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    Sorry to hear it! Been there done that with other works in progress. It's painful but usually turns out better in the long run. 

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    ...and that's a no.  I was stupid and didn't save her facial morph.  Eh.  Do over, I guess.

    Oh man! That REALLY sucks. :( I'm sorry. 

    As a digital artist I feel your pain. Nothing worse than working on a commission for a client and having the program crash after two hours of work. Gone. Or the file gets corrupted and doesn't save properly. Hours and hours of work out the window. ARGH! That's the worst. I feel your pain, DM. I'm sorry. :(

    I'm of the crowd of "everything happens for a reason" though. I think your next version is going to be EVEN BETTER! :D I think you're going to knock it out of the park! 

  • So, starting from scratch just means adding in those improvements you didn't realize you needed, right?  ;)  It can only get better.  :)

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    Ugh that always sucks!

    Are you guys at least feeling better?

  • Thank you, ladies. Hopefully I shall live up to such high expectations. :)  I'm still hacking away, but don't feel like I've been ran over more than a dozen times by a steam roller anymore- my s/o had to get an antibiotic shot yesterday, he's still pretty bad off.  We're soldering through.

    aaaaaaaaaand....Studio just crashed.  Good thing I saved the progress this time. (sigh)  Still- I'm rendering a tester of the new morph and updated skin.  I ended up mixing three MR's just for her skin in photoshop.  Let's see how this works.

  • Ohh Ouch , I'm sorry to hear you lost her, but I'm sure the new Sol will be just as gorgeous :)  

    Do you shorten her in Hex ?  I'm just going to ask stupid question here, since I have no idea of how modelling a char from scratch works. 

    Do you start with a base G3F in Daz and then export her to Hex to do your own morphs ? . Wouldn't it be possible to change the height of the figure  first in Daz before exporting her to Hex ? And wouldn't that cause less problems with the rigging when you're done in Hex and import her back in to Daz ? 

  • I use Hex for most of the morphing with help from merchant resource morphs as well.  Any time you shorten the base figure, you have to adjust the rigging to the shape.  I do this for the head and body seperately, and even still, the head bones are lowered since the height is shorter than the original.  I haven't had any great luck in fixing the issues of the interactions between the head and body with custom morphs, but I tried. Even if I change the height in Daz, using the scale dials, I'd still have to adjust the rigging to the shape after I was finished.  I'm still learning the process of it all. lol

  • Here's the new face, with the updated eye and skin textures.  Slapped hair on her too because I've been looking at her bald self for days now. lol

  • Thanks for explaining :D 

    Sounds complicated and as a lot of work and possible headaches, but I'm sure you'll figure it out. And now I'm glad I never considered making 3D  chars lol 


    Ohh she looks lovely the new Sol and I like her face morph a lot. . Great work on the skin .and eye texture.

  • No problem!  Actually got her body re-done, and I like this one much better.  No morph packs for her since her head and body morphs are custom jobs.  The skin still isn't where I want it to be, but it'll be a good indication of my half-way point on her textures/shaders and I can actually render her with clothing for once. lol  I'll post it when it's done.

  • She has interesting cheekbone.  I like her so far. 

    Sorry to hear about the SO needing an antibiotic.  Bad stuff, that strep!  Well, give him a hug and tell him we all hope he gets better soon.  You, too.  We can't have you hacking up all over the computer, now can we?  {{Hugs}}

  • *hugs back*  Thankee, and will do. :)  Much appreciated!

    as for hacking on the pc- I clean the monitor, demmit!

    aaand...this is Sol now.  I still have to work the translucency maps - her palms and fingers are way too red.  Need to tweak the shaders a bit more, add more bump/normal details and seam check before moving onto make up and stuff.

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    Now see she looks even better now then she did!!!

    Beautiful curves!!!

  • *hugs back*  Thankee, and will do. :)  Much appreciated!

    as for hacking on the pc- I clean the monitor, demmit!

    {{shakes head}}  sick people always get so testy! ;)  Ah, well, luv you anyway.  Just hurry up and get better.

    aaand...this is Sol now.  I still have to work the translucency maps - her palms and fingers are way too red.  Need to tweak the shaders a bit more, add more bump/normal details and seam check before moving onto make up and stuff.

