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    Wow, that's great!  You always make me want to whip out Carrara and work on modelling, and I never have enough unalloted time to do it lol!

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    Wow, that's great!  You always make me want to whip out Carrara and work on modelling, and I never have enough unalloted time to do it lol!

    You are doing great with the skill set you already have.  yes

    For me, modeling definitely helps expand the usefulness of my existing products.  I love being able to kitbash, change materials zones, create styling morphs, etc.  People think learning to model always means purchasing less Daz content. It could mean that, but in my case it has had the opposite effect.


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    Custom Strand-Mesh Facial Hair - Don't Have ZBrush


    I have been experimenting with making custom hair for use in Daz Studio.  Wasn't an issue in Carrara because that program has strand-based dynamic hair.  I'm not quite there yet, but I think I am making strides in transferring to Sudio.  In the next few posts I will show the workflow for making eyebrows for the custom ToonElf featured in recent posts. I also made the gautee and mustache.

    toonelf test render 2.jpg
    1000 x 1000 - 918K
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    In general, I've tried to keep modeling posts software agnostic.  However, this workflow ceates hair content for Daz Studio from Carrara's dynamic hair and a free plugin.  

    - Loaded G8M in Carrara using Misty's character at 'rosity.  Dialed the full body morph for my custom character (and loaded my recent toon elf outfit for the forum TOS).

    - I dragged the hair icon from the top menu on to the "actor" of the G8M group.

    - A menu comes up.  For now, I accepted the defaults.  In the future, may show some useful options.

    - The G8M mesh appears in the hair modeling room with my FBM applied.

    cc01 character outfit in carrara.JPG
    1409 x 975 - 145K
    cc02 drag hair icon to actor level.JPG
    1573 x 968 - 153K
    cc03 Carrara hair room menu accept defaults.JPG
    908 x 667 - 60K
    cc04 mesh appeas in hair modeler room.JPG
    1908 x 954 - 203K
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    - I enabled symmetry.  This isn;t necessary but it is convenient.  he hair sader will be used to eliminate symmetry so don't necessarily worry about it looking too symmetrical.

    - I used the left click to paint the area I wanted the har, in this case eyebrows.  Hold shift while clickng to remove a painted polygon.

    - Under te general tab, reduce the length, change width to medium, and increase the segments per guide hair.  More segments equals more smooth bending, but also more resource usage.

    - There is a guide hair tool.  I created two rows of guide hairs so that I could cut just one of the pair at the corner to look tapered.

    cc05 enable symmetry.JPG
    1527 x 745 - 136K
    cc06 paint green area for brows can remove by use shift click.JPG
    1911 x 807 - 161K
    cc07 under general menu reduce length changethick to medium and increase segments per guide hair.JPG
    1601 x 912 - 178K
    cc08 use guide hair tool to place two rows o can delete edges.JPG
    1654 x 908 - 131K
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    - I then used the brush and scissors tools to apply a simple shape and style to the eyebrows.  The active point along the strand of hair can be changed under the tool tab.  So, if you want to brush the middle of the hair guide instead of the end, adjust the slider under "tool."

    - Under general tab, click "show in 3D view" to check on progress.  The brows are too dense for my taste.  I reduced the number of hairs from default 5000 to 400.

    - I did a test render.  Looks better.

    - Better, but based on the plugin I will be using later, I reduced the display percentage (under general tab).  More on the plugin later.


    cc09 use scissor cut tool or reduce length note that I cut just one vertical of each edge.JPG
    1884 x 894 - 137K
    cc10 use brush tool as desired.JPG
    1858 x 857 - 124K
    cc11 check shw in 3d view.JPG
    1917 x 917 - 139K
    cc12 reduce number of hairs to 400.JPG
    1718 x 839 - 112K
    cc13 test render.jpg
    640 x 480 - 14K
    cc14 reduced display percentage.JPG
    1830 x 910 - 127K
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    - More styling is done in the shader room.

    - Selected the hair and enterd the shader room.

