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  • Thank you!  Yes I have a ton of content but I just started last year around this time and have spent a lot of time trying to learn the basics.  At least with my categories I have an idea of whats in there lol.


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    I just wanted to show how easy it is to update a lot of the older clothing, especially with the pc+ sale coming up next week.  A lot of the older generation clothing have a large amount of separate surfaces so its easy to play with textures.  This is the corset dress for V4.  I converted both of them to Iray but that's the only change I made to the first one.  The second one, I just went in and played with various fabric shaders.  The possibilities are endless.  I did nothing with the lighting either this is the default perspective view with a headlamp on.

    Corset Dress Original.png
    585 x 948 - 721K
    Retextured Corset DressV4.png
    585 x 948 - 616K
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  • You don't really have to have a lot of shaders either, there are a ton of free textures out there, deviant art is a good place to go as well, and you can click on surfaces, diffuse color and hit browse, and drop a texture into that slot to change the textures as well if you don't have much money for paid textures. You may have to play with the tiling and you can sometimes run into issues if they are not tilable textures but there are a huge amount of free resources out there to get you started.

  • This is the new Scion by Darwins Mishaps.  Great looking male character with some gorgeous paint and tatoo options. Also using the new Fantasy Gaurd Tower and the TerraDome3.

    Love this, thank you for using them!  I haven't had a chance to get anything in TD3, but this just makes me wanna get something done even more.  Great render. :)

  • Love your characters!  On my top ten list for sure.  I will be using them often.  Ya the TerraDome 3 is a very very useful piece of content.  Very versatile and perfect for world building .  No more struggling to figure out how to fill in the background.

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    Okay here is a bit of an overview of my custom categories.  I did screenshots for People/Genesis 2 Female/Clothes/Boots & Shoes/Boots/all the mats for the different boots.

    As you can see you can set this up any way you want to.  All of the boots and shoes are also under the dress or outfit it came with.

    Other stuff like hair, I have a main category that has all of my hair in it no matter what generation and I also have hair assigned to the people category under each figure it belongs to.

    Same with stuff like jewelry and accessories. One main category for kit bashing across generations and also with the outfit it came with or assigned under jewelry under the appropriate figure.

    Hey, Sonja.

    Just goes to show how you can organize categories any way you want - great minds can be diverse in the way we organize things.  Here are my categories:

    My main categories I allowed to be alphabetical, with Default and My Library the original ones supplied by DAZ.

    My People Category
    You use ! and I use _ and they both do the same thing.  A difference between you and I is that I have all my characters under Men or Women, rather than generation.  This is because I kit bash so much and want to have everything available. 

    I did some renaming within the category to separate the generations.  As far as materials are concerned, I have no respect for generations and will convert them as I see fit... so there!

    My Clothes Category
    The full sets are under Men's Clothes or Women's Clothes, and I also have sub-categories for particular items (a kit basher's dream).

    Within Men's or Women's Clothing I have subdivided items by genre.  MC and WC just means Men's Clothes or Women's Clothes, respectively, so there isn't any confusion with identical file names.


    Cat 01.jpg
    242 x 600 - 25K
    Cat 02.jpg
    209 x 552 - 33K
    Cat 03.jpg
    209 x 576 - 37K
    cat 04.jpg
    202 x 694 - 28K
    cat 05.jpg
    199 x 320 - 23K
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    I categorized texture sets beneath the default clothing set.  Used to drive me crazy looking all over the place for the different textures.

    Here's my sub-category for Belts. 
    I wanted to identify which set each item came from, but as you can see there are only the Piratess belts located here.

    Here's a peek at my Shaders category.
    What a blessing to have everything under one place instead of having to scroll under Shaders and Shader Presets and then the artist's name when all I want is a fabric shader.

    cat 06.jpg
    180 x 89 - 6K
    cat 07.jpg
    418 x 308 - 44K
    cat 08.jpg
    209 x 623 - 33K
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    dracorn said:

    Terra Dome 3. Highly highly recommend.


    I've got my eye on it, but I am a 3Delight fan.  I'm waiting to see the results of timmins.william's 3Delight experiments before I buy.

    From what I can see it seems to transfer over very well to 3delight.  He's added some comments and examples I believe.

    Oooooh!  I have to go take a look!

  • Its very interesting how differently people organize!  I have belts, jewelry, hats, and things like that located in the generation categories but also in a main category for kit bashing.  I have my shaders split between 3Delight and iray then divided into things like fabric, metals and gemstones, nature, home etc.  Although I may have to rethink the separation between 3Delight & Iray as far as the shaders go as its getting easier and easier to convert things.

