Carrara Challenge #38 - Cartoons and Other Guilty Pleasures - Winners Announced

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Welcome to the Entry Voting Thread!


We are opening the Entry thread early - only two weeks after starting the Challenge - to help artists avoid scheduling conflicts at the last minute.  The important dates are:

February 2  - Work-in-progress thread opened

February 16 - Formal entry thread begins

March 5 - WIP and Entry deadline, voting begins

March 12 -  Voting ends, winners announced soon after


Reminder of specific entry requirements for this month:

1.  There are three categories you can enter:  1) Toon 3 filter, 2) Homage or Original, and 3) Stezza's Dog.  You need to tell us the category of each entry.  An entry template is provided at the bottom of this post.

2.  Toon 3 renders (Category 1) must be primarily driven by the Carrara Toon 3 filter, in any style, with no postwork.  Homage or Original renders (Category 2) are single-frame cartoons, in any style, with postwork allowed.  Stezza's Dog renders (Category 3) must include the character of the dog, in any style, postwork allowed.

3.  Enter up to three renders.  For those who do all three renders, the following constraint applies:

You can enter two renders in the same or different categories, but a third entry must be in the Toon 3 category with no postwork.

The point of the above restriction is to encourage more artists to explore the Toon 3 filter.

Other, more general rules, are posted in the WIP thread.


Suggested template for entries:

Entry:  #



Category:  Toon 3/Homage or Original/Stezza's Dog

WIP Links:

Products Used:

Additional Notes:



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