    - The deault thickness is too thick at the root and too thin at the end for my taste.  I changed accordingly.

    - I also increased the variance in the hair length.

    - Finally, I made some small adjustments to hair frizz.  The changes to hair frizz should eliminate symmetry for the final result.

    cc15 shader room reduce root thickness and increase tip thickness.JPG
    1714 x 597 - 85K
    cc16 shader increase length variation.JPG
    1018 x 599 - 63K
    cc17 shader intrroduce some frizz to get rid of symmetry.JPG
    876 x 676 - 73K
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    - Back in the Assemble room, I invoked the free plugin by Philemo.  Once installed, the hair conversion option is under EDIT  PHILEMO.

    - In the conversion dialogue, I reduced hair width to 0.01.  I also enabled curves.

    - This initial test result (mesh) was too sparse for my taste.

    - I deleted the first test mesh, returned to the dynamic hair model, and increased the number of hairs to 800.

    - I also increased the display percentage to 40 and length to 15..

    cc18 convert hair to meshusing Philemo plugin.JPG
    1829 x 911 - 149K
    cc19 result too sparase so increase hairs and display percentage.JPG
    1507 x 872 - 121K
    cc20 double hairs to 800.JPG
    1278 x 847 - 100K
    cc21 increase display percentage to 40.JPG
    1365 x 832 - 103K
    cc22 increased length to 15.JPG
    1297 x 832 - 101K
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    - I converted again and got a result that more closely matched what I wanted.

    - I've attached a screenshot of the eyebrow mesh.  Could continue to edit it in the vertex modeler if desired.

    - I've also posted a pi of just th mesh and its uvmap.  Notive that the uvmap is a simple square.  Each strand has the same square uvmap so you can create frayed fringe at the bottom of you map, use an alpha for fine strands, etc.

    cc23 convert again.JPG
    721 x 660 - 55K
    cc24 brows converted.JPG
    1881 x 911 - 150K
    cc25 here is brow mesh and uvmap.JPG
    1916 x 838 - 99K
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    - I used the same techniques to create a mustache and a beard.

    cc26 also do mustache and beard.JPG
    1707 x 946 - 134K
    cc27 convert the gautee.JPG
    788 x 575 - 56K
    cc28 face now.JPG
    664 x 497 - 42K
    test render 3.JPG
    1200 x 970 - 119K
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    - Then, just like the boots example above, I exported the brows and gautee as an obj file at correct scale.

    - I loaded them in Daz Studi, and used the transfer utility to convrt them to conforming figures.

    - I loaded them on G8M with mysilly toon elf full body morph applied.

    - I made sure to check reverse shape in the transfer utiliy.

    More work to do, especiallywith shaders and light, but feel like this was significant progress.

    toonelf test render 2.jpg
    1000 x 1000 - 918K
    toonelf test render 1.jpg
    1000 x 1000 - 951K
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  • Thank you for the walk through yes

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    Thank you for the walk through yes

    You are welcome.  I enjoyed doing it.  Feel free to make any suggestions or point out if I mssed something.


    Here is the facial hair (not brows) applied to another G8M character.  It is a conforming figure so should adapt to facial changes.  This is Edward looking like a 17th century noble with a bad hair dye.  I need to improve, but I think this was a successful test as a proof of concept.





    edward 8 gautee test render.jpg
    1000 x 1000 - 454K
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    Freebie Chrismas Tree in Daz Studio Format

    I'm new to dsitributing freebies in Studio format instead of Carrara.  Let me know if there are any problems installing or loading.


    test render xmas tree.png
    1333 x 2000 - 2M
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    Thanks for the freebie!

    Interesting tutorial thanks for sharing!

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    Thank you, Sonja, for the nice comments.  I hope to share a few more simple freebies in Studio format.  

