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    I just knew this would start a new page... Okay I plan to get fully caught up on all the stories and convo's as I can. Now I got a place to come back too.. This is SO fun this month.

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    My name is might have been, my name is never was, my name’s forgotten…
    Life it seems, will fade away, drifting further every day, getting lost within myself, nothing matters no one else…

    I like your sig quote there Jaderail. Is this your quote or do you know who said it?

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    I finally read everything and looked at all the renders. Wow! The stories give an added dimension to everyone's creativity. In no particular order:
    Jindi, welcome to RRRR! Your first one is so cool. I love the story and the renders.
    Ken, you are really ambitious this time. I love your continuing story, even the tender moments, and your always-wacky sense of humor.
    KaribousBoutique, the poem is great! It has to be hard to be a Dazaholic when you have children to take care of. Nice to have a sense of humor about, and they do grow up eventaully. I loved the writing in Guardian story. The images went beautifully with story's mood.
    Jaderail, it is so wonderful to see your renders again. I really like these, and good story!!
    Totte, both of your are great. Your are a born story-teller. I especially like the second & third images in the second one with the action and explosions, the the second image in the first one - "will work for content" LOL
    Sasje, the Magic Gate story was perfect. Just enough said and wonderful images.
    Novica, the newspaper articles are a hoot!
    hawkonthewing, nice story and I always love your images. I look forward to the next installment.
    Zawarkal, I love how you did this one. The images were perfect with the story, and the story, well, it beautifully illustrates an aspect of your cosmology (I couldn't think of a better word.)

    Thanks, KaribousBoutique and Totte. I always love a compliment.

    Here is my next pull:
    Victorian House
    Michael 4 for Genesis 2 Male
    Sky Deck
    Mafioso Unimesh Fits
    Genesis 2 Female Body Morphs
    Billboard Poses for Michael 6
    Classic Deco

    Really strange to get three newer purchases. I usually get older stuff (that I don't want to use but turn out to be fun anyway.)

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    I always love a yarn. And these illustrated ones are exceptional!
    Plus a spoof on Dr. Seuss in the making!!
    Well.... Willie may or may not make an appearance in the second verse, providing that he s till free... too early
    I m a little light on the words... but here goes

    My Pull
    3 Raven Court - used
    School Girl Uniform for A4 - used
    Sea Life Pack 1 - used
    A Curious Tea: Drink Me
    Staff Pack - used
    Toonimal Lemur
    Diner Food 2

    Also: SBRM: Hawaii, SBRM: Seabirds 2, The Sorceress, Jamie Hair, Sylwester Hair, Cow, DAZ Seal, Ron's Waves & Splashes

    The Lass from Nantucket
    Verse One

    An adventuresome lass from Nantucket
    Slipped off to the sea in a bucket
    When she wanted a meal
    She would steal from a seal
    Or she'd grab a good goose and pluck it

    1008 x 1008 - 896K
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    Yea, gopherus! Good to see you back. This is hilarious! I love the the expressions, and posing and animals in the series! This is a jewel!

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    Thanks Luci
    stay tuned for the wolf and the lemur in verse 2
    i think the words are locked down but the images are only in my head
    verse 3 was actually the first one done
    as the great storyteller gay ducey once said
    Know the beginning... know the end... then get there

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    Luci45 said:
    Zawarkal, I love how you did this one. The images were perfect with the story, and the story, well, it beautifully illustrates an aspect of your cosmology (I couldn't think of a better word.)

    Thanks Luci45 for your comment... As for what to call it... Just call it my BS! roflmao... just gotta love it when you can play with a story! :)

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    So..., here we go with story number 3!

    My pull:
    1077 - Lily Nymph for Genesis (What, again!?)
    1921 - The FREAK Dark Paladins Styles
    82 - Amaree Style
    2174 - Vivien for Laura
    2196 - West Park Day Room Recreation
    2199 - West Park Morgue
    1191 - Mall Girl for Genesis
    752 - Foyer Living Room Furniture Poses

    Yeah, I'm going to have to think about this one for a bit. And what's up with all the West Park stuff? Did Jack have his fingeer on the scale, or something?

    The Lily Nymph outfit pretty much dictated this one, so....

