"Brace yourself, my dear wallet! There's always another Sale - and Glitches!"



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    Orpheus13 said:

    Bitching on the Glitching...


    I was thinking, "Quitcher Bitchin'… There's always another sale!" But I didn't think the mods would let it stay up, let alone allow it for a thread title.

    Let's not forget to include "There's always another sale" in the title, though, whatever is decided. That should almost include "©" we've used it so much.

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    Um, what the heck is going on with Orders in My Account? Six of the last seven of mine say CLOSED!  (and they're not.) They should say completed. Check yours?   I never go to the Orders page, so don't know how long it's been that way. Edit- never mind, it was from when the store checkout page was messing up and it did multiple orders.

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    I've started a new thread with the temporary title of: "There's Always Another Sale©"

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