.

  • The gallery and forum rules are basically the same, though we may differ in our judgement of borderline cases. If in doubt about an image's acceptability for the gallery ask DAZ_Ann0314

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    Thanks folks laugh My sister and nephew protested, too, Knittingmommy.


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    Butch said:

    Thanks folks laugh My sister and nephew protested, too, Knittingmommy.

    What's wrong with Fabman? I love him.


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    @Richard Haseltine I hope DAZ_Ann0314 has a good sense of humour. I asked if the image was appropriate for the Galleries, as I know there's a piece of screen showing through the shirt, and I would fix it in PhotoShop if anyone would find it offensive.

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    Linwelly said:
    Amaranth said:

    ok here's one of mine :)


    That is a nice work, Amaranth, which figure did you use for this?

    That's Michael 4 and some postwork :)

  • I think it's quite possible that the rules may be more strictly applied for the galleries, but some of the renders posted in the old Men, men, men... thread (similar to this one, but it fizzled out about 18 months ago) were quite a bit more risqué than what we have seen here laugh (I hope, my having linked it here, that it won't be "reappraised" wink)

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    I took a look at this old thread.  It looks like it died shortly before I started using DS which might be why I never saw it.  There are some really brilliant images in there!  Definitely worth a look. Thanks for sharing the link.

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    Theo Football 2.png
    556 x 720 - 1M
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    nice work

    1500 x 1550 - 443K
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    Been following the thread an enjoying all the posts and I have some time to join in today.

    This started off as just playing around until it began to remind me of Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix. So Liberty with a nod to Delacroix.

    1017 x 908 - 1M
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    I've been catching up today on the 200+ posts I had unread in this thread and I'm ready to also contribute. Whiskers was a must have when it showed up in the store last week and now I finally got around to try it out. Leo 7 got the honours to wear it. I also have to give credit to Khory's Scintillant Portrait Lights for Iray They are my latest addiction!

    Product list in my gallery

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    Gerterasmus, I think it looks great.  I love the glass in the divider and your man looks scrumptious.  Very drool worthy!

    Nice job! both of you!

    Thanks. I followed @Richard Haseltine's advice...

    The gallery and forum rules are basically the same, though we may differ in our judgement of borderline cases. If in doubt about an image's acceptability for the gallery ask DAZ_Ann0314

    and asked Daz_Ann0314. Even a distorted, blurred crotch is out of the question, So I made the glass into aluminium bit kept the normal and bump maps. Still looks like glass (sort of) but nothing to see on the other side. 

    I added a small table to the side of the bed and a lamp on it, some decorations on the walls, some free weights lying on the floor. At about 70% now on about 27 hours.


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    Here's one male render from me for your viewing pleasure : )


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    So there has been a lot of action since the last time I ventured through here.

    @gerterasmus Informative.  I'll keep that in mind with some of my renders.  Do you have a DA page or some other place to put renders that aren't appropriate for the DAZ galleries?  If yes, put that link in your signature to make it easier for me (and others) to find so we can see the stuff you aren't putting in the galleries here.

    @isidorn  I like the whole squinty eyed look you have going on there.  Looks real nice. 

    @toyen  Is that Genesis 3 Male?  I like the lighting.  Still not sure if I'm a fan of some parts of G3M.  I do still have a few new G3Ms to render out, though, so that might change.

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    Trying out the new Whiskers for Genesis 3 Male.

    M7 John Whiskers Stubble 55% Full Trimmed 40% Inflate Groomed 25%.jpg
    1236 x 1600 - 1M
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    Trying out Khory's Scintillant Lights...



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    @barbult I commented in your gallery, but I'll say here, as well, that I really like this image. 

    Male-M3dia I saw this in Khory's thread.  I love this!  He looks great!  I haven't had a chance to render Jesse, yet.  I seriously doubt I will do as nice a job as you, but I'll be taking him for a whirl soon.  I always love your way of giving your poses a sense of attitude!  Very nice render!

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    @barbult I commented in your gallery, but I'll say here, as well, that I really like this image. 

    Thanks, I saw your nice comment. The whiskers worked out even better than I had hoped. 

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    The Long Kiss Goodbye

    The Log Kiss Goodbye, by L'Adair

    I knew I wanted to do something with Apollo kissing a wench, (in the Arthurian Outfit I picked up last month,) but I wasn't sure what angle I'd be shooting the scene from... so this pose actually looks good, (imo, of course,) from any side. I also picked up the breast control products from Zev0 so I was able to get a fairly realistic squish as Apollo pulls the girl in tight for the kiss. Not that it's very obvious from this camera view. Anyway, I'm very pleased with how this turned out. Apollo is such a great looking character. Thanks, GypsyAngel.

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    What a wonderful bunch of renders you guys have been posting. I've been pulled in other directions, and haven't been commenting on the images as they're posted, but I have given them all a thumbs up when I can find them in the galleries. Thank you for sharing.

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    Just saw this and commented on it in the gallery.  Nice image, L'Adair!

  • For you Fallout 4 peoples out there... Paladin Danse...


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    Good Night



    Finally, after som TOS and other changes. it is done. (Stopped it afer about 48 hours at 82%)

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    For you Fallout 4 peoples out there... Paladin Danse...

    I know nothing about Fallout 4, but this is very nice image. The tattoo looks faded just enough to look real, and I really like the aging on his face.

    Good Night

    Finally, after som TOS and other changes. it is done. (Stopped it afer about 48 hours at 82%)

    Very nice solution to the TOS issue, and I think it looks as good as the original. I think you should put some scivvies on the model and render him alone and much closer, pose irrelevent. I'd love to see how well the body hair conforms to M7... That is REAL Hairy, isn't it?

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    Finally got a chance to do a manly render again.  My first with Jesse by Male-M3dia.  Love this character!  I used the Jared for M7 skin.  Not too sure I like the Whiskers product on him.  It sure seems to go up onto toward the lower lip more than it should.  I think this is an issue with the beard product, though, as all of the promos I've seen have the same issue.  And, I had the devil of a time getting it to not have bald spots on his chin as there was a slight fitting issue with Jesse's chin.  Luckily, there were adjustment morphs, but I had to adjust up and up and up until I hit the right adjustment!  Chest hair is Real Hairy (G2M version).  I haven't had any problems fitting those to G3M at all.  I need to do some work on the skin as it isn't quite where I want it, but not bad.  I really miss having muscle and vein products for G3M, but, hopefully, we'll get those soon.  I, also, used Scintillant Portrait Lights for Iray by Khory.  Nice light set.  I love how it works.

    edit: added the word "how" because sometimes when I type I, apparently, lose a word or two as my fingers and brain don't match.  Grr!

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  • My latest gallery submission. I seem to be buying and using more G3F outfits than G3M! They do fit very nicely though (apart from crumpling in the crotch area in some cases, which I can fix with morphs if necessary, but which don't show here). With this one I also had to use geometry editor to hide all the bodice details, which were too feminine.

    Elf mage (and bored apprentice) enjoying the late afternoon sun.

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    That's actually a very interesting use of an outfit!

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