    TAG: obanion#03
    Story Title: In-Laws and Out-Laws

    -- Image 1 --
    Image Title: The Game Is Afoot! (And This Time, It's Personal)
    Used from the pull:
    Lily Nymph for Genesis
    Foyer Living Room Furniture Poses

    Also used:
    Tropical Quest
    Tropical Plateau
    Tropical Coast
    WorldBase Xtreme
    Nico for M4 (Head morphs and texture. I 'upgraded' Martin to M4, so that the poses would work on him. Okay, they managed to pull it off on 'Bewitched', but you gotta admit that it was a pretty ballsy move, fraught with risk...!)
    Laced Shorts by Cool Tuna (from ShareCG - I think; it's been a while)

    The Story:
    Martin suggested that they would be more comfortable discussing the situation in the privacy of his yacht. (Yeah, his job pays exceedingly well. And it wasn't what you're thinking; criminy, people, get your minds out of the gutter!)

    "So," Martin said, once they were all settled in the cockpit (there you go again, you sick whatevers!) of his boat. "How may we be of assistance to the Mendor tribe?"

    "The daughter of our tribe's Queen, Princess Lydia, has been kidnapped," Leilani told him. "She has been attending a private boarding school in Hartford, Connecticut -- her own decision, one that her mother strongly disapproved of; but, the Princess has always been a bit headstrong in that regard -- and she was spending a Saturday afternoon at the local shopping mall with a friend. That was where she was taken. We have been told that our best chance of getting her back safely, is to enlist your aid."

    "Do you have any idea why she was taken?" Martin asked. "I mean, when it comes to kidnappers, there is always a reason. Usually it's money, but sometimes...."

    "The reason was not money," Leilani said, quite definitely. "One of our Queen's most formidable adversaries, a man known only to most of us as the Dark Paladin, was behind the abduction, and he has already made his demands very clear." Leilani lowered her head slightly. "It is not within my authority to reveal the details to you. I am very sorry, but my instructions are quite clear on this point."

    Martin shook his head. "Don't apologize for following orders," he said. "It's probably not all that important, anyway. Until the moment that it becomes important, and then, assuming we all get out of this alive, your Queen and I are liable to go 'round and 'round on the issue."

    "There is yet another another complication," Leilani said. Martin turned to gaze at her expectantly -- and he was expecting the worst. He got it, too. "As I mentioned, the princess was not alone when she was taken. She was with a friend, a classmate from her school, at the time she was abducted, and the friend was taken, as well."

    "Aw, man," MArtin said, highly annoyed, "that means the other kid's parents are going to be involved, and probably the local police, and they're probably going to call in the FBI, and those guys are gonna come in all stompy-footy and that's just going to booger everything up!"

    "Perhaps not," Leilani said carefully. "Our people have been in communication with the other child's family, and with the local authorities. The police are being extremely, shall we say, deferential, to the wishes of the Queen's emissary -- all those diplomatic niceties, you know -- and the other girl's parents have been completely in accord with the Queen's representatives. They were, in fact, the ones who suggested that we seek your assistance."

    "Why would they do that?" Martin asked, confused. "How do they even know me?"

    "Apparently," Leilani said, "they do know you. Quite well, in fact, I have been told. And equally apparently, they hold you, and your talents in these matters, in very high regard."

    "So who are they?"

    "The parents' names are Jonathan and Miriam Anders," Leilani informed him. Alexis drew a loud gasp; Martin's face registered a look of intense anger and outright rage that Alexis had never seen before, and frankly, hoped never to see again. "Their daughter was the girl who was with Princess Lydia when she was kidnapped,"Leilani continued. "Her name is--"

    "Laura," Martin finished for her. "Her name is Laura." He turned to Alexis. "Put some clothes on, Lex," he said. "We're hauling ass to Hartford!" He turned his gaze upon Leilani. "And pack a bag, sweetheart; you're coming with us!"

    "The Privy Counsel will want to speak with you," Leilani said, "to discuss your fee...."

    "There won't be a fee," Martin said. "This one's on me. This 'Dark Paladin' dude is about to find out that he just jacked with the wrong mercenary."

    800 x 600 - 772K
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    Thank you Luci45

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    Thank you, Luci! I am having a blast with this one (when work and RL permit)!

