34th Daz3D Bryce Render challenge ■■ Robots and Robotics ■■



  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,050

    Ed3D - cool idea looking forward to completed one.

    Adbc - very nice render, the sky complements the scene

    Tim82 - both renders are excellent, welcome back

    Jay - superb idea

  • Tim82Tim82 Posts: 859

    Entry Number 3. Nano Robot

    Nano Robot 1.jpg
    1754 x 875 - 550K
  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,050

    Tim82 - another awesome render, love the lighting

  • Tim82Tim82 Posts: 859

    @mermaid010 ....thanks :)

  • JamahoneyJamahoney Posts: 1,791

    Given your experience, a compliment is very welcomed, Mermaid....so thank you.

    Very nice Tim...sigh...those peskies always cause unecessary, imaginary scratchings devil.


  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,114

    Jamahoney : I like the idea, excellent image !

    mermaid : thank you.

    Tim82 : Awesome render.

  • JamahoneyJamahoney Posts: 1,791

    Cheers, AdBc...always welcomed.


  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,176

    Tim82 - Simply superb, idea and how it is presented.

  • StuartBStuartB Posts: 596

    Thanks very much for all the kind coments.

    There's some really impressive renders here now.

    Looks like another good challenge.

  • mtnmenmtnmen Posts: 444

    @jamahoney... I.C.U. ...Damn! I love this image... a melding of the minds... a transfer of understanding... wonderful
    @tim82... Nano Robot... Excellent, a really great image

  • JamahoneyJamahoney Posts: 1,791

    Mtnmen...so much thanks (struggled with the title...let alone the render to put across).


  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,769
    edited March 2019

    Jay: wonderful render, original viewpoint.

    Tim82: Where's my swatter? I don't like these things. But very well rendered.

    My first entry: "Robotisation in agriculture a great success."

    Quite some instanced trees and grass and flowers. Daz Horse 2, a free BB-robot, a dog and a dog robot and a robot pulling his weight. There is a bug robot too, but so small, you probably do not see it.

    1754 x 875 - 2M
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  • S RayS Ray Posts: 398

    #2 No Man's Land

    1200 x 900 - 500K
  • HenryhorHenryhor Posts: 258
    edited March 2019

    The offering

    Credits: Shebot and Hebot by Expression Image, Stonemason's Ministry . Don't know who made the Scorpion Doll but the tail comes from Swidhelm's Alien. Lot's of plants and containers from various sources.

    @ S Ray: cute "guy"

    @ Hansmar: interesting mix of nature and technology. Gives a peaceful feeling.

    @ Tim82: I assume it plays the Ride of the Valkyries when it attacks. Very well done.

    Reminds me of Bryce critters i saw long ago:


    1200 x 900 - 384K
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  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,176

    Hansmar - a farm with robots, cool idea. Is this c-rams's barn in the distance?

    S Ray - well done robot on no man's land.

    Henryhor - very elaborate scene, the water puddle is a nice detail,

  • JamahoneyJamahoney Posts: 1,791

    Thanks, Hansmar, and great garden scene (I wish at times I had a robot to dig my garden wink ).

    S-Ray, your robot reminds me of Wall-E (a great movie, too).

    Henryhor, initially, I thought I was looking at some horror robot scene, but your title changed my viewpoint.


  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,114
    edited March 2019

    Hansmar : great scene, probably real in a few years.

    S-Ray : Beautiful robot, reminds me of Wall-E as well.

    Henryhor : the offering is breathtaking. 

    My second entry "Family gathering". The robots are V3, M3 and Laura, textures from Sparky world. The lander is a free object so is the dog.




    Family gathering.jpg
    900 x 603 - 111K
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  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,176

    adbc - great space scene with robots. Good place for them.

  • mtnmenmtnmen Posts: 444

    @hansmar...Robotization in Ag... it is a great success... really like the perspective of the road in the distance
    @sray.... No Man's Land is a great almost photographic image
    @henryhor... The Offering.. Great image... very exotic hydroponic setup there lots to look at
    @adbc... FAmily Gathering beautiful image...love the sun ray effect

    this is my first entry... I've been playing around with this in that all the makeup that she has applied was via several spot lights...just imagining in the future makeup being applied using lasers.. instead of smearing on a physical material of some sort.
    Title: Getting Ready for a Hot Date!
    used: Cyborg Generation 8 Female, Victoria 4.2 (face only) from Daz

    Getting Ready For A Hot Date.jpg
    1370 x 959 - 858K
  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,769

    S Ray: great shot of this poor lonely robot.

    Henryhor: great scene. But quite scary. Great focus too. Yes, your render is not as peaceful as mine. I still see yours as a horror scene. (Who remembers apples being offered ending well?)

    Adbc: Beautiful space scene. What was the idea of the repetition in positions? And thanks. But you didn’t get the irony (or is it sarcasm)?

    Mtnmen: Great idea! She definitely is ready! And thanks, glad you like the perspective.