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    Resolution 1 - Learn UltraScatter Pro in 2019

    Resolution 2 - Create a few small outdoor landscape sets for my silly Studio toon figures, to be rendered in Iray

    (related to resolution #1)


    Toward that end, I will need the attached reminder about memory settings for scenes with multiple complex instances.  Do NOT use the 'speed' setting for complex 'Howie Farks type' outdoor landscape scenes and Iray.  Set the Iray render optimization option to 'Memory' not to 'speed.'





    ultrascatter memory pro.JPG
    1356 x 555 - 95K
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    Now you will have to keep those resolutions since you told all of us about it lol.

    Happy New Year!

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    I still need to get UltraScatter Pro blush, looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

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    You’ve been staying busy...

    Am bookmarking tutorials for when I’m more familair with Hexagon.

    How did the surface for the tree end up working?  Think you were having trouble with glossiness if remember correctly.  Didn’t know you were even on shareCG.  : 0 !

    Quick question since we might have picked up “Ultra-Scatter” when on sale.  Know if Carrarra can generate just a ground plane? (currently not installed)

    “Ultra-Scatter” looks pretty good, but not very convincing on a flat plane-- even with d-formers added.  Wondering what other app to use.  

    I like the goat-tee on Edward.  Short of reminds me of Dali -- all he’d need is a beret.  Best wishes on it!


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    Thank you, @IceDragonArt, @Dustrider, and @Tynkere, for your comments.  Not sure why I didn't get notified.

    Yup, Sonja, you called me out on what I am doing.  If I post a resolution, I absolutely have to follow through!  There aren't any unfinishd projects in this thread (or are there?).  blush

    Dustrider, I am a big fan of replicators in Carrara, and I think Ultrascatter can deliver that same functionality to Daz Studio. I've even heard the master Howie Farkes report that Ultascatter pro has even more functions than Carrara replicators.  I am slowly migrating to Studio, and improved instancing would definitely speed up the migration.  I will try to share some of my experiments if I think they can be helpful.  yes

    Bruce, I am still getting up to speed on Hexagon, but I am very happy with it overall.  If Daz makes even marginal improvements and preserves the bridge to Studio, I will continue integrate Hexagon in my workflow. I'll post more screenshots, both as a manual for myself, and to the extent it can be helpful to all the people who have helped me, or to pay it forward.  I have learned quite a bit more about Daz Studio Iray surfaces (hard not to improve from zero), so I should go back and revisit that awful tree stump. Carrara can generate a groundplane, but I'm not sure I'd install Carrara just for that.  For Studio, whatever is used to generate a groundplane, it has to be converted to an OBJ before being imported.  So yes, I will be using Carrara to convert heightmaps to terrains, and then terrains to OBJs, but that is merely because I am so comfortable with Carrara.

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    Resolution 1 - Learn UltraScatter Pro in 2019

    Resolution 2 - Create a few small outdoor landscape sets for my silly Studio toon figures, to be rendered in Iray

    (related to resolution #1)


    Toward that end, I will need the attached reminder about memory settings for scenes with multiple complex instances.  Do NOT use the 'speed' setting for complex 'Howie Farks type' outdoor landscape scenes and Iray.  Set the Iray render optimization option to 'Memory' not to 'speed.'





    And there is a great Art Studio forum thread for Ultrascatter Pro.  Thanks, Barbult



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    Haven't updated in a while.  Here are a few of my recent endeavors.  There is no logic to it all.  I've been experimenting with various software and trying to learn new functions.


    Bryce Stuff

    I've dipped my toes in Bryce.  A recent Bryce challenge had robots as a theme.  I tried to get some of my robot models in Bryce.  If folks are interested, I highly recommend the Bryce forum folks.  There are a lot of online tutorials and the forum members are very helpful.  Here are my Bryce tries.


    1) Black and White Tribute to both Wizard of Oz and Metropolis - because nothing says robot like those two movies!


    2) And a tribute to the 1970s cult scifi movie, Silent Running



    Bryce is capable of much, much, better than I as a newbie put together.  If you get a chance, check out their render threads and challenges.  Some great stuff.  Like any other program, I need to get focus on getting better at the material/shader textures and the lighting.



