A Few Books (Hardbacks) For DAZ Studio 4

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Now available for download:

ShareCG - https://sharecg.com/v/94268/view/21/DAZ-Studio/A-Few-Books-Hardbacks-For-DAZ-Studio-4
DeviantArt - https://www.deviantart.com/3dcheapskate/art/A-Few-Books-Hardbacks-For-DAZ-Studio-4-809084773
Renderosity - https://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/a-few-books-hardbacks-for-daz-studio-4/82979

The Poser version will be available shortly. An earlier Poser version of this (but only the rows, not the stacks) was uploaded about six months ago - see this post on my main books project thread.

(This is the first DAZ Studio 4 native, i.e. DUF-based, freebie to come out of my books project. And yes, it includes metadata for Smart Content)

Seven rows and seven stacks of books, with some adjustment sliders to give a bit of variation.
Both the rows and the stacks come in 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, and 1 book sizes.

Each book is a mesh of 88 vertices/86 faces, so the 64 book row/stack each contain 5504 faces.

Three different 1024x1024 texture maps (64 books per map) giving 192 different books in total.

3Delight and Iray material presets to apply each of the three texture maps.

I've also included (in the 'Extra Stuff' folder in the ZIP) a GIMP XCF file (and a Photoshop PSD) containing a template and notes for creating your own textures, plus the text and colours for the three included texture maps on separate layers.
The two included DAZ scripts are run as post-loads every time you load a prop or material preset and simply ensure that the 'Texture Row/Column' integer sliders correctly change the tiling offsets on the material.


Other released freebies from my books project (all currently in Poser format only, but can be imported into DAZ Studio):
- A Few Books By The Cheapskate... - a row of 41 paperbacks,with adjustments. This was the first release, and was made obsolete by the next...
- More Of The Cheapskate's Books - rows of 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2,and 1 books using 5 different base book models ranging from an 8 vertex/6 face paperback to the same book 88 vertex/86 face mesh I'm using here.
- Six-Bookrows Prop - a single prop containing 384 books (8 vertex/6 face per book) designed  to be used to fill empty bookshelves.
- Proof Of Principle - Poser ERC Opening Book - just playing around with some mathsand trying out the first step of a new idea...

(Cross-reference link to the associated post in the "Books For Those Empty Virtual Bookshelves" thread )

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    Book Adjustments

    "...with some adjustment sliders to give a bit of variation..."

    The percentage sliders do not have limits set, although I'd recommend using values in the -100% to +100% range, especially for the "Random Rotate" adjustments.

    All props have "Texture Column (0 or 1)" and "Texture Row (0 to 31)" integer sliders. These select which title is mapped to the first (bottom or leftmost) book.

    The two single book props have just 2 additional adjustments - "Bigger" and "Slimmer".

    The 2+ book stacks and rows have "Random Size (Odds)", "Random Size (Evens)", and "Random Spine Width" adjustments. The first two change the height and width (cover width, not spine width) of the books. The last does not change the overall length/height of the row/stack.

    The 2+ book stacks also have "Random Rotate (Odds)", Random Rotate (Evens)", and  "Random Shift" (I should probably have done odds/evens for that one, but I didn't)

    The 2+ book rows also have "Random Jiggle (Odds)" and "Random Jiggle (Evens)"


    Note on the Texture sliders for the technically minded:

    The '"Texture Column (0 or 1)" and "Texture Row (0 to 31)"integer sliders control the horizontal and vertical offsets respectively for the texture map. There are three parts to this:

    1)  'Proxies' for the material tiling offsets have been added to the parameters tab. They are under "/Book Adjustments/Material Tiling Proxies" (but are hidden because they aren't meant to be used directly by the user).They will always match the tiling offsets on the surfaces tab - if a change is made to a tiling offset on the surfaces tab then the appropriate proxy will also change, and if a proxy is changed then the appropriate tiling offset will also change. This is automatically done by DAZ Studio once the proxy link has been established.

    2) The "Texture Column/Row" sliders are linked to the appropriate proxy via ERC links with the required scaling factors of 0.5 and -0.03125 respectively.

    3) However, the loading of a material sometimes breaks the proxy links. So when you load a Prop or Material Preset it automatically runs a post-load script to reconnect these proxies

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    14 Separate Props

    "...Seven rows and seven stacks of books ... Both the rows and the stacks come in 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, and 1 book sizes..."

