Official Release of Carrara 8.5 **Update -**



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    update feature request

    more options in shader room.

    Save a shader uncompressed.
    option to save all internal or all external.
    option to export all the internal maps.

    option to apply shader and not change the texture maps, like if holding the shift or ctrl key

  • Hi, not all my products are showing in DAZ Central, I want to DOwnload Carrara to my new laptop but only DAZ studio is showing.. have things changed... its been a while since i  frequented this forum..

    thanks for any help



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    I don't know anything about Daz Central.  I installed Carrara using DIM.  Alternatively, Carrara downloads manually from a person's account product library page.

    But perhaps someone else knows about Daz Central.

  • Hi Diomede,

    when i go to my products, under carrara it only has the DAZ central download... I guessed you had to download via that, but as i say, its not listed...


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    I think the heading for file type might be confusing because it says the type of file download is Daz Studio.  Ignore that.  You should be able to manually download or use DIM from the account library page page.  I have circled the 64 bit files for Windows and Mac.

    install for carrara 2.jpg
    1072 x 877 - 205K
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  • thanks again Diomede.. ill look into that... its my old brain trying to work...

  • yup that did it..I had to put my glasses on to see it but yeah it was there...

    thanks again Diomede

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    The labeling is very difficult to see, and is confusing.  Glad to help.

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    almost the 8 year anniversary of the update. 


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    DZ_jared said:

    After a lot of hard work, long nights, and even longer days by our development team we are happy to announce that Carrara 8.5 is available for purchase in the DAZ 3D store. We would like to thank all of our loyal Carrara customers for their patience and support with this project.

    Carrara 8.5 Pro is priced at $285.00 for a limited time. Carrara 8.5 Standard is priced at $149.95.

    Current owners of Carrara will receive a 50% discount on either product for a limited time. Platinum Club members get an additional 40% off, which means it's never been a better time to join the Platinum Club.

    Carrara 8.5 Pro
    Carrara 8.5 Standard

    Included in Carrara 8.5 Pro are the Michael 5 and Victoria 5 Pro Bundles and Carrara Shaders - over $250 worth of Genesis content.
    Carrara 8.5 standard ships with the Michael 5 and Victoria 5 Starter Bundles and Carrara Shaders - over $140 worth of Genesis content.

    Here's a quick look at some of the new features:

    Native DSON Importer means seamless integration of:
    - TriAx™ Weight Mapped figures (Genesis, G2F, G2M)
    - General Weight Mapped figures
    - Legacy Parametric Figures (4th Generation and earlier)
    - DSON presets
    - Scenes
    - Scene Subsets
    - Wearable(s) Preset
    - Character Preset
    - Properties Preset
    - Shaping Preset
    - Pose Preset
    - Hierarchical Material(s) Preset
    - Material(s) Preset
    - Shader Preset (preset must be for a Carrara shader)
    - Camera(s) Preset
    - Light(s) Preset
    - Support for multiple UV sets (through Hierarchical Material(s) Presets and Material(s) Presets)

    Native AutoFit functionality means:
    - Conversion of legacy parametric clothing to TriAx™ weigh mapped figures
    - Automatic Morph Projection quickly gives you the fit you need for your figure's shape.
    - Automatic Weight Map Projection allows AutoFit clothing to bend and pose smoothly with the figure.
    - Morphs built into clothing are carried through the AutoFit process.

    Improved Sequencer, Keyframing and Animation Tools
    - New keyboard shortcuts to:
    - Play/Stop animation
    - Advance the frame
    - Preview a frame
    - Key Frame Filters
    - Sample – Creates a key at every frame of the animation.
    - Smooth – Smooth out wild keys to get an even looking animation
    - Reduce – Programatically determine which keys are unecessary and eliminate them.
    - Graph Editor Box allows for fine tuning of animations
    - Easily adjust timing
    - Simple yet powerful manipulation of amplitude
    - Scale, and translate key frames along the Graph Editor.
    - Marquee selection of key frames for Graph Editor.

    Smart Content and CMS Integration
    - Carrara can now access the CMS database; PostgreSQL or Valentina.
    - New smart content pane allows users to browse smart content by:
    - File
    - Category
    - Product
    - File view provides selection based filtering so that the user only sees items compatible with the current instance tray selection.
    - Double click and drag and drop loading are both supported in Smart Content Tab.

    Parameters Actions
    - Zero, Memorize and Restore:
    - Figure
    - Figure Shape
    - Figure Pose
    - Selection
    - Selection Shape
    - Selection Pose
    - Selection Tree
    - Selection Tree Pose
    - Selection Tree Shape
    - Provides users with powerful tools to reset a pose, shape or both.
    - Memorize and Restore allow user to take a snap shot of the model's current pose and/or shape and restore all or part of it.

    Improved Fit to Functionality
    - Automatic projection and following of morphs for TriAx™ Figures
    - No more relying on built in clothing morphs to fit clothing over a figure. Carrara automatically projects any morphs for a TriAx™ figure onto items conformed to the figure.