    Carrara stuff

    Here are some entries in a challenge with the theme of extinction.

    This is the Roman senator Cato saying Carthago Delenda Est (Carthage must be destroyed!).  Going for an illustration look.


    and here is an attempt at realism (not my thing, sigh).  This is an attempt to reproduce a fossil display of an extinct hominid.  I saw the display at a local musem.


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    I so wish I had the time to explore Bryce and Carrara more.  I still want to learn to model and I found Carrara quite intuitive.  And I have dabbled in Bryce and really like it but just don't have the time right now. 

    I quite like your Carrara entry.

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    Appreciate the comments. I think the Cato image is probably the best of those, but I find more joy in the Wizard of Oz / Metropolis image. Personal thing.  

    RE: other programs, modeling, etc - Haven't gotten deep enough in Bryce to post a screenshot tutorial.  Besides, the free youtube videos available are already excellent.  I am making some headway in Substance Designer and Substance Painter. They have a recent update.  Depending how that goes, I may post a sample workflow to customize object's shaders for Daz Studio.

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    Modeling some New Claymation Toony People

    Big Heads!  Big Eyes!  Big Mouths!  3-Fingers plusThumb!  3-Toes plus Big Toe!

    Step 1 is complete.  Created the base meshes for some toony people I am putting together. Replaces prior attempts.

    Step 2 coming soon.  I have 3DCoat now, so hope to go through the process of sculpting/retopoogy/UVMap/bake maps.

    Step 3 have to dream about. Rigging, weightmapping, and correction morphs.

    Step 4 some day, create a clone to use my Daz content with my custom figures.



    Here are some stages of modeling the toony claymation dude.  For these toony figures, I sort of follow a Frankenmodeling approach.  The body parts are basic shapes, adjusted, and then sewn together.

    cc01 test render hair and eyebrows.jpg
    583 x 700 - 18K
    mrs claymation alone.jpg
    600 x 800 - 22K
    aa modeling toons 01.JPG
    1251 x 781 - 197K
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    Simple rigging test - no weightmapping adjustments, no correction morphs, yet

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    A Few Recent Renders


    These are just some fun renders I've done recently outside the Carrara-verse.  

    First - For the random runtime render RRRR challenge "what can go wrong," this is Dracula's Daughter's Buy Him a Fixer Upper.

    Second - some fun I had with 3DCheapskate's space opera themed "pointless prizeless challenge."

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    Creating Fantasy Barbarian Type Stuff for G8M

    Gladiator briefs with big belt.

    Belt and scabbard for dagger.

    Sandals with ankle straps.

    Forearm bracers.

    Bicep armband


    Bowl cut mid length hair  (obsolete, I guess)

    No shaders yet, but I've tested some meshes,  Haven't installed the most recent Daz Studio yet.  I see there are new hair options.  I guess that makes the hair part of this project obsolete, but that is OK.  I'm attaching some screenshots of the mesh hair anyway.  If I get the shaders sorted out and touch up some rigidity maps for the necklace and bracers, I'll offer the rest of the outfit as a freebie.  

    Lots of changes in my personal life kept me from doing much 3D stuff.  Trying to get motivated again.  Completed my federal service, sold my condo in DC, and am looking for a place to settle down.  Traveled all around the US by train and bus (surface only, no planes).  Went from DC to New Orleans to Houston to Dallas to San Antonio to Los Angeles to San Francisco to Denver to Omaha to Davenport to Chicago and then back to DC.



    works in daz studio.JPG
    613 x 749 - 90K
    conan 04 strand mesh with philemo converter.JPG
    1386 x 763 - 137K
    conan 02 front side view of hair.jpg
    640 x 480 - 16K
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    The above barbarian outfit is now available as a freebie.  Not the hair.  The conforming outfit is Untextured.

    Let me know if there is a problem.  I'm still not used to assembling DUF freebies so may have messed up the zip.



    The outfit is in People \ Genesis 8 Male \ Clothing \ Diomede

    This version works - apply your own textures.

    Barbarian Outfit 


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