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    3 Texture Maps, 192 Different Books In Total

    "...Three different 1024x1024 texture maps (64 books per map) giving 192 different books in total..."

    Each title in this collection has been selected, using an extemely complicated process, from the lists in this thread, and each bookspine/cover has been individually, lovingly, laboriously, and painstakingly designed and hand-crafted using only the best tools.

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    Reasonably Low-Poly: 88 Vertices/86 Faces Per Book - So 64 Book Stack/Row Each Have 5504 Faces

    "...Each book is a mesh of 88 vertices/86 faces, so the 64 book row/stack each contain 5504 faces..."


    Note: This is the highest polygon count version of the five base book meshes that I used for the previous Poser release at the start of 2019. The joint increases the polygon count significantly, more than doubling it from 40v/38f to 88v/86f, but on reflection I think it's worth the overhead. If somebody really wants me to do a lower polygon version let me know, and I'll think about it...

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  • Thanks so much! A lot of my stories are set in libraries, and this is perfect for those book covers! Yay!!

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    You're welcome.

    The UV Mapping - Modifying The Existing Textures And Creating Your Own

    ( N.B. In the unlikely event that anybody does create their own textures for these books then please feel free to post them to this thread - the more books to select from, the better ! )

    One thing I forgot to mention: Since the book spines are the main thing that you see when you have a row of books on a shelf, the UV mapping for these props was focussed on that. The majority of the UV mapping is 64 book spines
    The next most likely thing to be seen is the tops of the books (and the page ends if the bookshelf doesn't have a back to it). I could have made these generic and used a separate texture map, but I decided to also map these bits on a per book basis.
    The covers, both front and back, are the least likely bits to be seen. You'll only see the full cover of the top book in a stack, or the end books in a row. And you'll see bits of the covers of other books if they are different sizes and/or jiggled about a bit. So I decided to use just a tiny bit of the UV map (I think 24x32 pixels) for the coversof each book to allow for a colouration that matched the spine.


    The XCF (or PSD if you prefer) file included in the 'Extra Stuff' folder of the zip is to help you to modify the existing textures. I.e. to change books you don't like and/or to create your own textures. (I won't be offended if  "Gogol's Gorgonzola" isn't to your taste!). This nice helpful picture should appear on the top layer when you open the file.


    And the bottom layer contains the template. Simply colour-select the spine you want to change (this will also select the two single pixel lines to the left that work as paperback covers when looking at the top, bottom, or opening side) and paste/flood-fill with your spine colour/pattern/picture. Similar for that little, slightly darker rectangle to the right,which is used for both front and back covers (both front and back covers are mapped so that the spine side is to the left). Here it is as a PNG:


    I might as well post the three texture maps here too. Right-click > View Image (or something similar, browser +OS dependent) to peruse the titles that are included...


    I've also attached one of the textures I used to create the page ends (see attachment below). And I've just realized that I didn't add any bump (based on a greyscale version of that) to the page ends in the material presets.


    1024 x 1024 - 91K
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    Thank you, these are great!

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    Thanks for all the books!

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    Thank You

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    What a great collection of books props! And versatile too.

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    and they load up in Carrara and work crate ... umm I mean great as well yes

    awesome,, thanks 

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    Thank you!

    I have a freebie single book that could integrate well with the book stacks.  It is rigged so that its covers open and its pages turn.  The UVMaps for the covers and pages are square so that you can load any image you want and then resize the book to match your image dimensions.



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    AMAZING Freebie. Will become useful im the near future!




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    A Poser verson woud still be nice.....

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    Sempie said:

    A Poser verson woud still be nice.....

    Thanks for the reminder - I'd forgotten about that ! I did intend to go back and do the stacks for Poser, along with a nice material room book-shuffler/randomizer that I can't* do in DS.

    Edit (03.46 UTC Mon 30 Dec 2019): I've just been digging around on my HDD and apparently I've already done the stacks for Poser - it's just a case of tidying up the materials/shaders.

    (I think I mentioned that the previous incarnations of this book stuff were actually Poser props. The ShareCG freebie More Of The Cheapskate's Books is basically the book rows half of this DAZ Studio version. It doesn't have any of the book stacks. But each of the rows comes in versions for five different basic book meshes, from a 8vertex/6face paperback to the curved hardback mesh use in the DS version.)

    *Not quite true - I know I can do it, but it involves digging into ShaderMixer/ShaderBuilder/whatever-they-use-now, and I simply can't face that any more ! cheeky

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