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2. DYNAMIC HAIR, LAMH and Garibaldi Hair, Carrara Hair

Flo Hair mark 2 English Bob and Heidi for V1, V2 or Stephanie 1 - includes fitting poses for V3, Sara (1 or 2), Pre-teen girl, Posette and Maya Doll.
Conforming hair, includes 10 textures with 50 more Textures by Wenke available as a separate download.

EnglishBob, Les Bentley and Bob1965 Flo Hair for Antonia

Le Hair by KBOC, English Bob and Heidi
Simple hair for A3, AnAn, Jessi, Judy, Maya Doll, Posette, Sara, Stephanie 1, V1, 2 and 3

Felicity Hair by Oro_snake and English Bob
Long conforming hair for V4 - with a range of textures

Morphs for Felicity by Salterdesign:

Oro_snake's and EnglishBob's Brenda Hair V4

Oro_snake's Queen Headdress V4

Koz's Short bob V3, A3, M3, David, SP3, The Girl, P6Jessi, Maya Doll, Miki, TY2
All Back Style V1-V3, M3, SP3, David
Long Hair Evolution V1-V3, SP3, P5Judy, Maya Doll
Short Hair EvolutionV1-V3, SP3, Koshini, Sara
Kyoko Hair MK-3 V1-3, Maya Doll
Koz's Messy Hair Victoria, Michael, Mill Girls, P4, P5Judy
Koz's Long Hair V1-3, SP3, P5Judy, Maya Doll, Sara
Koz's PonyTail Hair Victoria
Koz's UpDo Hair SR1 Victoria
Short Hair SR-1 Victoria
ReiHair Victoria, P4Female
Alice-Hair Victoria, P4Female
Wave Hair Victoria, P4Female
PonyTail Hair P4Female
Kyoko Hair MK-II P4Female
Morph Hair P4Female
Chgnon Hair Victoria, P4Female

Kozaburo Namihei Adam Thwaites
Free conforming wet hair; contains one default texture, trans map and template. V3
Hair for M3
Beard for M3.
free hair for Apollo Maximus
free hair for V4
MoHawk Hair prop for V4
(Adam also has a free V4 bandana with a .psd hair layer.)
M4 Beard
Real Moustache Smart Prop for M4
Sumire & Moko hair A3*/*/
(click on Apr 30, 2006 )
Some here (that come with characters for Vicky2, PreteenVicky, and PreschoolVicky)...

StudioMaya / MayaX
Cecile Cut
Robin Hair
Roll Hair 1
Roll Hair 2
Spiky Layerd Mat Pose
Twin Chignon
Twin tail

Ball Jointed Doll
Spiral Twin Tail for BJD

Maya Doll
Bob Cut for Maya Doll
Bob Hair
Casual Style for MayaDoll
Chun Li for MD
Earring for Yuna Hair
Honey Set
Maria for Mayadoll
MD Mermaid
Racing Queen
School Girl ““Mani””
Western Hat and Hair
Yuna for MayaDoll
Yuna Hair

Maya Doll Boy
MDBoy Short Layered Cut

Maya Doll, Victoria
60’s Flip Style

Michael 3
Rasta Style
Short Cut

Michael 4
Monk Hair M4

Victoria 4
Anime Flip
Spiral Twin Tails

Name: Mega hair, Sweep hair-2003, Sweep & Flick Hair
Author: Ladyfyre
Characters: V3 - P4 Woman (Posette)
Posable hair with morphs & textures. Fits for V3 & Posette.
Under Free Downloads

Outoftouch and Swam and Bice
Swam and OutOfTouch's Renella Hair for V3
Conforming Hair with many Morphs, 4 textures
Flexy Hair - Bice and OutOfTouch
conforming hair for V4, 21 Morphs. 3 textures*/
Wasg Hair - Bice and OutOfTouch*/
Jingle Bells Hair - Bice and OutOfTouch*/
Akashi hair fit for A3 and V3
Audry Hair fits V4 by default, Fittings for A4, A4 real + classic, A3 + real and V3 included. Comes with a bunch of textures and the mats as well.

Laques Hair / Blue Hair D3 / M3 conforming, bangs are posable, natural colors
Blue Hair comes with the M3RR Blue character, can be used on regular M3, conforming, and posable bangs. Only comes in blue color.
*Tip* Conform or Fit To the hair while figure is in Default/Zeroed pose. Due to a missing "bone", if you pose your figure first & then try to add/fit the hair, the bangs will not follow the hair base but remain in default postion.

