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    ok, Guys I'm not finished with Postapocalyptic yet, and especially not with the pill bug by antfarm, and the "After the war" set by stonemason.

    Well this began with the radioactive set and a free Teen Josie 6... it was pracitcally calling for the pill bug and the destroyed city. I reached a new level of postwork with this one as well

    LOVE this!

  • That's a BIG bug!  Great image! I do like it.

  • I did a few renders of Real Hairy and Real Hairy for Genesis on G3M.  I didn't want to inudate your thread with half naked men so I put them up on my thread here so you can see how they look.  

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    Thank you so much Knitting, I wouldn't mind having my thread inundated ( I had to look up that word) with half naked hairy men... there need to be more half naked hairy men in the renders of the world!

    Thanks to everyone who commented on my "outsider" If there is interest for that I could post the unaltered render as well.

  • Linwelly said:

    Thank you so much Knitting, I wouldn't mind having my thread inundated ( I had to look up that word) with half naked hairy men... there need to be more half naked hairy men in the renders of the world!

    Thanks to everyone who commented on my "outsider" If there is interest for that I could post the unaltered render as well.


  • Linwelly said:

    Thank you so much Knitting, I wouldn't mind having my thread inundated ( I had to look up that word) with half naked hairy men... there need to be more half naked hairy men in the renders of the world!

    Thanks to everyone who commented on my "outsider" If there is interest for that I could post the unaltered render as well.

    Yep, we definitely need more half naked hairy men in renders!  :)  I'd love to see the unaltered render especially if you share what you did and how.  I always love learning new postwork techniques!  

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    Ok, this is the render as it cama out of the mashine, well its skaled down to forum size.

    All postwork was done in GIMP2.8, my steps for postwork alwas start with duplicating the layer and work with the copy. 

    First thing was to adjust colour values for dark and light to make the contrasts a little more intense without having the girl sitting too much in the dark. As I had that settled I again made a duplicate with the new values as the new basis.

    most complicated was the planet in the sky.  I used the Ice planet from heart of space textures, and made the background transparent as well rubbing away half of the planed on the unseen side. Copied that to a new layer for my work ( had to resize) and placed that layer between the "new original" and the copy. The trick was then to make the copy layer half transparent so the planet became visible but with a touch of the red sky as overlay.

    Next was to place a "supernova" light on top of the sun, the beams colour changed to the one of the sun. This as well was placed on the copy layer as I didn't want the effect to be too strong.

    Added another transparent layer on the top adding reflection on the windows on the large right building, engine flames to the two flyer, add substance to the glow of the fire and the light spear and a bit of dust to the girls clothes and head, all that done with a spraycan (different sizes and colours obviously) the brush having a heavy decay.

    Add a layer for my logo, done.

    for comparisons, here is the finished version once more

    1800 x 1013 - 1M
    1800 x 1013 - 2M
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  • That is very cool.  I really like seeing the changes and reading how you managed to do them.

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    Love postwork,  Great job on that, very subtle but really makes the whole image pop.

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    Hdere is what I made for Lola Llanes challenge and its actually for this challenges on dA as well

    once more 3delight and this time no postwork at all, though I might be playing around with it in Gimp some more later

    1400 x 1120 - 2M
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    I saw that on DA.  Very nicely done for both challenges!

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    How to cheat a render time friendly atmosphere in 3delight (might work similar in Iray)

    Made for the october NU contest "atmosphere"

    1: Prepare some Pre work in the imagemanipulation program of your choice, in my case that is Gimp 2.8
    for high enough resolution you should use something of 1000x1000 pixel or higher.
    I made myself something like a cloud hung rain sky with very washed colours. Save to a location you can easily find again.

