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Advanced Ambient Light

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Get more control over your 3D lighting in DAZ studio with Advanced Ambient light.

This custom coded light casts pleasing, super-soft ambient light and occlusion based shadows. Use the light by itself to produce fashion shoot style lighting or even overcast skies. The Advanced Ambient light also works as a soft-box fill light used in conjunction with spotlights, and it also provides a beautiful bounce light look when used with distant lights.

The strength of the light is not solely in its pleasing illumination, but the control that it brings to lighting in DAZ Studio.

  • Controllable light radius lets you illuminate just the areas of the scene you want, or you can flood the whole scene with light.
  • Tell the light what surfaces you want it to illuminate and which to ignore.
  • Set the light to use faster settings for 3D rendering of more intense objects such as hair.
  • Render faster with optimizations like Primitive Hitmode and Adaptive Sampling.
  • Have one light illuminate some surfaces and another light, with completely different settings, cast on other surfaces.
  • Light with diffuse only or turn on the additional soft specular.
  • 360-degree illumination allows you to bake ambient occlusion to textures inside DAZ Studio.

To see all the features and learn more about the Advanced Ambient Light have a look at the online user guide.

Additional Information
  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer
Compatible 3D Figures No
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio 4.6
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Custom scripted Advanced Ambient Light with Occlusion
  • Detailed User Guide
  • Preset with rough baking settings
  • Product Compatibility - DAZ Studio 4.5 or higher

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