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    Thanks for the welcome and encouragement Luci. So glad to see you again in this thread. I loved your story earlier, your work is always amazing. Your renders last month were also so much fun and beautifully done.

    Ooh...just went back over the page I'd missed. Now that's what I call a cool (or maybe it should be hot?) business idea! LOL at the picture on the office wall.

    Fun limerick, Gopherus! It made me grin. Looking forward to seeing more.

    Now to catch up with Ken's adventures....

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    And here's Chapter 2....

    TAG: obanion#03
    Story Title: In-Laws and Out-Laws

    -- Image 2 (Flashback) --
    Image Title: An Unpleasant Encounter
    Used from the pull:
    Mall Girl for Genesis
    Vivien for Laura

    Also used:
    Supermall by Pzrite (a.k.a., Lee Shapiro - according to the Readme; I think I got this from Renderosity, but don't quote me

    on that!)
    School's In outfit for Young Teens (Laura)
    Andy Hair
    David 5
    Pure Hair Punk
    Dark Moods for Genesis
    Full and Feathered Hair
    M4 Business Suit
    GQ Event Hair
    Hipster for M4 Urban Wear
    Mark Hair

    The Story Continues...

    Lydia's school-mates did not know that she was a real, live, honest-to-Federal-Reserve princess, and that was exactly the way she wanted it. To them, she was just a normal fifteen-year-old girl, with the normal fifteen-year-old-girl interests and aspirations: hanging out with her friends, whiling away hours on end at the local mall (with or without the accompanying shopping), getting through gym class with most of her dignity intact, and fantasizing about dating Justin Bieber (before he went off the deep end and turned into a self-obsessed, entitled jackass, that is).

    Lydia and her best friend from school, Laura Anders, had met at the mall for an afternoon of shopping, flirting with the boys from school, and just generally goofing off. Your typical teenager's Saturday.

    That, at least, was the plan. But sometimes, plans change. Or, more to the point, something, or somebody, changes them.

    "What are you doing in your school uniform, girl?" Lydia asked, as the two girls linked arms and started down the mall's concourse.. "In case you forgot to look at a calendar this morning, it's Saturday!"

    "I know," her friend replied, "but I have this school thing later today. The choir is performing at the Children's Hospital this afternoon, and rather than race home to change, I figured I'd just..., you know."

    "That makes sense, I guess. So, what do you want to do first?" Lydia asked Laura as they strolled the mall's concourse. "Wander by the arcade, see if any of the really cute boys from school are there? Check out Victoria's Secret? How about Wet Seal? They just got in a ton of new stuff! Want to check it out with me?"

    "I suppose I can look," Laura said dubiously, "but I probably can't buy much. When my folks saw last month's Visa bill, they absolutely freaked! I mean, seriously, my mom went totally exponential on my ass!" She grimaced. "And then my dad took his turn."

    Lydia stopped, reaching out to grab Laura by her arm, and turning her friend to face her. "They didn't..., hit you, did they?" she asked, alarmed.

    "No, of course not!" Laura replied. "My parents would never do anything like that! They don't believe in that kind of thing. And besides, they know better than to try."

    "What do you mean by that?" Lydia asked.

    Laura giggled, and gave Lydia a conspiratorial glance. "They know that if they ever mistreat me, and my uncle Martin finds out about it, then they will find themselves in a world of hurt. My uncle is very protctive of me."

    Lydia grinned back, visibly pondering the possibilities. "You know," she said, "there are ways to work something like that to your advantage...."

    "Oh, I would never -- and I mean never -- take advantage of that." She raised a finger to stress her point. "It's a safety net, not an indulgence." They resumed their stroll to the boutique. "My parents are great," Laura said, "but my uncle is just wicked awesome!"

    "Ah," Lydia teased, "just a little bit in love with him, are you?"

    "Well," Laura admitted, "maybe just a little."

    "So what does your uncle do?" Lydia asked.

    Laura looked off into the distance, thinking. After a moment, she answered, "You know, I don't really know. I do know that he travels a lot, all over the world, in fact. And whatever he does, he makes a butt-load of money doing it! But, as for what that actually is...," she shrugged, "I got no clue."

    "Maybe he's an international spy," Lydia suggested.

    "He'd be a good one," Laura concurred. "He's really smart. And very resourceful. And he's almost painfully good-looking!"

