Skin Builder 8 Merchant Resource for Genesis 8 Female (Commercial)



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    Well my word says its fine. So take this post as an official yes. I'll have to update the user agreement when I have time. Kinda busy on some stuff atm.

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    <p>Well my word says its fine. So take this post as an official yes.&nbsp;I&#39;ll have to update the user agreement when I have time. Kinda busy on some stuff atm.</p>


    Awesome! Thanks Zev0! laugh

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    I think I have the solution to the problem. When you start the Skinbuilder, the shader must not be set to "Filament (PBR)". You have to use "Texture Shaded".

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    Ah yes. Forgot about that problemcool. Try that. Looks like a similar issue somebody else had on page 17.

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  • Well do



  • Fricking Awesome, maybe you should put some Instructions in to use Texture Shaded. Save lots of problems.   

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    Well this was created before Filament, so there is a button switcher between texture or Iray preview. The script was designed to work in either of those. I suppose we will do an update to the startup splash image to make mention of this.

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  • Dude Loving it. Thanks for all your hard work.

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    Enjoy. Glad You got it working.yes

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    I bought this today and wow, what a great tool! The only glitch I ran into was when trying to do the Veins blend with head unchecked and body checked - it appeared to write the arms map into the legs file when complete. Everything else ran with no trouble


    I feel like the skin around the eyes renders a little darker than I expect and I'm not sure if it's just the scene lighting or what. Attached is a render + the base skin texture from Skin Builder that is being used. It looks like this might be Ambient Occlusion from the lashes? This isn't exactly a complaint, I realize different skin shader setups are going to behave differently, but I'd like to understand what's going on before I decide how to handle using it.  Thanks!

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    It isn't just the skin, it's also the eyes themselves, the eye texture I built is a very light gray-green but it render super dark (see pic). I'm looking around at how these materials are set up and not seeing anything that appears to be AO but something is pretty different from how I expect or would like it to be. What do I adjust to make these bits less darkened? Thanks!


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    deleted lashes and tear so it's not either of those


    No Lashes.png
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    Iris/Base Color parameter value hooks to the correct map, but for some reason your material wrote it out with values around 0.1/0.2 rather than 1.0, setting those back to 1.0 fixes the iris thing at least. This set of materials was built off a dev load G8F with the gray/blank materials so I don't think this was inherited from anything else. I've only run the one set of materials so I don't know if this is repeatable.


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    I made a completely new set from scratch and yes, the irises/Base Color value not being 1.0 repeated, although with different values. FYI, that one is easy to correct at least.

  • I like it. Played around got kind of red deep tan.

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    This is hands down the best thing I've ever gotten for Poser/DAZ, what a phenomenal value *kisses fingertips*

    Thanks so much for this amazing program!


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    You are very welcome. Thanks for the supportyes And will look at the shaders again when I have free time.

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    Big suggestion re: the tan lines feature - it would be good to have an option to lighten the un-tanned areas vs darkening everything else. You can get something like this via the full color adjustment in one of the earlier steps but I'm pretty sure it would be an easy feature to add (just invert whatever masks you've already made for this purpose and whatever color math you're doing)

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    That's not how tan lines work. You leave base skin not being tanned intact. Doing it other way around doesn't make sense.
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    The idea is for modifying an existing (tanned) skin, which does work but it makes the whole skin set darker. If it's a really big deal to add that's all right, but it would be a useful feature.

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    just over the moon with how great this tool works :3

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    Would it be possible to add blending modes for color divide/dodge, as well as burn and normal? as is you can darken or replace but you can never lighten at any step. This would be most useful (and probably easiest to add) for the Color Blend step in the Skin tab.

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    Nope. You can only blend what Daz studio allows or knows. In LIE you will see all the blend options.
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    Huh, I see what you mean, Additive is as close as it gets and that isn't the same. What a shame, thanks for the response anyhow. Hopefully DAZ will expand blending modes in the future.

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    I think I see what pjzanca is saying... so help me out here.
    Let say you have a skin that is tanned on a figure....

    You want tan lines... so you use this product


    It can only make skin areas darker than the default skin you are using, and that is how you make the appearence of tanlines.. you make areas darker.

    I think I would like (in addition to making areas darker, what pjzanca is suggesting. - I already have a tanned skin, I want to make the part that would have been under the shirt/bikini/shorts that wouldn't get sun... lighter.

    And Z is saying that that is not how it works.

    Q: That is not how Daz works, or how this product works?

    Q2 Is there a product that would make certain parts of the skin lighter?... thus, having the default skin color the "dark part" and the bikini-lines the lighte skinr?

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    D|S can't do it at the moment, there is no color dodge/divide blend mode available to be used.  What you might do is add the tan lines in Skin Builder and then manually do a color dodge adjustment on the maps with an image editor, to lighten them.

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  • ... the masks for the tanlines are in the textures folder. One could use those in the image editor with the skin texture. [always work with copies!] ....

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    Pardon my ignorance....
    Couldn't you just make a mask for everything except the bikini area, and then just apply a pale skin, so it would only work on the the bikini area?
    Then, if you wanted, apply the inverse mask, to make the non bikini area darker?

  • Hey!

    Love your product. Just having an issue with freckles. When applying the body freckles overlay, for some reason they keep appling weirdly to an area of the arms - have attached a jpg of what it does in photoshop below to the screen. Any suggestions? Applies to face perfectly, and no other issues with any other overlays.



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    It's applying fine here. What skin are you applying it to and what is the UV of that skin?

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