    2. Set up your scene as you wish for and save it. then create a new primitive plane (10x10m or any other size as you can increas or decrease to your needs later, and you need only one division. Rotate by 90 on the x-axis ( this will be important for the orientation of the image you load, you can later alter to your needs).
    In the surface tab choos opacity and browse to your image. Remember standart setting for the opacity colour in 3delight is black, so everthing back becomes translucent, anything with a gray scale according to the amount of black. For beauty reasons I load it into the diffuse as well. Sometimes it makes sense to load it to specular or Ambient, you will find out.
    This is what it looks like, Darius is here to symbolise a scene
    to make it more visible I set the ambient to white and maxed it, this might be useful for mist glowing in the sun or something of that sort.
    3. You could certainly use any other grey or white plane which gives a more evenly distributed atmospheric effect. This version has the advantage to alter the density to the place you put it.
    in this screenshot I have three of those planes in the row from camera perspective, I dialed the opacity down the more to the front the lower the opacity and I moved the "mist" into the valley between the foreground and the background panel.
    The first one is at a higher x rotation catching the shadows of the leaves from the "sun" Distant light. How you postition your lights can have very different effects to the resulting render.

    from this scene this render resulted


    the same method was used here
    or here
    one predominant advantage being render time, there is another one in this render with all those leaves that end up spiderwebbed with all fog cameras and uber volume things I tried

    now you can go ahead and make all kinds of other atmospheric effects:
    which you could find used here
     or or
    end of shameless self-adulation...

    ps. the galleries seem to be wonky atm, I hope this is resolved soon


    1024 x 1024 - 99K
    1680 x 1010 - 571K
    1680 x 1010 - 2M
    1000 x 1618 - 2M
    1000 x 1000 - 309K
  • Cool!  I'll have to keep this in mind as I play with my current scene which is currently set up for 3Delight.

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    Here is a follow up scene from my render  "Outsider" ( I put the dA link here as galleries here seem still wonky, made for my husbands birthday.

    this one is called Wasteland


    and was inspired by the song "though the barricades" by Spandau Ballet


    1800 x 1013 - 1M
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    I managed to solve my Body hair problem for my barbarian, finally. duning PA sales I got myself the project hairy but failed to see that is needed M4 for g2m btu that is myne now as well. Taht still didn't stick the hair to my g3m barbarian. but I finally found out that you can fit one generatio male to another when they are next to each other. That is probably an old thing for most but I learned it now ( and man that felt weird g2m was making all kinds of strange shapes before he willed himself to take to G3m form, yeah I know I shouldn't feel weird doing those things to pixel people).

    With that done I added the geoshell requiered and could add some hair of my choice. I neede to alter the offset distance for the geoshell a little but the result is much to my liking. The more extreme poses do need some tweaking of the geoshell.

    Thanks to @Knittingmommy for all the help provided

    1226 x 985 - 465K
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  • That looks pretty good!  I'm so glad it all worked out for you.  :)

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    That looks great Linwelly!  Very much looks like a true barbarian now at least in the genre that I think of when I thin Barbarian.

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    and here he goes full action! Made this as my entry for the PC anniversary contest with @strangefate 's weapons

    3delight with some postwork in GIMP2.8

    1800 x 1440 - 3M
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  • Oh, that looks good!  I think everything really came together for you on that one.  :)

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    Got a collection of my readhead characters lied up for party in the Tavern of Mog Ruith.

    Title: It takes a readhead

    edit: I just noticed the epic spelling mistake, gosh now it stays like that it fits the desaster

    3delight, this scene was a major pain and I#m still not happy with a to  of little things but I'm completely fed up with it. I got almost everything together pushing my mashine to the brim of its existance with 4 persons on the screen had one last test render which looked as I wanted, then set everything to its final settings and got DS to calculate a bun out of the images to optimise finally crashing. Returned to lower quality settings overall hit the render button, crashing. shuffling through log files removing temp files, emptying the cache crashing time and again. bugging my CV fellows and the support with it, making a huge list of all one thouthand items used in the scene, splitting up the scene to subscenes undtil I finally found a pair of Ranger outfit gloves to be the culprit pf evil. removen the gloves an loo and behold the subscene renders, returning to the complete scene - the large guy on the left remove the gloves, thing renders. Getty ma large guy back in the scene the light in the viewport get dark, so dark it wasnt possible to see what I move around but in the renders the light is normal, but large guys skin crumpled... remove him and load anew same story. searched though the forum becaus that skin problem I had seen somewhere, finding that the group Id for the skin might be used on two things that don't belong together, change group ID of large guys skin makes him smooth again, scnee still dark. Render in large scale, finding that I forgot the use the DOF camera, render once more this time with DOF camera...

    here it is. give them some love, right now I can shoot them all to the moon.