    Suddenly, a man, dressed entirely in black, stepped in front of them. "Hello, Princess," he said. "The Paladin sends his regards."

    Lydia gasped. "David!" she breathed.

    The man smiled. Normally, a smile makes people appear more attractive; not this time. "Aw, how sweet," he said. "You remember me."

    "I've spent the last three years in therapy, trying to forget."

    "Maybe you need to find a better therapist," David suggested.

    "That wouldn't help," Lydia said. "The roadblock has always been the knowledge that you're still alive!"

    "You cut me to the quick," David said. "But that's what the profession calls 'an impasse'," he added mildly. His voice hardened, as he said, "But that's neither here nor there. The Paladin wants to see you. And it's my job to make that happen." He stepped toward her.

    800 x 600 - 763K
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    ...good story so far.

    BTW love the "Zombie and Winch" marquee.

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    Kyoto Kid said:
    ...good story so far.

    BTW love the "Zombie and Winch" marquee.

    I'm afraid I can't take credit for that; the whole set was. "straight out of the box".

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    Tag: karibousboutique #2, Picture 2
    My Pull:

    5902 Soulmate Poses DAZ
    6658 Tootsie Hair DAZ -- USED
    1877 Dystopia Destinations: Landing Pad DAZ
    1968 Eliza for K4 DAZ
    5661 SG Steam Queens DAZ -- USED

    4727 PH’s Swinging Cages RO
    6641 Tithe Barn DS DAZ
    912 Carnival Picnic Tables DAZ -- USED
    Rendered inPoser Pro 2014, Postwork in Photoshop CS6

    Story title: How Karibou Stole Christmas
    Image Title: To Dazville, for Looting!

    "I know just what to do," Kari snickered with glee.
    And she wrote a new program on her fancy PC.
    She chuckled and sneered as she covered her tracks
    And then deep into Dazville, that Karibou hacked.

    "All I need are electrons..."
    Karibou looked around.
    And thanks to the atom, those electrons were found!
    Her physics and chem minors then came to good use
    As a Virtual Karibou she nimbly produced.

    She sent her new e-twin to Dazville for looting,
    Confusing the Daz-es who, right then, were computing.
    Their screens all went dark, then with a keystroke
    Kari called on Magneto -- causing Dazville to croak.

    With Dazville in darkness, Karibou started prowling,
    Draining accounts! Wishlists disemboweling!
    Platinum Club items! Brand new releases!
    Fastgrabs and software! Artists' masterpieces!

    Then, with evil vengeance that bordered on glee,
    Karibou pilfered EVERY product library!
    When just then, in a voice (much too sweet to ignore)
    Came a simple, soft question from a little Kids-4.
    She stared at the Karibou and she blinked her wide eyes.
    "Why are you taking our libraries? Why??"

    But you know, that e-Kari was so smart and so sly,
    She thought of a reason without blinking an eye.
    "Magneto," she said, "made the website go down."
    "I'm moving your items to a server 'cross town."

    And her fib fooled K4, so she patted her head,
    Closed her eyes with a morph, and then sent her to bed.
    And when the wee-little sprite was deep in cyber-slumber,
    Karibou finished up, leaving each account plundered.

    And the one speck of content she left on the site
    Was the unflate-able pony -- made of one, lone kilobyte.

    2000 x 1511 - 461K
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    Tag: Sasje #2 P2

    Aunt Ann: Jim give Lizzy her doll back you’ve got your own toy use that one for your play
    Jim: Aahwn I can’t find it
    Aunt Ann: searched the barn, I think Roeffus hide it somewhere, and now go to play and don’t fight I have some work to do.

    Pull 2
    - Sailor Uniform for A3 (used)
    - Martial Arts Weapons (used)
    - The Construction Site (used)
    - Fantasy Camp III (used props and trees)
    - Treadz for Genesis (used)
    - The Caged Cart
    - Toys of Yesteryear
    - H4 Hovertank

    For the rest
    - Barn Yard
    - Genesis 3x Clothes and hair
    - mill horse 2

    1066 x 800 - 274K
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    Thanks, Luci! I'm having fun with this...