Krazy Kurlz Toony Hair for A3
Pull Back Toony hair for A3
No texture MATs but you can apply any seamless hair texture tile.
realm of savage xmas 2006 giveaway H3/A3 simple conforming hair
Sailor Moon Hair Pack 1 Usagi & Usa Comes with Aiko Fit morph
Sailor Moon Hair 2 for V4-A4
Mars Hair V4
Pluto Hair V4A4G4
Britta Short and Layered Hair
Britta sailor hair:
Britta, Maddie Witchy Bits props (Hat, Hair, Nose)
Chibi Usa hair addon for AD and Aiko:
Amazing Morphing Princess Peach Hair for A3 - default & realistic, V3, Grey Alien 2-5, HER, Trixie, Project Human Female, AnimeDoll, AnimeAlice, MayaDoll, F202 dollie, Lady Little Fox - Krystal, and Sara2

Anime-style fringes: Very early PP2 meshes which I made for my H3. No external OBJ geometry, not texturable due to production method

Baybee Hair Model & Textures
Ciri Hair
Dreadlock mohawk Genesis
Goatee for Genesis
Harper Beanie Hair
K4, M4, V4
HorseTail Hair Model & Textures
A3 (+Realistic), Apollo Maximus, D3, H3 (+Realistic), Luke, Laura, Matt, Maddie, M3, MillBaby 3, SP3, V3, V4
Jamie Hair Model & Textures
A3, H3, M3, SP3, D3, V3
Mitch Hair
Apollo Maximus, D3, H3, Luke, Matt, M3, M4, and MillBaby 3
Troll Droll Hair Model & Textures

Lelu's Oni hair for A3:

Confusius hair for ... Posette and Ultramorph...
The first four hairs have working links.

Batgirl (comes with hair)
Cage's conforming hair for Vicky 1
Jim Burton's Strip hair for Posette
Braids and Ponytail
Search for hair, it get's you:
Lahair for LaRoo (Traveler), HairF1V3 and HairF1V3A (textures) (Maveris), RDNA CyPunk Hair 1 for Vickie2 (Traveler)

Jean-Luc_Ajrarn's M3 hairprop

RavenMohawk V3/V4/A3
SeaFolk KelpHair for V4, A4, M4 and H4

Hair for Posette and the P4 Girl:

Clown .hr for Ichiro
Hiro4 Swirl Hair Anime style

Kalat: .hr2 hair for ... I think V1
Tifs 1 and Tifs 2

Anime style hair .hr2 by Lokai2000:

Posable Pregipessa hair V3
Conforming Pregipessa hair V3
katsaro - curly tails
Wavy tresses hair fit for V4
Neraida fairy hair V3
katsaro extensions
katsaro3 - CurlyOnTheSide
katsaro2 thicker curly hair
curly katsaro hair

LQ Revved Bob Hair V3
LQ Fabulous Length Hair V3
LQ G2Male Hair 1 G2
LQ Short Locks V3
LQ Mid Length Bob Hair V3
RaxQ RQ V4 Hair 001 up to Hair 007

Hair for Kururu:

Zock .hr2

Alien Hair for Daz Figures
16 different feather-like textures - includes fits for M1-3, V1-3, Millenium Boys and Girl (generation 2), David, Stephanie Petite, the Freak, A3, Hiro, Luke, Laura, Matt and Maddie.
Real Alien Hair for Daz Figures
texture pack for the Alien Hair
Alien Hair for Millenium Figures UPDATED fits M1-4, V1-4, MillBoys +Girl (generation 2), David, SP3, Freak, A3, H3, Luke, Laura, Matt and Maddie. Update of previous hair, uses the same textures

Simple Bun Hair for V4 by Will Dupre:

hr2 for Basic hair Koshini by Anniebel:

Sharkey's hr2 hairs for Poser4 people:

Anime type long hair for Kururu:
LittleBusters Saya's hair A4 (noncomm)

3D Universe (registration required)
Bandana Hair (.hr2) for A4
Sadie Ponytail
Girl Scout Hair V3 & Berry Hair Koshini

Neftis' August hair for V4, V3 and SP3

Very short Boy Hair:
Sir 4 MAY Basic hair & hat

mayadoll/anime doll hair:

ibr_remote's Anime / Manga style hair Prop

digitalista's 40th Style Hair for Posette, hr2 for P5+ No textures. Toon-render

parrotdolphin's Upside-Down Hair for Daz's V4
Conforming hair with morphs and materials room materials, bump map included