    It takes a readhead.jpg
    1800 x 1350 - 3M
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    It turned out pretty good despite all teh issues.  I hate when that happens, you know what you want to do and its just one thing after another after another until you want to chuck the whole thing out the window!

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    It turned out pretty good despite all teh issues.  I hate when that happens, you know what you want to do and its just one thing after another after another until you want to chuck the whole thing out the window!

    that about it, yes, never had it to this level though, or I porbably just gave up on a scene but this time I went though all the trouble, well I learned a lot during the process.


    Speaking about learning, I'll recount my fist steps into the Linux and 3delight standalone version.

    First thing was that in the summer I moved my active sytem to a tower for the first time in like 15 years, the system running there not that much better than what I got on the labtop but the possibilities to replace stuff one by one and a more efficient cooling being the main advantages. I vigourously defended that to be and sta a win7 as I won't have no part in Win10.

    So now there was sitting a lonely labtop with nothing to do, whih cannot be. After getting some good advice by mjc1016 (thanks to you!) on how to proceed and which system I downloaded linux Mint 64 to the labtop and with a beating heat installed it. That part went easy enought, they have a very user friendly hompage and pdf handbook, providing all the steps involved so that even the computer layman/woman/whatever can do it without trouble.

    next step was to get the software for the 3delight program. They have a system where you need to provide them an email adress and then they send you the links to the downloads. Good advice: don't have the word "support" on your spam filter list... which happened to me ( yes I though I was very clever when I added that word to my filter in early days of emails, I did receive a lot of spam with support written on it and I really didn't need any support on enlarging certain anatomical parts I don't even sprout... )

    taking that hurdle I had the link to the download and the standalone  version of 3delight then goes by the name of "studio pro", selecting the linux64 I boldyly downloaded what has never benn on that system before.. ready the readme and was standing in the rain. The readmy seems to be the same for all versions available (for maya, renderman, standalone  as well as for the Linux and the win system, the hints for the linix system is written for an older version though). Now there were some pitfalls: For one there is an install ini coming with the download which obviously is meant for linux bit that didn't work and was never mentioned in the readme. For the Installation according to the readme, I needed to use the command line tool, and my skills have gone far below rusty with that one. And the change of the version number for the commands mentioned.

    That was the moment I lay down arms and let my hubby takeover. There were some librareis to move to open access to the commands and some more things that are not trivial to the non software person, or let me just say, I couldn't follow.

    Finally everyting was where it is supposed to be and the little testrender that is coming with the setup worked out.

    So for everone interested, installing stuff made for linux on a linux system is surprisingly anticlimactic for the windows accustomed mind. the standalone for 3delight is a command line tool, there nothing to click and nothing to frame it. You need to feel a bit at home with navigating though directories listing stuff and the like. Some more basic comands at hand would surely come handy to know, I'll have to learn a lot.

    For the final steps of acutally exporting a RIB file from DS4.9, (I had to move it then though our home network) and getting the render started this thread by wancow was of great help:

    But then it merrily rendered along and my good old labtop was huffin an puffin like in old times when I had DS4.8 still on there and rendered. The program can use 8 threads and with hyperthreading my labtop can do that but the ventilator was full speed the whole time of the more complex render I tested there.

    Now I will have to get used to all this but I guess its a nice addition and a labtop put to good use.