    Dumpster Diving
    Scene 3: War Zone

    Pulled Items in Scene 3
    666 Sampan
    841 Victoria 4 Equestrian

    Also Used
    Light Dome Pro Revolution
    First Bastion Rocky Outcrop and The Steppes
    SickleYield's Waters for DS4 (Renderosity)

    Horse units:
    Daz Horse 2
    Samurai Yoroi for M3
    Polearm Armory
    Dragon Rage (pants and boots)
    Defiant (tunic)

    The gods of random decided to add a part to the story, and who am I to question the gods of random? (The shaders on Sid's clothing stopped working and gave some sort of error message. Why not, I'll run with it!)

    Once the noise stopped, Sid nodded confidently. “All right, we should be back in the lab now!”
    “Sid, why do I feel like we're still moving...”
    Sid stopped and concentrated. “You're right...this...doesn't feel like we landed on solid ground. Uh-oh.” He scrambled to the top of the ladder and popped the hatch. As he lifted it, he heard a massive shout somewhere above him. “Oh heck, what is that?!?!
    Sylia slowly opened her eyes and moved her hands from her ears. She blinked and looked around. “Sid...we may have more than one problem. First, where are we? Second...why are your clothes gone?
    Sid looked confused. He then looked down and started grabbing bits off the dumpster to try to cover himself. “OHNOOHNOOHMYGOSH!!!!!!!”
    “Calm down, Sid. Focus.”
    Sylia put a hand firmly on his head as another shout rang out some distance away, then an answering shout came from above again. “SID. FOCUS. NOW.”
    Sid took several deep breaths. Sylia looked out and assessed the situation. She put her head in her hands. “Sid, this is DEFINITELY not the lab. This looks like some kind of ancient war zone...and we're FLOATING. On water. Get us out of here. Preferably now!”
    After he scrambled up the ladder, Sid gestured wildly. “And...oh, Sylia, it's worse...I'm seeing...evidence of time flux, things are all fuzzy and dark around the edges! Oh heck...um...here...”
    He jumped down and rapidly typed into the terminal. He shook his head. He typed again. He grabbed a large wrench and gave the central computer a rather solid whack. It sprang to life and the horrendous noise began again. “Ok, Sylia, this time we ought to end up at home!”
    She nodded, sighed, and curled up into a ball again.

    1000 x 618 - 662K
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    Karibou, you are on a ROLL! Totally rockin'!

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    MelanieL said:
    My first pull is:
    1383 = Conservatory
    180 = Royal Carriages for Millennium Horse
    852 = GIS Project
    1414 = The Study Expansion Pack
    587 = Alruna
    165 = Merman
    1429 = Tarnished and Polished Shaders
    1118 = Forever Fantasy Poses

    Well, I guess December is passing rather more quickly than I would like - just found time to do something with this list yesterday/today. Actually I delayed working on Part 1 because I had an image in mind for Part 2 of the story which I wasn't sure I could make, so had to try that first. Then I thought oh dear, can I actually find the appropriate extra ingredients to do my plan for Part 3, so I had to try that next, before finally going back to the relatively straight-forward Part 1 at last.
    Apologies for all that witter ^ - so here goes:
    Title: My Great-Uncle Bob
    Part 1:
    When I was in my teens I used to be sent with my younger sister to visit our great-grandmother on a Sunday afternoon.
    After she'd fed us tea and cakes, she would bring out her old photograph albums and tell us tales about the past. Sometimes they were interesting, but mostly they were boring. My sister never listened, she preferred to play with Trixie the dog. But I tried to be polite and humour the old lady by trying to take interest in what she had to say.
    One day, just before the Olympic Games were due to start, I asked her whether it was true that my great-uncle Bob had once been a famous swimmer. She smiled and brought out an old photograph ...

