October, 2022 - Daz 3D New User Challenge - Atmosphere, Ghosts and Special Effects

New User's Challenge – October, 2022

Are you new to the 3D World? Are you at the beginning stages of learning 3D rendering? Have you been around for a little bit but feel you could benefit from some feedback or instruction? Have you been around awhile and would like to help other members start their creative journey? Well then come and join the fun as we host our newest challenge.

New this year, we are breaking down each month into 2 different challenges. A Beginner Challenge and then also an Intermediate Challenge.

So which "Challenge" should you choose?

Follow the Beginner Challenge if you are:

  • New to the New User Challenges
  • New to Daz Studio
  • Newer to 3D Rendering in General


Follow the Intermediate Challenge if you have:

  • Participated in the New User Challenge for awhile
  • Know the basics of Daz Studio and would like to learn more in depth topics
  • Been using 3D Rendering Applications for awhile and feel comfortable with learning Intermediate Topics


*Please be sure to list in your post which Challenge level you are participating in*


Closing date for both is October 31, 2022

For a list of the current challenge rules, please see this thread: Challenge Rules

They apply for both versions of the challenge.



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