    I think she's got some attitude.  It says I'm better than ever, new and improved even!

  • Thank you both!  And..I'm always testy.  ;)  Doing one more test with updated skin and shaders and different pose, will post and I'mma crashin'.

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    Sol is looking great! Very cool! 

    One critique, if that's ok? If not feel free to let me know that you don't want critique and I'll respect that and not give any more. :) I know that some people prefer not to get critique and that's totally valid! :) 

    And this is just my opinion, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt. :)

    The glossiness of the skin seems to drown out some of the great texture details that were in the previous version and also lightens the eyebrows quite a bit - making them look more like a light to medium brown rather than the great darker brows she had previously. 

    Other than the glossiness though, the rest of her looks AWESOME! Fantastic work! :)

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    Oh by the way, thank you so much for the lighting tutorial! I love it! I used it here: http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/comment/1979766/#Comment_1979766

    And I'm sure I'll be using it quite a bit in the future as well! :D

  • The previous version was a completely different skin- but I plan on placing some of that back into this set.  I'm never upset with crits- that's how some ideas come about.  People see and come up with ideas that sometimes you wouldn't.  One, because they see things differently and two, because they aren't staring at what you are for hours a day. :)  Thank you!  The brows are still not where I want them, either...and I'm not sure why they have melted into the texture as much as they have. May be the translucency or I may have to work more on the darkness of them overall on the diffuse.  It kinda confounded me as well.

    I'm going to put a note there- but I love what you did!  I'm glad some of my rambling made sense, and walk throughs, for me, are to show how the artist does them and hopefully others can follow and see what works for them. I think your adjustments work excellent in this!  

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    She's looking great!

  • Thanks. One more tester to post and I'll be back to work.  XD

  • I switched out the eyes for now to one of Lyoness' from her Heather pack.  Updated skin.  Now, need to check seams, do some more texture work on her skin to add in more of the previous details that were lost, bump painting and gens.  Then...eyes. Make up.  Tats.  lol

    For now, last one of her for a bit: Stopped the render at 60% because I'm an impatient b*stid.

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    She is gorgeous, Darwin! I love her skin and her morphs. It's fun to watch you work and see these characters emerge.

  • Thank you!  Hopefully by Tuesday I'll have more updates to share with everyone. :)

  • She's looking good!  Nice work.  I know it was a quick render, but you might want to fix that hair floating out of her arm before you render again.  ;)  Now, don't take this the wrong way, but I really, really like the shape her lips!  Please don't muck with those if you fiddle with any of her morphs any further.  Those are absolutely perfect!!!!!

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    Gorgeous! She is looking awesome! 

    I totally agree with @Knittingmommy ! The lips are so pretty - prefectly shaped!

    The bottom lip texture though looks a little bit dry and rough.  I'm really loving the rest of the skin texture though - it looks so good! :)

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    Thank you!  Oh, I won't muddle with the morphs anymore, trust me.  I will, however, be working on softening the area around her lips and working on the translucency maps a bit more.  The dry and rough look to them is due to the Translucency maps, and in this render you'll see how she has this halo of red around her skin where the light hits it.  Again, translucency issues...so I'll be tweaking that a bit more before doing anything else with her.


    And...as a thank you to all of my supporters- I have the hoops in this render as a quick freebie!  They parent to G3F base, and there are silver and gold mats for them and a basic rubber mat for the stops behind her ears.

    Enjoy- and please let me know if there are any issues.  I'm still learning how to do props and crap. lol

    Updated fileshttps://www.dropbox.com/s/ywc8y7vr020mz76/Freebie Surprise 1-8.zip?dl=0

    These will over write the existing files with the usual unzip, download process.  

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     I'm still learning how to do props and crap. lol

    LOL! Well, you're light years ahead of most of us. Thanks for the freebie! 

  • lol- you're welcome, hopefully someone can use'em.  And light years, nah.  Not even close. ;)

  • Thanks, DM!  They'll come in handy.  I haven't modeled jewelry yet so you're ahead of me that's for sure.  It's on the ever constantly growing To Do list.  :)

  • Ohh she's stunning and I agree with the others. Perrrrrfect lips.


    Thank you for the freebie! They'll come in handy , just as your impaled psd file (I already used that in an image)  

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