Entry Thread - Carrara Challenge 44 - Any Element, not Just the 5th Daz

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Carrara Challenge 44 – Any Element, Not Just the 5th

Deadline 1/28 at 8 am daz Utah time

Ancient philosophers believed the Earth was made up of four elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Perhaps Carrara is our pass to a 5th Element, a virtual world.  Modern chemists have identified many elements – in fact an entire periodic table of them. Your task is to create an image inspired by an element or elements of a virtual world, or an imaginary world, or even of the real world.. Whether you like your elements bold like ancient fire demons and water nymphs, heroic like comic book Fantastic Four, scifi like LeeLoo Dallas in the 5th Element, morally confused like King Midas's obsession with gold, ethically perplexed like scientists in the 1940s experimenting with atomic bombs, mystically wise like Taoist masters encouraging us to be more like water, or something completely different, we want to see it.

There are two categories of entries.
 Category A – use a render pass from Carrara's multipass renderer list in some way, any way. Could be for postwork, but does not have to be.
Category B – use at least one of the following special Carrara drop-down menu elements – Fire, Fog, Cloud, Fountain, Volumetric Cloud, Old Volumetric Cloud, or Ocean Primitive.


4 entries allowed – yes, that is 4. Two in each category.

However, no more than 2 entries may be entered in each category. If an image qualifies for both category A and category B, the artist must select only one category when posting to the entry thread. You may not enter 3 or 4 images in a single category (although 3 or 4 may qualify). You can switch around until the entry thread closes for voting.

This Entry Thread will be converted to the voting thread on January 27, 2019. Midnight Daz Time.  Voting will then begin.

The WIP Thread is here.

For your entries, please use the following format.
Entry #:
Category:    (A=Multipass, or   B=Fog/Cloud/Fire/Ocean/etc.)
Links to WIP thread:

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