  • Ah, brave girl!  Linux Mint is what I chose, too, because the user interface was very user friendly and I I've heard and read great things about it.  One thing you want to think about is making your account a standard user account on for installing any programs that use the database stuff if you plan to have programs like DS on there. You can just create a user account specifically for that stuff if you decide it is something you need later.   Apparently, postgreSQL which seems to be the standard database right now does not like using a superuser account, not that I have it completely working yet.  Having a user have superuser Root like permissions is a very Windows thing and Linux likes to keep things separate or so I'm told.  You should do most things in a standard account and then switch to a superuser account only when you need to install programs like DAZ Studio which uses postgreSQL.  It's the postgreSQL which balks at the superuser part, not DAZ Studio.  None of which I knew until I started trying to get DS working in Linux.  If you are only going to use it as a renderfarm with none of that installed, it probably won't make much of a difference for you.  

    I'm so proud of you!  I'm looking forward to reading all about your adventures in Linux!  :)

    I'm thought of using my laptop for the same thing.  It's a dual boot right now so it has both Windows 7 and Linux Slackware on it.  My husband set it up and he likes Slackware.  I like having DS 4.7 on the laptop, though, for those few things that don't work in later versions of DS so I haven't completely decided what I'm going to do about the laptop yet.


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    Hi Linwelly, looks like I have missed a lot since my last visit. Very beautiful work you have done. :)

    Interesting to read your report on the 3Delight Standalone. I have to try this out myself one day. Its on my list for a long time now. :-P

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    Thanks Knittingmommy!, I'll sure tell more but first need a render to be worthy of that transfer.

    Mike, seems you have been gone fo a while, glad to have you back. I know those kind of lists, I have a long one for all the things I should learn as well.

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    here is a new one I made for the PC anniversary contest and for fun, did some postworking experimenting as well.

    lots of new stuff to play around with, 3Delight, and Gimp 2.8 for post


    Fairytale gone mad.jpg
    1800 x 1440 - 2M
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    Second episode of my 3delight Standalone on Linux adeventure.

    As the preparing and moving of the files through my home net is taking some time, I move only the ones that I really think are ready towards my Linux Labtop. And it's good advice to rather move it again from start when getting some error messages in the transmission process that to go on with missing or corrupted files and then notice after 5 hours of render time.

    unfortunately when everything was well prepared and I wanted to start the rendering I once more got the error message error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    well aren't you familiar?  we had this on our first experiment and my hubby got some workway around, but obviously that was not a permanent solution.

    This time I went searching for some info on the forum sites and that proved worth it. Here is a link for a solution of that problem for anybody who wants to try this as well

    and the changes need to go into the bash file so they are called upon every time you start the renderdl. I freely admit that even with the info I found I wouldn't have manages without the help of my hubby again, lacking some basic knowlege in linux.

    after that the render went fine and in the morning I could collect ma file.

    Something I noticed, that I still didn't figure out why its happening is, the program will save that automatically as a file render.tiff. I made a safe as a png file as well and to my surprise they had very different brightness, the png being much brighter coming from the same origin, while the tiff was what I expected from my prerenders. the difference prefvailed on different programs to look at the files through different computer and screens...

    well it gave me some interesting stuff to play around in gimp with.

  • That's interesting.  Nowhere near ready to try that, but I know where to look when I am!  :)

    Have you tried getting the NIK Collection working with Gimp yet?  I just managed to get that done yesterday.  I made a couple of really stupid mistakes or I could have had it done much quicker!  But, I didn't know anything about Python before I started.  

    Let me know if you want any tips.  They seem to be working really well in Linux with wine, but using the native Gimp builds.  I even found a build of Gimp 2.9 beta that I could run as a stand alone program that doesn't install to my system and lets me keep the stable version of Gimp 2.8 safe.

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    @Knittingmommy why would you want to run the Gimp on wine? Gimp has an own build for Linux being a GNU program. I didn't try yet but when I go install 2.9 it'll be on the Linux system with the original build.

    That being said, you can see, that I havn'nt managed yet to put the 2.9 up. Then again, I might wait for the 2.10 version, cant be at  too long after all

  • No, Gimp isn't running in Wine.  Just the NIK Collection is running under wine.  Both versions of Gimp I have running are running native under Linux.  The tricky part was getting Linux to be able to access the NIK filters.

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