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    Yeah, it is very interesting indeed.

    But I find putting the individual stuff in individual cateogories is so time consuming (especially since I have LOTS of stuff), and now I have my eye on TerraDome because of timmins.william's 3Delight conversion information. 

  • And even more scary is the fact that I now have sooo much stuff I am going to need to break down the categories even further.  My dresses for V4 alone are ridiculous.  But when they are either free, or less than a buck how do you say no?  Especially now that I know how to retexture, convert and fit them to any generation for the most part.

  • I may very well use some of your categories, Dracorn.  You have some I hadn't thought about.  I'm still basically getting started.  I started categorizing everything as I used it, but that didn't last long because I was all over the place.  Then, I just started going through the Product list starting with A.  It is so slow going as I get bored with it very easily and want to actually be rendering something!  I'm not sure how I'll split things up where the two of you differ because I can see why you each did what you did.  Considering how I have been using some of the women's clothing on some of the men, I'm not sure splitting them up by gender would work completely, but I'm not sure about by generation either.  Although, I suppose that would fall under that kitbashing category.  :)  I'll have to ponder the question as I work on my categorization efforts.  I'm off to bed as I have to get up early. You two have fun!

  • You could always put them in both categories.  One for kitbashing and one generation or gender based.

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    You could always put them in both categories.  One for kitbashing and one generation or gender based.

    I've done that too. It's very easy to duplicate a category.

    As far as categorizing LOTS of stuff... you just have to bite the pencil and do it. I'm somewhere down in the P's. I go back to it now and again. But it's all for naught if you don't categorize your new purchases/freebies.

    I.e., I just got Aiko 4 Pro Bundle free! Yay! ...Oh, nuts now I have to go categorize the whole thing.

    I have noticed that items will be split up better in the DAZ Studio Formats / People / G2F section vs. the Products section, such as material sub folders rather than all the icons just dumped in one folder as it does in products. So I'll categorize from there.

    I especially like to categorize my third party stuff from my Poser Formats folder so I can find everything. I have kept my Runtime stuff here because I prefer the breakdown to the DAZ alternative (once I categorize it).

    And I especially hate finding "none" in a folder after I have categorized it, don't you? Not sure if that's a D/S problem or a PEBKAC (problem exists between keyboard and chair) problem.

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    This is the new Scion by Darwins Mishaps.  Great looking male character with some gorgeous paint and tatoo options. Also using the new Fantasy Gaurd Tower and the TerraDome3.

    This is an awesome render! You are all getting so  good with this, its great to see!

    That retextures dress is made nicely as well, ther is a lot of potential with doing that.

  • Thank you Linwelly!

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    Planet Fall.   This was one of my entries into the newbie open render contest from last month. I wanted something very bright and monochrome with a bright splash of color.  I really love the way this one turned out.  I got some comments that it was a bit blown out but it fits with what I was going for.

    Planet Fall.png
    1186 x 1920 - 3M
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    I really love the lighting, Sonja! That looks really cool! :D

  • Yes, and why is that NOT in your gallery yet so we can all put our likes on it?  Hmmm?  I love that image and thought you did a great job!  You should really show that off!

  • Just loaded it to the gallery as well lol.

  • And thank you both!


  • Ah, and added my little like!  :)

  • And its much appreciated!

  • I see you render is doing really well so far!  Double digits, girl!  You really deserve it as that is an outstanding image you did!

  • Thank you!  I saw yours in the bar on top, I really love that image!

  • Ah, thanks!  I don't know how long she'll manage to stay up there as she seems to be holding at 24, but I'm happy with that.  Considering I never expected to see her up there, she did good.  I saw yours is up to 13 now!  She's doing well.  :)  It's nice to know that others think it's as great as I think it is.  It was such a cool concept you did and you executed it very well.

  • I am very pleased with the way it turned out.  Its exactly what I pictured in my head, which is a rare thing as well lol

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    Quicky render of The Farmyard.  Love this set already, so many different spot to do scenes with AND an interior barn with a stall and loft as well.  Textures are fabulous.  Highly recommend. Ignore the straight desert horizon there, its not part of the set lol.  This is Iray and only rendered to about 23%.  The textures are going to be fabulous when rendered all the way out.

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  • That looks really good.  I'm going to have to add that to the wishlist.....

  • Wow, only 24%. It looks fantastic.

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