Short hair and Short bob for NearMe prop hair
Nearme Twintail
SKponytail for NearMe Kyoko Sakura's hairdo from "Puella Magi Madoka Magica"

nucky's RIKUGAMI2 for V3

Gnomie hair for V4/A4/Jinkie
Fuji hair for V4, G4, A4 and Antonia; for Genesis

Fujiko's / MineFujiko's
Oiran hair for V4
Utamaro-Hair for M4
Geisha-Hair for V4
Oiran hair 2 for V4

Mirabilis' FluffyHair V4

Royloo Q (ching style hair) for Mike and P4man

yukinehair V4, roninhair V4

jpeg Nearme N_LongHair

High and Tight hair figure M4
Soul Patch for M4 (Beard), Registration required

JCMangaHair remapped versions
Visual Kei Style Anime Hair Prop
Nura Rikuo Cosplay
Anime-style Delinquent Hair for Tomo (comes with Poser)

lupadgds Suzie-hair for Cookie

nekketsukyoujin's Anime Hair Set for Animedoll

Moonfire Sweetie Hair for Sadie

David Dyal
Valens hair for V4/A4
Valens Hair For A3

SickleYield's M4 Short Dreads Hair

Varsel's 18th century Wig M4

Twin Tails for Decoco, Alice Hair (within the Alice Set), Deco Hair (within, Maybe Hair (within, Heta Hair (within, Akatora’s Twin Tails 2

LunarBerry Anihathair for AnimeDoll

Bad Faerie Punk/Grunge Hair for A3 V3/4 M3/4 Hiro and Staci

Nontoxic Morphing Braid for Animedoll pp2 noncommercial

Hellboy Soto's
Shaved Hair for M4 & Soto's Tribal Patterns for Shaved Hair:

Bandana for The Freak 4
Bandanna for The Freak 4

Soto's Vincent for Freak4 comes with hair

Chris Cox Seadog Hair
A set of non-conforming scraggly hair and bandanna figures. Includes pre-positioned for V3 and 4 and M3 and 4. Also included 3 different hair colors and 3 different bandanna textures.
Additionally, the hair can be easily hidden to allow using the bandanna by itself. Likewise, the bandanna can be hidden allowing the hair to be used with other hats.

Kira Hair
Kira Hair33 For Poser

EXP Hair for H3
Scalp Hair for Pippin Basket
Beanie for Pippin Basket

FreeFashion Hat with attached Hair for Sadie and V4

Ruten's M4 beard

Ballet Bun hair A3

d-jpp Simple Hair Pooet A pooet for A3 / SP3 / V3 & 4 / Decoco / Kururu / Britta / Bab 3 / Sara 2 / the Girl 3 (Noncommercial)

Arah / Arah018
Thyla Hair Remake V4
Elven Princess Hair V4
or part 1
part 2
Curls for V4 (Gothic hair)
Autumn Spirit hair V4 (comes with the outfit)
Autumn Spirit Hair for V4
Wynter Fairy V4 (comes with the outfit)
Wynter Fairy Hair for V4
Easter Sunday Hair K4

machobubba's Beard M3 & David 3

DAZ free hairs:
Mitsu Hair for A3 is available for free in the Anime Star Fighter Bundle

Female Hairstyle for V4
Simple Hair
Punk GaGa Hair
Sweet Hair
Christmas Hair
Sylwester Hair
Sylwester Hair 2.0
Bob Hair

ice-boy's (noncommercial)
IB hair for M4
Slic Hair M4
M4 Bal hair
Pin Hair M4
Side hair M4
Hero hair M4
Spik hair M4

Little_Dragon - Littledragon
Furrette 2.1 Ziggy Hair
House Mouse add-on: Bushy Tail
Posable Horse Tail
Transmapped Horse Mane
Furrette Ziggy Hair, Ziggy Hair MATs, Tiff Hair

hb3dportal's P8-Sable Hair for Alyson

mayuta's Man's Hair F1 M3,H3,D3

Futepen's Like Hair Set and Long Hair for Sera

Aditi Hair V4,A4,G4
Autumn Hair V4 A4 A3
Salem Hair V4
Contessa Hair V4 A4 G4
Merry Hair V4

Manga Doll Hair Package 1

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