    Improved Viewport Avatars
    - Spotlight, Sunlight, Moonlight, Tube Lights and Shape lights have all received a makeover and can easily be identified in the viewport.



    8 year anniversary since the last Carrara update. .. seems like only yesterday cool 

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  • It does not feel like 8 years. I was on the beta team for 8.5 - so fun. What wasn't fun was signing up for the C9 beta team only to see that team quickly get cancelled. Sad day.

  • Carrara is abandoned, dead, and gone, no?

    I’m on my annual “check on the state of 3D packages” Internet trawl. I came here out of ... uh... morbid curiosity.

    They all suck, but I keep hoping some new product will come along, or an existing one will get overhauled and not be an endeavor of self-abuse (like the horrifying ZBrush)...

    I’ll be long dead and gone before the tech catches up to the needs of non-geek creative types. I don’t love 3D enough to put up with the bugs, the bad design, and the geeky concepts. I did decades in the tech geek world and I utterly lost the will to be a tech geek. It’s just wasn’t fun anymore.

  • Hello, I recently bought Carrara 8.5 but the download link for the win 64 DAzDim version does NOT work !!!
    Version 32 keeps crashing.
    so - I bought a more powerful PC and It does not solve this problem
    In these conditions is it possible to have a DIRECT download link and not this link on the download page by DAzDIM which DOES NOT WORK
    THANK YOU !!!!

  • were you downloading the zip or through DAZ install manager?

    also do you have a Huion tablet? its driver will crash it and DAZ wion't fix that

  • no  tablet- trying with  a  new notebook  ASUS  new Win 10 and driver      -  Trying to get  Carrara 64 with dazdim - carrara don't appear with dazcentral from  DAz site downloading  and  nothing is download !



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    interestingly it is under "type DAZ studio"  but what you want are the zips one at at the top here

    and all the ones here

    on the left in green shape labled Download Zip, extract it and install

    Don't use DAZ Central, that does not work with DAZ studio, DIM should but it is simpler to just download the zips if it's not

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  • imdougoud maybe start a thread in this forum specifically on this issue because I am afraid many don't read or see the stickies on top of the forum and others might have suggestions 

  • Eight years after the last update, when Daz was in Genesis 2.  Is Carrara relavent any longer?

  • donjaramillo said:

    Eight years after the last update, when Daz was in Genesis 2.  Is Carrara relavent any longer?

    not to DAZ sadly

    but I am sure they will be more than happy to sell you a Non Fungible Token crying 

    I myself still use Carrara everyday but my spending at DAZ has exponetially slowed

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    donjaramillo said:

    Eight years after the last update, when Daz was in Genesis 2.  Is Carrara relavent any longer?

    is for me coolyes 

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    Ha ha, I have had the same hammer for twenty five years and it works even better than ever.

    Carrara is a hammer and a screwdriver and a drop saw and everything else you need in a tool box.

    Just a matter of opening the tool box up.

    If the lid stays closed then that choice is in the hands of the user.

    Always amusing to stumble across irrelevant questions.frown

    Hey Stizza, I find thye smiley thong icons - bettre witch ot or I well bey using them an enormouse lot.

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  • Updated or not, Carrara remains a great software, my only concern is that one day it could not work anymore on newest hardware.

  • mine too, I wish they would sell it to someone who would develop it

  • I am hoping that Carrara will be given attention in the future. Has anyone tried Carrara on Azure VMS powered with GPUs?

    Migration Guide for GPU Compute Workloads in Azure - Azure Virtual Machines | Microsoft Docs


    3D Robot - YouTube

  • I was introduced to Carrara by a late friend back in 2013.
    IMO Carrara is still relevant now as it was then.
    I have tried may versions of Daz studio, IMO the UI sucks.
    I'd love to see an update to this, every other platform has a 3D bridge.
    If there was an update to Carrara, I'd love to see native import of all Bryce files :-)
    (being a bit nostalgic there :-) )

    For those using Huion tablets, consider trying a VEIKK A50, this tablet doesn't crash

  • I can't get Carrara to load on Mac Ventura. Downloaded the zips and when I click on it I get a message saying it can not be run. I might be the end if the road for Carrara on Macs unless anyone can offer any suggestions. I have been using Carrara from Version 2 before Daz acquired it, right up to version 8.5. 

  • dvnmedia said:

    I can't get Carrara to load on Mac Ventura. Downloaded the zips and when I click on it I get a message saying it can not be run. I might be the end if the road for Carrara on Macs unless anyone can offer any suggestions. I have been using Carrara from Version 2 before Daz acquired it, right up to version 8.5. 

    Although it is in the context of Daz Studio this post may help

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    Thanks Richard. I hope that helps!

  • Mr TedMr Ted Posts: 14

    So does Carrara 8.5 Pro not work on new Macs?  

  • DartanbeckDartanbeck Posts: 21,068

    Does it not? I'm on Windows and it works here.

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