    Draw Items Used: Conservatory, Study Expansion Pack, Forever Fantasy Poses (on both girls)
    Also Used:
    Great-Grandma = V5 with Zev0's Aging Morphs and Skin Overlay, Pure Hair Darling, Mall Girl (top), TOA Triplet (dress), Magna Hart (collar), Sheer Greatness (stockings), Morphing Business Suit Expansion (shoes)
    Me = Sisters for G2F, Nordic Hair, Afternoon Heat, Patchwork Shoes 2
    Sister = Sisters for G2F, Josie Tails Hair, Casual Jeans and T-Shirt
    Millenium Dog (with Canine Classics Combo texture)
    The Study (small table and chair), Bookcase Collection (books), A Curious Tea, Eat Me and Drink Me (tea table, crockery and food)
    Skies of Terra (exterior scenery)

    1024 x 896 - 392K
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    Title: My Great-Uncle Bob
    Part 2:
    Yes, her eldest son Bob had been a brilliant swimmer, winning many medals. Everyone had marvelled at his speed and his natural style, saying that it was scarcely worth competing against him as he inevitably won every race. Eventually he retired from the sport, saying that he must give someone else a chance at last. But still people had wondered: what had been the secret of his success?

    Draw Items Used: GIS Project (roof and walkway), Tarnished and Polished Shaders (on trophy, podium and metal handrails)
    Also Used:
    Uncle Bob = self-dialled character, Santo for M5 skin, Duarte Hair
    Silver Medallist = Caleb for M5 (slightly modified), Alexios Hair
    Bronze Medallist = Sean for D5 (slightly modified), Timeless Male Hair
    Swimming trunks adapted from Underwear for M5
    Neck chains from Dragon Queen for Genesis, medals adapted from Gemologica pendant (all retextured with Gemologica metals/patterns)
    Cup and Podium from Yamaki Victory Lane
    Pool from Roman Bath (resized to fit inside GIS Project)

    (Showing two versions here: the original render and the "old photo" postworked version for the competition entry)

    1024 x 896 - 344K
    1024 x 896 - 396K
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    Title: My Great-Uncle Bob
    Part 3:
    Well of course, I asked Great-Grandma that very question. She gave a strange smile and told an even stranger tale:
    "Once, when I was much younger, in fact just recently married, we had been invited to the New Year Fancy Dress Ball. It was the event of the season. I spent ages choosing a costume - I finally decided to go as Joan of Arc.
    "Unfortunately my husband was called away on some family business they day before the ball, but he insisted that I should not miss it. And so I was travelling alone when a speeding coach almost collided with my carriage on the approach to a bridge. My horse bolted and broke free, my carriage tipped and I was thrown out, landing in the river! Unable to swim and weighed down by my heavy costume, I was sure that I would drown. Indeed I swear that I began to see the events of my short life passing before my fearful eyes.
    "But suddenly a figure appeared from under the water, swam to my side and rescued me. I had never seen anyone like him before. He was dark and handsome, but ... well, there was something about him that was unlike any other man I had ever met, or ever would again."
    Great-Grandma was silent for a moment, then continued:
    "And I was really very grateful for his assistance that evening."
    Now I wasn't sure what all this had to do with my question about great-uncle Bob, but then Great-Grandma was getting very old and sometimes seemed to lose the plot when she was in the middle of telling a story.

    Draw Items Used: Royal Carriages, Alruna, Merman, Forever Fantasy Poses
    Also Used:
    Young Great-Grandma = V5, Pure Hair Lovely
    Glyn Hair on Merman
    Lorenzo LoRez (driver and passenger in the coach)
    DAZ Horse 2 (unconcernedly munching grass by the overturned carriage)
    High Cliff Crossing
    Fantasy Castle Ground water plane
    Nature - Plants Pack 1 and Lisa's Botanicals Pond Life, Indian Grass and Tall Grass
    Easy Environments: Grasslands (backdrop)

    1024 x 768 - 400K
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    ...very nice story and scenes.

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    Well I'm going to hope I can keep up my pace and try another story. Second pull:
    347 = Dust and Trail Tool
    1564 = A Curious Tea: Eat Me
    1425 = File It Away
    153 = Fantasy Exotic Weapons
    1521 = Momotsuki (Pink Moon) Hair
    417 = Medieval Inn
    1282 = Evening Gown for G2F
    650 = Michael 5 Pro Bundle
    Not 100% sure whether Dust and Trail will work in DS4.6? I'll have to give it a try and see. Of course I get A Curious Tea which I just used in Story 1 as an extra!
    Before I start this one though, I've vowed to finally go through this thread (pages 3 onwards) and read everyone else's stories at last - so there's a nice big chunk of tomorrow spoken for :)

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    Kyoto Kid said:
    ...very nice story and scenes.