    Horo: Thanks. Yes that’s C-rams old barn. Should have mentioned that; sorry C-Ram!

    Jamahoney: Thanks. At least those robot dogs don’t fertilise places you want to keep clean!

  • JamahoneyJamahoney Posts: 1,791

    I like the robodog, AdBc - I bet it has a ruff (cheeky) life living there on the planet.

    Great idea, Mtnmen...and yeah on the laser make-up - you might want to file a patent on that idea.


  • HenryhorHenryhor Posts: 258

    Thanks to all for the comments.

    @ mtnmen: fun idea. It will be easier for her to do her hair

    @ adbc: maybe not the best place for a picnic. Like the grey/tan palette. Works fine with the sky.

  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,114

    Horo, mtnmen, Hansmar, Jamahoney, Henryhor : thank you.

    mtnmen : fantastic idea, well done.

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,176

    mtnmen - this is a great idea and excellently done. The backdrop is very interesting.

  • DiomedeDiomede Posts: 15,086

    Thank you for the help and encouragement, folks.  I haven't abandoned my project.  I have been trying to assemble my scene and am running into roadblocks with importing my models, texturing, and that sort of thing.  Documentation and tutorials are pretty exensive so I haven't been asking questions (except one now active in another new thread).  But y'all are so fast!
    - Hansmar - love your old Metropolis/Oz image.  We need more, more, more!
    - Hansmar #1 - I will have to investigate how to do instancing in Bryce.  Lawn is cool.  Horse pose is a nice touch.  Great render.
    - StartB #1 - didn't your parents tell you not to hitchhike?  Thumbs up, literally.
    - StuartB #2 - Hilarious.  Love zooming in on the little details.  
    - StuartB #3 - Klaatu Barada Nikto!  I remembered the phrase even before seeing the title.  Very dramatic lighting and camera angle. Fantastic.
    - Drachenlords #1 - Yeah, the robots are going to be victorious.  Great idea and execution.
    - Drachenlords #2 - I sense a theme.  Showing us the robots taking over.  Awesome effects.
    - Drachenlords #3 - Nice variation on the mad scientist scene.  Geat detail on the display screens.  Another terrific render.
    - Horo #1 - The bots have more fun than I do.  You are the master.
    - Horo #2 - Looks like a busy commuter.  Well done.
    - Horo #3 - Slide rule?  I remember those.  At my high school, my class was the last to be taught to use a slide rule.  Our chemistry teacher could work his slide rue faster than we could punch the keys on the hand calculators that were then being released.  Love the expression and pose of the robot.
    - ed3D And Incomplete - almost missed this one.  You think that neighborood is spooky, stay away from Drachenlords.  LOL.  Cool one.
    - adbc #1 - great color palette and effects.  Love your use of light.
    - adbc #2 - always like to see people use the older figures.  Wouldn't know if you hadn't said so.  The pet is an excellent touch.
    - Tim82 #1 - Really impressed with your Bryce jungle (I don't visit this forum often).  Taking samples?  Excellent.
    - Tim 82 #2 - I'm getting the feeling that the Brycers are convinced that Robots are ultimately going to conquer us all.  Very intimidating.  
    - Tim82 #3 - Nano Robot, wonderful model and beautiful lighting.  Not really related to a mosquito, but I read that engineers are working on robot bees to replace collapsing bee populations.
    - Jamahoney #1 - Wow.  The robot has great emotion.  Did a great job with its eyes.  
    - Henryhor #1 - Fantasy, scifi, and surreal all in one.  Great atmosphere.  Really beautiful.
    - mtnmen #1 - What a great idea!  So impressed with how you applied the makeup using light.  
    Sorry if I missed anyone.  


  • JamahoneyJamahoney Posts: 1,791

    Cheers, Diomede_Carrara...and yeah, I think almost everyone here hates or loves the whole docu/tut stuff...but, I suppose it is unavoidable.


  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,176

    Diomede_Carrara - thank you. Instancing: Rashad, Kine_MagiK and Art Wade published tutorials about instancing in this Bryce forum some years ago. I made PDFs from them and with the permission of the respective artist I have them published on my website: Bryce & 3D CG Documents > Guests > Objects.

  • DiomedeDiomede Posts: 15,086
    Horo said:

    Diomede_Carrara - thank you. Instancing: Rashad, Kine_MagiK and Art Wade published tutorials about instancing in this Bryce forum some years ago. I made PDFs from them and with the permission of the respective artist I have them published on my website: Bryce & 3D CG Documents > Guests > Objects.

    Thanks.  And thanks for all of the ther resources you have generously made available.,


  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,050

    Hansmar - great idea, at least the horse can take a break smiley

    S Ray - lovely render, well done

    Henryhor - scary setup, love the addition of the plants

    Adbc - fantastic idea, well done

    Mtnmen - cool robot, I'm also impressed by the makeup.

  • HenryhorHenryhor Posts: 258

    @ mermaid010 & Diomede_Carrara: thanks

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