Daz Studio 4.9.2 Pro, General Release!



  • Fossil said:

    I generally wait a few months before installing any updates (except Blender, who's updates are always brilliant) so that bugs can be worked, out but I think I'll skip this one entirely.  The only two items I was interested in (Iray and font scaling) don't seem to work at all.

    Are you referring to 4.9.2 or 4.9.3? Iray works in 4.9.3


  • DanaTADanaTA Posts: 13,107

    I have DS 4.8 and an old nVidia card, a GeForce 9500 GT, and it has only 8 cores.  But I used iRay with that last year.  (haven't done any renders in a while).  I used mixed mode (GPU and CPU) and it worked well.


  • hphoenixhphoenix Posts: 1,335
    HadCancer said:

    Just got an expensive new computer (5000.00). I at first got 2 nVidia 1080's with an SLI connection which did not work with DAZ 4.9. Nvidia informed me that none of the new GTX (Pascal) cards work with Iray, that only their Quatro cards work with Iray, so I bit the bullit and spent even more money and got Quatro P5000, only to find out that did not work. Put in ticket and was told I had to instal 4.9 Beta which I did. It did put a load on the card but the render speed did not increase at all it appeared. Quality render took 11.5 hours. I have a 6 core i7 3.3 GHZ on the machine and it appeared that render was only really using the CPU. Back to touble ticket with DAZ. I was then informed that DAZ does not even have a nVidia Pascal chip card to test. Since this is the Nvidia current chip set that has been available to public since July of last year, and one would expect a commercial producer to get the chip even earlier, can I infer that since the lower cost GTX cards will not support Iray that you will no longer be supprting Iray in you DAZ Studio any longer?

    Whoever you 'spoke' to was talking out of their rump.  Trying to convince you to buy much more expensive cards.

    All nVidia Consumer and Professional grade cards support CUDA since around the GeForce 400 series.  Some of the features for Iray need a certain version of the CUDA libraries, as well as driver support.  But in general, any consumer card running Kepler or later will support Iray.  Of course, due to the memory restrictions, this mostly means a 780Ti or later is needed.  Support for CUDA 8 is required now, and GeForce Unified Driver 372.xx or better is required for CUDA 8.  So the current release of Iray (2016.3) requires BOTH.

    I have 2 ASUS 1080 STRIX GTX cards in SLI.  They are most DEFINITELY working with Iray (this is validated both in speed gains as well as with GPU monitoring software (GPU-Z and ASUS GPUTweakII)).

    The Professional Level cards (Quadro Series) are built for professional use.  They have higher tolerances on the board components, better voltage regulation, more uniform cooling, etc.  They are designed for industrial usage, and can maintain output for long periods at full load without degredation.  They cost 5x to 8x the equivalent Consumer level cards.  They have better warranties, better support, and are also sold in bulk.

    The Consumer Level cards (GeForce Series) are built for consumers.  They are still quality cards (assuming the manufacture is to be trusted) but they do NOT have the same reliability factor as a Professional grade card.  Higher-end consumer cards often come very close to the same spec levels as what is required for a Quadro board.  However, the warranty, support, and guarantees a professional grade card gets is rarely needed for consumer level cards.

    You didn't bother to ask anyone technical....either you have a corrupted install, didn't update your drivers, or weren't running the beta that had Pascal support.  That was your fault.  You were quick to blame, rather than ask for help.  And you made the mistake of believing someone in Marketing or TechSupport at nVidia, who probably doesn't even know how many Iray apps there are.  They have standard answers, that are mostly incorrect but designed to push the high-end hardware.

    Iray has been running fine on Consumer Grade GeForce cards just fine since DAZ introduced it here in DAZ Studio 4.8 (Iradium).  The Pascal hiccup was nVidia's fault, releasing the cards WAY before there was proper driver and library support for them.  It's taken them 8 months to get Iray up to where it should have been at release of the Pascal cards.  But it's been running fine on Maxwell the whole time.


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