    Thank you KK (assuming your comment is aimed at me?!)
  • kyoto kidkyoto kid Posts: 40,743
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    ...yes it is.

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    Well, I actually sat down and went through all the posts so far at last. Sorry for the extreme lateness of some of my comments.

    Totte #1 "One day in Ivana Stroganovas life" - imaginative story - especially the bank scam, the "Will work for content" man and the little details, like the horse's apparent fascination with the dragon in its cage.
    #2 "Saving Willy, Again!" - I really like your use of effects in images 2 and 3, a real feeling of movement there.

    Ken OBanion - now that's what I call plain over-achieving - three stories almost complete and they're all linked, don't be giving
    Totte any more bright ideas with that! >:(
    #1 "With Friends Like These..." - great start
    #2 "Recovering the Ronin (Further In the Adventures of the 'Repo-Man')" - even better, I think you missed your metier as a writer :)
    #3 "In-Laws and Out-Laws" Parts 1 & 2 - gripping stuff, have you been at the Raymond Chandlers? (or maybe just the Jack Daniels?)

    Zawarkal #1 "Game of Life" - wow, that series has such a unique look, and I had to read it three times to be sure I'd got it all (or maybe not?) - really thought-provoking stuff there. OT: was very moved by your real-life story too.

    Luci45 #1 "My Missing Mother" - nice start, lovely images especially Part 1 - they havethat magic glow of yours
    #2 "Diamonds, Dragons and Garbage" - really lovely, you've got a strong prize contender here I think. I wish the story were true, too (we could do with a solution to all the garbage, though maybe not the dragons).

    Jindi #1 "Grandpa's Whirlwind Romance" - is this really your first go at RRRR? It's very good, you've definitely hit the ground
    running there. Nice Oz-vibe and nice renders too.

    Sasje #1 "The Magic Gate" - nice renders - I like the interesting little extras like the pixie lurking in the last scene.
    #2 "Jim and Lizzy on the farm of Aunt Ann" Parts 1 & 2 - cute kids, typical boy!

    KaribousBoutique #1 "The Guardian" - imaginative story and lovely renders, I especially like the mix of eerie and cosy lighting.
    #2 "How Karibou Stole Christmas" Part 1 - love the verse, though part of it seems to be describing me :) (apart from the twins - though my Mum was one of an identical pair) Part 2 - my you've been busy with all that rhyming! Great idea (cute kid too).

    Jaderail #1 "Marble Comix presents - Issue #12 RED Gemini the Chronicles" - I like the comic vibe of your story - but you do realise you still haven't posted in the Entries thread, right?

    hawkonthewing #1 "Dumpster Diving" - (Part 1) wow, stunning use of colour, very funky styling. (Part 2) love the surprised looks on the olde worlde folk. (Part 3) they are certainly getting around a bit - but is this --THE END-- or is there more to come? I need to see
    where they end up!

    gopherus #1 "The Lass from Nantucket" Part 1 - clever idea, and I like the rhyme, short but punchy! From previous experience with
    limericks, I just hope the last verse will meet TOS though!

    Novica #1 "SeaNautica's Revenge" Part 1 - love the newspaper articles (and the name check!) and the grumpy expression on Lilly's face - can't wait for the next edition...

    KyotoKid - I was really sorry to hear your real-life story - I hope the future soon looks brighter for you.

  • hawkonthewinghawkonthewing Posts: 136
    edited December 1969

    Thanks, Melanie! Nope, not the end, I have one more about half done to wrap up the story, hopefully I can get that finished tonight or tomorrow. I'm hoping the punch-line won't be too groan inducing or obscure. :cheese:

  • TotteTotte Posts: 13,670
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    Thanks Melanie!
    I will try to go through things when xmas hysteria has settled down...

  • IndigoJansonIndigoJanson Posts: 1,100
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    Thanks so much for the kind words, Melanie. I've just been catching up on this last page and your story was a treat. I had to smile at the ending... sneaky old Great Grandma!

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 7,210
    edited December 2013

    Thank you for that, Jindi. Looking forward to your next (if you decide to do one).
    And Totte and hawkonthewing: you're welcome. At one time I used to manage to keep up with things as they were posted, but this last couple of months has been a bit crazy.
    Edit to fix typo.

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