"Brace yourself, my dear wallet! There's always another Sale - and Glitches!"



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    sheesh, there are days where I still can't figure out Daz Maths AFTER several cups of coffee... cheeky 

    Llynara said:

    I'm liking the Zen and the Art of Shopping Cart Jenga myself laugh

    or maybe "Coffee before DAZ Maths!" because there are days where I wake up and can't even figure out the sales math without several cups!


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    Ooo; the last page of the thread has come... surprise

  • I Got 99 Sales, But a Glitch Ain't One


    "99 Glithes, but a Sale ain't one" might be better. >_>


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    Llynara said:

    So what are we going to name the new thread?

    50 ways to Bust Your Bank Account.

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    Daz PEMDAS,

    Please Excuse My Daz Arithmetic Sucks

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    I think there's a real downside to building a library....sometimes...

    Because every bundle, as said earlier, I have all the best products and there's never a good deal to be found.

    Olympia was close because she was so slanted towards fantasy....

    You usually get 1 of everything, for every direction....

    Maybe they should try a base character and the bundles have the themes....

    Like Everything Sci-fi for Stephanie 8 or everything fantasy for ..

    or everything modern.....

    I think most of have a particular slant so well rounded is cool, but a knockout specific-genre-combination would be interesting.

    For me, I always buy the Sci-Fi bits and eventually modern clothes to kit-bash...but I have so many Elven-Armor suits thta I haven't used yet, it makes no sense to keep loading up on them.

    Some didn't like the plain white outfit, but I saw that as a spaceship's uniform. Something clean like those scenes in the Matrix sequels when they arrived to dock at Zion and there was that crazy matrix-generated operator in all white set piece. Loved that scene.


    I would love MORE of a theme is those bundles...

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    But The Glitch Came Back The Very Next Sale.

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    Which glitch please?

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    Just suggesting thread titles. I haven't made it to looking at shopping carts yet.

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    Llynara said:
    scorpio said:

    Has anyone bought the Pumpkin Head by JoeQuick, the dynamic gown isn't recognised by the Dynamic plugin so I'm not sure how to get it to drape or even fit to the figure.

    Sorry, I don't have it. Does it load up as an object? Seems strange that it wouldn't be recognized by Optitex plugin. Is yours up to date? 

    It loads as an object yes and my plugin is the latest. It appears that its Optitex files are missing, its being looked into so hopefully will get updated pretty quickly.

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    Probably the wrong place to ask but is anyone else experiencing slow viewport refresh when using the new Chosen Outfit?

  • Glitchception: Sales and Stacking:

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    It's a new day, it's a new sale, it's a new glitch... ;)

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    Well... I guess I'm going to buy the Flyer Eagle twice. Once last night, to get extra discount on some Ron brushes (in case his store being there two days in a row was a fluke).... and maybe again this morning to get an extra discount on Flipmode environments. I NEEED a sacrificial altar stone.

    Sacrificing my money to the DAZ store is enough for me.

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    WOW !!! What a deal. Buy a Debut new release that I don't particularly need and get a whopping 5% off a gift card.

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    Yeah I'm wowed by the offer too - I need a Gift card, but I don't need any of the Debut's today. I hope it carries on to tomorrow and there is something I can use to buy (bigger discount wouldn't go a miss either)


  • DAZ hasn't been aggressive this sale, which means customers must still be buying. 

    ​I notice right when I go several days ignoring these uninspiring "5% Off a Giftcard with a $15 Debute Release You Don't Want," kinda sales... they come up with one I can't resist that costs me $20-50, myself. 

    And overall, that is getting me to spend more than I normally would with deeper discounts and more glitches. For now. But I'm thinking I might save my money for other things. 


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    There's a coupon (orange banner) on Riversoft's new product for previous owners of Bone Doctor for today only. Combined with today's sale, that's a really great deal. I have some of his other scripts and they are very well done.

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    "(There Must Be) Fifty Ways To Glitch Your Daz Sale"  

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    credit card charge denied..... that is and effective way to control my spending habit on DAZ.

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    So excited about today’s stuff. Flock of Butterflies! Riversoft backlist Sale so I can finally be a Bone Doctor!

    still not finding a gift card worth the advance outlay though. 

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    Is it a bird ? Is it a sale ? No, it's a glitch !

    365 days of Glitches !

    Bitching on the Glitching...

    50 Shades of Glitch...

    How the Glitch Stole the Sales...

    3, 2, 1... Glitches !

    For a few dollars more... glitches !

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    Another sale, another dollar

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    "Money for figures, but the glitches are free"
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    Modification: Zen and the art of shopping cart jenga to Glitches and the art of shopping cart jenga or Sales glitches and the art of shopping cart jenga

    WTB creative thoughts and more caffeine

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    I have to say, 'Sales and the Art of Shopping Cart Jenga' is a pretty darn good title. Or variations therein.

  • The good the bad and the glitches

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    Orpheus13 said:

    50 Shades of Glitch...

    BWA HA HA!!!! That's fantastic!!! 

  • Orpheus13Orpheus13 Posts: 274
    Llynara said:
    Orpheus13 said:

    50 Shades of Glitch...

    BWA HA HA!!!! That's fantastic!!! 


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    While creative titles are fun, IMO the title needs to clearly get the point across at first glance. The title of this thread says sales and glitches, and I'd prefer those terms be in the next title. But it can still be fun and funky, like the current title.

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